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Shy petite young fiance shared first time

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Shy petite young fiance first time being fucked by old stranger

Part two
Meeting very shy petite girl who was bullied in bar by frank muscle man, anyway my name is gerrard 47yold and new to(Bathgate) West Lothian,her name is Helen aged 17years and had long black hair,hazel eyes,sexy schoolgirl tanned body whom ended up my fiance,she was used to wearing baggy top and baggy joggers,so I took her to buy up to date clothing her choice,in girls fashion shop,she bought a red Basque, a mini tartan skirt,thick red belt,and black shoes,she asked me if she could buy sexy panties and stockings, blushing telling me she never ever had new sexy teenage girls clothing before and hoped I was ok with it,yes ok as long as I get to see her first,so i said we would go for drinks about 7pm,so she looked so fucking sexy and looking at her,i told her everybody all men would look at her wishing that they would love to fuck her,she grinned playfully, and when we walked in bar, all eyes from guys especially old fuckers immediately whisper to each other,shouting to me ,,, hey Gerry(gerrard)who is she was,and i was lucky fucker and if i needed help give them a shout,i worked for couple of hours,helen picked up empty glasses for me,i noticed old guys touching her up,helen flirting,she came over to me , giggling telling me that the old men touched her,and even the old man in corner had his hand on her little shaven pussy,will i talk to him,she said no she liked it and her pussy is soaked,i told her that we had been invited by old man next door to the club round corner from my flat,its British legion club for old soldiers and going in five minutes,so as walking to club I asked her did she really like oldmen feeling her and how wet did she get,she pulled me into doorway, telling me to feel her,she was really wet,i touched her clit she was moaning loud, mmmmm and tell me what would she do if another old 65years and older man put his hand up her legs into your tiny lace panties and started rubbing your clit, would she let him,she said as long as I would see his hands and Iif i told her to she would not let it happen,and what if i didnt mind would she mad and finish with me,she said no,i told her well ok,we will see what happens,so in club,we were shouted over to old next doors table,only 5 old fuckers and me and helen,we introduced ourselves, chatting away,asked by all,were we new to bathgate,a few months we live in flat round corner,two doors away,oh easy for late drinks after club closed wink wink, realized that they were hinting,so they kept asking if we wanted a drink,yes shandy for me, Helen wanted vodka and coke,was pretty tipsy, listening,laughing,flirty,one old man who was 6feet 4inches big old 76 years old fat bald sweaty old soldier asked me politely,woukd it be ok to ask my lovely fiance to dance,i looked at her,she smiled I said yes it’s ok,so i watched them go on dance floor, lighting very low,band playing something slow,i wandered a bit close,telling others im of to toilet,but watching her,i noticed her hands around his neck,him pulling her onto his leg,her pussy forced hard into leg,then his hands wandering around her little bubble bum, squeezing then one hand wandering up her little miniskedsirt,feeling her ass,she giggled telling him to stop,he told her ok but he needs one feel quick feel of her pussy just one,she blushed smiled ok one touch,as he did she moaned, and said stop she is fucking soaking,she pulled away,he walked her back to table,I asked them would the like a drink as last orders at bar helen joined me,she told me what happened I told i was watching,she said she was really horny and wet,i looked around and he was telling his old pals,,,nmmmmm shes fucking up for it but gerry will not be,back at the table okd guys tokd her okd jim said you were great dancer,jim said you enjoyed the dance,putty in his hand,she said yes nice anyway time to leave, when we were asked if we wanted to join two old guys ,one was jim,the other was his friend robert thin bald pervy looking aged 70years back at house for more drinks,ok thanks so we go to house next street, and more alcohol poured,more vodka for Helen,music playing,I ask helen to dance,whispering in her ear that both jim and robert are dying to get her naked and fuck her, and I tell what does she think about it,mmmmmmm she said,sounds good as vodka is getting her horny as fuck,but i woukd need to agree, I told her im ok would love to watch, and film it,but I must start the fun , slowly,so still dancing Everytime i turned her bum towards them i kidded on that i was kissing her,my hands up her skirt hands on ass i pulled her skirt her flashing her bare bum,then inside her panties,then I tell her to go to toilet,i said listen guys,we might have to go as she is slightly pissed,and vodka gets her like a little schoolgirl and so fucking horny,she doesn’t mind who fucks her when she gets like that, but if we stay longer please don’t tell anyone about her,when she comes back we will slow down and she can sit down and maybe get 40 winks,so i sit her down on my lap,ask her would it be ok to watch a movie,she said hope its porn,i told her its up ro her but there is others im we will all watch,is it ok she said yes,porn on she pretended to dose off, and I started to get horny,i said sorry guys,i just was feeling her up,her panties is soaking wet, asking if i let you feel her wet pussy,try not wake her,would you promise to keep it between us,and only us only,they didn’t know what to say except they both won’t tell,so i told them come over and feel how wet her pussy was,i pukled her sjirt waist high,ok one at a time,she. didn’t wake when feeling her soaking wet panties,I pulled her panties to the side letting them feel her pussy,Helen started moaning and fucked about ,I said between us,yes so I said better not,and maybe they could take her clothes off,but no one hurts her ,slowly strip her, maybe we should stop now,must be slow no rough,if I agree to letting you strip her, then maybe I could wake her up,and then only one at a time, helen asked me once if I could make her fantasy become real,it would be ok,so the rules are no anal, no oral, just light fingering her ass,she likes dirty minded oldmen, speaking dirty, gently spanked,anyway or position,come anywhere and she wants me to warch and film,is it ok, then I shake Helen pretend to waken her,i got a towel and cold cloth wash her face,part 3 next

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