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Sheila My Love

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Babysitting my 10 y.o. niece was no chore at all!

My brother Jim and his wife, Clarice, had to go to Cleveland to attend her mother’s funeral. They would be gone for 4 days, and left my niece Sheila with me, since they had no one to babysit her.

I had recently divorced, and at 28 years old, was so melancholic, and also horny for a female body to ease my longing. I had never considered seducing a young girl, especially one so young as Sheila (10). That was all about to change, as I was sooo horny!

The first night, I told Sheila to take a bath and get ready for bed. “Awww, can’t I shower instead?” She asked. I asked if her mom and dad let her, as she was so young.d fall in the tub. “I shower with my mom a lot.” Was her answer, “So I need someone in the bathroom to supervise.” I gulped and swallowed and said “Ok then, I will be in the bathroom while you shower, just in case.”

“Won’t you please shower with me like mom does, Unca Jack?”, she pleaded. “I have trouble reaching the sprayer head.” “Well, ok.”, I answered, with a tremble in my voice. I couldn’t believe I was going to be alone in the shower with a 10 year old girl, with warm water splashing all around and both of us naked!

I stripped down in the bathroom, while staring at her sweet young body, with her blossoming nubs of titties, and her sweet puffy mound, just starting to be covered with downy red hairs. She was so beautiful and not shy at all about being naked in front of me. Her eyes popped wide when she saw my rock-hard erection, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it while we stepped into the shower.

My cock was soooo hard as we stepped into the warm shower, her sweet body brushed against my erection, sending a wave of excitement through me, and making my cock jump with sudden extra hardness. Turning to face me as the water cascaded over her smooth young shoulders, she asked, “Why is your peepee so stiff?”

Fumbling with the words, I replied “Because that’s what happens when a man sees a beautiful girl, he wants to make love to.” I replied. “Oh, do you want to do that to me?” she asked. “Yes, very much so!” I spoke. “I don’t know how to do that, and I’ve never seen a man’s peepee before, would you teach me how?” Again, I was at a loss for words, so I nodded yes. We began to rub each other’s bodies with the fragrant soap, and my cock throbbed when she gently washed it, and my balls. As my hands slowly and gently lathered her preteen titties, she gave out with a little girl giggle and sigh. Moving my hand slowly down her body, I stopped at her belly button, and made her giggle again as I pushed gently, and made a little circle in her precious little “Inny”. Moving lower, I softly kneaded her tender young vulva till she squirmed and wiggled against my fingers.

After we stepped out of the shower, I must have spent a half hour softly drying that sweet, smooth young body of hers, and she drying mine. “Please blow dry my hair?’ she asked sweetly. She had put on a pair of snug, pink, “Hello Kitty” panties after she was dry, and sat on the edge of my bed, between my legs while I used the blow dryer set on low to dry her beautiful shoulder length red tresses. She began to yawn, and leaned against me as the dryer had a hypnotic effect on her. Soon she was softly snoring a little girl snore, and, leaning her smooth back against my not too hairy chest, I slowly slid her down, and laid her completely onto my bed, and she rolled over onto her tummy. The best was yet to come…… I still had a raging hardon, and felt it was time to introduce this tiny angel with green eyes to the pleasures of sex.

As she lay there sweetly snoring with her thumb between those cupid bow lips, I reached out and touched her little bubble butt, covered with those tight panties. Smooth and warm and small enough that my entire hand could fit the whole of her butt, the snugness of them created a pretty little wedgie, which I ran my middle finger softly up and down a few times, eliciting a soft moan from around her wet thumb…… How sweet!

Next, straddling her ankles, I bent forward and nuzzled that cotton covered cleft, smelling the aroma of the flowery soap we had used in the shower. On purpose, or by instinct, she spread her smooth little legs, exposing the gusset of her panties, and the camel toe formed in her prepubescent crotch, and I nuzzled deeper. My tongue, seemingly on its own, started licking at the hem of her panties, where they met her silky white leg flesh. I absolutely had to see that tantalizing pussy naked, so I started rolling her panties down from her waist, exposing the smoothest, sweetest bum. I leaned in and kissed both cheeks with a long, wet, lingering, loving kiss. When she felt those kisses, she rolled over and said, “I’ll bet you thought I was asleep, didn’t you Unca Jack?”, followed by the sweetest giggle!

When she rolled over, her tiny body was a sight to behold! Panties halfway down her mound, showing a splash of downy red pubic hair, and hardened nipples atop the cutest cone-shaped mini breasts. What else could I do, but kiss, lick, suck, and nibble those tiny red nipples. This brought out a deep throated moan you wouldn’t expect from one so young. After a few moments of this bliss, I continue on to my original target, which was that warm, smooth pre-pubescent honey pot. Licking and kissing my way down her freckled little body, I finally reached the object of my desire, and kissed, licked, and sucked on that downy mound ’til I thought I would explode!

Whining and moaning with excitement and pleasure, she said “Please don’t stop, Unca.” Lifting her sweet bum off the bed, I slid her panties down the rest of the way, and sniffed and licked her tiny slit, her pubes tickling my nose. “Oh, what heaven!”, I thought, as the flow of her sweet vaginal juices mixed with the very slight smell of little girl pee and the fragrant soap we had used in the shower hit my nostrils causing me to salivate heavily. I finally reached the ultimate object of my desire, and kissed, licked, and sucked on that downy mound ’til I thought I would explode! Paying special attention to her immature clit, I took as much of it as I could between my lips, and rolled my tongue around in little circles, making her scream.

Unh!, Unhh! “Unca, unca, I’m gonna peee!” she screamed through clenched teeth. Of course, this wasn’t true as I knew she was about to have the first orgasm of her young life. Bucking and humping, her virgin orifice finally spewed warm, slightly salty, nectar into my mouth, and I swallowed it all! Collapsing onto the bed, she lay gasping for air as her climax subsided, her hot body reddened with exertion, and her perfect body twitching and jerking as her orgasm subsided. “Is that what making love is all about?” she was finally able to ask breathlessly. “That, and much more.” was my reply, after I finished licking the remains of her juices off my lips and chin.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now, but I will continue the story in chapter 2, now wipe your dicks off, and have a wonderful time masturbating!

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  • Reply Sammy Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Loving this story and can’t wait for part 2 . My 67 year old cock got extra hard when you mentioned red hair . I love licking red haired pubes and covering them with my hot cum .

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    This is possible because I myself have been with young girls that started their periods at 9 and by 10 had hair and big puffy cones. Even better in Houston I had a Hispanic neighbor that was 9 and had hairy arms and tits and I was completely shocked when she dropped her panties in my apartment and had a hairy pussy. I have never seen in my life a girl have such a powerful orgasm as Jessica did that day and many. She straddled me on the couch and came like 5 times in 15 minutes so yeah almost anything is possible. Trust me I was completely drench in her wetness as was my couch. Funny thing later that day I had washed my cushions and was letting them dry in the sun when mom came home. She laughed and said Oh you should be more careful. A few days later the same thing and this time she laughed again and said no more eating on the couch. If she only knew lol.

    • gonzosaduckhead ID:4bn00en3fia

      u def used ai to write that shit dumb fuck

    • Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0c

      No ass hole I write about my life Moron. Just because little dick bitches like you took your dad’s cock in the ass doesn’t mean other did. Nope we had the pussy. And the lil ho was my neighbor for two years.
      Detest AI completely.
      PS. Get a life little dick.

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Good story so far, thank you

  • Reply 🤬Hank ID:1d68bw0qoqh7

    A ten year old with a4d hairy pussy I bet has a burning bush when she’s old enough to fuck . Unka Jackass

    • Get a life hank. ID:1fjgjo7ik09

      For the life of me I don’t get why cretins like you bitch and moan in the comments like this.
      You know what this website is all about, if you don’t like it then theres plenty of other sites.
      Say less bitch-ass nigga

    • Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

      First of all girls bodies develop differently all around the world. I have seen girls that are seven years old with tits and hair on their pussy. I have seen girls that are 13 years old or older with no hair on their pussy and no tits each girls body is different and that can depend on the country there from and what they eat.