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Sisters Take A Unique Opportunity

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My sister Lynda and I, Ashley, are just about grown up, I’m the oldest at 16 and she’s just a year behind at 15. We’ve spent our whole lives in the trashiest places you can live in, from beat up, run down cabins to trailer parks, our parents were not rich by any means. In fact, our parents really just means our mom, who divorced our dad when we were 6 and 7 and has since been hooking up with whatever random man she can get with. We have dozens of step-siblings from both our mother and father, mom has gotten knocked up by nearly every man in our current trailer park at least once it seems and our dad isn’t much better with 4 different baby mommas. With our dad gone, our step-dads coming and going too fast to care, and our mom too focused on when she’s getting fucked again, Lynda and I basically raised each other. Not like we’re two gems or anything, though. I lost my virginity at 14 to one of my step-dads (at the time) son Ricky, and have been getting my fix ever since. My little sister has been too, fucking some boy from school on the football team as her first. The point is, my mom had me when she was 17 and my sister at 18, and it looks like the cycle will continue with neither of us making it out of here. We have no money or ability to leave here, until one day I found an ad that would change our lives.

Posted on wall of the nearby gas station, I saw a ad calling for “Sexy Young Women, Any Race Welcome! No Experience Required!” from some company I never heard of. Curious I went and looked it up and found out it was a porn company looking for new girls for their films. I had no desire to be in a porno, I might be “white trash” but I’m not a complete whore. But when I saw they were paying up to $1,000 for just one scene and more for girls willing to “go the extra mile” as they put it, my opinion changed. I looked where the studio was and sure enough it was here in town, I could skip school tomorrow and go over and check it out. “Hey, what are you looking at?” Lynda said as she burst through the door suddenly.

“Nothing.” I replied as I tried to close the browser so she wouldn’t see.

“Come on now, you don’t have to hide your porn from me.” she said jokingly.

“Fuck you, I wasn’t watching porn, sicko.” I told her.

“Oh I see, you’re talking with some boy and don’t want me to find out, let’s see who he is…” she said back as she fought with me over the computer. I tried fighting her off but she reopened the browser and saw the website for the porn studio. “What the fuck? You’re really trying to be a pornstar?” she asked.

“No! Well, I wasn’t, but can you see how much they’re paying for one video? Imagine what we could do with $1,000.” I told her.

“Sweet Jesus! Well, if you’re going, I’m going too. Gotta make sure you don’t get into too much trouble.” she said.

“In that case, why don’t we both try out, $2,000 is better than nothing, right?” I asked.

“Shit, we’ve been getting fucked for how long now? It’s about time someone paid us for it.” she replied. I told her of my plan to skip school tomorrow and head over to the studio. We have a pair of fake IDs that have gotten us into plenty of places before, I doubt we look old enough but I also doubt a porn studio will care. Men seem to like that sort of thing, watching younger looking girls get fucked.

The next day we got off the school bus in front of the school but instead, walked away down the street and got on the next bus into town. We were wearing the shortest denim booty-shorts we had, barely enough to cover our asses, paired with white tank-tops that had the belly cut off showing off our mid section. Lynda had a pink bra on that the strap showed through but I was going bare, with my perky nipples poking through the shirt. Both of us have long wavy red hair that hangs down to our nipples, a more orange color than actual red, with pale white skin and freckles on our cheeks. We both have green eyes and smaller perky breasts, about a B-cup in size, although I don’t usually wear a bra anyway. We made it to our stop and walked down to the building. We walked up to the receptionist and said we saw the ad and wanted to try out for a video. The lady had us sign in and wait in the lobby to be called back. After about 30 minutes we saw some late 20’s/early 30’s bimbo looking woman walk out and a man following who called us back to his office with him. He was wearing jeans and a suit jacket as we went inside and sat down.

“Good Morning Ladies, I hear you two have come regarding our casting call? I’m Mr. Cohen and I’m the director of filming here.” he said introducing himself.

“Good morning, and yes I saw your ad posted and we thought we’d come check it out, see if it’s legit.” I told him.

“Oh don’t you worry, we’ve been in this business a long time now, we value the safety of our actors and actresses very highly. If you’re interested in staring in a film with us we have a process we go through.” He told us.

“What kind of process? I think Lynda and I are ready, don’t you think?” I said, asking Lynda if she agreed.

“For sure.” she replied.

“All right then, well first things first, I need to see your IDs, we’ve had plenty of young ladies like yourselves come through but it’s always our practice to ensure you’re really 18+. After that I’ll take you next door and we’ll give you a quick STD check just to make sure you’re not carrying anything. Don’t want our male performers to spread anything nasty around, ya know? After that you’ll come back in here for a quick interview and we go from there, how’s that sound?” he said.

“Good to me.” we both replied.

“Excellent, I’ll see those IDs and just go in through that door and we’ll get you checked out.” he said.

The STD check was quick and no surprise turned up nothing for either of us. I’ve never had an STD check up before but I understand why. I wouldn’t want to catch anything from some dude getting paid to fuck me either. We went back into the office and sat back down, the man told us everything looked good so far, I guess our IDs fooled another one. After we returned, he just asked us some basic questions about us, where we’re from, what we like, have we ever had sex before, what kind of stuff do we like to do in bed. At the end of the interview he told us the only other thing he’d need is some nude pictures of us, just to see what he’d be working with. He said if we came back tomorrow morning with some he’d be able to get us a role this week, we said we’d be back the next day and we shook hands. As we rode the bus back to school Lynda and I were giddy as can be. Skipping school was nothing new to us, most kids at our school did, but signing up for a porno was something else. Especially since we’re both underage. We went home that night and got out our camera. We share an I-phone but our mom is to broke to afford coverage for it so we never really use it much, but for taking pictures it would work out just fine.

With our mom still at work we took turns taking slutty pictures of each other, getting more and more naked as we went on. I went over to mom’s bed and looked under the mattress where I knew she hid her dildo. With that Lynda and I started fucking ourselves with it and taking pictures of our pussies getting stretched open. This was by far the sluttiest thing either of us had ever done, by ourselves or with each other. We got so carried away that we didn’t realize our mom had parked outside, just home from work. She came inside to see me holding the camera, fully naked, with my free hand rubbing my clit as I took pictures of Lynda, also naked riding her dildo and making suggestive faces as she fondled her perky little tits. “What the fuck are you two doing in here!?” she yelled at us. We couldn’t even respond we were so startled and afraid. “I’m off working all fucking night and I come home to you two acting like a bunch of damn whores! I oughta beat both your asses!” she yelled at us. Thinking our chances of being in a porno and making that money had just disappeared, we did nothing other than stand there accepting our punishment. “The two of you are grounded for a month, you hear me!? If I find you anywhere other than here and school I’ll make sure neither of you can sit down comfortably! What a bunch of whores you two are!” she said.

Even if we were grounded, we could still skip school and go back one more time. She’d never know, she works all day anyway. Shaken, we went to bed. The next day on the bus to school I told Lynda that I’m still going back, even if she’s too afraid because of mom. She said she’s going too, and held up the phone we stole from where mom hid it after last night. I thought I was rebellious, but my sister is close behind, that’s for sure. We went back to the studio once again and the man let us in his office right away. We told him we have some pictures he’d like and showed him the phone. He sat in his chair silently for several minutes, looking at the pictures as we watched him. “These are some nice pics you got here, I think you two will fit right in here. Now there’s just one more thing before we schedule a filming time.” he said.

“What’s that?” Lynda asked.

“Well, it’s one thing to send me pics, and while they’re great, I need something more. I need to see what you’re capable of, if you know what I mean.” he said us, looking at our perky young bodies.

“You want to see us naked?” I asked.

“Yes I do, really I just need to see you’re ‘skills’ so to speak. Why don’t you two take those clothes off and come back here by me.” he said unbuckling his belt. We stood up and got undressed, feeling the cool brisk air of the office on our naked skin as our perky young tits hung out in front of him.

“You like what you see?” I asked him as I pulled my panties down.

“Very much!” He replied looking at my little bush above my pussy.

I went over to him first and saw his cock through his opened trousers. We both knew what he wanted as I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. “That’s it, there’s a good girl…” he said as I massaged his shaft with my tongue. I bobbed my head up and down, until after a few minutes I felt his load hit the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop as I pulled up and licked his shaft and tip clean of cum. “A good girl indeed…” he said looking at me. My sister stood behind me naked as the man got up. He had refastened his trousers so his cock wasn’t hanging out anymore. He went over and felt up my sister, groping her perky tits and ass, feeling his way inside her tight young pussy, he even stuck a finger or two up her ass, but she just accepted it, with a gentle whimper here and a soft moan there. He only stopped after she felt an orgasm as a dribble of pussy juice ran down his fingers and her inner thigh. “I think I can get a role for both of you now, what time works for you?” He said.

“Well our mom has us grounded for taking those pictures, so we can’t be out unless we’re “at school” so unless you can film us right now, we’ll have to wait till tomorrow.” I told him.

“Well our filming only takes 2-3 hours or so, we can have you both out of here by 2:30 if you like.” He said.

“That’s perfect, skipping school three days in a row will push our luck so this is great.” I told him.

He had us put our clothes back on, pretty much the same outfits from yesterday and walked us further into the studio, to a make up room with a group of older ladies waiting to do our make up. He said once we’re done in here just go through the door and to the right and we’ll get started. After some time had passed the ladies finished with our make up and we looked like proper sluts. Not the overt whoreish make up from old school movies but the kind that makes our already youthful appearance seem angelic. We were given a pair of pure white bikinis to put on, and they fit into the contours of our bodies so perfectly. My tight little ass really popped in this and my perky breasts did as well. We walked into the filming area and the producer introduced us to the camera crew and the male performer we’d be with. We hadn’t been told what kind of film this would be but when I saw a big black man standing in his boxers I freaked out a little. You see we’re from a rural town in the deep south, if our mom found out, hell, if our town found out that my sister and I had gotten fucked by a black guy on camera, we’d be killed or run out of town. I told the producer that and he said everything would be ok, the likelihood of anyone we know seeing this would be slim.

I told him my worries about our racist mother and town but he just said not to worry about it. He told us for our scene we’d play two step-sisters, for legal reasons we can’t say real sisters, that start to fool around with each other before “getting caught” by our black step-dad and fucked. The fake IDs we gave him have different last names so I don’t think he knows we’re real sisters or not. But he went on telling us how the scene called for some kissing between us, maybe some fingering of each other, then blowjobs of the man before moving into vaginal and anal sex. He said that we’d finish the scene with him cumming on our faces and tits. I told him that I had only had anal sex twice before and my sister was still an anal virgin so if she could stay that way we’d be grateful. I remember it not being fun the first time I did it and I don’t want her to be uncomfortable here. He agreed and so did the male performer. Before filming we took so still pictures of us in our bikinis, and some with the man between us. Basic stuff like what we did last night, letting him grope us and us sit with our faces by his cock. We were told we’d finish with the still pictures after we had his cum on us, but for now to move into filming.

We got through the initial acting, which is always cheesy but was even more so with us. After some time Lynda and I started to make out with each other. I had whispered to her privately before that no one knows we’re sisters so we have to act like this is normal. We kissed for awhile and to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. She was good at kissing and we quickly got hot enough to reach into each others bikini bottoms and finger our pussies. We finger each other for several minutes, moaning as we kiss. Our perky tits rubbing against each other while we kiss and masturbate each other knelling head on. Soon the man comes into frame and we play like we’ve just been caught. Then I offer to “keep him quiet” or a price. I stand up off the bed and knee at his feet, I look up at him as I’m on my knees while I pull his boxers to the ground, his long thick black cock bursting out. I move up and let the monster rest on my face, with his balls on my chin, his cock head is above my forehead. I didn’t think a cock even got this big, the producer’s cock that I sucked earlier was only about 4″, this was at least double that if not more. My sister came and knelt beside me at his feet. I stroked his cock shaft up and down as she began to suck on his low hanging balls. His ball sack filled her mouth up and I knew he’d be full of cum as I playfully kissed the tip of his cock.

He reached down and brushed my ginger hair around my ear and held my head gently as I swallowed him. I barely got more than 5″ inside my mouth before bottoming out. I gagged and slurped on his cock but I couldn’t fit the whole thing in my mouth. He had me relax my throat over and over and forced my head down making me gag and choke for air even more, the furthest I got was 7″ with at least 2″ more of shaft left dry at the base. I was blind to all the people around me, watching me struggle to breath as this black man choked me with his cock. All these grown men and women, watching a man we found out was 34 years old, make a 16 year old girl suck his cock while her 15 year old sister sucked on his balls. No one was trying to stop it because no one thought they had to, after all we had lied to get this far. Plus $2,000 is a lot of money just to let some black guy fuck you. We switched out back and forth between my sister and I sucking his cock. Neither of us could fit all of it into our mouths but we certainly had fun sucking on it. After awhile he put us on the edge of the bed and we held our legs up, showing off our young, freshly shaven pussies. He wasted no time in getting down and playing with them with his tongue. I had had my pussy eaten out once before but not like this, he teased my clit, went down and hit my asshole, then back up to my clit.

“Oh fuck! You’re gonna make me cum like that!” I moaned out suddenly. I didn’t have any control, he made me cum on his mouth while fingering my sisters pussy right beside me. She orgasmed with me as he was going back and forth between us. “I love the way you girls taste!” he said in a deep voice.

“Oh fuck, I wanna feel you inside me so bad!” I moaned out like a total whore. With his mouth covered in our pussy juices he kissed me on the lips as he slapped his monster dick over my pussy, hit almost all the way to my belly button. The camera zoomed in on my face as my expression changed from a closed moaning, whimper to an eyes and mouth wide open, I can’t believe it’s that big look as he sank his cock into my pussy. “Oh Fuck! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! That’s so fucking big!” I screamed as he plunged all the way to the base of my pussy. “OH Jesus! I want it! I want it! I want it so fucking bad!” I moaned as he began to fuck me. My sister sat beside me rubbing my pink little clit as this behemoth of a cock spread my tight cunt out like Moses parting the Red Sea. His cock went in and out of me and it felt so fucking good the whole time. “Oh fuck daddy! Does my pussy feel better than mommies?” I moaned to him. In minutes he was fucking me hard with a sort of desperation. “Jesus baby your pussy is so fucking good! It’s so tight on my cock! I love this fucking pussy baby!” he grunted back to me. He fucked me so hard for several minutes before switching over to my little sister. I watched his monster cock, now glistening with my pussy juices, open up and stretch her even tighter pussy open. “OH SWEET FUCKING JESUS!” my sister screamed as it sank into her cunt.

I could tell she thought I was overreacting when I was getting fucked but didn’t say anything. Now here she is feeling it in her for herself and now she knows I was probably being too calm for what was happening. After the third thrust into her cunt, my sister stopped speaking words and instead began making incoherent rambling noises and squealing like a little slut. We had our pussies fucked thoroughly in all manner of positions before he flipped me on my tummy and held the back of my neck as I felt his cock head penetrate my little asshole. “Oh fuck be gentle daddy!” I moaned to him as he sank his cock in my ass. After only two minutes, it went from him fucking my ass prone-bone to me backing my ass up on his cock. I was actually fucking myself on him. His cock was messing with my little teenage brain, making me so horny and wet. While my sister was fucking for money, my cum-addled whore brain was looking around the studio, seeing all the hard cocks and all the wet pussies hiding underneath the pants of all the film crew. I was becoming a true slut for this cock. Fucking harder and wetter than I had ever been before. He moved back and forth between my holes as my sister moved up. While I was getting my shit pushed in from the back, I was now eating my sister’s pussy in front. As he fucked me he slapped my ass hard making me orgasm suddenly, shooting pussy juice out like a cannon on his hard cock. I had never squirted during sex before now, but I loved the feeling.

I rolled over and laid on my back as he fucked me in the pussy deep in missionary as my slutty sister sat on my face, making me eat her pussy out. We were learning a lot about ourselves during this fucking. I learned that my sister is really into lesbian sex as she’s played with me almost as much as the male star and I learned I’m an all around bisexual slut who loves eating pussy and taking black cock inside me. My sister was grinding on my face holding tightly on my tits as he kept his cock buried in my tight pink pussy. He couldn’t contain himself much longer, my tight pussy milking his load closer and closer to the surface. “Fuck I’m ’bout to cum!” he shouted and my sister and I moved into position of our knees, squeezing our perky tits together for him to cum on. He stroked his black meat in our faces as he worked the cum out. “Ah YES! Fuck! Take it all!” he yelled out as he shot his load on our faces. The wave of cum literally splashing off our faces and coating our tits. We had shared several orgasms and no had been bathed in black cum. After some time to cool down we finished taking some still pictures with his cum on our face and tits before going back to clean up.

The make up ladies helped clean the cum off us and removed all the makeup. We got dressed in our original clothing again and went back out. The producer as well as the male star we just fucked were waiting outside for us. “That was some really good fucking. You two need to come back soon cause we’ll make a lot of money together!” the producer said. “I don’t think I’ve felt tighter pussies than you two. Here’s my address, if you ever feel like hooking up off set stop by anytime.” he told us. The producer handed us and envelope with $2,200 inside. “That’s extra for giving him your ass.” he said.

“Thank you!” I replied with a wide eyed look.

This was the best day of my life so far, but I knew I had to return to my run down home with my trashy mother and be “grounded”. If only she knew how much of a whore her daughters had become today. My little sister had cheated on her boyfriend to be here, but I was single, and was likely to take him up on his offer to go and hook up at his place. What better way to scorn my racist mother and my racist town than to finally escape by fucking a black porn star and getting rich off it? Even better is having his black baby. I could imagine my future now, being a whore would get me rich, something my stupid broke slut of a mother never could figure out how to do. A few weeks later I saw the video uploaded with the title, “Two white sluts give in to monster BBC”. As I read the comments on the video and knew I’d be popular. I knew I had to go back and take even more BBC, maybe two at once next time. What surprised me most wasn’t how popular the video was, but that two days later, I came home from school and caught my sleazy step-dad jerking his dick to it. He didn’t see me when I came in but I stood behind him watching myself getting fucked in the ass on his screen as his tiny little cock barely filled his hand. God how did mom get off with such a tiny dicked loser like him? I just left him to his business, I guess he wasn’t as racist as I thought…


I hope you all enjoyed my latest story. I remember reading a story similar to this awhile back on here and thought it was sexy so I gave it a try for myself. I imagined myself and my favorite author Britney as sisters getting fucked by Big John’s thick black cock. Reading the comments they share on Britney’s stories are sexy enough to get off to by themselves most times.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I haven’t heard from you Courtney !! I really hope everything’s okay with you and your family !! I just want to give you a heads up that I’m using you in my next story !! Hopefully you’ll like it ? but if you don’t !! your husband will definitely like it !! and probably will have you bent over your bathroom sink breeding you again !! as you watch him through the mirror ! holding and squeezing those huge DD tits of yours and taking you !!! luv ya !! Britt

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    Britney and Courtney if you have sessions let me know I’d LOVE to talk more to you

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh I’m sorry Courtney !!! I hope she’s well !!! On what you said about your story that you like the first part better than the rest. well that’s so true !! for example : The movie Jaws was the best compared to the following sequels !! My advice to you Courtney is to just write one sexy and erotic story !! just like you use to write a few months back unless the story is so long then you can break it into part 2 and 3 !!! just saying !! love Britt

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:gnsumkm99

    So sorry about your daughter Courtney. Hope she gets better soon. Great raunchy story by the way!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Courtney where are you !!!! Did you read our comments ????? Britt

    • Courtney ID:1e7c74kd3bum

      I’m so sorry Britney, I haven’t seen them till just now actually. My daughter has been sick the past few days so I’ve been taking care of her. (Can’t be horny all the time) I’m glad you all liked it, maybe it’s just me but I find myself liking my stories more when writing the first part as opposed to parts 2, 3, etc. which is why I’ve been writing so many part 1 stories recently.

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    We want more

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    Loved the story Courtney the idea of you and Britney as teens becoming porn stars and taking bbc for the first time together had me so horny and hard. Between this story and Britney’s I just read caused me to cum huge loads. Your horny friend Dave

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh Courtney !!! I remember when I hired you to do a porn shoot for me !! because you needed money and somehow my black bull porn star ! Big Black John ! had a soft heart for you and turned on me in front of you and he forced me to bend me over and first he fucked my pussy then finished me off in front of you by force fucking my virgin ass !! as he popped my ass cherry while I screamed and cried bloody hell as he pulled out and left me sodomized and bred as my porn company financially collapsed !! Such a hot DeJa’Vu story honey !! (HUGS & KISSES) your fellow catholic school girl sister !! Britney I gave you a 5 star rating

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      Hello sexy girl