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Ten Year Old Was Blindfolded, Tied Up, Gagged And Fucked With A Man Size Dick

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I’m in the bed asleep. It’s dark in my room. Must be the middle of the night. I feel someone pulling off my covers. Then, someone is pulling off my panties. I’m so sleepy and I roll over on my side. Am I dreaming or what. Who is it? I drift back off. Somebody is putting something around my mouth.

Now, I’m awake. They’ve tied something to cover my mouth. I can’t yell. I reach up to pull it off but, they grab my arm and pull both my arms behind mg back and tie them with something. Then, they put a blindfold on my eyes. I’m so scared. Who is this and why are they doing this to me.

I’m just a 10 year old little girl, what do they want from a little girl? I feel someone get on my bed. They’re turning me on my back and spreading my legs apart. I try to close them but, they won’t let me. They start rubbing my pussy and sliding their fingers inside. Ow, they’re being rough with me. I feel somebody breathing on me. Ouch, they’re sticking their finger in my hole. Ouch, that hurts.

They stick their finger inside me more and I start crying. They hurt my pussy. Then, I feel them pull my separated legs up to their naked body and they’re trying to put a dick in me. So, this man is going to rape me. I feel him pushing his dick inside me but, it won’t go. He’s said, “Fuck.”

He gets off of me and then, comes back and pours something on my pussy. Now, he pulls me back down on him and his dick is easier to start to enter me. It hurts. He’s too big for my pussy, doesn’t he know that? He grabs my hips and pulls me down and the pressure is so much, as his dick slowly slides in my pussy.

He’s working it back and forth to make it go deeper. He’s so hard. I’m still crying, without being able to make much noise. He is panting and fucking me now with much better ease. He’s grunting and pulling on my waist to get his dick to go in farther. It hurts when he does that. I don’t have a lot of room for his big dick.

My pussy feels so stretched by his it. I wonder how big he is. He feels humongous. My pussy will never be the same. He reaches down with both hands and cups my butt. He’s squeezing my butt cheeks hard. He’s breathing so hard and fucking me faster. His dick is swelling up bigger than before. All of a sudden he rams into me and squirts his cum into my pussy.

He’s messages my body running his hands all over and rubs my titties then, twisting my nipples. I wince
in pain but, he leans down and starts sucking on them. I wonder when he’s gonna get off of me. He’s finished so, he needs to go. But, he doesn’t.

He slid his dick back and forth in the cum he put in there. His dick was getting hard again. He started fucking me real hard this time. He was pounding me so hard, it made me grunt and moan. He whispered, “I love fucking your little pussy.” I couldn’t tell who it was. The only men in my house were daddy, my uncle Nick and my oldest brother. I say oldest because, my other brothers couldn’t have a dick this big.

I can’t imagine which one of them would do this to me. Whoever it is is fucking me faster. He grunts as he plows it deep into my pussy and cums again. He jerks 3 or 4 times to finish cumming. He gets off of me, unties my hands and walks out the door. I pull the blindfold off and look to see who it was. He was gone so, I didn’t know.

I laid there for awhile then, finally fell asleep. In the morning, nobody acted guilty or anything. My pussy felt big and invaded. I put some antibiotic ointment on it.

A couple nights later I woke up with my eyes being covered and my hands being tied. I said, “Who’s doing this to me?” All I heard was “Shsss.” I said, “Why are you tying my hands?” He took a rag and gagged me so, I couldn’t talk. All I could do was lay there. He pulled off my panties. He got between my legs again and stuck two fingers in my pussy. He was so rough. He put his dick at my opening and rammed it in hard. I moaned and he whispered, “Ah, such a tight little pussy.”

I couldn’t figure out who it was. He started fucking me fast and hard. He held on to my waist and pulled me to him as he thrust into me. It didn’t hurt like before. He fucked me a long time. Then he sat on the
edge of the bed and set me on his lap. He put his dick back in me and fucked me from behind. I feel like a rag doll, he flips me here and there with ease. I realize, it doesn’t hurt. Actually, it feels good sometimes.

Why won’t he let me know who is fucking me. Every time he hits my clit I get a good feeling. I wish he would hit it more. I feel him swelling up. He grabs me and holds me down as he pushes his dick up in me and cums. I can feel his cum squirting again an again. He’s breathing hard as he sighs a sigh of release. He reaches down to my pussy with his hand and feels his dick in my pussy. Then, he starts rubbing my clit. That feels good.

He lays me down on the bed spreads my legs and fingers me with two fingers. He’s so rough. He’s ramming his fingers in fast. But, his thumb is rubbing my clit. It starting to feel tingly down there. Oh, it’s feeling good, ah real good. I feel like I’m gonna pee. Oh my gosh, I think I just had a climax, my first. I feel wet and it felt so good.

He stops and pulls out his fingers. He unties my hands and walks out of my room. I’m breathing kinda fast. I take off the gag and blindfold. Who is doing this to me? Who’s coming in here to fuck me? I wanna know. I finally fell asleep but, in the morning I was gonna ask each of them, if it was them. But, I chickened out.

The next time it happened was 3 nights later an I was awake when he came in. I saw his silhouette, it was daddy. He came over to me an he started to put a blindfold on me when I said, “Daddy, I know it’s you please don’t gag or tie me up.” He stopped and said, ” I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to know I was the one raping you.” “I liked tying your hands behind your back.” “It made you seem helpless.”

I said, “I was helpless daddy.” “You probably hate me don’tcha.” I said, “I could never hate you daddy.” I reached up, put my arms around his neck and straddled his legs. He held me so tight. He had his hands on my butt. I said, “Daddy, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, I love you.”
He reached down and pulled my the crotch of my panties aside and stuck his dick in me.

Daddy fucked me and I let him. I was glad it was daddy. I said, “It feels good daddy.” He said, “Victoria, I think about your pussy all day long.” “It’s so tight on my dick.” He’s pounding it in me. Then, he pulls me down as he rams it in me to cum. Several jerks later and he’s done. I said, “Daddy, ” You can come into my room anytime you want.”

He kissed me and laid me down in the bed. He said, “Good night darlin’, I love you.”
I felt good knowing who had been fucking me. I don’t know why he’s fucking me but, I will never tell my daddy no. I’m sorry if it’s wrong but, I can’t say no to daddy.

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    I’m 12 and rubbing my pussy to this

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    This had some very hot details. Well done.
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    Daddy should of started younger and not been so gentle

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      I agree 100%

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    i wish I had a daughter to do this to

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