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Sex with my girl frends sister

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Warned into having sex with my girls friends young sister.

This is story about me and my once girl friend sister. This took place some time ago. My name is Rick and at the time this happened I was 21yo. I was tall and slender and in good shape. At that age i was always horny . I have a nice thick 8in cock. At the time im talking about my girl friend was 19yo. We were very sexually active. Really no complaints but i wasnt in love with her. She had an younger sister Julie that was about 13yo at the time. A pretty thing , tall for her age but real thin. We got along very well, nothing serious just the usual. Just to let u know that her and my gril friend hated each other. I dont know why . All i know that they were alway arguing .Julie was alway flirting with me and sometime teasing. Saying thing like u should be my boy friend and not my stupid sister and what do u see in her. I told her she shouldnt talk like that but it did no good. Some time she would walk into the room in just her underware and look at me. Her sister would yell at her and she would shoot her a bird and leave the room. So one day my girl friend had to go out of town with her parents and Julie didnt want to go. Her parents really liked me and ask if i would watch Julie over night. I said sure and thought nothing about it. I came over and saw them off and went in to check on Julie. I found her in her room sleeping or pretending to be asleep with no clothes on in bed . i Iooked for a minute and quietly closed her bedroom door. An hour later she came out of her room in her underware. I told her to go get some clothes on. She said to me dont u like what u see. I didnt respond and she left. I might had said to myself that i wish that she was older. Every thing was cool for awhile. I ordered pizza for dinner . I went into the living room and turned on the tv ,. Julie came out of her room wearing a swim suit 2 sizes to small for her. U could see everything she had. It barely covered her bare pussy. She said she was going into the pool. As she walked away she asked me do u like. I just pointed toward the pool and said go. When she came in she went to her room to change. She came out with just a towel wrapped around her and sat in the chair opposite me. The towel covered more than the swim suit. I didnt say any thing. I thought she still had her suit on under the towel. As we watched tv i noticed the towel had rode up on her and she was spreading her legs . I tried not to look but im a guy. I knew then that she was nude and flashing her pussy at me. I couldnt stop looking at her bare young pussy. She noticed it also. She then started rubbing her pussy and smiling at me. I felt my cock getting hard but i still was under control. She would rub her pussy and moan. She spoke up and said to me. Rick i know u are looking at me and u know i like u. She said i bet u r hard now and u want my young virgin pussy. I said u are all wrong and this is wrong. U are way to young and should not be thinking about sex at ur age . She spoke up and said my sister was my age when she started having sex. I said i dont know about that but go put some clothes on. She stood up and removed what clothing she was wearing and stood nude in front of me. She looked like a young girl would. Skinny , small budding tits, a few hairs around her pussy. i cant lie but she kind of turned me on. She walked over to me and grabbed my cock through my shorts. She said i knew u were hard and that u want me. i said i maybe hard but there is no way i will ever touch u. She then became angry . She said to me that u will touch me and we will do what ii want. I said ur dreaming and go away. She u will fuck and make love to me or i will tell my parents that u molested me and i had to lock myself in my room to get away from u. I said to her that she wouldnt dare. She told me just wait and see. Who do u think they will believe. U will be going to jail. I stopped and thought for a minute and decided she had me over a barrel and was probably right. I went over to her and took her into my arms and we began kissing. She was grabbing me everywhere and i was turned on. i picked her 98 lb. body and carried her into her bedroom. i laid her on the bed and went down on her almost bald pussy. She was going crazy as i ate her pussy. I was really turned on now and really got into it. She tasted so good and fresh. After a short time she asked me to stop and told me that she wanted me to fuck her. I was more than ready. I undress as quick as i could . my 8in cock was rock hard. I told her that u wont forget ur first fuck. I got between her legs and moved my cock up and down her wet pussy. i preceded to enter her at a

slow rate. She was tight but being so wet it slid in with little resistance. As i enterted her i then realized she didnt have a hymen. i said ur not a virgin r u. She said i am and i broke my hymen my self. i finally worked all 8 inches into her/ It felt so tight and good. She was moaning as i fucked her with long and deep strokes. i knew i wasnt going to last long and i told her i was going to cum all over her stomach. She told me no and she wanted to feel me cumming in her . I said that i cant take that chance of u getting knocked up. She said do what i want or else. I then buried my cock in her young pussy and filled her with my cum. I pulled out and watched my cum run out of her pussy. She reached down and played with her cum filled pussy. She said Rick that it was so good and this is only the beginning. I said i did what u wanted anId that should be it. She said its over when i say its over. What could i say . She had all the power. She told me that i was going to fuck her all night. i fucked her 5 times that night. Her pussy was beet red and swollen. and leaking my cum. Nothing was ever said about that night. but there was a catch . i had to fuck her when ever she wanted. We sucked and sucked my time in the next year or so. Then her sister and i broke up. but she kept her word and no one found out. I went on with my life for the next several years. I had stayed single and had my own place. Then one day there was a knock on my door. When i opened there stood a beautiful young teenage with a body to match. i reconized her right away. I told her that she had really changed in the past 4 years. I said i can see t hat and for the better. She said some things havent changed. I asked her what she meant. all she said wShe asnt that i still want u. I pulled her close and kissed her. She wisped in my ear she wanted me to make love to her. We fucked like rabbits all day. i couldnt get enough of her. To make a long story short we continued our affair until she got out of high school a couple of yrs later. She was 18 then and moved in with me. A year later we were married and still married. With 3 grown kids . We still fuck around alot

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  • Reply The Penetrator ID:30hrg0lifia

    There is nothing like fucking a 13 year old virgin!

    • incestlover91 ID:1dp4ffag4g67

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0k

      Actually there is, try your 9 year old daughter that walks in your room and demands you fuck her 6 months after your wife died then stayed in your bed for 9 years. Best daughter ever.

    • MbT ID:1ck78njowllr

      I fucked my neice at 12 she never told anyone but then she started sneaking over to my place which I didn’t live far we started having casual sex when she was 14 she was fucking a 17yr old as cover but she got pregnant at 14 by me.