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Shy petite young wife

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Newly married very shy petite young wife gets seduced by very old man slowly touching strips and groped then fucked while husband watches

I had just moved to local area(Bathgate)of West Lothian, started working in bar as karaoke host and barman,one afternoon I went to bar across the road from my bar, never knew any person or anyone in that bar,but noticed a young girl aged about 17y very petite and shy, she looked 14 y she had long jet black hair,tanned, beautiful body,who was wearing baggy top and baggy pants and walking about picking up empty glasses around tables,I noticed that there was a big muscle man bear type with a few followers and when the girl was picking up glasses at there table he would grab, feel her ass and put his hand down her leggings, telling his followers she was getting wet, and she was getting flustered, crying and trying to pull away, shouting she get ready for later to get her virgin hole fucked by him later,so I was fucking really mad as no one around tried to stop him,i waited got to know about the big muscle man bully, what his story and why no man tried to interfere,i was told no one will stop him and his friends as he is so hard and has a brother that is Scottish mma champion,so I left returning 30 mins later,got chatting with her, and asked her about the local layout of area,and where is best place to get something to eat,she told her place,i told that im new in area worked in the bar across from the bar she worked in,and asking her what time she finishes, maybe she could take me to restaurant as i would get lost,15mins she finishes,she said ok,i told her my name and waited,so i asked her about her family,friends has she got boyfriend she told me her mum is alcoholic,who drinks in bar telling me she is always in bar getting drinks from the guys,and guy(muscle man) and free,no boyfriend all the old men trying,when mum gets so drunk,she is taken home and party at her home,she tellls me why she wears baggy clothes,so no man sees her body,so after eating i tell her would she mind popping back to place of work for a drink with me,she was really scared,but i told her just for one drink,ok she said,well as soon as we both opened the door,the big muscle man sitting at bar with 5 followers started to shout at her, telling her get her pussy ready and your wee boyfriend can watch,i interrupted him, telling him,making sure whole bar heard me,if he opens his fucking pervy pedo mouth once more her way again I would pull his arms off and fucking hurt him with the soggy ends,he said who the fuck am i,and do i know who he is,my name is gerrard,and i guarantee he will not know me,or what i do for a living and he better think a his mouth,the owner of bar, asked me please don’t fight with him and pleaded not to start anything in bar,nearly begging me,i told him no,get everyone in bar a drink on me,he did and i personally took a drink over to big muscle man (frank)whispering i have just moved into a flat next door to my handlers,handlers he asked,i am undercover special forces active soldier,he laughed,i left it watching him go to toilet and followed, and pulled him into cubicle and put his head down the bowl, telling him next time i will make sure that shit is over bowl and flush his head down it,letting up and go back to bar,his follower on phone probably to his mma brother,frank disappeared and then he walked in with his brother (James)frank and his cronies laughing,his brother walks up to me very friendly and asked me what is problem with me and frank,i told him that he is a bully and sexualy assualting the young girl in front of everyone shouting at her humiliating her, and i will show and prove it if he wanted,how he said so i told him to i have video to prove it,but he can pick it up if he wants a local police station,but i tell mma champ,but im sure if he mma champ was a decent man like i think is,he should talk to him before police ask him,he should have a word with him telling him that no bullies wins,he walked over to his brother pulled him outside,franks buddies looking on,james mna champ walks back in shakes my hand telling me that frank will never be back, and will be getting moved to other area and will never bully anyone ever again, and thanks,i introduce him to 17yold and helen he apologized,we had a few drinks together became friends,told him I’m new to area and was ex undercover special forces and moved for peace and quiet,part two next

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