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The gloryhole girls 2

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Your daughter and her friends have found a way to make money. Plus, you’re getting blow jobs from teenaged girls would you put a stop to it?

Every night I have been walking past my daughter’s room and I can hear the vibrator as she is using it. Seeing Anne on her back those large flaps of hers spread open as she uses the vibrator on her clitoris. Her face showing her orgasm face.
Every day I managed to leave work early I had started getting to work earlier to finish early. Just so I can visit my daughter’s glory hole.
Then I would go home and see who had sucked me off that day. I loved watching Anne play with her pussy seeing her spread her legs I got a better look at her pussy that girl had big labia that poked out all the time.
I bought my daughter an 8-inch dildo and lube. It felt strange giving it to her. But we both knew how much she had been masturbating lately. After that I saw her laying on top of her blanket fucking herself with the dildo. The best part was when she was finished, she would pull it out and suck on it.
She never said anything but we both knew I was at the door she even left it open so I could watch her.
Then I started to see the dildo at her gloryhole she was using it to fuck her friends they held it in their hand and pushed it in and out of each other’s cunts.
Then not long after this Anne asked if Tammy could sleep over one night. I had no problems with that, so I agreed. I even put a camera in her room to see what they would do to each other.
Her bedroom door was closed that night, so I listened at the door. I could hear kissing and moaning coming from her room. I opened the door a crack and peeked in. They were 69ing and Anne was fucking Tammy with the dildo.
The next day Tammy asked me if I could get her a dildo.
I sat at my computer and brought up a sex toy internet sight. both Tammy and Anne had a good look at the sight and picked out several items. I told them they could get their things delivered here. They quickly agreed because Tammy would have found it hard getting a parcel delivered to her home without
family wanting to know what she had bought. Anne kissed me on the cheek. Tammy kissed me on the lips.
When their parcel finally arrived, Tammy came to my place after school. They both opened the box together.
Anne gave me a kiss on the cheek and took the box to her room. While Tammy kissed me on the lips again this time holding the kiss longer. Then I felt her hand in my underwear as she pulled my cock out, she got to her knees gave my cock a strange look and then started sucking on it.
She swallowed my load, and I told her I could not tell her how long it had been since I last had a blow job. In my mind I was saying about an hour ago.
She smiled at me and went to Anne’s room. I looked in on them they were both naked trying out their new toys.
Not long after this when I was visiting the gloryhole, I noticed whoever was sucking my cock. Her fingertips stuck to one of my balls for second at the time I didn’t think much about.
That night all four girls were at my place. Tammy came to my room and othered me another blowjob.
She got to her knees took my cock out and had a look at the balls. She then called the other into my room. She showed them the fingernail polish on my balls.
She knew I had been to their gloryhole.
So, I admitted it I told them I had thought about closing their fun down but decided as long as nobody got hurt and I could have some fun as well.
I even admitted that I had been there so often that all three of them had sucked me off multiple times even Anne my own daughter.
They told me they wanted to buy the house they were using. I made an offer to the owner took out a loan and used the girl’s money as a deposit.
Then we started fixing the place up. From then on, all my blowjobs were free even the ones from my own daughter. Of cause when Anne and I are alone in our home which is most nights I have been returning the Favour and going down on her.

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