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Step sis caught at night

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(These are true stories btw) Sienna 14, me 14, brother 17. About a month after the vacation my dad wants to go to my step mom’s house. I easily agree, wanting to see Sienna. When we arrive me and my dad play party games with my stem mom and step brother. We have fun until the sun goes down and my dad wants to stay the night to which I agree. They lay out an air mattress for me and they go to their rooms for the night. The whole time we were there Sienna was asleep in her room. At about 1:00 am I hear a weird noise coming from Sienna’s room. I get up to go see what it is and I hear a faint yelling. I slowly open her door, just enough to see inside when I see her on her bed with her back arched, a pillow over her face, no clothes on, and masturbating hard. I stand and watch for a few minutes before opening her door and quietly sneaking up to her. Once I get to her (still masturbating) I grab her hand and quickly start to finger her myself. She moves the pillow off her Facebook out of shock but once she sees me she relaxes. “What are you doing!? When did you get here?”. I continue to finger her and say “If you weren’t asleep all day you would know”. She rolls her eyes and stands up, removing my hand. “Who told you that you could just stick your hand in me? Huh?” I respond “You were the one moaning loudly and tempting m-” She cuts me off and pushes me onto the bed. *She gets on top of me before sitting on my face* “If you really want to touch me you have to work for it.” I lick her pussy lips all over. She is very close to the edge after her previous masturbating so as soon as I decide to shove my tongue inside of her she moans loudly before falling a little limp. I lay her next to me and say “So can I now?” She gives an incoherent “meah..” I take this as permission and I get a top her and slowly rub her entrance with my rock hard dick. She looks up at me and with slurred words says “I swead no dawm I.. I.. It.” As I start thrusting into her pussy. She moans in pleasure, still riding the waves of her previous orgasm. I start to pick up the pace causing her to moan louder. I cover her mouth with the pillow again so that she doesn’t wake anyone. Little did I know her brother/my step brother had seen us and actually closed the door for us but we’ll get to that later. I continue to thrust in her, enjoying her giggly moans. Eventually she begins to move her hips with me causing even louder moans from the pillow. I begin squeezing her huge tits and pinching her nipples to give her more pleasure. We continue like this for about 10 minutes before she moans: “buh… buh… bwite the… thewm.. auhhh.. pwease… auhh..” I lean over her and gently nibble on her nipple causing her to grip the pillow tighter and moan much more. “Wow I didn’t take you for a kinky girl” she retorts “shut… uwp… auhhh…” We keep a good pace for another 15 minutes before I start to get close to the edge. “Sienna I’m gonna cum!” She quickly moves the pillow as I pull out of her and she demands that I cum in her mouth. I ablige and stick it in her throat before busting hard. She almost can’t hold it all in but manages to swallow. She holds her tongue out and says “look I swallowed it like a good girl” I respond. You sure are. “I want you to sleep in here with me” I respond “but what about when everyone wakes up?” She says “come on please?” Her cute pose and small innocent body pursue me. “Ugh fine but only once.” She says “Can I also sleep with you inside me? I want to ride that dick all night, ” I agree again and stick it in her met with pleasured giggles “Thanks brother”. We both fall asleep. When I wake up the next morning I am met with her grinding on my dick with her wet pussy lips. “Oh wow you are rather horny this morning. “Shush.. auhhh…” We hear a knock on the door. “Hey Sienna have you seems Scott?

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