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Ten Year Old Was Blindfolded, Ties Up, Gagged And Fucked With A Man Size Dick (Part 3)

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My brother, Nathan had been fucking me along with my daddy. But, daddy didn’t know Nathan was fucking me. I was afraid for him to know I told Nathan daddy took my virginity. So, Nathan usually fucked me in the daytime and daddy only came I to my room real late at night.

But, Nathan came home the other night pretty high from drinking. It was his birthday and he turned 18. His friends took him out drinking. When he got home it was about 11:30. I woke up for some reason and went to get a drink of water. On my way back, I stopped in the bathroom to pee.

Nathan must have heard me because, he came in the bathroom and pulled the elastic waist band down to expose his dick to me. I said, “Nathan, it’s too late to fuck me tonight. He picks me up and lays me over the bathroom counter. He said, “I’ve gotta fuck you, I’m too horny to sleep.” I said, “No Nathan.” But, he just went on, slid the back of my panties down and proceeded to fuck me.

He was fucking me fast and hard. I told him, “Well, just don’t cum in me in case daddy comes in my room tonight.” Be said, “Okay.” So, he’s pounding my pussy when all if a sudden he rams his dick in and cums in me. I said, “Nathan, I told you not to cum in me.” He said, “Oh yeah, I forgot.” “You’re pussy is so good I have to shoot inside.” I just shook my head and sat on the toilet to let some of his cum run out.

I went back to bed. I hope daddy don’t come in tonight. But, I guess that was too much to hope for because, be did. He woke me up pulling my panties off then he slid his dick in me. He was fucking me when he said, “Victoria, who’s been fucking you?” I said, “Whay are you talking about daddy?” He said, “Victoria, your pussy has cum in it.” It was pretty slippery. He said, “Who?” He was sliding in an out.

I said, “It was Nathan, daddy.” He said, Nathan, when, how?” I said, “It was a couple months ago when he came home drunk.” He struck out with his date so, he fucked me.” Daddy’s dick got harder Daddy said, “Does he know I fuck you? I said, “Yeah, he wanted to know who took my virginity so, I ended up telling him.” I’m sorry daddy.”

Daddy said, “It’s alright honey, it don’t matter.” He’s fucking me with a very hard dick tonight. Daddy said, “Do you like his dick?” I said, “Yeah, a lot.” He ask me if Nathan was bigger than he was? I told him, “He is thicker but, about the same length.” Daddy was liking this. He said, “Well, maybe we both could visit you one night.” I didn’t know what to say. I ended up saying, “Why daddy?”

He said, “Well, we both could be with you at the same time.” I didn’t understand. He said, “Honey, I’d love to see Nathan fuck you.” I said, “So, you just watch us?” He said, “No, not exactly.” I thought maybe you could ah… well honey have you ever suck Nathan’s dick?” I said, “No.” Daddy said, “Well, that’s another part of sex an I thought maybe you could suck me while Nathan fucks you.”

I didn’t know about that, I never sucked a dick before. Nothing else was said. I had to let this sink in.
I was glad daddy wasn’t mad about Nathan. As a matter a fact, he seemed glad about it.
So, the next day I told Nathan what daddy said and he was thrilled. He said, “I’d love that, I’ll teach you how to suck a dick.”

We went out later that Saturday morning and Nathan went down by the river where we usually park to fuck. He pulled his dick out and told me how to suck it and I tried it out on him. He loved it. I was excited because, my tongue and mouth made his dick get harder and it would make cum leak out ever once in awhile too. It was kind of a power trip for me. I was excited to do it with daddy.

Nathan told me he was gonna cum so, I took my mouth off of it so I could watch it squirt out. I thought that was cool. It shot up way high. Nathan said, “That felt so good.” I told Nathan he would have to talk to daddy to make plans for whenever they wanted to do it.

My Uncle Nick’s bedroom is upstairs in the finished attic area. So, hardly ever comes down during the night. It’s like his own little world up there. It’s very nice. He has a full bathroom an a kitchenette.

So, daddy and Nathan came into my bedroom before I fell asleep. They said, “We’re were ready to do this.” I said, “Okay.” I felt kinda funny with both of them there. Nathan took off his boxers and said, “Get on all fours, I’m gonna fuck you from behind and you can suck dad’s dick.” I did that and daddy pulled his shorts down. Be held his dick in his hand.

As soon as I put it in my mouth be squirted a little cum in me. He said, “Sorry baby, I haven’t had a mouth on my dick in years.” He started pushing it in me and Nathan did his usual, ram his dick in my pussy. I had gotten used to it. Actually, it always gave me a rush so, I didn’t mind.

Daddy’s dick got so hard. Nathan was fucking me his usual way, fast and hard. He would slap my butt and reach around to rub my clit. I was getting greedy to cum when daddy grabbed my head with his hands and pushed his dick way down my throat. He kept it down deep and I couldn’t breath. He said, “Daddy’s f0 pm, zucking his daughters throat, what a dream.” Then, he pulled his dick back. I gasp for air. He said, “I’m sorry honey, I was lost in the moment.”

Nick said, “You’re sucking my dick next Victoria and daddy can fuck you.” Nick said, “I’m gonna cum, aha,
ah.” Wow, man oh man.” Daddy said, “I’m getting ready too honey, can I cum in your mouth.” I never told daddy no so, I said, “Yeah daddy.” He pumped his dick in a bit longer then he moaned loudly as his dick spewed his load in my mouth.

I held it in until he was finished squirting then, I went to the bathroom and spit. When I got back they were sitting on the bed with their dicks in their hands. They said, “That was nice, Victoria.” “We wanna switch places in a minute.” I said, “Okay.” So, after they regrouped daddy started fucking me an I started sucking Nathan’s dick. I did prefer Nathan’s dick in my pussy but, I loved my daddy.

Nathan fucked my mouth like my pussy fast and rough. He was pounding the back of my throat, holding my head straight. Daddy’s squeezing my butt cheeks. It feels good when my butt cheeks are squeezed. Daddy said, “I feel Baggage cum in here an it makes my dick hard.”
They fucked me a long time this time. My jaws were tired. But, then daddy said, “I’m cumming baby, I’m
cumm……in g. “He filled my pussy with more cum.” Nathan said, “You’re gonna make a great little cum slut for me and dad.” He pulled his dick out, jacked it off and cum on my mouth.

They were both ready for sleep now. Nathan said, “I could fall asleep right here.” I said, “You guys need to go to your beds.” “I’m tired too.”
They were so excited about fucking me together. More than I was. The next day daddy told me, “It turned me on watching Nathan fuck you and your mouth on my dick was the topper.”

I love pleasing them but, I didn’t wanna do it every night. Plus, I was concerned about Uncle Nick. He could come down for a number of reasons and wonder where everybody was at.That’s just what I need, him finding out.

I had my birthday, I turned 11 and my titties are getting bigger, finally. I hope I get big ones. Daddy loves sucking on them. My nipples stick out a lot. They’re not doing me every night like they were. Nathan still takes me out in his truck and fucks me. I still like that. Daddy said be was gonna bring something home for us to use, I don’t know what that means but, I’ll be waiting to see what it is.

Until then….


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    Don’t apologise for such a great sexy story. Loved it!

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    To All,
    I must apologize for these ridiculous errors. I always proof read twice but, I finished the last part without proof reading again. These Kindles think they know what I should write instead of what I write. I can’t believe all the mistakes. So FYI, I guess you have to proof read, then go directly to naming what categories your writing about then, submit, without writing anything else in the body of the story. Sorry, I know it’s irritating to read errors.