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The Erotic Limbs of Shodashi Tripura Sundari

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Goddess Tripura Sundari embodies a divine aura, captivating and inspiring with her presence. She is also known as Shodashi and Lalitha.

Tripura Sundari:

Head and Face

Hair: Her hair flows like a midnight river, dark and lustrous, with each curling strand whispering secrets of the forest. It moves with the grace of a gentle breeze, carrying the fragrance of blooming jasmine, cascading like a waterfall under the starlit sky. Ah, your hair is disheveling from the locks of your braids, seems like even beauty cannot match you. I see you sucking a curling strand at the braid end with your delicate saliva.
Forehead: Her forehead is a serene expanse, smooth as a tranquil lake under the full moon. Adorned with a radiant bindi, it gleams like the morning star, inviting contemplation and reverence. I see it shining with wisdom and grace from your being.
Eyes: Her eyes are deep as the ocean, reflecting the mysteries of the cosmos. They are like lotus petals kissed by the first light of dawn, filled with love and the depth of endless horizons. They are moist like a dew shining after the compassionate rain and dreamy like the colorful clouds. I see your dried mucus looks like sugar crystals.
Eyebrows: Graceful arches of soft, dark clouds, her eyebrows frame her eyes with the elegance of a mountain ridge, adding a delicate intensity to her gaze. I see your eyebrows arches like a crescent moon, while intense, still your eyes filled with playful allure.
Eyelashes: Her eyelashes flutter like the wings of a butterfly, casting shadows that dance like the whispers of twilight on her cheeks. Each blink is like a butterfly fluttering its colorful wings.
Nose: Her nose is a delicate bridge, adorned with a jewel that catches the light like morning dew on a spider’s web, having a touch of celestial charm to her visage. It looks like the stem of a flower and the nostrils are the wet flowering. Keep inhaling the lush of the forest, even your mucus is like honey.
Cheeks: Her cheeks are soft as rose petals, blushing with the tender glow of dawn, reflecting the warmth and purity of her inner spirit. They look like the crystal mirroring of a serene lack.
Lips: Her lips are the color of ripe red berries, full and inviting, curving into a smile that promises sweet solace and light of joy, like the first taste of summer’s bounty. The upper lips is like upward blooming petal and the lower is like a hanging ripe fruit ready to snap. So ripe that saliva pouring from the sides. I see you gently caressing these sensitive buds with your delicate fingertips, lost in the thoughts of love — your cheeks might tickle.
Teeth: Her teeth are like rows of luminous pearls, each one a gem that lights up her smile with a brilliance that captures the heart. Her frontal teeth are hard yet soft when peeling the mango skin. I see you after eating it, hairs of the mango seed still between them.
Tongue: Her tongue is a delicate blossom, a yielding petal of coral pink, tender and mesmerizing. It flickers like the tongue of a flame, soft and warm, capable of soothing the fiercest of storms with its gentle caress. Under it like the stalactite of the damp wet cave. I see you licking her sun kissed skin with abandon and then smelling it back with moans like gentle breeze.
Chin: Her chin is a gentle slope, a soft hillside kissed by the morning sun, adding to her serene and graceful silhouette. It splits into two like the sun and the moon.
Ears: Her reddish ears, delicate and soft like the red lotus. They are attuned to the whispers of the universe, capable of hearing the faintest rustle of the leaves in the forests and the gentle murmur of the cosmos. Each earlobe is a tender curve, smooth as the surface of a tranquil lake — adorned with heavy golden earring. I see your ears dripping on your smooth shoulders with with golden fluid.

Neck and Shoulders

Neck: Her neck is a graceful column, as slender and supple as a swan’s, adorned with garlands of fragrant jasmine and sparkling gems. It exudes an aura of serene elegance, like the gentle curve of a river’s bank. Her neck is shaded by her jaw and sweaty to touch, illuminating the fragrance of sweet agarwood. On her neck, heavy garland of white flowers which seem red only close to her shoulders, seeing that it dyed from the berries she ate on her moist mouth.
Shoulders: Her shoulders blend strength and softness, the pillars of her regal posture. They bear the celestial weight of the cosmos with the effortless grace of a mountain holding up the sky. Each one is round like a shining pebble in the river.
Collarbones: Her collarbones are the graceful branch of the cherry tree after rain, sculpted with the finesse of nature’s artistry. They rise with the subtle elegance of gentle hills, smooth as the shiny stones of a secluded riverbed.
Armpits: Her armpits are the tender hollows beneath her arms, soft and delicate as the petals of a hidden flower, cradled in the shade of ancient trees. And its dark hair is a delicate curls of soft, moist silken tendrils, as if the moss decorating the hidden flower. I see you smelling your protective armpits every while, they seem intoxicated by the warm fragrance of musk. Even when your slender arms are down relaxed, the curls shoots from the edges.
Back: Her back, with its elegant lines and serene curves, is a sacred sanctuary where the essence of the earth and the cosmos intertwine — the axis of the universe. It is a sublime expanse of gentle curves and smooth, undulating lines, like the soft, cliffs of a moonlit landscape. Her strong spine supports her huge pendulous breasts, yet still it is bending because they are too heavy.

Arms and Hands

Arms: Her protective arms are tender creepers, strong and flexible, holding divine symbols that radiate her boundless power and benevolence which are made to caress. Each movement is a dance of the cosmos, graceful and profound.
Hands: Her hands are delicate and nurturing, with fingers as slender as the new shoots of spring. Each touch is a blessing, and each gesture promises eternal protection and comfort, like the gentle caress of a spring breeze.


Chest: Her chest is adorned with divine ornaments that shimmer with the light of countless stars. It smells sandal wood and it is a testament to her nurturing heart and protective embrace, exuding a warmth that envelops the universe like the sun’s first light at dawn. Adorned with a golden necklace that which fall on her massive sweet watermelons.
Breasts: Her pendulous breasts symbolize fertility and abundance, nurturing all creation with their beautiful essence as if they have the life of their own. They are serene massive mounds of the earth, round and tender yet hard and heavy, cradled in the soft embrace of the dawn. They rise and fall with her breath, exhausted from their weight, seems as if the milk boiling inside, echoing the rhythm of the earth’s heartbeat. Looks like shining pitchers full of warm milk, ready to crack from the pressure, and this crack is your green creeper veins. As she moves, her breasts sway with an intoxicating grace, each motion a tender dance of seduction and serenity, hitting together and spraying the fluid of love. I see that even your most fine blouse is getting disheveled from its size and milk is pouring, your beauty is unmatched to any fitting. Not only others mesmerized, but also even you fail to take your eyes off.
Areolae: Her large areolae, are soft and smooth, looks like a perfect patch of soil, as a fierce gazing eyes looking to nurture yet always playful. Its edges looks like the island which the water of its shores starts to deepens. These sacred mandalas are the source of nourishment and warmth. They gets oily and growing with hill bumps of the island from the thought of love. Not only as she moves, her breasts sway with the grace but also her areolae. I see you often get distracted from the thoughts of love — gently tracing lazy circles on them.
Nipples: Her long nipples are thick like tender buds, sensitive and alive, radiating the promise of sustenance and comfort. Each nipple is a lingam, soft yet potent, pulses with the essence of creation, a powerful force of life’s enduring cycle. When she moves, they respond with the grace of blooming flowers, a yielding dance that reflects the harmony of the universe. I see you often play with them every time, let me be your woman so we two women satisfying the desires of this lingam that never fails to impress you.
Waist: Her ticklish waists is a delicate curve, as slender as a reed, emphasizing her grace and the fluidity of her celestial dance. Though it is always tried from two massive hanging fruits which created the alluring three folds, moves with the rhythm of the heavens, swaying with the grace of a willow in the breeze. It narrows with allure, the balance of strength and softness.
Stomach: Her fleshy stomach is a smooth, inviting expanse, soft as the petals of a night-blooming flower, glistening under the moon’s tender gaze. It curves with a gentle grace, like the alluring rise and fall of a serene landscape at dawn. As her breath rises and falls, it caresses her stomach with the rhythm of the tide, a soft, undulating whisper that stirs the senses, awakening the very essence of desire. As she moves, her stomach jiggles with an effortless elegance, each motion a silent whisper of seduction and serenity. I see you caressing it with your palms, imagining it pregnant with a life.
Navel: Her big navel is the symbol of the center of creation, it is tender, sacred cave of the valley, a delicate indentation in the smooth expanse of her abdomen, like the serene center of a blooming lotus. It glisten with sweat like a cave pooling water till it reaches the down bush of forests. Surrounding her navel, the skin is as smooth as the petals of a water lily, with a soft, natural sheen that radiates warmth and serenity. Even the hanging ruby ornament fails to hide most of your cave. I see you fingering it while being intoxicated. Back of the door, your mother tells you it’s time to eat, you say ‘wait I am coming to you’ as always. Good it didn’t come to you, or it would see the most beautiful sight of her daughter.
Pubis: Her pubis is a soft, inviting expanse, like the curve of a hidden, sunlit valley, where the lush of forests of nature’s most intimate blooms nestle. Though rough curly hair, that frame this sacred area curl gently, like the delicate tendrils of a vine winding through the forest. I see even your golden belt snapped from the expanse of your hips letting the fabric falls revealing the hidden bird nest. This type of hair hides your sacred yoni and free armpits carrying its odor of the mother, what remains is those two dark patches in the middle on your bright skin of your bosoms which already smell milk, yet you remain playful and innocent as a child.
Yoni: Her reddish hot yoni is the sacred garden gate of her being, inexhaustibly pooling with the fluid of bliss, a serene and inviting haven of divine beauty and sensual grace. Nestled softly within the gentle folds of her form, it is like the tender heart of a blooming lotus, delicate and radiant, its petals a rich tapestry of life’s essence. Her bulbous clit is like a big precious jewel hanging between her symmetrical folds — always red and glistening. Inside, a depth softer than the softest tongue and outside curves are soft and inviting. Each swollen fold is a gentle echo of nature’s most intimate designs, reflecting the sacred balance of life and sensuality. I see you spreading your legs naked in front of the mirror, with a breathtaking gentle smile on your face, you stare at its glorious form, yet you cannot help to look at your whole self — you are the yoni and the lingam.
Anus: Her anus is where her mouth ends, as she eats where it grows from the soil, she also fertile the soil. She fertilizes the lands from her opening, pouring the secret food known to all enlightened beings.

Hips, Legs, and Feet

Hips: Her hips are wide, expansive, and strong, the fulcrum of her creative power. They symbolize her ability to birth and nurture the cosmos, moving with the grace of a celestial being. As she moves, her hips sway with a hypnotic rhythm, a sway of the movement, their curves flowing like the gentle tides of the ocean, each sway is like a sun and the moon. As she moves, the blissful mounds of her huge radiant buttocks jiggles with each step.
Thighs: Her thighs are the smooth, sculpted curves of ancient mountains, soft and inviting, each contour a testament to the delicate balance of strength and grace. They are the lush, fertile valleys of her divine form, where the skin is as smooth as the petals of a blooming lotus, warm and inviting, with a subtle, natural sheen that catches the light like the glistening dew on morning leaves. I see you sitting alone under the tree, tired from the thoughts of love, putting your head between your strong knees and staring at the fertile sight. After sometime, you get up and sit behind your friend yet ashamed from the fresh saliva smell on your thighs — the smell is no different than your alluring breasts.
Knees: Her knees are the gentle, inviting curves of soft, sacred hills, smooth and inviting, like the tender mounds of earth beneath the caress of a warm, summer breeze. The skin is flawless, kissed by the sun’s gentle glow yet also covered with a faint smell of her saliva glistening like a rock in the middle of the river. Her knees grew rough and very strong from the prostrations to her lord Shiva. I see you sitting and kissing your knees with passion and delight.
Calves: Her calves are slender and well-defined, supporting her celestial form with the grace and strength of a gazelle with her shining shins. They are strong and supple, adding to her poised elegance.
Ankles: Her ankles are delicate and adorned with anklets that jingle softly, echoing the music of a bubbling brook, marking her divine presence with a soft, musical rhythm. Each step she takes there is an intoxicating rhythm of beauty and grace.
Feet: Her feet are tender and adorned with toe rings, each step leaving a trail of blooming lotuses. They symbolize purity and divine presence, revered by all who behold them. Her feet carry the dust of sacred earth, a testament to her connection with the divine. Her arch of her wide feet with bony features is high as if stepping on a turtle shell. But this feet flows all life of her blessings from them, her sex, milk, and saliva pour in a single mixture between her legs — watering her devotees with love and bliss of her spiritual essence. I see you rocking your heals back and forth whenever you want your sex to discharge more — letting your devotees to taste more.

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