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She’s from Catholic school… but I’m just the butler.. (Part 2)

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After a mistake turned into something good, things get more and more risky and heated.

As mentioned in part 1, I’m only just the butler and she’s my master’s 11 year old daughter. But she caught me wanking on my own, took a video, and then I caught her touching herself. This led to our first mutual masturbation session, and then her blackmailing me into more. Imagine getting blackmailed by an eleven year old. Either way, I had no issue complying.

Every few days (almost every day), she would call me to her room and then we would begin our mutual stimulation. Up to this point it consisted of her touching herself and me beating my meat. We usually would finish around the same time, and then I would clean up her cum and she’d clean up mine, then we’d make out while exchanging each others cum in our mouths. It became almost a daily ritual, except Sundays because it was church day and the family would be out all day and likewise my family had it as our day off, with only a few exceptions, which in that case we were paid double.

One day after school, a few minutes had passed and I am waiting to get called up to young Samantha’s room, when I stop to think about what exactly I am doing. Sure, I’m keeping my promise so as to not get in trouble, but if I get caught, I’m in trouble anyway. “SEBASTIAN!” Hearing my name coming from upstairs like usual made me tense up a bit, and I’m sure it was noticeable, because as soon as I got to the room, this little naked angel stopped and said. “Sebastian, what’s wrong?”

My mouth was dry and to say I was nervous is an understatement. I couldn’t answer. Samantha ran up to me and hugged me. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Hearing her call me that sort of snapped me back to reality. “Baby?” I asked. She only giggled and replied, “Yeah. I know you’re my butler, but I really like you. I’ve always liked you. As far as I remember, I would be dreaming about you. That day we caught each other doing you know, that wasn’t my first time thinking about you that way and definitely not the first time that I touched myself thinking about you.”

That last part came as a total surprise, and it made my dick go hard as if on command. Samantha noticed and giggled. Finally I had to courage to speak up: “Sam, if I’m ever caught, even if you don’t tell them… if I’m caught I’m going to jail”. I barely finished this when she lifted her hand and placed a finger over my lips. She said, “Baby, don’t forget who’s in charge here. You’re only the butler, and no one else needs to know about our secret love. Trust me, I’ll never expose you unless you stop loving me. I’ll protect you, I promise”.

I must admit, for an eleven year old, she was very mature for her age. Her body was still developing but her mind was light years ahead. Also, I know it is true that she would protect anyone that she liked, even at the behest of her parents, but being the baby of the house had its perks, and she usually had it her way (not in a spoiled bratish manner, but they would still respect her desires more than any of the other siblings).

This calmed me down, and I kiss Samantha’s forehead. Now looking down at her, I notice she’s the one that’s uneasy this time. “Sam, what’s the matter?” She stared at me blankly and shakes her head. I insist, “Baby, please?” Me calling her baby had a similar reaction to how I responded when she called me the same, and it also helped to open up: “I’ve been thinking, that’s all”

“Thinking about what, mamas?” Calling her mamas made her blush so hard and she sat in bed because it made her knees weak. Definitely need to call her this again. She answered. “It’s because, well, I know I’m young, but…” “But?” I ask. I can see her almost fighting back tears. “I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I want to do… more… with you…”

“More?” In all honesty I’m clueless. “Yes… I want…you to be my first…” That then made me aware of my own virginity, causing me to blush nervously “Oh um, I mean I would love to… but” At this moment she cuts me off, “I know, I know I’m too young but I’m ready to now. And I want you, no, need you, and don’t forget I still can tell my parents…” I guess I have no recourse with this girl, it’s either do the girl or jail for me.

“I was actually going to say that I’ve never… you know”. With that her blue eyes widen and her jaw drops, “Wait so I’m going to be your first?” As embarrassed as I am I just nod my head yes. I am unsure if this will turn her off because of my lack of experience or whether it’s a turn on since she would be the one taking my virginity. And by her reaction, it was definitely the latter: “OMFG YESSS, I WANT TO BE YOUR FIRST AND YOU MY FIRST TOO”. I’ve definitely imagined a day like this for a long time, but never with little Samantha, or any child for that manner.

But Samantha was different than any girl I’ve ever seen, in her youthfulness, her energy, and her freaky horny side that was unmatched. She practically had made me her slave as well as her lover, but honestly I did not care. I was getting laid tonight and I wanted, no, NEEDED, this girl. So I pick her up and take her to the bed where I place her down. She rips off any remaining clothes and I do likewise, then she spreads her legs out and says “Go ahead, I’m ready”. One look at her was enough to convince me to ram my dick in her, but just as I was going to line myself up, I noticed that while she’s definitely wet, she’s also not wet enough. I can barely hold on but I want to make this memorable, and I know that attention to detail it’s important, even for horny 11 year olds.

“Before I go inside you, we both need to get you ready”. At this she makes a pout and starts to complain: “NO! I’m ready NOW!” She definitely doesn’t know what foreplay is, but then I briefly explain what it is, which both caused her to pout but also light up. First, she would do me first, and then I would do her after, and then end with the grand finale.

After agreeing on the order and who was doing what, Samantha reached up to grab my hard member. “It’s so big!” Her touch made my dick twitch, which then made her giggle. She wrapped her fingers around my cock, and started to rub me up and down. Her hand was definitely better than anything I’ve ever felt before, and then I saw her lick the tip and then wrap her mouth around my cock. “Oh gosh” was all I could say, the sensations so new, so strong, it was almost enough to make me cum right then and there, but I held it in, knowing I wanted to enjoy the sensations for as long as I could. Then she started to bob her head up and down, swirling her tongue all over my tip and shaft, demonstrating her talent for giving blowjobs. I’m not sure I’m her first dick she’s ever sucked, but whether I am or not, she’s differently so good at this. I doubt I lasted more than 2 or 3 minutes, before I blow my load in her mouth. It was the most I’ve ever nutted in my life, so much that Samantha gagged and spit a little, even though she swallowed well more than half.

After coughing a little, she looked up and told me that this was way more exciting than just masturbating, and that I tasted really good. After catching my breath, I likewise told her that her mouth had been the best thing I’ve ever felt. I ran my fingers around her face and a little over her chest, cleaning up my cum and putting my fingers near her mouth, which she then quickly and greedily sucked clean.

“Alright, now it’s your turn”, I told the little preteen girl. If she was nervous, she definitely didn’t show it. All I could see was her horny, lustful, needy look as she lay in the bed and spread her legs out wide. I could tell she was way wetter than before, maybe I could just stick it in without even… but then I reminded myself of the plan, and that I promised I would eat her. Plus my cock was slowly rising again, but still wasted from the head I received minutes earlier. Looking at her glistening, hairless crotch with her love juice just calling me, it made my mouth water.

“What’s wrong, baby?” asked the eleven year old in front of me. I looked up and saw, apart from the neediness, also a bit of frustration, guessing she was needing release just as much as any man would. “Nothing, my love. You’re just the most beautiful and sexy girl I’ve ever met.” Upon saying this, she blushed and thanked me. I then proceed to lower myself, lining up to her beautiful wet snatch. My first taste is like that of heaven itself, and the moan that came with it was like the sound of angels. Yet here I was, eating out an eleven year old like she was candy. The sweetness of her juice, made time seem to go so fast, and yet so slow. I probably only licked her for less than 2 minutes, but it felt like an eternity of bliss, and as soon as she came over my face, it seemed so short.

Between panting and heavy breathing, Samantha says with a voice that sounds nervous, frustrated, but most of all, needy, “Baby, I’m ready. Get in me now. I need you. FUCK ME NOW!” The last sentence where she raised her voice snapped me back to reality: first, I’m about to lose my virginity to a child, and second, I’m enjoying being the one taking orders, I am the butler you know…

I got up and reached down to my pocket. Samantha sees this and yells out, “NO! I WANT YOU INSIDE ME, NOT A FUCKING CONDOM!” Exactly how she knew that that was I was doing, I still don’t know. But then I object, “Baby… I don’t want you getting pregnant…” “I DON’T CARE! FUCK ME WITHOUT IT OR I’M TELLING MY DAD!” Yep, I’m here slave. I caved in and decided to get up and kiss this beautiful blond beauty before I take her hymen and make her a woman, making her mine (or rather, she makes my dick hers, since she is obviously in charge).

I line my dick with her little love hole and I lower my mouth to her lips and whisper to her, “I’m going in now baby, it’s gonna hurt. If it’s too much, you can always tell me to stop.” With that said, I push my tip against her hole, and she’s tighter than I ever expected. There’s little progress as I keep pushing against her, just barely the tip. I keep pulling out and back in, deeper every time. I look down at this preteen beauty and notice tears on her cheeks, and her biting down hard on her lip to keep from screaming. Seeing this as a reason to just get it through with it rather than make her suffer more, I force my way all the way in, completely tearing through her hymen and making her scream out loud in pain. I stop inside her and kiss her, telling her she did good and that she was so brave and that the worst is over. She was definitely tight, and her walls were massaging my dick even without moving.

After a couple of minutes the girl stopped crying and said, “Baby, don’t stop now. I want you to finish inside me.” This then made me realize that I was actually fucking an eleven year old and that she could very much get pregnant. However, I do start moving inside her, going soft, only an inch or 2 at a time out and then in. “Baby, I can’t finish inside you, you can get pregnant.” She then looked up and me and said in between moans, “I don’t fucking care if I get pregnant. I want you to finish in me. Fuck me, baby, fuck me harder.” Seeing how she was in charge, I let her take the lead. It was honestly amazing as I began to pound inside her a little bit harder, causing my little lover to moan and breathe heavy since early on.

I feel the usual sensation in my balls giving me the warning that I’ll soon be cumming. I’m still worried about getting her pregnant so I speed up my thrusts to then pull out the very moment that I’m about to blow my load. I’m guessing she read my intention and she was visibly close to her own orgasm. Sweat was rolling down her face, her mouth open to moan or breathe harder and looking straight at me with lust and desire to finish what she started. Sensing that I was nearing my orgasm and her being close to hers, she wrapped her arms around my back and pulls me in for a kiss. And for good measure, she wrapped her legs behind my ass, locking me in and forcing me to remain in her as I keep pumping my dick into her newly deflowered love hole. This makes me go deeper into her tight pussy, tighter than anything I could ever have imagined.

The sensation of her walls milking my hard member, her groans, moans and screams, the hot kiss I was brought into to keep me in place, it proved too much. I felt rope after rope of my love juice being pumped into her young womb. At that same moment I felt my own pelvic area and legs being squirted on as Samantha came the same time as me. We were a wet, wild, lustful, loud, moaning mess as we finally came down our orgasmic high. We both look at each other and we begin laughing. “That was so wild” I said to my preteen lover. I pull out and that’s when I once again freeze in fear, “OH SHIT! I DIDN’T MEAN TO…”

At that moment Samantha once again put her finger on my mouth telling me to shut up, “I wanted you to, remember?” And for good measure, she once again reminded me with a devilish smirk, “Don’t forget you’re still the butler.”

This would be the beginning of our secret love making, and which would be more bold and exciting every time.


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