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Stopping to see little sister

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Stop by parents house to see little sister

So I was 23 at the time and the second oldest of 5, four brothers all perty much in a row then when I was 13 mom had an oops baby my sister. Life goes on brothers and I all move out and away doing our things. It was almost the fourth of July and I was on vacation and thought a road trip was a good idea,Id go home see the folks and my sister Andrea who just got back from a church missionary trip to Haiti building farms to feed the poor. So I ride cross country and pull up looks like nobody home, place looks good. I walk in and I hear the shower going so I go check who’s home and Andrea has light on in her room so I sit on her bed to surprise her. I hear the shower turn off then Andrea singing with the radio and she walks in her room with just a small towel wrapped around her. She sees me and screams she didn’t know I was there and we haven’t seen each other much last couple years so at first she didn’t recognize me . After I calm her down and she’s better but still super shy I tell her how she’s changed your hair is white! She says the sun in Haiti bleached her blonde hair, I said you’ve lost quite a bit and your Taller too! No longer the chunky blonde . She gives me this shy bashful smile til I asked her to stand up and let me see. . Now she’s looking at me liked a caged rat I’m thinking what’s up. . So I say come on stand up and show me I’m thinking of how tall she is now. She is definitely terrified as she stands and says just don’t hurt me. . . WHAT DID SHE SAY ? I’m thinking??? So she stands and drops the towel. . HOLY SHIT you’ve got boobs . I’m looking cant believe she did that. They told us at church men would want me to take my clothes off and you’d do things to me. I’m looking her wet almost white hair just past her shoulders her small peach size boobies not big enough to call tits , pink nipples so hard they had to hurt, her innie belly button her thin waist definitely female ass and hips. . I step forward and start to bend over to pickup the towel but I stop when she puts her arms around my neck and says I’ll do anything you want just don’t hurt me, then shaking with fear or excitement I don’t she softly kisses me with her eyes closed. Now I’ve always liked my ladies a little on the younger side and never thought of Andrea before but soon as her lips touched mine I’m rock hard and I want this beautiful little pussy so I softly lean her back on her bed and she is scared stiff I know I have to relax her so I start kissing my way down slowly along her neck I can’t believe how soft her skin is along her collar bone not the only bone here now. I’m circling her nipples with my tongue slowly building suction on each nipple she’s wiggling her hips and whimpering now as I kiss my way lower I love the soft skin on her waist and hips as I move to her kitty and she freezes again but still hasn’t said anything or tried to stop me I’m parting her lips with my tongue and she’s really wet and it’s not from the shower, I have my hair in a ponytail when I ride and she has both tiny hands holding my ponytail as im seriously eating her sweet pussy now as she fights her orgasm from rolling over her. When she’s done shaking and trying to catch her breath I climb up kissing my way to her lips I look her in the eyes and say I don’t want to hurt you baby and I’ll stop right now if you want me to but I’d really like to make love to little sister. Andrea leans down and kisses me says just don’t hurt me. .I say it might sting a bit at first ok? and she nods and kisses me her tongue halfway down my throat I’m thinking I need to come home more often . I’m rubbing my cockhead up and down her pussy as I’m slowly playing with her clit she’s soaked and I’m slowly getting deeper, as I push past her cherry she stiffens and I stop to let her adjust. . Then I push deep all the way and she loses it FUCK ME. OH FUCK ME RIGHT THERE oh Andrea can’t slow down her hips are pushing up to meet mine her legs are so tight around my waist I’m loosing it I’m going to cum soon she’s just to tight and wet, her nails are ripping my back as she bites my shoulder. I push as deep as I can get and she looks at me somehow she knows I’m going to cum, I’m not safe Andrea says she’s 13 she knows I’m going to knock her up. She doesn’t scream or try to get away she grips tighter with her legs and looks me in the eyes as I whisper to her I’m Cumming in you baby sister. After we took a shower together and I bent her over in the shower to put another load in her then we had to hurry the folks would be back soon.

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  • Reply JusttAPerv ID:72yt3emoi9

    I really hope you planted a baby in your little sister dude!

    • A normall kid not pedo ID:1ck6ebxleln0

      The baby would be so sped. Why does everybody want them to have a baby. It would just get abortioned

  • Reply Jojo ID:1ck78njowllr

    My big brother fucked me one night he was suppose to be in charge and he fucked me in the kitchen bent over with no pants on he fucked me on the table where we eat. So good he fucked me in my parents bed one day.

    • lonelyfamilymember ID:1coxs90tv9k

      would love to hear more jojo

  • Reply Flolic ID:3pt0ngwbqr9

    More parts plz