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The kissing game (Part 1 of 5)

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Fictional story of incest. What a brother and sister did.

Luke arrived home from school at the usual time which was about 2.45pm. He had been to the bathroom to pee, then changed out of his school clothes and had settled down at the desk in his bedroom to get on with his home schoolwork.

Luke was 14 and in 6 weeks would become 15 years old. He was a disturbed boy but did well at school. He had a teenagers interest in girls but he did not have a regular girlfriend.

Luke’s upbringing was not the best. His Father had met another woman and he deserted the family leaving his mother to do all the work of bringing up her family. That was 8 years ago and Luke had not seen his father since. It had a bad affect and Luke became difficult. He developed a few odd habits like squinting and blinking hard, hurting his face. He drew pictures of his Dad filled in with red colour and would then burn them in the garden. He developed odd habits before falling asleep, like counting from 100 backwards in his head as a comforter believing that if he did that he could wake and Dad would be back. A personal comforter was to gyrate on his crotch in bed before falling asleep. He was an angry boy.

Gyrating on his crotch became a habit. When he became more practised at it, he would feel a pulsing in his crotch which was a boyhood orgasm although Luke did not relate to that or knew what it was but it was pleasurable and was done most nights.

His mother disturbed a gyration one night when she shouted up to him to “stop rocking the bed”. That interrupted him as he throbbed and he noticed for the first time that he was wet and it was slippery between his fingers.

At school his mates conversation was often about how many times they had done it. One boy boasted he did it three times a day. In the morning, at lunchtime if he went home and at night. He boasted he got lots of spunk up. Luke had no idea what they were boasting about until one boys description of spunk made Luke think that he gyrated spunk. There was no man in the family so Luke had no reference point and could not ask his mum.

As he got a little older his gyrations became masturbation and he learned how to do it from his mates. Sex began to dominate his thoughts. He borrowed a dirty magazine from a mate. The magazine was full hard-core showing erections, vaginas and penetration. It shocked Luke at first but further fed his wondering about it.

One day when mum was out and he was charged with looking after his sister Tracy he felt the need to try to exploit her in a sexual way. They liked to play cards and often a game called trumps. Tracy agreed to play and they played a couple of games. Luke deliberately, craftily, lost them because he was planning to ask her to play forfeit trumps and wanted Tracy to feel she could win. Luke introduced the game to Tracy, which was to remove a piece of clothing if a hand was lost. His plan was to get her clothes off her. He beat her soundly and she was down to her knickers but it was too much for Luke who said he had won then ran to the bathroom to ejaculate his spunk because he was so turned on by Tracy’s almost naked body.

Tracy was confused by events being unclear why Luke didn’t finish the game. She wondered about being naked because she was asked to take her clothes off by her gym instructor.

Tracy loved gymnastics and started doing it at an evening class after school from age 6. She loved to do handstands and cartwheels and crabs. After class on one occasion the gym instructor took her aside and told her to practice, especially the crab movement. The instructor who used to take Tracy home after gymnastics to help her mother out, suggested she did it without her kit on and to come into another room before he took her home. She stripped and then did a crab for him a few times. He said well done then told her to get dressed and don’t tell anyone else not even your Mum of our secret practise. He watched her naked a few times but always in another room so she could get her kit back on if anyone came into the gym. He would pat her naked bottom and touch her by adjusting her body to improve her shape in the moves. She felt privileged with the special  treatment but she had begun to feel uncomfortable and told him she did not want to take her kit off anymore.

Nakedness, however, was something she enjoyed and often practised her gymnastics at home in her bedroom with no clothes on. It was about 2 years on from the gym incident and that instructor had left, but Tracy still practised at home naked.

After the gym instructor event had passed, Tracy had begun to explore her body. She knew where babies came out from and roughly how they were made. Those chats took place with her girlfriends and using tampons provided by one of the girls, she and two other friends had discovered insertion.

Luke was working when this bouncing noise started up. It was loud and disturbing so Luke moved to the window looking out to see what it was. Nothing there. The sound continued and it seemed to be coming from Tracy’s bedroom which was next door. Tracy was 2 years younger than Luke.

Tracy and Luke would often arrive home from their schools at about the same time, although not always. They tended to greet each other with grunts and then do whatever was needed before mother came in from work. Today was Tuesday so she would be in about 6.00 pm.

Luke left his bedroom and peeped into Tracy’s bedroom as the door was ajar. Tracy had nor heard Luke come in from school which explains why she was doing what she was doing.

Luke stood a little aghast as he watched his completely naked sister jumping up and down on the bed doing star jumps. Both the siblings bedrooms were double sized and laid out in similar ways. Tracy’s bed was parallel with the large bedroom window and the edge of it was about 1 metre from the window wall. There was a good 6 metres between the door and the nearest edge of the bed. Tracy’s clothes lay in a heap this side of the bed where she had thrown them. Tracy was bouncing facing the window and had no idea that Luke had quietly entered the room and was standing next to her clothes. Luke watched for a few seconds, noticing the peach shaped bottom of his sister and the shapely quivering of her naked body. Up to this point sexual thoughts about her were confined to imagining fucking her when he was masturbating. He had tried to strip her once Playing cards, but what he was watching caused a big arousal in him. A few thoughts quickly passed his mind about whether he could take advantage of this situation.

“What are you doing, you’ll break the bed.” Barked Luke.

Tracy turned briefly so Luke caught a quick view of her naked body at the front. “What?” Tracy gasped and immediately jumped down beside the bed and crouched between the bed and the window wall to hide herself. “Go away.” She shouted. “I’ve got no clothes on.”

“I can see that.” Laughed Luke.

Tracy made another move to grab a pillow from her bed and hugged it to her body. “Go away” She shouted again.

Luke stared at her taking in her flushed face and recalling the flashes he saw of her body. “No.”

“Please” she pleaded. “I need to put my clothes on.”

Luke saw the pile, picked some of them up and dropped them again.

“No” he repeated.

“Please” she implored.

Luke was working something out.


“You have to play a game with me first.” He said.

“ What do you mean, what game?”

“it’s called the kissing game.” Said Luke, “if not I’ll tell mum about what you were doing.”

“Please” she pleaded again.

“No “ Luke said firmly.

“No, we have to play the kissing game, I mean you are really pretty.” Luke was determined to try to make her feel special.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“well you are pretty and I bet you have kissed lots of boys, haven’t you?”

“I haven’t, please I want to put my clothes on.”

“If you come round this side and sit on the bed so we can play the kissing game I’ll let you have your clothes.”

“No I won’t”

“Yes you will.” He shouted firmly again. “Or I will come round and get you.”

There was silence for a few seconds whilst they both weighed up their options.

“Alright, I’ll  play now give me my clothes.”

“No” said Luke firmly “you have to come round here first.”

“No, I won’t, I want my clothes.”

“Tell you what” he urged. “ You can put your panties on and this top if you come and sit round here.” Luke picked them up and held them in front of himself. He could smell the sweet smell emanating from her knickers and that was a turn on.

Tracy agreed. “But don’t look”

Luke tossed the two items of clothing towards Tracy. “Don’t look” she gasped out. “I wont” he said and turned away,

Tracy grabbed the clothes and put them on.

“Have you done?”


“Well now come round here and sit on the bed”

Tracy seemingly under her brothers powers did as she was told. She sat on the bed and waited instructions from Luke. Luke sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulder in a consoling way. He felt her warmth and his eyes fell towards her panty covered crotch. I mustn’t scare her he thought but was planning how he could molest his sister so that she enjoyed it. Slowly, slowly, he thought.

“You are really pretty”, he said again, gently caressing her right shoulder with his thumb. “You know how people kiss on television sometimes, well that’s what I want us to do for the kissing game. You are really pretty and it will be nice.” He assured her.

She sat very still facing forward and Luke moved his mouth to kiss her gently on the cheek very close to her lips. “Face me” Luke instructed. Tracy turned her head. “Now kiss me like on the telly.” Luke was still caressing her shoulder with his thumb.

Tracy planted her lips on his and pressed forward hard as if being passionate. “Tracy that’s too hard I could feel your teeth. Do it gently, like this.”

Luke kissed her gently on the lips. His hand moved off her shoulder to the back of her neck and he gently massaged his lips on hers. She seemed to respond and relaxed into his kiss. They kissed tenderly together.

“That was good wasn’t it?” said Luke a little breathlessly.

Tracy didn’t answer but she gulped because she felt shaky and her cheeks were warm and her cunt had moistened.

Luke spoke into her mouth. “You are really sexy.” He kissed her again fully on the mouth, moving and massaging together for about 30 seconds. She pushed him off. “I can’t breath”.

“Sorry, but you are so sexy and good at kissing I couldn’t stop”. Said Luke.

“Can I put my jeans on now?”

“No not yet.”

He kissed her again and pushed her back onto the bed so she was laying. On her back. “What you doing?”

“We have got plenty of time we can practise some more.” Said Luke, “ and its better laying on the bed. It’s what they do on telly.”

Luke moved in to kiss her some more. She responded kissing him but asked again if she could put her jeans on. Luke said that they should lay together on the bed to be more comfortable. He encouraged her onto the centre of the bed. She lay on her back and he laid beside her. He immediately kissed her on the mouth. “You are really good at kissing .”

He kissed her again.

“I don’t want to do sex things like on TV.” She said in a questioning way.

“Why not?” asked Luke.

“Cos we can’t!”

Luke was becoming aroused and his cock was erect in his boxers.

Tracy was feeling something which she could not explain but it was a nice electric sizzle feeling between her legs.

“Tell you what”, Luke offered, as you have not got your jeans on I will take mine off so that we are even. He did so then laid closely next to her. The warmth from their legs exchanged and while kissing her Luke moved a leg gently over onto her.

Tracy was getting aroused, but she was confused. I don’t think we should be doing this. Tracy had joined in with this adventure and returned his kisses. Their lips became moist with the saliva they shared. “Do you like doing this?” he asked.

“Yes” she whispered. Something was happening to her body that she couldn’t explain. She was not afraid of the feelings because her brother was doing it to her on the other hand she was a little scared as he was dominating. “Let me go now” she implored, confused by how she felt. She began to get up.

“No.” Demanded Luke and forced her back down holding her wrists above her head. She could not move. In this dominating position he kissed her again. He then moved right on top of her and still holding her hands above her head shuffled to move his legs between hers.

“What are you doing? You’re hurting me.”

“Relax” said Luke, “ It’s ok” he said assuring her.

“Are you trying to do me?”

The question took Luke by surprise.

Luke kissed her again. “Do you want to be done?”


Luke kissed her again, then let her hands go and relaxed on her his erect cock engorged in his pants. Tracy could feel something pressing on her Cunt.

Luke was highly aroused and wanted to touch the special place between her legs but decided in his own mind that if he was going to fully molest her, he should not rush.

He decided to make a move for her tits. At this stage in her development Tracy had breast buds. They showed under her top but she was not wearing a bra as they were only about 6 cm proud of her chest.

He kissed her again and moved a hand over her chest briefly just touching her breast then moved past it. He kept repeating the move then whispered in her ear. “You are so sexy and pretty”. As he said that he laid his hand on a breast and held it there. He kissed her again slowly massaging the breast. “You are so sexy” and made a little groan to express how he felt.

Tracy pushed his hand away. “Why are you doing that?” but Luke insisted it was OK just part of the kissing game.

He massaged her breast again through her top and this time Tracy let him do it. “Does it feel nice?” Luke asked. She seemed to nod but could not say anything as Luke was kissing her before she could answer. He kissed her and massaged her breast for 20 or so seconds.

She made a little sound of pleasure and that sound shot more hormone into his cock which was busting to orgasm. He desperately wanted to remove her knickers and penetrate her, but he was in two minds about it and he was crafty, wanting Tracy to want it but that could take time. The more she wants it the better it will be he thought.

He kissed her deeply again, then decided to stop as he felt he needed to finish himself off before he ejaculated in his boxers. “We had better stop” he whispered. “You are so pretty, but we have to do our school work don’t we?”

Tracy was blushing and a little breathless and probably a little disappointed  that Luke was stopping his assault. “Yes ok”.

“Maybe we can do this again tomorrow.” Luke said as he scrambled from the bed and headed quickly to the bathroom. In the bathroom Luke dropped his boxers and wanked over the toilet bowl and quickly ejaculated. His cum flew in various directions and he had to clean up the place with toilet paper.

His boxers were slightly soiled but he returned to speak to Tracy and collect his jeans. “Don’t tell mom what we have been doing will you?”



“I really won’t. You know your boxers are a bit wet?” Tracy commented. She was now fully clothed with her jeans back on and she was at her desk.

“It’s OK just splashed myself with water. Can i give you one last kiss?”

Tracy smiled and looked up towards Luke who reached down. Their lips met and they massaged a gentle kiss. “Phew you are so sexy.” Luke said. “I love you, See you later”.

That evening the siblings made smiling glances at each other. She is OK thought Luke who kept getting hard in his jeans thinking about what they had done and what he was planning to do next, if only she would let him. Tracy had been compliant but he had no idea if this was going to be a one off or whether she would do more. He had no idea how much Tracy knew about sex, did she really know about being done.

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      I hope so. I write please myself and the reader.