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Summer of 69’

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This story is pure fake, I just wanted to try my hand at this!

Brodie (26 m) just your everyday average Joe…Anessa (10f) blonde hair, blue eyes, just beginning to blossom, and full of innocence.

It was the summer of 69’, I had been seeing Marie for almost a year now. Although Marie is an amazing piece of ass, I can’t help but wonder how her little girl Anessa would feel wrapped around my cock. I didn’t always look at Anessa as an anything less than an innocent child, until one night when Marie got called into work a late shift at the factory here in town.

As it was getting late I asked Anessa to go get a bath so that we could watch a movie and wind down for the night. Brodie I heard Anessa call…yeah I said…could you come wash my back like mommy does she said…sure thing Nessa I said. I went into the bathroom where Anessa was laying on her back in the tub with her legs crisscrossed Indian style with her puffy little slit just staring at me. My cock instantly rose to attention and that’s when the way I looked at Anessa’s small petite little body maybe weighing all of 60lbs soaking wet changed and I began craving her. I began washing her little back, taking my time, grazing her skin, peering down at her little nubs on her chest and her little bubble butt. Licking my lips fighting the urge to run to her mom’s room to rub one off. Maybe I should’ve…maybe the events that would later unfold would’ve never happened.

As I finished her back I told Anessa that she should get dressed and let’s go watch a movie. I went on to the living room as she was dressing. A few minutes later I heard he pitter patter of little feet running down the hall towards the living room. I grabbed my spot on the couch and laid down…Anessa said Brodie can I lay with you like I do mommy? WTH sure kid, this could be bad…as she nestled in to get settled she wiggled her little tail on my crotch and instantly the blood flowed back to my cock and he rose with a vengeance. I couldn’t help thinking damn kid I am trying to be good and unbeknownst to you, you’re making it difficult.

Anessa fell asleep in my arms and all I could think was whew, I made it. I scooped her up and toted her to her bed. As she laid there I looked down at her and thought damn man get a grip on yourself, I did, right on my cock. I stared at Anessa as I began jerking my cock. She then moved and her little white nightgown rose up and I noticed she didn’t have any panties on and I could see her tiny slit yet again. I began nearly jerking my cock slam off my body. Her pussy so perfect. Hairless, puffy, and ohhhh so tiny. I knew I had to have her.

Her mom wouldn’t be home until daylight. So I knew I had time. I stopped jerking my cock. Being she was sound asleep I took her nightgown off easily. I spread her legs in butterfly position to simply stare out her in all her glory, to etch this moment in my brain cos who knows when another chance such as this will ever arise. I lay between her legs kissing her folds, smelling her innocence, and finally tasting her. Have mercy it tasted like heaven in my mouth. I knew I couldn’t get enough and I knew at this point there was no stopping me.

As she was now sopping wet, yet still asleep, I crawled over her and laid next to her, rolling her on top of me straddling me, with her pussy lined up against my cock. I began humping her little slit not entering her, just keeping her wet, and letting my precum help with lubing her up…I knew I wanted to wake Anessa up so that she could feel this next step, cos after all I would be breaking her hymen. No girl should miss out on that.

I began waking her up never skipping a beat on sliding up and down her little slit with my cock. She came to just as my cock found her pussy and I slammed all of my 10 inches of my cock inside of her at once, as she let out this blood curdling scream…not giving her a moment to settle, her eyes full of tears, her begging me to stop…I told her stfu that she would learn to love this cock. She’s so tight and her pussy is squeezing on my dick for dear life. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my first load inside of her, but where I knew if I bred her and she told they would surely find traces of my semen inside her. So as I got closer to cumming I pulled out and told her open her mouth…she started to protest but stopped I guess she figured it was no use. She opened her mouth, I placed the head in and told her to suck it like it was a lollipop and she did. I grabbed her head and began face fucking her hard. She started gagging and had tears running down her face again. I held her down on my cock as I shot stream after stream down her tiny little throat as she gagged. I told her to swallow every last drop and she complied. I swear something in this little vixen broke with the taste of my cum.

I got up and told her to let’s go get cleaned up. She did as she was told and I scrubbed her body down making sure to wipe the sex away but as I did, I explained she could never tell cos her mommy would be sad that she and I would have to split up and she would look at her like she was a little whore for sleeping with mommy’s man. Did she tell? No and it’s been two years and we are still a happy little family. I have moved in and continue sleeping with little Anessa. I marry her mom in 3 days…and she has no clue…part two soon

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