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Step Sister on vacation parts 1&2

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Me 14 and my sis 14 on Family vacation with thick sexy sis. She caught me staring at the pool and had to punish me.

Me male 14 and my step sister Sienna female 14 are on a trip with family in Florida. I am tall a little chubby and she is short and chubby (in the best way possible). She was pretty hot and she had a huge ass that I was obsessed with. She didn’t talk to me much and we weren’t super close but when we traveled I got to talk to her a bit.
After arriving at the rental house we rested and decided to go swimming. The thought of her in a bathing suit got me more than hard and I tried my hardest to hide my boner when we went to the pool. There I would take every opportunity to look at her huge tits and wet pussy. She had a two piece with almost her whole chest showing, which was huge.
Her pussy’s outline was constantly visible while wearing it because it was a little loose. So I took full advantage of it. When we left the pool I would stare at her ass the whole way back to the house.
The next day she got some goggles for swimming and we brought them when we went back to the pool. We took turns using the goggles and I very much enjoy swimming so I go under a lot. I used them quite a bit and the pool water was incredibly clear so when I went under I had a full view of her pussy outline. That whole trip all I wanted to see was that bathing suit come off. She often wore shorts that would constantly pull up so if she was laying down on a bed facing away from me her whole ass was visible.
Two days after the last swim we decided to go swimming again and this time when I used the goggles and looked at her beautiful crotch under water, I saw that she had flashed me and pushed her bottom piece to the side revealing those wet pussy lips. In shock I inhaled water and she had to come over and pull my head out of the water. She was not a very good swimmer so she could only hold me out of the water and not swim me to the stairs. As I coughed out the water she layed my head back on her soft breasts and held me until I could swim properly without choking. I asked her “why did you do that?!” She responded “to see if you were looking. ” After that I apologized but she stopped me and said “I’m fine with it. In fact let’s have some fun, follow me.”
She led me out of the water and pulled up her swimsuit so I could stare and she brought me to a secluded personal hot tub. She had me get in first. Still rock hard I sit in the water and she slowly walks towards me. Without saying anything she pulls the string on her bottom piece and let’s it fall. My dick gets harder and shoots out of the water with an inch unsubmerged. She says “excited are we? ” I nod and she walks over me with her pussy almost touching my chin. I keep looking up at her and she says “are you just gonna sit th-” As she says that I put my mouth on her pussy lips and lick all across them, spreading them apart. She moans loudly and her legs shiver.
She thrusts into my face a little with every lick. I stop rubbing across and push my tongue straight in which causes louder moaning and stronger convulsing of her legs and hips. I writhe my tongue inside and she can’t seem to hold on anymore. She orgasms right on my face and I stop licking before she sits down in the water across from me.
She says “Wow. What the fuck? How did you do that?” Before I can respond she stands up and puts her huge ass right where her pussy just was but instead she slowly sits in my lap. She moans loudly as she inserts my throbbing dick inside of her. She sits for a second and then she starts slowly bouncing up and down.
The hot water makes it slide effortlessly in and out and she moans louder with each bounce. I reach under her arms and grab her tits. I rub her nipples and squeeze her tits, much to her pleasure. She remains bouncing but I start to thrust hard and fast. Her moans fill the room as she dances on my young 4 inch cock. I keep thrusting as she moves her hips and I slowly start to get close to finishing but am still far from it. I look up and she starts to fall limp and her moans grow less coherent. As she leans back and falls onto my right arm. I look at her face and she has a face of pure bliss. She had just orgasmed, and hard. She was barely staying conscious as I kept railing her hard. I use her limp body as a sex toy for about 24 minutes before she got up and wrapped her lips around my dick.
She sucks hard like she is trying to suck out my cum while using my dick was a straw. She expertly moves her tongue around my cock making me get closer to the edge before finally I bust deep in her throat. She immediately starts swallowing but she can’t seem to hold all of the cum so it flows out of her very full mouth. She gets it all down and opens her mouth for me to see showing me that she has swallowed it all. She says in a seductive voice “look I swallowed it all~ Like a good girl~”
She gets up and grabs the pieces off her bathing suit. I stand up with my dick still rock hard. I ask “Should we head back to the house?” She nod as and we walk back but take the back entrance so no one can see her naked. We get inside and quickly run upstairs to our rooms before laying down and saving this ever lasting memory.
I get a message from her that says “We should have some more fun tomorrow 😉” I respond “Hell yeah! ” I hear her giggle from her room and she sends me a selfie of her naked self. I save it and we go to bed for the day

Part 2

After we rest for the night we wake up the next morning and pack our things to get ready for the end of the vacation. We finish packing our bags and leave our rooms. We make eye contact and both blush and look away from each other. We go down stairs to see everyone else with their things pack. We step into the back seat of the car but the whole back seat was crowded with only one place to sit. We decide that she could just sit in my lap to solve the problem. I get in and she sits in my lap. My morning wood is still potent at this point and she definitely feels it as she wiggles side to side in my lap. She has some very thin and tight sweat pants making my morning wood immediately 3 times stronger. We start heading back home.
During the ride we grab a few blankets so we can get comfy. Everyone gets one and we put ours over us.
After about an hour of sitting in the car she leans back and whispers “I’m so bored” I tell her that we are only a few hours away from our destination but she thinks it’s too long. I offer her a game to play but she says that she has a better idea. She pulls down her pants but very slowly so the blanket doesn’t come off. She says “ok now your turn.” I slowly lift her up and pull down my pants setting her back down on my lap and her pussy lips rubbing the top of my penis. She quickly grabs a pillow and puts it over her face. Then she starts grinding back and forth and uses the pillow to keep from making noise. She starts moving faster back and forth but it’s hidden by the blanket. I thrust a little to help and I hear a small unnoticeable moan escape her mouth.
I put my arms around her and use my left arm to rub her tits and my right to rub her clit. She eventually falls back on to me having had another deep orgasm. I am still unfulfilled so I decide to take matters into my own hands. I lift her up and push my fully erect dick all the way inside her pussy. A moan escapes the pillow she is holding but no one seems to notice. I leave her sitting on my dick and she has no care in the matter as she is still spaced out in her orgasm. The random bouncing and juggling of the car makes a perfect environment causing me to not have to thrust at all as she will just bounce up and down. After around 80 minutes I remove my dick from her pussy and put it in her ass. I start to thrust a little bit and her moans continue under her pillow. Another 2 hours pass by and I cum deep inside her ass.
I start to remove my dick but she stops me and whispers “I want to feel your warmth all the way home.” We arrive home and we pretend to be asleep so our parents leave us in the car while they go inside. After a few minutes I pull out of her and she catches whatever cum falls out of her with her hand and sips it up. She sees my cum covered dick and says “well we can’t leave that mess.” She bends over with her pants still down and starts to vigorously suck my dick. She cleans every inch of it but she stops right before I cum again and says “let’s finish up inside.” We both pull up out pants before walking inside and heading in to her room. She locks the door and she sucks me off untill I again fill her through and mouth with cum. She sucks it all up and shows me that she was a good girl. She pulls up her sweatpants intentionally making her pussy outline shine through.
I lay her on the bed and lick her pussy through her pants. I lick hard and fast causing her to moan. She doesn’t last long before orgasming again and passing out. I look outside and see that it’s getting late so I lay her head on her pillow and get in bed right behind her. I fuck her hard in the pussy from behind but she doesn’t wake up. She was so worn out from the prior orgasm that she slept through the whole thing. I switched to her ass once again and cream pied her cheeks.
I wipe my dick off and clean the cum off her ass which wakes her up. She says “I’m still super horny but we need to sleep so I want to sleep with you inside me.” I agree and stick it deep inside her pussy making her moan loudly. Throughout the night as I moved and tossed she moaned in her sleep. In the morning we fucked heavily and she let me cum in her mouth again. Afterwards we went back to sleep for a little while. During which she made me keep my dick deep inside her, not wanting my warmth to go away.

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    Great story

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    You should continue it think we need know more

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    If anyone liked this story I’ll have a lot more stories of me and Sarah’s sex life. Just let me know and I’ll even make a part 3 to this story.