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Shy prude wife

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A friend of ours was feeling low after his wife left him. While I out to work he would call round for a chat with my wife. She became a shoulder to cry on. Well she must have given a hug or something because he was soon asking for these hugs and maybe it moved on to cuddles and I think he must have asked if he could go to bed with her. Of course she said no. They were sitting on the couch in the living room. Well that ended up him saying could she at least help him out and give him a handjob. She was mortified but she agreed thinking that at least would mean she wouldn’t have to have sex with him. So he got his cock out. Bigger than mine apparently. And she began to rub him. He got quite excited precum everywhere. Even some on her summer dress. She was worried about that so he said take it off. She did so she was just in her bra and knickers then. Obviously he was even more excited then and began yrying to get her tits out and getting a finger on her knickers. She has a very hairy pussy and it spilled out the edges of her big pants. He wanted it so bad. His wife had flat tits and shaved puss. Somehow he got his finger on her button and she was well wet. Before long her bra and knickers were off and he was making her climax with his finger. Let me in he said and I guess she was too far gone to say no and he slipped his long cock into her. Don’t cum she said I’m not on the pill or anything.
Well he couldn’t help himself could he and he flooded her prim and prude pussy with gallons of his hot spunk. I think to get him in fully she raised her legs right up. He did her again later on the floor. She’d lost all worry about getting pregnant by then.
Well once She’d had extra cock it happened quite a lot over the next few weeks. They would go for long walks. He owned a wood so they were in no danger of being discovered. He fucked her every which way. Even over a fallen tree trunk once doggy style.
Eventually he fucked her in his house in his bedroom .

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  • Reply JairBrasil ID:1eh4un9g285o

    Very good please continue

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      The woman I was with before I got married
      Well I mer her when I was at uni and we ended up sharing a flat. She went back to her marital home and weekends.We were good friends for about 8 months before we got together. One night I thought I heard her crying so I went and knocked her door and asked her if she was OK. I sat the edge of the bed and we talked. Turns out life with her husband wasn’t a bed of roses. Anyway she reached for my hand and said my god you’re freezing why don’t you get under the covers. It was a generous single bed but I thought ok. I wasn’t that experienced with women so yo be next to a gorgeous 37 year old mum.of 3 was great. I was 20. Anyway we ended up having sex and I filled her married pussy with cum. The next morning we did our lectures and Friday afternoon were free. Usually she got the train home early but she stayed a bit so we could talk about the night before. Well of course we ended up fucking again.then she was late for the train. She had to run to the station with a dripping wet pussy. I wonder if hubby got to have any pussy that night.

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      Ever had married pussy?

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      What else you want to know

  • Reply Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

    Oh it’s true. Sloppy seconds is wonderful. In a relationship before I met my wife I had that a lot as the woman I was with was married

  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Every man has at least one friend who is hot for his wife. Sc found out which friend. Not all of those friends try to fuck the wife of course, but if given permission by the husband, how few would say no? Sc noticed the signs, and his wife told him the truth. Hopefully Sc enjoys sloppy seconds and encourages her to continue. By the way, it’s true, sloppy seconds feel amazing.

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      Sloppy seconds is wonderful. My previous partner was married so I had Sloppy seconds a fair bit.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    He didn’t miss his wife for long, the dirty bugger!

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      Who me? So horny to discover my shy prude wife had been a naughty girl. She was a virgin when we met
      So this friend was only her 2nd cock

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      No he didn’t. He obviously saw my wife was a kind person and took advantage.

  • Reply Anon702 ID:1cwznaqhvgn4

    How did you find out? Did she tell you or did you catch them?

    • Sc ID:1dczxg5jt7pv

      She told me but I suspected anyway. The main thing was she stopped wearing the summer dress she had when they first did it and also when we had sex she beganbto open her legs wider and bring them up more. So that was different. Also one time I came home early and I saw him leaving. He didn’t see me. And I thought ok I’m going to ask her now. Which I did and she eventually admitted. We made love then and her pussy was still wet and swollen with his cum.