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Sex education lesson

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This story is about a sex education lesson at school which turns out to be a big surprise.

It was Friday afternoon at school and our class were learning about sex education.

Our teacher Mrs Russell had asked the class for one male and one female volunteer. I put my hand up as the male volunteer and Olivia put her hand up as the female volunteer. Mrs Russell the told us that me and Olivia would be going with her someone whilst the rest of the class stayed behind. So me and Olivia got up, left the class and followed Mrs Russell to her office where she would tell us what we would be doing.

“So thanks for volunteering you 2. The reason I have brought you 2 in here is because I wanted to try out something with 2 students. We are still going to be doing sex education but with a bit of a difference. What the 3 of us are going to do, is compare our bodies with each other. So I’d like to us you 2 what do you notice is different about our bodies?”

I said: “Well I’ve got short hair, whereas Olivia and yourself have longer hair because you 2 are female and I am male.”

Olivia said: “Mrs Russell you are taller than us because you are older.”

“That’s right guys we’ll done” said Mrs Russell. “Right we are now going to compare the things which we are hiding. So can I ask you to please remove your shirts.”

I unbuttoned my shirt and Olivia unbuttoned hers until we were both topless.

“Right guys what do you notice about each others bodies now” Mrs Russell said.

“Well, we both have a chests, nipples, and a belly button. Olivia is a girl so she is growing breasts.” I said

“That’s right.” Mrs Russell said. “Olivia is growing breasts because she is a girl. Would you like to see what breasts look like once they’ve grown” said Mrs Russell.

“Yes we would”

So then to my shock, Mrs Russell took off her white top then removed her bra, revealing her big breasts and belly button.

“So you 2, these are what breasts look like once they’ve grown. As you can also see my belly button is different to yours as it’s a bit more stretched out. Why don’t you guys feel them.”

Me and Olivia then started feeling Mrs Russell breasts.
They were big and soft and I couldn’t believe that I was actually touching them.

“So now that you 2 know what breasts look and feel like once they’ve been developed, we are now going to look at what we look like without trousers on. So please remove your trousers and underwear.” Mrs Russell said.

I removed my trousers followed by my boxers, Olivia removed her trousers and knickers and Mrs Russell removed hers as well. The 3 of us were completely naked.

“Right what do you notice is different about us?” Mrs Russell said.

I replied “Well, I have penis because I am a boy whilst you 2 both have vaginas because you are girls. The difference in your vaginas is that yours Mrs Russell has hair whilst Olivia’s doesn’t.”

“That’s correct,” said Mrs Russell. “Right Olivia I’d like you to feel Lucas’s penis and tell me what it feel likes.”

Olivia started to feel my penis and responded: “It feels quite big and quite warm”

“That’s good Olivia,” said Mrs Russell. “Now Lucas is like you to feel both of our vaginas, I will feel your penis and olivia I want you to also feel my vagina and I’ll feel yours too.”

We were all touching each other’s private parts which felt good to me. I was starting to wonder what would be next.

Mrs Russell then said: “Right let’s stop touching each other for the moment and I’d like to ask both of you what you notice about Lucas’s penis now.”

Olivia replied “It’s got a lot bigger”

I replied “It’s also a lot harder”

“That’s right” Mrs Russell said. “This is known as an erection and it happens to boys when they are sexually aroused or excited. So we are now going to do what people do when they get aroused and excited. So let’s all touch each other again but this time Olivia me and you are going to rub Lucas’s penis a bit faster, and that when you are feeling inside my vagina, I want you to put a finger deep inside.”

So we had now gone from feeling each other to actually masturbating each other. I was really enjoying whilst Olivia and Mrs Russell were both starting to moan slightly. Whilst we were doing it Mrs Russell asked us if me and Olivia wanted to suck on her breasts and we said yeah. So we sucked on them and they felt amazing. Then she asked us if we wanted to kiss her on the lips and we both agreed. I couldn’t believe that I had my tongue down both their throats.

“Lucas do you think you might cum in a bit” said Mrs Russell.

“Um I think so” I replied.

“In that case, Olivia let’s get on our hands and knees and put our faces right by Lucas’s penis so we can watch him ejaculate.”

Mrs Russell and Olivia got on their hands and knees and put their faces near the tip of my penis. Mrs Russell and Olivia then started rubbing it hard until I had ejaculated. Then Mrs Russell asked Olivia to taste it with her.

“How does that taste Olivia.” Mrs Russell said

“Nice, quite warm and salty” replied Olivia.

“Good. Did you 2 have fun?” asked Mrs Russell

“Yes we did, we had loads of fun,” both of us replied.

“Good, well I’m glad that you 2 enjoyed it. So let’s all give each other one last hug and kiss, then let’s get our clothes back on and as a treat I’ll let you go home 10 minutes early” Mrs Russell said.

I couldn’t believe I got to have an experience like that with the hottest girl in my class and my sexy teacher. That was the best day of school ever!

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