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The Beautiful Twins

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I was 13 at the time of this story. My two twin sisters, Gabby and Abby were 9. Gabs and Abs was what I always called them. I had a fun, traumatic, childhood with these two. They always ganged up on me and plotted against me so I would retaliate and tickle them. They were a blast though. I adored them both.

I was downstairs in the family room playing video games.

“Can we sit next to you?”, Abby asked

I laughed. “Do you really have to ask?”, I asked. “Come on.”, I said. I sat in the middle between them. They kept looking at each other communicating non-verbally.

“What is going on?”, I asked. They went back and forth on who should ask. “Ok then. I will pick. Abby you tell me.”, I said

“Well our friend Sally Weaver said she saw her brother’s thing”, pointing to my dick, “and it hung all the way to the ground and was as thick as his hand. Is that true?”, she asked

“Mine is 5ft long and about this size.”, I said making an exaggerated length with my hand and trying to keep a straight face.

“No way.”, Gabby said

“How do you keep it in there then?”, Abby asked

“It rolls up.”, I said

Both girls looked at each other and said in unison. “PROVE IT THEN!”

“Whoa! I ain’t showing you that. You are both 9 and you are my kid sisters. That is totally inappropriate!”, I said

“Oh but you grabbing our butts all the time is? What’s up with that Phil?”, Abby asked

“That is just being playful!”, I said

They chuckled. “Let us play with yours then.”, Gabby said.

“What time is it? Oh crap I am supposed to be at my friend Dan’s house now”, I said

“No! You are not getting out of this that easy.”, Abby said

“Ok ok. They are not that big. Mine is about 6 inches long. Ok? Now let’s talk about something else.”, I said. Their mom called them. “Thank God!”, I thought.

I left and went over to my friend’s house to get away from them. He cracked the password to the parental protection. We watched a porno on his phone. I was getting turned on and I started having second thoughts about this whole thing with my stepsisters but then my moral compass kicked in and told me that was wrong. I wanted it but didn’t want it at the same time.

Next morning my dad came in at 10am barking I need to get up. They were going shopping and I missed breakfast and the twins want to stay with me and blah blah blah. Who cares? I wanna sleep. Nope! My alarm clock comes into my room. My beautiful twin girls were trying to be quiet and failing miserably.

“Cool! He is asleep.”, Abby said

“Shhh. We got to be quiet!”, Gabby said as they walked through the door.

They gently pulled back the sheets covering me. The gently pulled back my underwear and exposed my dick.

“Aw look at it!”, Abby whispered.

“So cool!”, Gabby said

They took turns poking it with their finger. I grabbed Abby and pulled her in bed with me. Scaring the shit out of her. I slip my hand down her panties and I got a feel on her pussy. She squirmed.

“Hey man!”, she said

“Oh but it is ok for you to do that to me?”, I asked. I gave her kisses on the cheek and tickled her. Gabby came to her aid beating me with a pillow.

“You are next Gabs!”, I said and went to grab her but she jumped out of reach. Abby tried to run but I grabbed her and held her down. “I am going to eat you up!”, I said. Pulling up her shirt and making gobbling noises on her belly. I started blowing raspberries and she was laughing. I pulled up her panties and took a peek at her baldy. Gabby jumped on me and was play beating me. I rolled on my back and got Gabby on my chest. I reached behind and felt her soft ass.

“Gabby look at it now!”, Abby said with my dick on hard.

“Wow! Why does it do that?”, she asked

Abby got up and took her little hands and started feeling it up.

“Did I say you could touch it?”, I asked. I got waved off. My dick belongs to the twins I guess.

“That is cool. I wanna be next!”, Gabby said.

“Come on show me yours while we are waiting.”, I said.

“But I wanna touch it too!”, she said

“It ain’t going nowhere sweetheart.”, I said. “You will get to play with it all you want. Come on show me yours.”

She went over to the side and slipped her panties off. “Wow that is nice Gabs!”, I said. Her little baldy looked so inviting. I slid my finger over her pussy and she became uncomfortable at first. Grabbing my wrist. “Just relax honey.”, I said. I rubbed her pussy back and forth, back and forth. Her breathing changed and her eyes and face became dazed. She started rocking with the motion of my finger. Her eyes and facial expressions told me she was enjoying it. I started feeling her ass. Squeezing her butt cheek softly as I rubbed her pussy.

“You like that Gabs?”, I asked. She didn’t answer.

Abby was feeling up my dick. Running her hands up it until she got to the top. She started playing with the slit on the mushroom trying to spread it apart.

“This is so cool.”, she said

“Taste it.”, I said “Put the tip in your mouth. I bet Sally does that to her brother.”

“Good for Sally!”, was the response I got.

“Well take your hands on either side and move it up and down then.”, I said and she started giving me a hand job. She finally opened her mouth and went down on the mushroom.

Gabby’s body tensed up and twisted to one side for a couple seconds and legs tightened. I started rubbing harder and faster. She did this again. The third time the orgasm totally kicked in. She let out a loud high pitched squeal. All the muscles of her upper body tightened and her legs clamped on my hand. My finger was wet as could be. She bent forward, muscles tightening, until her orgasm was done.

Abby was concerned for her sister. “Gabby are you ok?”, she asked. Gabby sat still for a second recovering her energy. She came to me giggling, all smiles. Ever grateful for her first orgasm. She never kissed me until now. She kissed my lips. I tried getting my tongue in her mouth but she wouldn’t let me.

“You take Abby’s spot ok sweetheart?”, she nodded. She was looking at me all starry eyed. Not wanting to lose eye contact. Amazing what a little stimulation can do.

“Aw come on! I want to play with it more.”, Abby complained

“It is not going anywhere.”, I said. “Let your sister have her turn. Take off your underwear and come here.”

“Yes boss!”, she said

“Don’t get smart with me either. I am going to redden that cute ass of yours.”, I said. I started rubbing her the same way. Her legs closed at first and she squirmed. “Just relax baby.”, I said. She was more talkative than her sister.

“Oh man.” “That feels good” and stuff like that. I laid into her. Squeezing her ass cheeks and rubbing her hard and fast. “Uh uh uh uh”, she said

“You like that?”, I asked. She told me to shut up. I squeezed her ass cheek hard and pressed even harder against my pussy. Her eyes got wide. I stopped.

“Come on! I liked that! I was just kidding when I said shut up!”, she said. I had her bend down with her ass up in the air. I rubbed her pussy again. She started moaning. I rammed my thumb in her vagina. She squealed loudly so I did it again. I was pounding her. Thumb fucking her hard. I took my other thumb and rubbed her clit.

“Uh uh uh Phil. Please don’t stop.”, she said. Her whole body tightened and became rigid as she squealed like her sister as she orgasmed. She was grabbing handfuls of covers. Juice came out of her pussy and she just collapsed on the bed. She got up and hugged and gave me a peck on the cheek.

I took my dick from Gabby. “Excuse me!”, she said.

Abby was being all clingy now. I did something right.

“Ok girls watch!”, I masturbated in front of them. They watched intently as I stroked my member.

“What is going to happen?”, Abby said

“Just watch”, I said

I stroked harder and faster as my orgasm came on. Both their mouths dropped open as my sperm flew out of my dick.

“Sooo cool!”, Gabby said. Abby giggled and went down on it. Cleaning it off.

“Abby!”, Gabby said shocked

“Why do you think he is showing us that?”, Abby asked

“Smart.”, I said grabbing her ass

“What is it with you and butts?”, Abby asked

“I only like your butts.”, I said. Both girls started feeling up my dick again. “You two want to suck it?”

“How?”, Abby asked.

“You just put it your mouth and suck on it.”, I said

Gabby was hesitant but Abby was game. “Cool.”, I said

“What can I do then?”, Gabby asked. I laid on the bed and had Gabby straddle my face as Abby sucked my dick. I started licking her pussy. I just licked it front to back. “Lick this thing. That is what feels best.” Showing me her little clitoris. I did. She started moaning. I was massaging Gabby’s soft ass. “Abby is right. You got a weird thing for butts.”

Abby was doing her best work on my dick. She took as much as she could of my cock and then would slowly come back sucking it hard. “Your doing great Abs!”, I said. She doubled down now. Sucking even harder. She took her hand and started jacking me off at the base of my dick. “Uh uh uh fuck! Abs oh my.”, I said. I came. “Awww fuck Abby!”, as I shot my load into her mouth. She was giggling taking it all into her mouth. She swallowed it and then went down on me again cleaning it off.

“I did it!”, she said all proud of herself.

“Yeah you did! Good girl.”, I said

I had Gabby get up and lay down on the bed. She spread her little lips and I went down on her pussy. My tongue was flicking away at her clitoris. I took my thumb and slid it inside her. She gasped. I started going in and out of her gently and slowly picked up pace. She was moaning as I did all this. Her butt cheeks tightened and released, tightened and released. Then her legs locked around my face as she squealed loudly as she came. She laid there relaxing.

“Your turn kid!”, I said to Abby. She was way to eager. It was cute watching her scurry to get into position. “Relax! Geez this is going to happen.”, I said. She spread her lips and I started flicking her clitoris.

“Come on. Do the thumb thing!”, she demanded. I jammed it in her hard. “Uh ahhhh”, she said.

“Yeah talk to me like that again.”, I said. She called me a jerk. I jammed it in her again. I could tell she loved that. I made a mental note to fuck her hard when we finally do it. “Awww Phil! Do it again!”, she yelled. I was thumb fucking her hard. Her face clenched and she sat up a little. Grabbing my head and pulling my hair. Finally her head went back. “Ahhhhhh”, she said as she pulled my hair hard as she came. She laid there out of breath.

“All right get dressed.”, I said. “What do you two lovelies want to do today?”, I asked

“Can’t we do this?”, Gabby asked

“Yeah!!!!”, Abby said.

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