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Seducing my 13 years old daughter or did she seduce me

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How all this happened about 30 years ago

My wife and I married young, I was 21 and she was 2 years older. We soon had 2 daughters about a year apart. I worked on the first shift and she worked the 2nd shift. This way usually one of us was home to take care of the children. During the work week I didn’t get much sex unless I stuck my 8 inch cock in my sleeping wife. Little better than jerking off. My oldest daughter Christina was 13 almost 14 around the time that this happened. She was about 5 feet and a half, with long blonde hair and blue eyes 34 b tits just big enough to be a handful with big nipples that stuck out when they were hard which was most of the time ⌚ didn’t sag at all. She almost never wore a bra. Slim with a flat stomach. She looked much older than she was. Many times I saw guys staring at her hot body when we were out.
The last few months I had been getting more touchy accidentally rubbing against her. Giving her hugs and kisses on the neck as my hands brushed across her tits and staying there just a little bit longer every time. She would giggle and laugh and struggle away. The last few weeks her struggles were less and less. And she was flirting with me more and more when no one was around. One night her sister was sleeping over her friend’s house and me and Christina were alone for the next 6 hours until her mother came home.
After supper I was watching the evening news sitting on the couch.
Christina came in with nothing but a panties and a wife beater tank top that was cut off just below her tits.
Daddy can you rub my neck I think hurt it in gym class today.
Sure baby I said as I slid over to the end of the couch,lay down. Instead she sat on my lap surprising me.
She leaned back looking at me just for a while okay.
As I started to massage her neck she moaned oh that’s it daddy a little lower.
As I rubbed just above the top of the back of her shirt she leaned forward and said lower and grabbed her shirt and pulled it off,as her grinding on my rock hard cock increased.
After rubbing for a few minutes she leaned back and pulled my hands forward and placed them on her tits,pressing them tightly.
Ohh God daddy that feels so good,your making me so horny. She said, I know you want to fuck me .I will if you let my boyfriend come over after school tomorrow and let me fuck him in my room. I’m not a virgin anymore, turning sideways and looking at me with those puppy dog eyes. Please daddy, I won’t tell anyone I promise, she said.
Then she stood up and turned facing me and smiled and said, look how wet you made me.
Okay I said as long as I get to fuck you too from now on.
With that she bent over and slipped her panties off and stepped out of them. I like it doggie style she said as she got on the couch on her hands and knees.
Within seconds I was on my knees behind her rubbing my cock along her hairy pussy. When I started putting the head inside of her vagina she started pushing back at the same time, moaning as she did. After three or four pumps I was balls deep in her.
Oh God daddy she said your so much bigger than randy.
I had jerked off in the shower earlier and usually was able to fuck for as long as I wanted to after that.
I grabbed her by the hips and started to slide in and out slowly. Going faster and harder as I went. She would push back when I moved forward slamming together I would feel a electric shock as are bodies collided.
In just a couple of minutes of pounding into her tight young pussy, all the while moving and moaning and groaning ohh God Yelling out faster daddy I’m gonna cum she came, her pussy clamping down as she did. I continued to pound in and out of her cunt, soon she was fucking me as hard as I was her. Yelling oh God daddy oh God I’m going to cum again. Cum in me daddy I want to feel it please hurry I can’t hold it much longer. I could feel her trembling as her orgasm started with one last thrust I held her tightly as I grunted out shooting my cum deep in her throbbing pussy.
I held onto her for a couple of minutes until my cock slipped out, I watched as my cum came out of her cunt first one bit then 2 more as it dripped on the couch.
I sat on the couch and she snuggled up to me putting her arms around me. That was so good daddy. Better than randy you made me cum twice. He cums before I do most of the time. Can we do it again before mommy gets home. And we did twice more that night. I still fuck her 30 years later and I think one of her kids is mine because she doesn’t look anything like her husband and other kids.
Fucking my preteen granddaughter next.

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    I want to Fuck u

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    I have been fucking my granddaughters for the last 6 years . They are now 16 and 15 .

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      how old are you grandpa