The 10 Minute Test – Part Two

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In 2056, the United States Government passed a law to identify and convict pedophiles across the country

“You’ll have another chance at freedom tomorrow”

The guard’s words echoed in my head as I sat in my cold cell. He had lied to me, because it had been at least a week since I had completed my test with Julie. The ten year old girl had brought me to climax moments after the 10 minute timer completed, marking my test as “inconclusive”.

I wondered what was happening outside of my cell. I had no human contact since I was last locked in here, with food and water being delivered quietly while I was asleep. I lost count of the days quickly, and I started to go mad. I had nothing to do but sit, think, and jerk off. And oh boy… I jerked off.

I must have shot a load every few hours for the entire time. I replayed the memory of my entire 10 minute test. Every detail, every second I got to admire and touch Julie’s body… I felt like a teenager again. I was in my late 40s, but my experience with Julie had re-ignited something in me… one taste of child pussy and I was insatiable.

The day before this, I had brought myself to climax around 3 times before falling asleep. My age was making it more and more difficult to keep going after an orgasm. When I woke up, I ate my food and tried to play games in my head unrelated to my dire situation. I tried to resist the temptation to keep masturbating, and I managed to do it for quite awhile. So, it had actually been at least 24 hours since my last nut when I finally cracked.

This time, I tried to make it last. I must have been edging for 4 or 5 hours when I finally heard shouting from outside. Curious, I slowed my strokes and flinched when I heard several loud knocks. I hastily covered myself as the large metal door flung open, and 2 men entered the room.

The first was a tall man in a suit, no older than 30. He had jet black hair and wore a pair of rectangular glasses. In his hands was a manilla envelope, so full that he had to grip it tightly to keep the pages from falling out.

The other man was a security guard. Much older, at least 60, and shorter. He was very different to the original guard who had escorted me to Julie… I wonder what had happened to him?

“I hope you’re done, Mr. Cross. We have a lot to talk about.” The suited man said, crouching down to meet my level. I was slouched against the wall, my boner fading under my pants, but they clearly knew what I was doing. Despite everything, I felt a twinge of embarrassment and blushed. The man laughed upon seeing my reaction.

“I wouldn’t be so nervous… after all, we’ve seen you in action a lot this last week.” The man set down the envelope and opened it on the floor. He took some of the top papers off and laid them at my feet. I got on my knees to get a better look.

“The board has been reviewing the tapes of your… test, Mr. Cross” Each page was a separate still from the room in which I did my test with Julie. Stills of my cock throbbing in her hands, mouth, feet, and pussy. “And we’ve decided on a course of action.”

The sight of it may have been incredibly arousing… if it hadn’t been for the mans words. I forced myself to look up into his eyes and away from the photos of the child I’d been fantasizing about all week.

“There’s been quite a legal battle for you this last week, Mr. Cross. Many of the spectators of your test believe you passed, and have demanded we set you free. But it is the opinion of the Board that you did not.” He pointed to an image of me and Julie, my face in clear high definition.

“This is you, willing walking toward a 10 year old girl, with lust in your eyes… yes?” He didn’t wait for me to answer him. “You then willingly penetrated her… without being prompted… you know what that tells us… Mr. Cross?”

He kept saying my name as if it was an insult. I tried to find my words, but after so long alone my throat felt stuck. I started coughing instead. The man waited for me to finish, then pulled out a new paper.

He set it down and pointed at it. It was an image of Julie’s pussy, completely filled with cum. My cum, I guessed. “You had an orgasm inside of a child, Mr. Cross.”

Silence filled the room as he waited for my answer. I cleared my throat and croaked, “It was after the timer-”

“You are a pedophile, Mr. Cross.” The man angrily cut me off almost immediately, and stood up, leaving the photos on the floor. “You know it… and I know it.. and so does the rest of the board…”

He walked towards the door, “But luckily for you, legally, you’re not.” He stopped and looked back to me. “Not yet.” The man left without another word, and the old guard walked towards me. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up onto my feet.

“What’s happening?!” I said, panicked. The guard didn’t respond and dragged me outside my cell. The hallway was much brighter than I remembered it, and I was forced to shut my eyes and I was led.

Finally, the guard stopped and pushed me into a darker room, where I could see it was a washroom. Another guard stood at the end, and upon seeing me, turned on a shower faucet in front of me.

“Clean yourself, your test will begin in 15 minutes” The guard said, but made no move to leave. After so long in my cell, I was thankful for the chance to clean myself, and happily embraced the cold shower.

So. I was getting another test, I thought as I bent over to grab the bar of soap on the ground. After the first day I had given up hope that it would happen. I thought I was dead… and after I saw the man in a suit enter my cell… well, I thought I was definitely dead. But now I had another chance at freedom, and all I had to do was resist Julie for 10 minutes..

I did it before, I thought. I can do it again… but my anxiety only grew as I finished cleaning up. I dried off and dressed in a fresh pair of white shirt/pants that was laid out for me. The guard at the door guided me down the hall again, where we stopped at the same door as the last time I took the test.

“This is your test.” The older guard said. “If you have an orgasm before the 10 minute timer is up, I will get you out early, and you will be banished outside.”

I felt a lump grow in my throat. This was as terrifying as it was the first time.

“If you last until the timer is up, I will get you out and you will be released from custody. All charges against you will be dropped. Do you understand?”

I nodded to the guard, and he made a noise in affirmation before opening the door, and pushing me inside. I tripped on the doorway and fell flat into the room. The hard-wood floor felt slippery compared to the hard concrete outside.

“Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.” said a young voice. I raised my head and felt a flurry of emotions upon seeing who it came from.

On the edge of the large King-sized bed sat a smoking hot young girl, but it was not Julie. She was a beautiful young kid, with dirty blonde hair and light freckles on her face. I was instantly mesmerized, but equally concerned for the welfare of my previous test administrator.

“Who are you?” I asked as I nervously stood up, my eyes unable to tear away from the little girl on the bed. She was not naked like Julie was, and instead wore a bright green one piece swimsuit. Her nipples were hard, however, and i could see them poking through the skin-tight fabric. The sight of her so vulnerable predictably make my pedophile cock start to grow in my pants.

“My name is Seren.” The girl said, and jumped off the bed. She got on her knees and leaned back, already giving me a wonderful show. “I guess you’re the latest pedophile I get to make cum!” She was so bubbly and full of energy, much like Julie… but she wasn’t the same.

I glanced up at the one-way mirror and saw my reflection. I looked alright for a guy who had spent at least a week doing nothing but jerking off to a kid. Seren seemed to take offense to me looking away and shouted at me, “What’s wrong pedo, am I not hot enough in this outfit?”

“Well, maybe I’m not actually a pedophile.” I said, plainly. I really didn’t want to fail the test on my second attempt, and I had an odd feeling that the “board” on the other side of that mirror was looking for a confession.

“Everyone who comes to see me is a pedophile” Seren said, and sat back up. My eyes were still focused on the mirror, but I saw her in my peripheral.. I turned to look at her and she frowned.

“Usually you guys are way more excited to have sex with me.”

“Who are you?” I asked again.

“I already told you. I’m Seren-”

“Yes, I know but.. what happened to Julie?”

Seren stared at me blankly, confused. “You mean the last girl?”

“Yes, the last girl..” I said, “She gave me the first test, and I passed, but then they said it was inconclusive and we were going to-”

“Dude, relax” Seren said, giggling. “Julie got an early retirement. I’m her replacement.”

What did that mean? Was she okay, or did she just get fired? This whole time I hadn’t even considered if Julie would face consequences for fucking me beyond the timer… Wait, the timer!

I looked up to the wall and saw the timer, proudly showing 10:00 in it’s red digits. That’s right.. I thought. It doesn’t start until she..

I felt Seren grab the top of my pants and slide them down. I looked down at her face and her proud smile instantly grew my cock, which hung over her. She giggled like a schoolgirl and kissed my shaft, curing any of my doubts in a moment.

I was sure the timer began ticking down, but I didn’t dare look away from Seren as she continued to slowly use her mouth on my cock. I moved over to the side and collapsed on the couch, with the little girls mouth firmly wrapped around me the entire way. As I landed, my dick popped out of her mouth for a moment with a sound and she giggled some more, using her hands to stroke me as she took a break to breathe.

Like Julie before her, little Seren was a professional cock milker. I cursed myself for not reaching a climax in my cell earlier while I was edging, as it only made this experience that much more difficult. Seren was hot the moment I saw her, but the second she put my cock in her tiny mouth and hands, that was multiplied tenfold.

Seren did not hold back on her stroking speed, and I groaned in pleasure. Her small hands made me feel huge and she pumped up and down. “Now that’s more like it, pedo!” She cried, and started making groaning noises herself.

I managed to tear my eyes from Seren for a moment to glance at the timer.


Seeing the time already over a minute down gave me hope, and I held on as she continued to stroke me. But then, Seren stopped suddenly and jumped off me. I instantly missed the feeling of her hand, and replaced it with my own slow strokes.

Seren pulled at her bathing suit straps and pulled them down, staring into my eyes the entire time. I watched as her little breasts were revealed, and I felt my cock twitch harder at the sight. I squeezed myself and tried to stop stroking. I needed to last longer.. I needed to last another


I returned to Seren as she glided the rest of her little suit off, finally exposing her hairless mound to me. She spun around and showed off her ass as well, giving me a little underage strip show. I felt like the luckiest pedophile in the world. Before long, Seren jumped back on top of me, stroking my cock with her tiny hands right in front of her little pussy.


This was moving along much quicker than Julie’s test was. At this rate, I figured I’d have it easy. Little Seren was just as hot, but she doesn’t seem as experience as Julie was. Nor is she willing to-

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Seren, without warning, switching her hands out for her little child pussy. In a moment I’d gone from underage handjob to full blown child-sex. My cock was suddenly in heaven. It took a moment to process the view as Seren’s tight little pussy pumped up and down on my pedo cock.

“Oh my… god…” I groaned, and Seren giggled between her own screams of pleasure. Julie hadn’t fucked me until the final few minutes, but Seren was doing it this soon?! No way could I hold my cum, I already wanted to finish.

Seren kept riding me as I clenched my teeth and tried to think of other things, but I couldn’t close my eyes. The sight of a 10 year old kid riding my cock was something too perfect to ignore. With every slide of her wet cunny, I felt a load of cum building. I was so fucking close and it was still..


Not even halfway. Seren showed no signs of slowing down on top of me, but her panting increased and I could feel her start to reach a climax of her own… maybe if I held out long enough for her to cum, I could make it…

So, I decided that I was gonna make her cum first. I reached out to grab her pelvis, and I used my thumb to start rubbing her clit as she rode me. The little girl shrieked with pleasure as I touched her. I used my other hand to grab one of her soft breasts, and pinched her nipple. The girl started to shake, and I felt her pace begin to slow.

At 4:57, Seren finally came. Her legs shook, and she stopped riding me completely. She collapsed on top of me, and I finally felt my rising orgasm begin to fade. If that had gone on another 15 seconds, I would have been a goner.

Both of us were panting, but Seren knew she still had a job to do. She sat up, and slid down to the floor at the base of the couch. Her little freckled face rested inches from my still throbbing dick, and she kissed it lightly, then laughed. It was no fake giggle like she’d been doing before, this was a genuine laugh.

“That was the first time I came with one of you” She said. “Usually you guys cum way before I do.” She wasted no time in pulling my cock back up to her face and wrapping her little lips around it. Seren started slow, staring into my eyes yet again.

I’ve said it before, but there truly is nothing more beautiful than a child staring at you with lust, and your cock inside of her mouth. I felt pure joy staring at her, and it quickly became lust as she increased her pace.


Seren was giving me a professional porn star blowjob right now, and I knew I would once again cum in moments if I didn’t do something. I’d been edging way too long in my cell this morning to resist such an intense sexual experience any longer, and I knew I was due an orgasm at any moment. Part of me wanted to just let her finish me off and swallow the cum, but… I still had some fight left in me.

I pushed Seren off me as I neared climax, and stood up. Seren tried to shove me back down to the couch, but I held still.

“Let me suck your dick, pedo!” Seren shouted, clearly flustered by my behavior.

“Actually,” I said, trying to bide myself some time to cool down. “Can we move over to the bed? The couch isn’t that comfortable.”

Seren looked up at the timer, and we watched it tick down for a moment.. 3:45.. 3:44.. .3:43…

“Okay, fine, hurry up” She said, grabbing my erect cock with her hands and pulled me towards the bed.”

I let her tug at me, and walked my way over the bed, but instead of lying down like Julie had me do, I picked up Seren and plopped her down on the mattress. The girl shrieked as I picked her up, and giggled as I set her down.

“Oh I see, you like to be in charge, huh pedo?” She teased. “You wanna fuck my little pussy at your own pace?”

Well, she was right on the money. But I just wanted to set the pace so that I didn’t cum without warning. I spread her legs and admired her child cunt for a moment. It was soaking wet, and I instinctively tried to lower my head down onto her, but she stopped me before my tongue could touch her.

“Oh no you don’t. My job is to make you cum, not the other way around” Seren said.

“Well, maybe eating you out might make me more aroused?” I argued.

Seren wasn’t having it. “You’re gonna have to use your dick, pedo”

I glanced at the clock. 2:50. I’d wasted nearly a minute, but my dick was not ready to jump back in. Every time she called me a pedo it only had be more excited. I tried to keep stalling.

“I just thought maybe you’d-”

Seren cut me off by pulling up her little legs and wrapping her feet around my dick. The words got caught in my throat as her tiny feet started pumping my cock without warning. She had bright green toenail polish on, something I hadn’t noticed before. It must have been to match with her swimsuit. Her toes found my sensitive areas and gripped them, plunging me deep into pleasure.

A footjob wasn’t exactly easy to get through, but it was easier than a kid pussy, that’s for sure. I groaned in pleasure, trying to convince Seren that I was getting closer to an orgasm than I actually was.

“Ah, so you’re a foot guy, pedo?” Seren mocked me and she kept up her pace. “I’ve had a couple guys like you so far..”

“How many have you seen in the last week?” I asked, trying to keep her distracted. It didn’t really work, since her pace only quickened as she spoke.

“Week? It’s been like a month for me. And uh.. at least 5 of them have cum on my feet. It’s easier when they do it there too, less clean up for me”

A month? I guess I was locked up in that cell way longer than I thought. How did it only feel like a week? I didn’t have much time to think it over, though… Seren wasn’t about to let me zone out now.

“I don’t think you’re gonna cum with my feet though…” she said, wrapping her legs around my waist and pulling herself closer. My throbbing cock rested on her wet child pussy, bouncing up and down as it twitched. I could have cum just from the sight if I wanted to. I was so close.

Seren used her hand to push my cock inside of her, and screamed in pleasure it went back in. She tried to hump while lying down, but she wasn’t nearly as fast when she was on top. I felt like I could handle it for another..


Yes, Yes I could definitely do that. In fact, I could risk going a little… faster. I started matching her humping with my own rhythm. Finally, I was fucking this 10 year old girl missionary style. Her small breasts bounced, and her face was contorted with pure pleasure.

“Fuck yes, that’s it pedo!” Seren shouted, moaning between words. “Give me your big hard dick…”

I decided to go even quicker, her small frame intoxicating me. I didn’t know how much longer I had to enjoy fresh child pussy, but I wasn’t going to waste a second.

“oh my god…” Seren whimpered as I thrusted. I could feel myself getting close, but I couldn’t stop thrusting. I refused to pass up my chance.


So close… Fuuuck


Seren screamed with her own orgasm, and her legs tightened around mine.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” She cried out, stopping her own humping. I kept pumping.


I can’t waste this chance.


I want to cum to bad


But I know I shouldn’t…


I slow down my pace.


I pulled out of Seren’s little pussy


The Timer buzzed, and I passed the test. Officially this time, because even though my cock was throbbing… I did not cum. Seren snapped into her sense at the sound of the buzzer.

“NO!” She shouted, and jumped off the bed and onto her knees. “No! You need to cum!”

Seren grabbed my cock and started sucking me again. I made no effort to push her off, because I knew she wasn’t going to make me cum. Instead, I just was confused.

“I passed, Seren.”

Seren stopped sucking me off and looked up at me. “No, no you can’t pass. It’s not allowed.”

“Well.. I did.”

The door swung open and the older guard walked in. He hustled over to me and grabbed me by the shirt. I lost by balance and fell, but he dragged me without struggle. This guy was strong!

“No, stop! I need to make him cum! Please!” Seren cried as I was dragged out. “I can’t fail, they said I can’t fail!”
I watched the little girl fall to her knees and sob as the door slammed shut.

The guard dropped me and pulled out his radio. “Cross is in custody” The guard said, and waited for a response.

We waited in silence for a moment, and I tried to stand up. The guard kicked me in the chest, and I collapsed and hunched over, the pain from the sudden attack blinding me momentarily. What the fuck?

“Stay the fuck down!” The guard bellowed at me.

The radio beeped back on, and static played through. “Wait there.” a voice finally said.

A few minutes later I heard a door slam across the hall, and footsteps approach. They stopped in front of me, and I glanced up.

“You’re a difficult man, Mr. Cross.” Said the suited man from earlier. “A very difficult man.”

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