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The Gift

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The gift

My wife Marina is a 45 year old Russian woman,165 centimeters, slim sexy build with small breasts with very pretty normally hard nipples. We have been together for almost 20 years living in different countries with me working for an international energy company.

We have a good relationship, however due to my work we are often not together, and our sexlife is a bit on the slow side, actually i find pleasure mainly by watching Marina when we go out in clubs, she is a dancer and i love seeing her dance alone or with other men, and she know how to dress to make me happy..

I have always been fascinated by the thought of Marina having sex with dogs, earlier i have seen her french kiss a dachshund and i almost went crazy watching his tongue deep in Marinas mouth, i often had fantasies of Marina fucking dogs, but somehow i did not had the curage to propose this to happen in real life.

Marina knew about my fantasies, sometimes when having wine I would mention how interesting she would normally just smile and we never got to discuss this in detail, so I kind of gave up on this ever becoming a reality!

Marina loves dogs, however due to us traveling much we could not really have dogs in our home.

Often we would go out wherever we were traveling having drinks and i could enjoy watching her dance, always in very sexy outfits, sexy minidress always low cut with her thong pulled high so all could see the it above her skirt and below a transparent see through top, some of our best evenings funnily always in muslim countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey in clubs practically only visited by elderly guys clearly really enjoying her dancing .and skimpy outfits.

My sixtieth birthday was coming up, and without me knowing Marina had decided to give me a really special gift that I would never forget.

She suggested to me to have my birthday party in Moscow where we keep an apartment, Marna often stays here when I am traveling for business, i am gone for weeks and she has friends in Moscow which makes it a good place for her to hang out. She always sends me live video for her clubbing trips when i am away, and l love watching her dance disposing her thong to the guys in the bars and clubs, I actually prefer the bars with mainly older guys as all the attention is on her, it is clear she likes it and the guys love to watch her dancing.

THe day came I had arrived in Moscow and i woke up to the big day, I could smell fresh coffee and Marina had prepared a nice breakfast she came to the bedroom and my heart almost stopped, her outfit was brilliant micro skirt very high rise thong in red tight short crop top long black stiletto boots red lipstick heavy blue makeup a big smile and a new long sliver chain on her neck with two large live cockroaches attached crawling around her belly and breasts she smiled as she saw my face staring at the creatures crawling on her sexy body.

She told me to relax and enjoy my mornin g as she had to prepare for our party. I would be picked up later and brought to the venue where she would meet me.I knew the party would be a nice one as I could see my credit card had been reduced by at least 30K.

The evening came and i was picked up by a nice mercedes, we drove for an hour and arrived at a hotel site outside town. I noticed 3 large buses parked outside. I was met and brought into a large room, around twenty large tables with a round stage sitting high up to ensure a good view from all the tables, i estimate at least 200 all men seated music playing and plenty of drinks and caviar snack being served, all seemed in a good mood applauding me on my birthday.

I sit down have a drink and wonder what will happened nxt, I feel happy that my lovely wife has arranged such a setting for my birthday. I gues i expect a dance troupe or a band, i am a bit surprised that only men are present but they all seem to be in an excellent mood and i am sure Marina will soon turn up.

I should be proved right on that one very soon…..


The lights are dimmed slightly spotlights now on stage

Music starts, to my surprise a woman in a jacob enters stage, not what i expected, the large i estimate in their 70 es guys slowly walks on stage in clown costume, one of each side or the woman in jicab they together pull the jicaab of the girl and to my pleasant surprise i see Marina smiling at me in thigh hight black boots and i tiny black tight bikini, fantastic her new chained cockroaches now placed around her slim belly giving them access to her tits and pussy. makeup bright red lips and blue eyes. Crowd is cheating as she slowly starts moving her hips as only she can in a sexual dance. Nothing else matters by Metalica plays loudly and Marina moves her hips to the rhythms while the audience cheers with more shots of vodka! One of the clowns removes her bra her tits hard and chained on each nipple Marina lift her arms and let the clowns touch her whiles sh is slowly moving her hips the cockroaches walking now on her tits she gently push them down inside the little black thong and moans as she feel them on he pussy. The two old guys dressed as clowns remove their trousers and expose each a giant hard cock hairy with large hairy old warts covering the cocks, the heads shiny and dripping black blue also full of spots and wards , still dancing. She french kiss each rubbing their hard ugly cocks.

The clowns are touching her legs tits and now pull of her thong the roaches sitting on her pussy, carefully they spread he pussy lips and push the roaches inside, Marina moans and mover hips now felling the bugs move inside her crowd now cheating loudly, she likes the attention!

The clowns help Marina lay down on the tables in the middle of the stage, stage now slowly rotating ensuring all get a good view! I am loosing my breath this is beyond making my dreams come true..

Clowns now spraying something on Marinas legs pussy and stomack and tits not sure what this is for. I soon find out as they bring a large glass container that seems to be alive inside what they empty it out at the end of the table and I now see these are very large ants!

The ants are slowly following the trail which i expect will be sweet honey, and the open another container, now wearing metal gloves they pull out two very large very slimy EELS, crowd going crazy Marina smiles as she releases the roaches from her wet pussy.

The gloves are designed with small needles allowing a firm grib on the slimy eels, and the guys at the same time push them into her beautiful shaven pussy and her tight ass, ants moving up her legs at the same time, eels wiggling wildly as the are forced into her ass and [ussy deeper and deeper Marina moans loudly now moving her hips from side to side, some of the guys watching now starting to wank of watching the show.

Crazy show Marina in ecstasy ants crawling all over her pussy and tits eels wriggling wildly inside her now deep just their tails sticking out may a couple inches, it is clear Marina has her first wild orgasm, i am sure not the last one

She carefully with the help of the clowns stands up from the table eels wiggling inside her ants on the tits somehow manages to get back in to her sensual dancing for the crowd still moving her hips the clowns very slowly pulls out the wiggling eels and she moans with every inch they move.

Lights of all silence, more drinks are served the manager comes to my table well mer Meyer i hope you enjoy, we have certainly never had an event like this before crowd seems to love it, your wife is very pretty and very special…

Lights dims again and after a couple of minute in dark spotlights are back on Marina on stage in very small tight shorts as alway with thong worn highly over the pants in white with pink stones cropped top transparent so her chained tits are showing, time her hair tied on on tony tails black lipstick and makeup rock music blaring and Marina is back moving her hips smiling at the cheating crowd

The clowns come back on stage each with three Great Danes in leach, i am impressed Marina nevers does it halfways these dogs are huge and i know what it up i am impressed and also a little worried, Marina does not look worried at all, all smiles as she have the dogs kiss here eagerly opening her mouth for the to deep french kiss her, Moving her hips to the music she ask the crowd, you want to see me fuck thme all, crowd is cheering and start chanting fuck her fuck her fuck her, Marina smiles dear husband is this what you want I smile at her and thum up hell yer i want them all to fuck you, Marina takes of her top then her shorts her thong now jsu in boots nipple chain, corkroach chain the clown comes and start to spread oil all over her body deeply in to her pussy and her ass, she is ready.

The table on stage is adjusted to the correct hight and Marina place her self on all four perfect position the dogs are brought to her, immediately on licks her open mouth, one her ass one her pussy and the other two wherever they can find place her back her tis her legs, drool dripping all over her, she is already moaning from pleasure, one of the clowns inserts two fingers to her pussy, one more, then one more slowly working on getting his fist inside preparing he for the giant dog cocks the guy has only three fingers his hand deformed and covered in warts and spots he is now fisting her deeply and she is so happy.

I cant believe how deeply he fist her she will do alright with the dogs i am sure

The clown slowly pulls out his fistand assist the first GD he is well trained and quickly finds the pussy crowd is now quiet as he rams his giant cock into he fine pussy, Marina moans as he forces in cock is giant 15 inches and thick like a horsethe dog fucks her wildly and hard his drewl drips on Marinas back and head she quickly turns around open her mouth so he can put his dripping tongue in her mouth. THe clowns brings a second dog in front ot Marina facet and place so she can suk his drippin cock, soon he starts fucking her mouth crow going crazy.

Dog in her pussy comes now com is dripping out from her pussy and the clowns gets ready to captur it all, same in her mouth dog dog is coming he pulls out and come on her face and tits so much of it Marina does what she can to capture it in her mouth she looks at claus to make sure he is enjoying this and he is.

First dog pulls out of her the clown captures the cum running out of Marina and from the Dog cock so much of it looks like a half liter or so, some for the dog she sucked off, second dog jumps her even bigger Marina yells my good as he pushes in more more deeper she cries now coming hardly as the dog shouts his load again the clowns make sure they capture the warm com, as the dogs keep soon they have all fucked her deeply Marina is all smiles as she agin stands up managing to get back into dance rhythms as dog cum is dripping from her face and body

She ask her husband to come an poor more dog cum on her and he does this with a smile slowly dripping it on her face in her mouth and on her tits, she takes one of the buckets and slowly walked to each table dripping the cum on herself while slowly moving her hips to the music

Now this was a fucking birthday present, the afterparty will be in a following report

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