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Surprised by my little sister

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This story is entirely fictional, with totally invented people. I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you want more !!!

My name is Thomas, and I’m 15 at the time. I’m quite tall, with brown hair and green eyes. I play a bit of sport, as I’m on the school basketball team. I like skateboarding and music. I have a sister, Katie, a real beauty for an 11-year-old. She’s blonde and blue-eyed, like our mother. She doesn’t have many breasts, but I know she has swollen nipples peeking out from under her T-shirts. Her little ass molds perfectly into her tight pants, which makes her so sexy. I became interested in her and her young body the moment I saw her undress from the back. After that, I couldn’t masturbate without thinking about her naked body. Until the day of no return, when I was jerking off like crazy in front of a photo of her in a bathing suit. I saw Katie standing in the doorway, staring at me in shock and curiosity. Trying to cover myself, I threw my phone at her feet, she picked it up and said in a sweet, innocent voice: “G… big brother… were you…? masturbating?”. I was shocked when she finished her question. I struggled to answer her “Katie… where do you know that from?”. She said shyly, “I’ve heard girls in my class talk about it, one of them said she helped her brother.”. I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard, looking at her in her little outfit of white shirt and black skirt. She squirmed in embarrassment and looked down at the floor, blushing. She was so cute, but was making my cock so hard. I had to jump on this opportunity that would never come my way again. I then said in a hesitant, fearful voice, “Do you want to touch her?”. At that moment, her body tensed up and her eyes finally landed on mine, she said softly “Yes… I’d love to know what it’s like to touch one for real…”. I then pulled back my blanket and revealed my erect cock in front of my little sister. She gasped, but looked at her curiously, and moved slowly towards me. Then, with a hesitant movement, she wrapped her cold little hand around my penis. My sister’s hand was nothing like mine, it was so soft and delicate. She began to explore it, moving her hand up and down. I told her to continue this movement. She did so, looking into my eyes. I could see her secretly squeezing her thighs, so I said calmly, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you squeezing your thighs?”. She looked at me and said in a childlike voice, “I don’t know… it stings and it’s wet down there. It always does when I think of you…”. A smile spread across my face, understanding at once what was happening to her. I said to reassure her, “Don’t worry, it’s normal, it’s what happens when you’re excited by someone! Would you let me have a little look?”. She nodded in response, I spread her legs slightly while telling her to get on with her work. I lifted her skirt and noticed a lot of moisture in her panties. I asked for her agreement to lower her panties, which she accepted. So I slowly lowered her panties and saw for the first time her young pussy, all smooth and without any pubic hair. It was the most perfect pussy I’d ever seen. I leaned over and placed my finger on her fresh little slit. She gasped, but a little moan escaped her lips, which made me smile. She said with difficulty, trying to withdraw her obscene noises, “Big brother… it feels so good… please continue”. My pride rose and I carried out her wishes by gently rubbing her little clit. I had no trouble, as her pussy easily moistened my finger. Together, we masturbated mutually, her jerking my cock faster and faster with vigor and me taking pleasure in rubbing her unexplored child’s pussy. Our moans echoed throughout my room, the atmosphere becoming heavy. After a few minutes of sensual pleasure, waves of spam came over us. I launched my biggest, longest ejaculation of my life onto her hand, when she, her body trembled and little spurts came out of her pussy before she collapsed to the floor, her legs exhausted with emotion. We stood there catching our breath, then she stood up, pulled up her panties and ran off without saying a word. I lay there in bed, smiling with satisfaction and imagining what was in store for me next.

To be continued…?

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you want more. And if there are any horny girls out there who want to chat, nude or even have a personalized story, add me on Snap: alexpukh

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    Keep going

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    Part 2 please

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    Waves of spam 🤣

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    Come on nail that little pussy! My girl loved me touching and going down on her at 11. She is now 13 and we share my bed most nights.

    • Tom ID:1dd2wzr1el7g

      I want to hear about u and ur daughter playing

    • LahLitah ID:2zicv6s4v1

      I did the same thing with my mom. She caught me masturbating when I was 12. She watched me and gave me tips on how to make myself cum. After that, she and I would spend most nights playing and having sex.