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Sleepover-My Daughter and Her Friends

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Dreamy sunlight flooded the chair where I dozed in peaceful contemplation, a book laying open on my lap. I had always been ambivalent about my own birthday. When my daughter Shae asked if she could have a pajama party on Saturday night, the night of my birthday, I was mostly relieved. I wasn’t going to schedule any parties for myself, and was mostly looking forward to a quiet evening of brandy and catching up on some of my books. Now I would have to do so with the company of two extra shrieking teenage girls in the house. It was alright. I had a big house and could go to my study if I wanted some peace. Muted thumping from the downstairs bedroom marked Shae’s activities.
She was probably dancing to that Beyonce video that she was obsessed with. Some part of me had expected Shae to surprise me with some new lingerie or a dance routine like she usually did on special occasions, modelling outfits or showing off dance moves that she had practiced after seeing them on TV. She obsessively studied every fashion show and music video that she could get her hands on. It’s hard to believe how seductively she could sway her hips or shake her ass, but my sweet daughter definitely had talent. She adored the modelling prep school I had got her into, but I’d have to find some real dance classes for her, so she could focus some of that boundless energy that teenage girls seemed to always have.

A smile was growing on my face, drawn by daydreams of being her captive audience. It didn’t take much. Just a shy request, and a few fluttered eyelashes, and my daughter could usually drag me away from work or watching the game. Every new outfit had to undergo the Daddy Test before she found it acceptable, a lengthy trial of incessant demands about whether it looked ok on her hips or if the necklace matched the skirt or whether she should wear her hair up or down with it. Luckily, no real critique was required on my part; I didn’t have Shae’s talent for fashion. I could just smile and nod, enjoying the sweet sight of her perfect sexy body trying on five different panties to figure out which one went with her bra.

Dance routines were an exercise in agonizing restraint. My daughter would dance and jiggle to the heavy beat of whichever song had captivated her, swirling hips and rolling shoulders in seductive spirals while I was stuck on the couch, bound by solemn oath that I wouldn’t move until she was done. She knew every possible way to tease me, coaxing her Daddy to raging hardness like it was a gift, and it was a harrowing race to let Shae finish the routine she wanted to show me before I gave in and bent her over to rail her from behind. Memories played in languid waves as I drowsed in the sun, warm thoughts of the girl I loved: taking her out to eat or to the movies, walking by the river.

Dancing, snuggling in bed, or just the proud thrill of seeing her dressed up and ready for school in the morning. The music had stopped. Maybe I should go to our bedroom and say hi, but I was so comfortable under the golden blanket of sunlight. I’d rest my eyes just a few minutes longer… Piercing squeals startled me awake, sending the book toppling to the floor. Gleeful shrieking heralded the arrival of Shae’s friends in the front yard. Was it 6 already?

I trudged down the stairs sleepily, sure that a herd of bison was thundering in my front door. The stampede turned out to be just be just my daughter and two other girls, sleeping bags and packs slung over their shoulders, tromping and screeching noisily with Shae in the foyer about something that had happened at school that day. “Hey Daddy!” yelled Shae, as though I had never taught her about the concept of an indoor voice. Her arms whipped around my midsection in a violent hug and she introduced me to her friends. “Hi Mr. Watts!” shrieked the taller girl. “You remember me from school? I’m Alexis.” Alexis was a sweetheart with an round, earnest face and straight auburn hair that glowed in the reflection of the evening sun.

I had met the girl at Shae’s recent PTA meeting, along with her mother, who I remember hadn’t been very pleased with something. The girl was two classes ahead of Shae, and I saw that she hadn’t had the chance to change after getting picked up from school: she was still in the checkered skirt, leggings, and white blouse of her school’s dress. “Hi Alexis. Good to see you again,” I smiled warmly. The other girl, jubilant moments earlier, huddled shyly after seeing me. Shae poked me harshly in the leg and suddenly I remembered Sophie, the girl that was sometimes talking to Shae when I picked my daughter up from school. “Hi Sophie. We’re having macaroni and cheese tonight. I hear it’s your favorite.” The girl blushed and delivered a timid hello. She was younger than Shae, a small brunette in a modest pink dress, wavy hair held back by a plain headband. Introductions were scarcely concluded when the trio burst from the foyer into the living room to unload and talk about girl stuff. I wanted to finish some paperwork before relaxing again, so I left them to it.

I sighed with contentment. It had been a comfortable hour of lazily thumbing my favorite author’s new book up in the loft that overlooked the living room, lounging on the big, fluffy chair: the “Smooshy Chair”, as my daughter called it, a heavenly bed of fuzz in which you could pretty much sprawl any way you pleased and still be comfortable. I glanced down again into the living room where the girls had ended up after dinner. Alexis had switched into a set of tight-fitting purple pajamas covered in pink and blue swirls. She must have got them when she was younger because they seemed too small for her. The shirt clung to her chest, letting her cute midriff peep out from underneath, and the pants hugged her bottoms but barely extended past her knees.

I took a moment to appreciate her form: this sexy girl has developed some curves, and her pajamas were showing them off freely. She moved in graceful motions, with little of the awkwardness that sexy girls sometimes had. The long sweep of her hair was a tawny river spilling over her shoulders and streaming down to a perky little butt as she sat with her knees drawn up to her chest, chatting in conspiratorial whispers in a circle with the other girls. Sophie had donned petite yellow pajamas decorated with designs of tiny stars. She was bent forward, listening eagerly to what was apparently an animated contest to see if it was Alexis or Shae that could whisper in the loudest voice.

The topic of conversation wouldn’t have been a secret to anyone watching. Instead of changing into any of her myriad sets of pajamas, Shae had decided to show off a silky little chemise with pink accents and frilled straps. I remembered that when Shae had got it, she had wanted to make some adjustments before she was happy with it. She was trying her hand at clothing alterations and had modified the bottoms so that they divided in front. “It’s too tight to pull up when you want to do me Daddy. I’d have to take the whole thing off, but I want to leave it on for you because you said you like it.” So she had made a cut to the front of the skirt about a foot long and re-sewn the dividing line with a pretty pink fringe.

We tried it out that night, my daughter bouncing herself to orgasm on my cock while the bottoms of the seductive garment were able to glide freely around her hips. She declared the modifications a success. “But it’s so…well, *weird*”, mumbled Alexis, eyeing Shae up and down as she sat on the floor. The sheer material didn’t reveal everything, but it did give glimpses of quite a lot of my daughter’s luscious body. “It’s not weird!” Shae retorted. “I like it. It’s pretty. See? I did this part myself.” “Yeah…it is really pretty. I wish I had one,” Alexis said dreamily. “You couldn’t wear it to school”, whispered Sophie. “Of course not, dork! I don’t wear this to school. I wear it at home for Daddy.” “I’ll bet you would wear it to school if you could,” giggled Alexis. “She TOTALLY would.

Remember when she wore that short skirt and all the boys were looking?” Sophie and Alexis had teamed up, tittering uncontrollably. “You shut up!” Shae punctuated her order with a sudden ambush, swinging the big red frilly pillow from the couch down onto her friend’s head. Shrieks and counterattacks followed immediately, with the girls converting my living room into a violent battleground of pillow and couch-cushion artillery, swinging and laughing and slapping each other repeatedly. My living room had no shortage of pillows. Shae somehow had Alexis buried under the big green cushion, squishing her under her body weight while laughing and shrieking “take it back you! Take it back!”, until Sophie arrived as an unlikely ally, battering Shae over the head with the yellow end-cushion and giggling madly.

Eventually, their hellion energy spent on pillow warfare and a structurally unsound pillow fort, I made some popcorn for them and told Shae she could put on a movie. We had an on-demand ***********ion of pretty much anything we wanted, including porn, and I arched my eyebrow with interest from the loft as Shae chose a softcore film called “Little Bo Peep”. It was one we had watched a week earlier, starring a diminutive teen actress who played a shepherdess in search of her lost flock of sheep. A series of freak events kept her from being able to keep her clothes fully on at all times, with sudden wind gusts and curious animals somehow contriving to remove more and more of her outfit as she traveled the farmlands, asking burly farmhands if they could help her find her flock.

Shae liked it because she said the clothing was “funny the way it kept coming apart but stayed together”. I liked it for the plot, or at least, that was my story and I was sticking to it. The actress reminded me a lot of my sweet daughter. Girls are nothing else if not sexually curious. Their conversation turned to sex, or at least to something they had heard about called sex. Mostly it was a lot of giggling while hiding their heads under the pillows. “She keeps talking to that farmer. HEY! Do you think they’ll do IT?” “Dork, you don’t even know what IT is!” “Shut up! Neither do you!” “I do too! You’re a stupidface liar. At least I’ve been kissed by a boy.” “He licked your ear in gym class! That’s not a kiss.” “Ooooh I’ll bet she wants to do IT with him. It starts with the ears, you know.” Shae was rarely shy. Of course, she knew everything about sex, since I had taught it to her.

She had had first-class lessons in nearly every sexual experience from her Daddy. I smiled knowingly, thinking back over all the fun I’d had with my daughter. “No, shut up! GOD! Ok listen,” Shae was shouting down the other girls. “No, they don’t need sheep, dork! That’s just the movie. Sex is when a boy and girl love each other.” “But how would YOU know? Do you have a booooyfriend?” Hysterical giggling ensued from the Alexis/Sophie side of the pillow fort. “Listen, when a boy and girl love each other, they can have sex. Boy privates are called a ‘penis’ and it gets hard and he puts it in the girl’s vagina. It’s like when you’re boyfriend and girlfriend, you have sex. Or if you’re a husband and wife, you have sex. Or if you have a Daddy that loves you, you have sex.” Shae crossed her arms in triumph as she dispensed this wisdom.

“Wait, is your Daddy your boyfriend?” Both girls seemed bemused by this thought. “Pssh, silly, Daddies make GREAT boyfriends! Here let me show you!” I had stopped paying attention to my book a while ago as I eavesdropped on this fascinating conversation carried on in whispers loud enough to be heard on the other side of the world. “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD” shrieked Shae from the general vicinity of the hallway. “Don’t yell sweetie,” I called back in a more reasonable tone. “What do you want?” “COME WATCH A MOVIE WITH US DADDY!” she yelled. After making another batch of popcorn, we trundled into the living room. I figured I would let Shae pick the movie again, since my clever little girl was clearly plotting something. She grabbed Alexis’ arm and pulled her down onto the 2-person loveseat, one of the few pieces of furniture in the room that had not been stripped of cushioning and overturned in the Great Pillow Battle of the early twentieth century. I took the big chair with the wide seat. This left Sophie standing alone, and I beckoned her over. “Come over here hon. There’s room for two.” I thought she might be too shy, but she climbed up and suddenly I had a wiggling little girl sharing the fuzzy seat with me.

I moved her around so she could sit on my lap comfortably while facing the TV, and used one of the many blankets to cover us. A tittering mound of fabric in the rough shape of Alexis was huddling on the couch next to Shae, having stolen all the blankets from their side. My daughter ignored her and used the remote to tick through the menu options, diving into a certain section and ***********ing a film that I really did not expect. It was my favorite movie, one Shae and I had watched several times. It had been very hard to get. I heard about it online, and made some efforts to track it down and have it shipped to us discreetly. It was a hardcore porno of amazingly high quality, probably shot for a private client with a wealthy budget.

I don’t think it had ever been distributed anywhere, and searches for the name of the credited director had always come up empty. It was a heavily romantic daddy/daughter roleplay, fantastically acted by a handsome hunk of a man around my age, and an stunningly gorgeous sexy girl . It only ran about an hour, but the depiction of this lovely girl and the man who was her Daddy was shockingly, intensely arousing, performed with such vivid enthusiasm and heartfelt passion that it made me wonder if they were actors at all. A heartfelt adoration sparkled in both of their eyes when they looked at each other, a genuine connection of the sort that is missing from most pornos.

The girl was a treasure, with a lithe, flawless body, wearing a heart-stopping smile through every act of love she offered. She squealed and wiggled, arched her back and pouted her lips, stripped and dressed and bounced and sucked with such a realistic passion and vigor that I always found myself hopelessly enthralled when I watched. If the film was showing a real relationship, that father was the luckiest man on Earth. I looked over at Shae, who was wearing a devious smile as she avoided my gaze. Well, second luckiest… While the film flowed gracefully through each scene of tantalizing seduction, we feasted on handfuls of fresh popcorn, spilling them carelessly on the floor and among the cushions. Sophie’s arms were too short to reach the bucket from her perch on my chest so I scooped small handfuls and held them for her, occasionally teasing her by popping kernels into the air and letting her catch them with her mouth.

Between mouthfuls, I rested my hands on her hips and massaged them in gentle circles, getting her comfortable. “So they’re boyfriend and girlfriend?” Alexis asked, spilling unpopped kernels as she gestured at the screen. “Yes, they’re a Daddy and his daughter,” Shae explained. “The best kind of boyfriend and girlfriend.” “Whoa they’re on the bed!” Alexis gulped. The couple on the screen were kissing, leaning back on wide sheets of comfortable silk, embracing passionately as eager hands explored under each other’s clothing. The girls watched in awe. “I wonder what that feels like,” Sophie murmured quietly. Alexis looked at her, then back at Shae. “It’s the best,” my daughter declared proudly. “You feel all warm and tingly inside, like you’re going squishy, then it starts to feel really great, like an explosion of the best thing you’ve ever felt in your entire life.” “It sounds nice,” Alexis said dreamily.

The girl on screen was panting raggedly, flushed face beaming, before she was kissed again. “She looks so happy,” Sophie whispered, wearing a wistful look. Her head turned to look up at me, a hesitant, unspoken question lingering in her eyes. I smiled encouragingly. The camera switched to a close-up, focusing on the hand working the girl’s chest in eager strokes, panning to the twisting lips twining together in ardent vigor. While the slow kisses played out on screen, I turned my attention to Sophie, trailing fingers up her sides in slow motions, massaging her shoulders, feeling the shy tension melt away under my fingers. Relaxed sighs escaped between chomps of popcorn, and she leaned back fully to rest her head on my chest. She seemed transfixed by the mysterious action in the movie, and I wasn’t sure if she could feel the straining tent of my pants poking against her pajama bottoms, or if she would know what it was.

The girl on screen was losing more clothing every minute, and as the father rubbed his hands passionately over the exposed curves of his luscious daughter, I started to do the same to Sophie, moving my hands up and down her legs, rubbing her sides, squeezing her shoulders. “If they’re a real boyfriend and girlfriend, do they have, you know, do they do…IT?” Alexis asked. “Yeah dummy,” Shae sniffed imperiously. “It’s not like they just kiss.” “So, you said they make each other happy, the boy with his penis?” Alexis wrinkled her nose. “What does a Daddy do with his penis if he’s girlfriends with his daughter?” Shae rolled her eyes and didn’t answer, but Alexis gave me an astonished look, as though something obvious had clicked for the first time.

I just smiled at her, still running my hands in shallow tunnels of fabric under the blanket, tracing the surfaces of the sweet girl leaning back against my chest. As the father onscreen begins the slow undressing of his daughter, I started to take greater liberties with Sophie. Hands worked under the blanket, slowly climbing under her pajama top, rubbing the smooth skin of her tummy in tender strokes. Questing fingers found a nipple, reflexively pinching it, and she gasped suddenly, quivering against me. Moving slowly, trying not to scare her and let her get used to the strange feelings, I gently twisted and tugged at the soft buds on her chest, rubbing the flesh until it hardened under my fingers. Heavy breathing moved her back in tiny arcs of friction on my chest and the thud of the racing heart in her chest was a soft tempo under my palms. Her head rolled to the side in a lazy arch, looking up with that virgin expression of curiosity, excitement, and wariness, and I smiled, reassuring the bashful girl that the strange feelings were nothing to be scared of.

My hands expanded their reach into broad strokes, pushing Sophie’s pajama top up under the blanket, rubbing across the sweet landscape of her chest to the borders of her sides and neck, and down again to the delicate cleft of her navel. Silky dark hair rubbed against my shoulder as the girl shivered under my grip, and I bent my neck for an exploratory kiss, nose and lips nudging with gentle pressure, finding it returned enthusiastically. “So, those sexy pajamas, you called them lingerie.” Alexis was still going. “Those are for making Daddies feel good?” “Yeah. Daddies really like to see their daughter in these, or at least mine does. There are so many things you can wear.

I own a bunch!” Shae always got excited when discussing her favorite topic. “Some are kind of lacy, or frilly, or see-through like this one. They’re usually not very warm, but if I’m in bed with Daddy I don’t need warm clothes.” “And uh, your Daddy’s peepee, uh, penis, he makes you happy with it?” Alexis stared at her friend with disbelief. A lecherous grin decorated Shae’s face as she glanced sideways at me. “It’s the best part. Here, let me show you something.” The father on the screen had partly undressed his lovely daughter, kissing and fondling the lovely girl on the bed in rapturous delight. Sophie’s eyes were transfixed on the screen, watching the bodies twine together in pleasure, the same feelings building in her own body. My right hand dove into the yellow pajama bottoms, earning a long moan from the girl, who turned up to me for another kiss.

Nipples stiffened under my fingers and her back arched against my chest. I pinched and twisted with my left hand and explored between her thighs with my right. No panties on under those pajama bottoms, nothing to keep my finger from tracing slow lines up and down the delicate smooth wet lips, feeling the heat of her sex. I held her closer to me, enveloping her under the blanket and squeezing her all over, letting the friction of our bodies build to a slow rhythm. The pressure on her pussy drew a squeak from her mouth, unfamiliar feelings racing through her body, and I increased the pace of my rubbing until small bits of dew moistened the swelling inner edge of her cunt. She jerked as if electrified when I found her clitoral red button and tickled it. Breathing hard, writhing slowly against me, I provoked another jolt from her with a second rub, and her hands curled into fists in the fabric of my shirt.

My cock was a frustrated ache in my pants, firm flesh straining upwards against the girl’s crotch and denting the thin cotton of her pajamas. I knew she could feel the thick bulge now, poking upwards, demanding a home in this sweet girl’s pussy. I spread the lips and dipped a finger inside her tender slit, testing the wetness of the quivering muscles inside. She was on the brink. That gasp wasn’t from the girl in the movie. I looked over at the couch. Alexis was leaning back, blanket discarded and purple pajama bottoms pulled down as my daughter worked a small, buzzing white object on her slit. It was Shae’s tiny white vibrator, like a thumb-sized egg, the first toy we had experimented with. She had said it was ok but liked me better, but I didn’t realize she had another reason for wanting it.

Alexis was quivering, squeezing her own nipples under the shirt, eyes glued to the screen where the naked girl was lying on her back on the bed, panting with anticipation, ready to be deflowered and ravished by her father. I could hardly believe it. I never thought Shae would seduce a friend, but maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised: she was adventurous to a fault and fiendishly clever, and had probably picked up a load of questionable ideas from the pornos we watched together. Alexis jerked and her hands raced downward, clasping the vibrator reflexively. Shae let her take over and sat back to watch her friend. Sophie’s back was arching against me with mounting urgency. I stopped tickling and pushed, sinking a finger slowly into the waiting tunnel. She squealed with surprise, wiggling, and I held her tightly to my chest with my arm, breathing into her ear in heavy rushes. Panting, she looked up again, lips pouting, pleading silently.

My finger bobbed, wrapped by the slippery tightness of quivering muscles stimulated for the first time. I slipped another finger inside, squeezing them between the flushed lips, burying up to the first knuckle in the wet girl’s pussy. Frenzied flesh spasmed wildly, convulsively, Sophie’s eyes flying open in shock as she came on my fingers, jerking under the blanket as though a lightning bolt was racing up her spine. I bent and sank my lips onto hers, stealing her gasps as I kissed her deeply. Legs squirmed and arms jerked as the girl rode the dizzying waves of her first orgasm, sweeping up from the fingers buried in her wet crotch and taking over her body, until finally she slumped back against me, shaking.

Alexis squealed suddenly, hands pawing at the humming device pressed against her nether regions, chest thrust out, back a taut crescent. Shae was right with her, gently brushing her friend’s chest, reaching forward to plant a deep kiss on her friend’s mouth as she guided her through the sweet intensity of her first orgasm as only a teenager can. The girls slumped dreamily, eyes unfocused and bodies heaving, awash in the pink afterglow of glorious climax, saying nothing. Comforting fingers massaged tense muscles to relaxation as they rested. Sophie recovered first, looking up at me. “So, that’s the boyfriend and girlfriend thing? That’s…sex?” “Well not quite, honey.” I smiled reassuringly “That’s just one thing you can do to feel good. Sex is even better.” My cock was straining angrily against my pants, threatening to explode.

Making this lovely girl cum in my lap had put it in overdrive. “Oh…so you do these things, you have sex with your girlfr- with Shae, like this?” Alexis asks, looking over and me and hitching up her bottoms. “There are lots of things to do,” Shae interjected, bubbling with enthusiasm. “I’m telling you, Daddies are the BEST boyfriends you can have. Here, watch this.” Shae was grinning impishly as she came over to me. I swear, she had probably set this whole thing up. I thought of her as my girl, my precious daughter , my sexy little cum bucket, and tended to forget how good she was at benevolent manipulation. I tossed off the blanket and helped Sophie cuddle up under my arm.

Shae knelt in front of the chair and fixed me with a loving gaze as she unbuckled my pants. On the screen behind her, forgotten, the father had his girl on her side on the palatial bed and was preparing to penetrate her pink wet pussy from behind. Undo the buckle, pull, unzip, spread wide, now pull it out through the flap in the boxers. My daughter was like a treasure hunter, able to fish her Daddy’s bulging dick from my pants with the practice of long experience. The straining shaft flopped out, finally free of its painful confinement, and was greeted by low gasps. “That…THAT’S a penis?? – It’s huge! – Why does it look so weird? – You said Daddies would put it in their daughter’s vaginas – No way you could! – That would never fit! – It’s too big.” The girls alternated exclamations, disbelief painting their surprised faces.

I suppose I couldn’t blame them. The idea that my erect prick could fit inside them must seem kind of ridiculous. It took Shae long time and lots of practice to get me fully inside her, instead of just the head. Shae just smiled confidently at her friends, pulled her hair back over her shoulder, and kissed the tip before wrapping her lips over the head of her Daddy’s dick. Her tongue worked in smooth motions, moistening me as she slowly sunk down and engulfed me in her mouth. Ohhhhhh, yes. The gripping, sucking sensation of my daughter’s wet mouth was heaven as she bobbed up and down on my prick, coating it with precum and saliva. She glided up and down in deliberate strokes, milking the bulging flesh and running her tongue along the bottom as though her mouth was made for her Daddy’s dick to be inside it. She relaxed the muscles of her throat with careful practice and sunk lower, forcing my head down her throat with an exquisite clutching sensation, feeding inch after inch of the thick shaft into her mouth until her nose was tickling my pubic hairs.

Lovely blue eyes looked up, meeting mine with piercing desire, as my daughter slowwwwly pulled up, mouth withdrawing in a steady, agonizing slide until she popped off the end with a wet sucking sound. My arm was curled around Sophie’s naked stomach on the ample chair, her shirt still pulled up as she looked down in amazement at the erect prick bobbing up and down in the light from the TV. “Hey, you wanted to see what we do? Come over here and try.” Shae waved her hand at Alexis on the couch, reaching out to steady my bobbing prick with the other. Eyes bulging, the auburn-haired girl comes over, transfixed by my enormous cock. Shae motioned encouragingly for her to lean down and take me in her mouth. “See, just run it in and out. Relax your throat and try to get it as far down as you can because that’s what Daddies like. Suck on it and lick it everywhere, but don’t use your teeth. It’s easy.” Having Alexis slowly engulf my prick was a very different experience than my little Shae. Alexis had never sucked a cock before, but she seemed eager to give it her all.

With a little more encouragement from my daughter, she began to bob, lick, and suck with gusto. I was panting feverishly, barely able to hold on any longer. These lovely teen girls were so eager to experience whatever I could show them. The delightful glide of Alexis’ lips around my erect girth was coaxing a quivering rumble from my balls. I placed my hand on the back of her head, urging her on, deeper, faster, feeling her rising excitement along with my own. On the screen, the father had bent his lovely little daughter over a white, filigreed balcony railing, ramming his engorged prick into the pussy enthusiastically as she squealed “Daddy!” over and over. I closed my eyes, muscles locking, feeling cum thunder in a wild torrent out of my cock and into the innocent girl’s mouth, spurts of sticky goo filling it until her cheeks bulged and she popped off, coughing and sputtering, cum dribbling down her chin and pooling on her purple pajama top.

As though instinctively, she looked up at me and swallowed it, before exclaiming “Oh WOW!” Sophie was watching with wide eyes. “So, wait, is THAT sex? What Alexis did to your penis?” Sophie asked. “No, dork!” Shae exclaimed, slapping at Sophie’s feet. “Come on Daddy, these guys won’t understand sex unless you show them! Let’s go to the bedroom.” I could hardly believe my luck! Glancing from Sophie, curled around my arm, to Alexis, with my fresh cum still dribbling down her chin, to my slyly smiling little girl, looking utterly bewitching in that wonderful little chemise, I smiled. “Yeah. Let’s go girls. It gets even better.” I stood up and ditched my pants so I could walk, letting my cock swing pendulously in the low light, already reviving in the sight of these curious little vixens.

Sophie was so beautiful and light she seemed to weigh nothing when I picked her up, letting her wrap her arms around my neck and snuggle against my chest. The movie played to conclusion behind us as we went down the hall, Daddy and daughter professing their love for each other with hurried gasps as he bounced her virgin body up and down on his massive cock.

I laid little Sophie down on my bed and helped her pull off the yellow pajamas. The cotton had concealed a gorgeous prize of supple, luscious beautiful girl. My eyes traveled admiringly over the smooth, lightly-freckled pink buds of breast, capped with a pair of adorable pink nipples, before taking in the flawless shoulders and throat and working down again to the puffy, smooth lips of her slit, still wet from when I made her cum earlier.

Shae and Alexis crowded onto the bed, eager to watch. Shae and I had a comfortable king-sized bed to accommodate our activities, but I never imagined it would get this kind of use. On my hands and knees, I loomed over the girl on the bed, gazing down entranced as she lay on her back, her lip curled in a shy smile. Sophie had such a thin, petite sexy frame that I practically enveloped her. Her eyes peered inquisitively down the length of our bodies, eyeing the mysterious shaft of flesh hanging down, pointing at the warmth of her pussy.

I begin running my hands over her amazing body, exploring her tummy and shoulders, playing with the pink buds of her nipples, seeing which sounds they could coax from her throat. I twisted and pulled gently before leaning down to kiss her, shoving my tongue into her mouth and letting it duel in gentle pushes with her own. She wiggled under me, body growing excited as fingers rubbed delicious friction over the creamy stretches of skin, working in firm strokes from chest to sides to hips and back again. Squeaky moans escaped from the gaps between our lips. My cock was fully erect again, straining for release as I primed the hot wet girl under me. The tip was grazing against her lips, feeling them flush and grow hot with excitement. She was so tight that I didn’t see how I could fit, but I had promised to show them what sex was.

I let her pop off my mouth with a gasp and ran my hand over the side of her face as her eyes fluttered. “You’re doing really good sweetie.” I flexed, letting the tip of my cock slide down the wet channel of her crotch. “Now, I’m going to put my penis in your vagina. Maybe it looks like it won’t fit, and you’re a pretty tight girl, but if you just relax and let me make you feel good, we can get some of it in, and it will feel amazing.” She swallowed nervously as I went on. “Sometimes the first time hurts a bit.

That’s normal for a girl. Just relax, and tell me if it hurts too much.” Little Sophie looked up at me, naked and vulnerable, and nodded. I helped her relax and loosen up a bit by working her slit with my fingers, licking it with my tongue and finally positioned the head of my cock at the girl’s pussy.

Bending with careful precision, I lined up the tip with her slippery tunnel, feeling the body quivering in anticipation against me, and gently pushed the tip in. Good god, she was TIGHT! I could squeeze the head in, barely, and with a slight press felt the cunny lips snap over me as I squeezed in. Sophie tensed, eyes shut and brows arching in nervous discomfort. I held myself in place, letting her get used to the feeling of a cock inside her, rubbing her shoulders encouragingly. “It’s ok sweetie, you’re doing really great. Just let out a breath and relax. I’m going to push inside a little bit more. That feels good now, doesn’t it?” The muscles in her throat were tight, but she nodded her head and let a moan escape her lips.

I have been long convinced that the best thing in this world is a girl pussy. Gliding into those heavenly folds and feeling their virgin wetness envelope you, taking you in, is pure ecstasy. A young teenage girl’s pussy grips your cock tighter than can be believed, and you can feel every single muscle quivering in pleasure and anticipation. Tight cunt lips snap and glide over slippery flesh as you push in, urging you farther, and earn you the sweet music of a girl squeals and moans, gasped in shuddering ecstasy as you squeeze your prick into the slippery tunnel. Sophie was every sweet sensation that I loved in a girl. I was only able to get the tip of my dick inside, but this seemed to electrify her into ecstatic shuddering as I slowly impaled her.

Alexis and Shae looked on in fascination as I carefully thrust an inch of my prick into the squealing girl, earning squeals of pleasure as she arched her back. Nipples were taut nubs of pale pink under my fingers, pointing firmly in the air. With gentle thrusts, I let her get used to the depth, making sure I wasn’t overdoing it and hurting her. Strokes of firm pressure got me farther inside until my tip bumped against a slippery barrier. “Doing ok sweetie?” Sophie’s hands were gripping the sheets in desperate grasps, her eyes tightly shut, but she nodded, swallowing. “Yeah it’s…ohhhh…it’s ok, yeah.” Hand held at the base of my cock, I gently thrust myself against the sweet juicy cunt, slipping almost completely out and then back in a gentle gliding motion, establishing a rhythm that moved her pelvis in soft motions on the bedsheet. She began to push back, and our bodies worked back and forth in tandem. I knew that she was ready, that I could take her cherry now.

She gazed up at me, mouth wide open with quick gasps and eyes glazing over in pleasure. “Sweetie, this is the part that might hurt a bit”. I placed my hands over hers, entangling her fingers with my own, and then thrust into the girl forcefully. One rough shove, and I was through. Sophie squealed and gasped and yelled simultaneously as I penetrated her, lilth body thundering in sudden orgasm. I held her in place, my hands pressing hers to the bed, my cock pinning the rest of her body to the bed as she struggled back and forth. She jerked in wild motion, barely restrained, and I felt the cum fountain out of my prick and into the hole, filling up the girl’s pussy with her first greasy helping of cum, my cum. Her pelvis bucked with each warm jet, squishing the fluid against her spasming pussy walls, squeezing it out in thick dribbles that ran down from her slit and landed on the bed.

“Wow!” Alexis exclaimed as she watched her friend writhe in ecstasy and then flop down onto the bed, panting wordlessly as she came down from her orgasm. “That’s…that’s sex? Hey, I want to try! Can I try?” I pulled my dick out of Sophie, squeezing the girl’s hand warmly. She squeezed back and nodded. She seemed ok, with just a tiny drop of blood. I rolled over on the bed and cuddled up to Alexis, running a hand along the side of her body from her shoulder down to her thighs. “Sure you can try, but let’s do something a little different.” My dick was still rock-hard, revving for another round with these girls. I was lucky that I had always had a serious amount of stamina; I usually needed it all to handle Shae. Alexis was so tight I thought I had a good chance of getting all the way inside her. “Remember in the movie how the daughter would be on top and go up and down on her Daddy’s cock? Let’s try that.”

She seemed to understand, and I helped her pull off the purple pajama bottoms that fit so tightly. When she reached for her shirt, I stopped her and told her to leave it on. The fabric was so tight that the perky nipples were clearly visible pressing against it, and the white smear of cum that had dripped across the front was mesmerizing. Shae was resting on her stomach, head resting on her hands with an amused expression as she watched her friend climb on top of me. Alexis was a lovely specimen, athletic, with tightly toned legs and a narrow waist, and not a drop of fat on her anywhere. A faint patch of short hair grew in a neat triangle just above her naked pussy, which had a slightly fuller, more developed labia than either my daughter or Sophie. She sat on my stomach with my cock pressing up against the crack of her ass, looking down uncertainly. I pulled her head down to mine and smiled deeply into that blushing face before planting a deep kiss against her mouth and running both hands along her back.

She came up breathing heavily, auburn hair spilling over my chest. “Ok sweetie, sit back,” I said. I took the chance to run my hands around her waist and under her shirt, massaging the tanned skin, and moved up to pinch her nipples through the cotton fabric. Alexis bit her lip and groaned slightly, but she didn’t seem the kind to make a lot of noise like the other girls. Shae helped her friend figure out how to position. “Just rest on your legs and lift up, then move back a bit.” My cock flapped clumsily against girl’s cunt as she hovered above me. Juices were already seeping out, coating the outside lips with greasy wetness, and my dick was still slick with fluids from both my body and Sophie’s. I almost came early when Shae wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft, holding it steady, positioning it at the head of her friend’s virgin pussy. “Are you ready sweetie?” I asked. She gave a small, nervous nod before lowering herself onto my engorged prick.

My cock slipped and flexed before snapping inside, the head barely fitting between the delicate pink lips. I groaned as my flesh was squeezed to a point – these juicy pussies were so TIGHT! Shae helped her, encouraging her farther down and helping her relax, until we could establish a rhythm. I thrust upwards gently, just a small bit of pressure at a time, trying to fit farther into Alexis’ pink snatch. Exquisite pink bits parted like a flower around my girth, letting the head of my prick squeeze into her tunnel, massaging my flesh and absorbing the virgin juices of her friend. She closed her eyes and tried to get into a rhythm of bobbing up and down on a cock so large for her. Another inch of my shaft disappeared inside her. Just a tiny bit more into the this girl, I thought, hands clamped on her hips. Another half inch, an inch.

Oh god, she felt so warm and lovely inside. I was groaning, trying not to cum already, as the sweet juicy treat worked to get me farther inside her. Her eyes were tightly shut, and I couldn’t get in any farther. “Here, lean forward”, I beckoned, and she pressed down to my chest. Bouncing her wasn’t going to work, she was just too tight. Instead, I kissed her again and set my hands loose on her delicious body, tweaking her nipples and fondling her waist and sides. Heavy strokes brought mounting gasps each time I grabbed her. Planting a hand on her butt, I forced her down onto me, gliding back and forth, going a little bit further each time. She moaned as I penetrated deeper. My other hand cupped the back of her head, pushing it down to my shoulder. Long tawny strands rippled over my neck and I breathed heavily into her ear, increasing the pace. The seductive aroma of teen girl filled my nostrils, sweat and warm arousal and the clean scent of soap. Peaches, that’s what it was. I nipped her ear with my lips and inhaled the fragrance. I could feel every pussy muscle gripping my dick, holding onto it with velvety softness before letting it go as I moved back out. This cute sexy teen girl had an amazing pussy, and it was a little more accommodating now that it was wetter. I teetered on the brink, and felt myself growl with pent-up energy as I pressed harder, impaling her more deeply onto my prick. I wanted to let loose with full force and pound my cock into this slutty girl’s pussy so deep that we’d need a rescue team to get it out.

I could feel the barrier in my way and slammed into it with a solid thrust, feeling a tear as I pushed past her virginity and sunk inside her. “Ow…oooh, Ow OW. Mr. Watts, it hurts.” I stopped thrusting and looked in her eyes. Small tears beaded in the corners. “Ok honey. That’s the hard part, but we’ll try something easier.” I sat up, lifting her up and off my aching prick, then turned around and laid her on her back on the bed. Grabbing her thighs to push her legs back, I took a look at her slit. Yeah, she was bleeding a bit from my cock. “We’ll just take it easy. It won’t hurt that bad again.” Alexis nodded up at me, seeming just a little bit scared.

Shae was holding her hand, rubbing the wrist gently and comforting her friend as she gave up her virginity. I squeezed the head of my prick into her tight wet pussy, but I didn’t try to push too deep this time. I focused on getting a gentle rhythm going, playing with her clit with one hand and letting the sensation of a man’s cock inside her build up until she was panting and moaning on the verge of orgasm. My other hand went on a rapid journey, caressing her neck and fondling the faint budding breasts through the shirt before finishing with an urgent twist of her nipples. That finally sent Alexis over the edge, wiggling with frantic energy, arms and legs thrashing as she gasped with pleasure. I kept up the pressure as she spasmed, letting her feel the full joy of an orgasm with a dick inside her, my daughter holding her hand as bliss tightened and flexed her muscles and ripped a shriek from her throat.

I had never seen a virgin girl cum for as long as Alexis did. She thrashed for over a minute in frenetic delirium, face flushing bright red and chest heaving with rapid groans when she was finally done. I pulled out and ran my cock repeatedly over her wet pussy lips until I tightened rapturously and sperm fountained out of my cock. Two thick jets landed in warm streaks on her tummy, one shot up into a wad on her pajama top, and the remaining ones spurted in lazy dribbles around and on her crotch. Alexis watched with eager fascination as the semen found its home on her body, then smiled up at me when I was done, face still glowing from the heat of her orgasm. “Wow!” She flopped back exhausted against the sheets, as if the word had drained her of strength. “That felt so good Mr. Watts. I mean it hurt at first, but then…oh wow. Sorry you couldn’t fit though.” She turned her head to Shae. “You were right. It’s the best.”

I was rubbing her muscled thighs in the afterglow of my own climax. “It’s ok honey, you did really great. It only hurts the first time. The next time feels a thousand times better.” “Daaaaad, come on! Aren’t you forgetting something?” My daughter was sitting cross-legged on the bed, naked and pouting with folded arms as she glared at me. I had come three times. Every nerve in my body was smoldering in a slow burn after the explosions from fucking these adorable teenage girls and coming in them and on them, but one look at my daughter, pouting because her Daddy hadn’t fucked her yet, was all it took.

Blood rushed involuntarily to my crotch, flooding it with tight warmth. I pierced her with a deadly serious glare. “Bend over” My sweet daughter squealed and flopped over, burying her hands and face into a pillow and thrusting her butt into the air, presenting her delicious little pussy to me like a present. It was as gorgeous as the day I first shoved my prick into it, smooth with flawless lips already wet with dew and gaping slightly in invitation. Sophie wasn’t deep enough and Alexis was too narrow to take me, but my daughter would have no such problem. Her pussy fit me like a glove, and with a bit of effort I could eventually cram all 8 inches into my daughter’s pussy. She had worked hard at that and had been so proud the first time her Daddy’s penis had been able to get all the way inside her. I had had to be very gentle with the other girls, and after holding back so much I was in the mood for a vigorous fuck.

I grabbed my daughter’s buttcheeks, kneading the flesh roughly, and lined up my erection. Shae was already sopping wet after watching me take her friends’ virginity. Sophie was lying on her side, cum dribbling unnoticed down her thighs and onto the bed, hungrily watching me line up my cock. Alexis was on the other side, tracing fingers through the jizz on her pussy in distracted motions, peering intently as I prepared to give my daughter my dick. “Girls, we had really light sex since this was your first time and I needed to go easy on you.” I cleared my throat. “Now I’ll show you how to fuck.” No other lover can be as passionate as your own daughter. A daughter who truly loves her Daddy, who knows that he belongs to her and she to him and that her Daddy’s cock belongs inside her as often as possible is a treasured creature. My daughter, head smushed against the pillow, turned to look back at me with love and lust in her eyes as I prepared to impale her dripping pussy in front of her friends. The tip of my prick met the edge of the slippery hole, and I pushed forward into my daughter. Ohhhh god, the blessed warmth of her pussy was glorious. She quivered as I slowly squeezed in, pushing inch after inch into her, pressing into the tight channel until the head of my prick rested at her cervix and my balls slapped against her tight pink ass.

I stayed there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of my dick coming home inside my daughter’s pussy again, our parts gliding together and fitting like puzzle pieces, as if our bodies had been crafted in perfect harmony to consummate the intimate bond of father and daughter. Muscles spasmed randomly, squeezing my prick and coating it with wetness, before I pulled out and thrust in again. I loved my daughter, loved how she gave herself to me, loved how she offered up her pussy, loved every single part of her with an overwhelming need. Her lips glided over the outside of my prick as I pumped, the suction drawing me farther into the slick hole. The walls of her cunt squeezed and caressed, wrapping her daddy’s dick with loving wetness as the firm flesh pumped into her. She was gasping under me: “Daddy, yes, Daddy…oh”, words spiraling in urgent circles, punctuated with pleading gasps each time I filled her up. The familiar, intoxicating haze of being inside my daughter was overwhelming me, building into a bubbling froth in my brain. I reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling softly so she arched her head and back. I wanted her. I needed her. I loved her with a fierce, animal passion. The smooth flesh of her naked back was a thrilling curve that swept from her neck down to where her butt slammed against my pelvis. I pulled harder and slammed into her, bottoming out with my balls pressed against her pussy, earning a girlish squeak from the rough treatment. I pulled out, and slammed forward again, then pistoned in rapid motion into my daughter’s pussy as her friends watched in bug-eyed fascination.

Sophie was inches from where I was entering my daughter, staring in awe as the thick shaft of flesh impaled my baby girl over and over. Alexis was finger herself as she watched, building her own excitement, occasionally passing a finger from her shirt to her mouth to taste the cum I had left there – a very adventurous horny girl. My hand acted on its own, slapping my daughter on the rump as I yanked her hair again, earning another squeal. I could feel her muscles going wild as she tipped over the edge into a climax, and I hammered at my daughter’s cunt like an animal, mounting red waves thundering from my crotch and shattering on the shores of my muscles, jerking them into a furious crescendo. Hazy fog blotted out everything but the sight of my daughter shuddering in pleasure on the end of my cock. Senses combined and narrowed to a needle point focused on my dick, then exploded into twisting ecstasy, shattering my mind under the roar of a hurricane of delirious rapture. Distantly, my balls rumbled like an earthquake and my dick bottomed out in my sweet daughter just as a torrent of cum flooded from out of my prick into my sweet daughter, filling her up to overflowing with powerful spurts of her Daddy’s cum.

Shae and I both howled in orgasm, bucking against each other in haphazard rhythm, panting and writhing together like a single creature as my body crushed her tiny frame down against the bedding and fountained jet after jet of gooey sperm into her womb. Some indeterminate time later, I was laying dazed on the bed, a supple little girl’s body curled tightly under each arm and one lying on my leg. I wasn’t sure who was where – I barely remembered where I was. The white ceiling mixed with the indistinct fog coating my senses. My orgasm had faded like a vanishing thunderstorm over the horizon, leaving my mind a flooded wreck, refusing to work. I had fucked them all and I had never felt better in my life, but that was about all I could remember. I shook my head, trying to clear the haze. Someone asked a question. “So, I don’t get it. Where does it go?” “Where does what go?” I asked, still misty. “The stuff from your penis. It’s on me and Sophie but there wasn’t any on Shae.” I looked over. It was Alexis I was cradling, her head snuggling against my shoulder. She looked up at me with her girl doe-eyes. “Oh, well,” I cleared my throat. “That stuff is called semen. If a guy puts his penis in a girl, and semen comes out inside her, it mostly stays there, and the girl can get pregnant and have a baby.” “Is Shae going to have a baby?”

The question caught me off guard. I hadn’t thought about it completely, but my daughter was approaching that age, if she wasn’t there already, where she could give me a child. “Well, not right now. Maybe someday.” I grinned at Alexis. She flopped over onto her back and poofed out a breath that made her stray hairs float up. “Well. I guess she’s right that boyfriends are great. I don’t know how to get a boyfriend though.” “Hey, I said DADDIES are the best boyfriends,” Shae corrected from my other side. “What about your Daddy?” she asked. “He’s always, I don’t know, busy.” Alexis twirled her hands above her. “Doing *stuff*. Businessy stuff.” “Well, maybe he could be your boyfriend and then he’d be around a lot more!” retorted Shae.

I tried to think of what I knew of her dad, Jim. An engaged professional, always busy, suits and ties. Not married. But I did remember something I hadn’t thought about before. During the last spring dance when all the girls from the school’s dance class had been on stage leaping and prancing and pirouetting in their leotards, I had seen him, one row up from me, looking at the stage with a kind of eagerness. I might even say he was leering, but the other dancers on stage were in the background and his own daughter was doing a short solo in the spotlight. I had to admit she had looked good at the time. Did he have feelings for her? Was his business an excuse to avoid her? “I’d say maybe he could be your boyfriend”, I said carefully. “But don’t just ask him like that. Remember how Shae said Daddies like to see their daughters in special clothes? Maybe you could wear more tight-fitting things, things that show off your body. Maybe you can ask to spend more time with him and get him to come around. You could try doing some of the things we did in the living room for him. He might like them, and maybe you could work up to having sex and being his girlfriend.” She seemed to contemplate that for a moment and then accept it. “What about you Sophie?” I asked. “Do you have a boyfriend? Would you want your Daddy to be your boyfriend?”

She was curled up against my leg, her naked body half covered by a blanket. She squinted her eyes and seemed to think about it. “Sort of. I guess. I mean, sometimes he does funny things. Like he wants to take showers with me all the time, and he likes to rub me with soap and shampoo my hair. He says I need to get clean. It feels kind of good when he does that but it seems like he gets mad at himself afterwards.” What was her father’s name, Greg? Something like that. A construction worker. Volunteered at animal shelters, or something like that. His wife had died a long time ago. I got the impression he was a large but gentle man. “Well honey, it sounds like your Daddy might already want to be your boyfriend. You should try asking him, and if the showers make you feel good you should say so. He might want to do some of the stuff we did in the living room too. Tell him you love him and he doesn’t have to be mad.” I had been gently stroking the girls on both sides of me, running my hands over their tummies, their shoulders, their hips, their little nipples, brushing their slits and feeling the flesh quiver under my fingers.

My cock was pooped though. It was a spent tube, shriveling into my abdomen, rebelling at the overtime I had put it through. There was no way I would be able to get it up right now. It had been so used and abused it felt like it might fall off. “Hey girls, there’s another thing we can try that isn’t straight sex but is really fun. Up for it?” And so I found myself nose-deep in girl pussy again, licking and lapping at their pink wet slits, sucking at their clits until they screamed and came. After a couple hours my prick had recharged and was in good working order again, ready for another round with all of them. My cock got a constant workout the rest of the night as I fucked each teenage girl repeatedly, trying whatever they wanted, sticking my dick into their mouths or pussies and filling them with my cum before we all fell asleep in a pile again. Each time I woke up I’d find 2 girls snuggled under my arms and a third still dozing on top of me, with my flaccid cock still leaking cum into their snatch. I’d pick a body in the dim light, rub her to excitement, getting my cock erect again, and then she would climb on top and I would shove my cock into her tight pussy again until we came and fell asleep like that. Shae is an extremely energetic girl by herself but with the addition of 2 cock-crazed nymphets discovering the joy of sex for the first time I was almost overwhelmed. There are few things in this life as lovely as a sweet girl, legs wide and back arched, tiny erect nipples pointed to the sky, as she gasps and moans from the waves of shuddering ecstasy from your massive cock cramming its way into her tight wet pussy and filling up her tummy with your seed.

Pancakes are glorious on the morning after sex. As the pajamad girls sat around the dining table, I mixed batter with bleary eyes and tipped stacks of fresh pancakes from my skillet onto their plates. “Ok girls. Syrup, oranges, eggs, it’s all there. Eat up!” I took my seat and we all munched happily on our breakfast around the circular kitchen table. I really could not find the energy to put on anything other than boxer shorts. Alexis still had dried cumstains all over her tight-fitting top from last night. Shae had put on her favorite my shirt. Sophie, in her yellow pajamas, was the only one wearing no outward evidence of an all-night fuckfest. Sophie lifted the lid off the porcelain serving plate for another helping and found it empty. “Hey Mr. Watts, there aren’t any more pancakes!” she said, as though she had made a profound discovery. “Well, here, you can have some of mine,” I replied. “I took more than I could eat.” Instead of leaning over and spearing the extras with a fork, she came over to my chair and jumped up on my lap. I yelped with surprise as the teenager giggled and squirmed on my lap, trying to get comfortable. She grabbed my fork and dug into the remaining pancakes on my plate, fully aware of the rising press of the erect cock poking up against her pajamas. Oh lord. My breakfast had been commandeered and this beautiful girl was going to get me going again. I pushed up her shirt and started rubbing her nipples and tummy, gently tracing my fingers in long patterns all over her cute, smooth hot body. She pretended not to notice my fondling, noisily chugging down some orange juice.

My orange juice. I surrendered to her unspoken demand, leaning her back into my chest and pulling her pajama pants down. My hand pulled my bulging cock out of the flap of my boxers and rubbed it in slow strokes along her little slit. This teenage slut pressed against me was turning me on like crazy, as though she and her friends hadn’t worked me all night! I cupped my hands under her armpits and moved her up and down, sliding her wet channel against my prick, until, groaning, my balls curled up and shot a juicy streak of cum all over her naked tummy. She hopped down, pulling up her bottoms and lowering her top, concealing the messy glob of sperm on her stomach, and shouted “All done!”, before grabbing my plate and dashing to the kitchen. Getting the girls ready for their ride at noon was a close thing. They couldn’t go in their pajamas! Alexis had my cumstains all over the front of her purple pajama top, and the bottoms were nowhere to be found.

Sophie had my cum all over the INSIDE of hers, both top and bottom. I wondered if her dad would notice when he did the laundry. I decided to keep all the pajamas and they could say they forgot to bring them back. Maybe their fathers would believe them. Once in their school clothes though, the girls would not leave me alone. After Sophie was dressed, I had to undress her and fuck her again on the couch, squeezing the head of my prick past her little cunt lips and cumming inside her, because she kept pestering me to show her how Shae had done it. I was just squirting the last sticky gush of cum into her when her ride arrived early! I’d never dressed a girl so fast before. I snapped her panties into place, then the undershirt, followed by the skirt and overshirt and jacket as her ride honked outside.

Stockings and socks and shoes virtually flew on, the teen girl giggling hysterically as my hands worked in a cartoonish blur to dress her. I got her out the door, hoping the panties would keep anything from leaking, but I was pretty sure I saw a line of glistening semen dribbling down her legs as she ran to the edge of the curb. Alexis was no better. She had insisted that Shae show her more of the porno we collected, and rapidly discovered that schoolgirl fetish was a thing. The hip-hugging schoolgirl uniform with the checked shirt and white blouse was a perfect match for some of those films. I couldn’t afford to get cum on them though, so, with Shae’s help, I taught that lovely daughter’s friend how to give a proper blowjob and swallow. I was just depositing a fresh load into her mouth when the horn honked outside and she jerked away. I think she swallowed it, but some might have ended up on her chin as she ran out the door screaming “BYE MR WATTS BYEEEEEEE”. I flopped onto the couch, utterly exhausted. Shae flopped directly onto me, the silky white material of her badydoll rubbing on my skin. My spent prick was hanging out the hatch of my boxers, wilting from the abuse, barely grazing my daughter’s naked pussy as she lay on me. Shae raised her head from my chest to look at me, eyes sparkling
in the deep blue pools that had always so captivated me. “Well Daddy, was it a good birthday present?”

And with that she jumped in bed fully naked and her legs spread wide to accept my lips and licking her clitoral bud and juicy goodness.


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