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Secretly sleeping with my daughter

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My wife and I have been going through tough times recently, mostly her fault, and I turned to my lovely 10 year old daughter to make me happy.

I have been having arguments with my wife for nearly 6-months now, we don’t earn a lot, we just a working class family, but my wife spends money like we’re millionaires, credit cards are maxed out every month and she’s taken out lots of high interest loans just to go out shopping and buying pointless useless shit all the time.

At around the time when we started arguing, I was in my daughter Carla’s room, she’s 10 years old, I was reading her a bedtime story and she liked it when I got under the blankets with her so she could cuddle me while I read the story.

Something unexpected happened that night, I finished the book and gave her a little kiss as I had always done before, but this time something felt different, I kissed her a second time and before I knew what I was doing, we were kissing a lot, and I ended up having sex with her in her bed, while my wife was in the room down the hall hating my guts because I yelled at her for spending again.

Carla was such a good girl, she didn’t resist, scream or cry while we were doing it, she was fine and smiling as she clearly enjoyed me fucking her little pussy, and I enjoyed her too, and I have been having sex with her on occasion for months.

Like last night.

Her mom and I had a massive argument just after midnight, I had stayed up to check our bank balance in our joint account to make sure my wages went in on time, and I was shock to see that not only had my wages gone in to our account, but just as quick it almost all went out again, creditors had taken money out of our account for repayments and I just couldn’t believe it and I confronted her about it.

As usual she didn’t feel like she was doing anything wrong, and as the argument progressed she threw me out of the bedroom, “Fuck off – You’re not sleeping in here tonight.” She yelled, slamming the door shut as she shoved me out on to the landing with a pillow.

I went downstairs, put the pillow on my chair, went in to the kitchen and got a beer, then came back, turned down the lights, sat in my chair with the pillow across my lap drinking my beer.

About half an hour later I hear a creaking step and look out in to the lit hallway, Carla had come downstairs, no doubt she was awoken by the argument between her mom and me.

She walked in to the living room and towards me, wearing her pink night-shirt, no words were exchanged between us, she smiled at me and I smiled back, she knew I was upset but she also knew that seeing here made me a little happier.

She took the pillow off my lap and placed it down on the floor by my feet, then she knelt down on top of it and began to rub her hands up and down my bare legs, I had only an old t-shirt and my boxer shorts on, she was rubbing my hairy legs.

Then she placed her hands on my knees and moved my legs apart before reached between my legs and started rubbing my cock and balls over my shorts, she had such a gentle touch and knew how to get her Daddy hard.

My heart beat increase and I took a deep breath and long exhale feeling the blood pumping in to my cock and causing it to swell inside my shorts, after about a minute I was almost fully erect and she was rubbing the length of my cock over my shorts.

She moved closer and pulled the front of my boxer shorts out and down to expose my throbbing cock, she gripped it with her soft tiny fingers and stroked it until it was fully erect, “Uf-Oah” I exhaled, she was making me feel so good.

Then she leaned between my legs and put about 2-inches of my cock in her mouth and sucked it while still rubbing and jerking on my cock, “Ug-Oah.” I gasped, she had learnt a lot from me over the last few months and she was exceptionally good at cock sucking, she could do things were her tongue that made my balls melt, just the way she swirled it around my tip was incredibly good.

I sat back, sipping my beer, and enjoyed Carla giving me a lovely slow blowjob for about 10 minutes, she’s so slow and delicate with my cock, she makes me last for ages and it just feels oh-so-good.

Then she popped her mouth off my cock, gave my balls a cheeky lick with a light giggle and then she stood up and took off her nightshirt, she was totally naked underneath, my eyes explored her skinny young beautiful body and I groaned under my breath when I look between her legs and saw her little bald pussy, “Mmmm.”

She climbed up on to my lap, straddled me and put one arm around me and gave me a kiss while reaching down with her other hand and rubbing my cock a little before rubbing my tip against her soft pussy, she guided my tip to her opening and wedge it in her slit.

Her legs began to shake and she let out stuttered moans as she very slowly lowered herself down and my cock inched inside her, “Uh – Uh – Uh – Uh.”

When it was deep enough inside her, she put both arms around me and started to very slowly bounce herself on my cock, “Oooah.” I gasped, as her pussy stretched around my girth and it went deeper and deeper in to her warm wet tight pussy, I put my arms around her and enjoyed the ride while we kissed.

She did well, she bounced for about 15 minutes before getting tired, so I helped her out by putting my hands under her soft little butt, cupping her butt cheeks in my palms and helping her to bounce on my cock, we were kissing, out lips were touching, sharing each other’s breath as we inhaled and exhaled and we moaned and gasped in to each other’s open mouths as we fucked on the chair.

“Uh – Ungh – Ooah – Mm – Uh – Ooah.”

I could feel my nuts tightening so I bounced her faster, she could feel me about to nut so she helped by slamming herself down and getting my cock inside her as deep as she could, I started thrusting up in to her as she was coming down from her bounces, and then I did it, “Ooooaaah – Oooah – G – Ooooah.” I ejaculated hard inside of her.

“Uh – Uuuh – Uh.” She moaned with a giggle, loving the feel her Daddy coming inside her.

We embraced each other and kissed for a few minutes afterwards, then she pulled herself off my cock, slid off my lap and picked up her nightshirt and put it back on, I tucked my cock back inside my boxers.

Then she said the only words that were spoken between us last night, “Night, Daddy.” And she walked out of the living room.

She stopped on the stairs to turn and give me a quick wave and then she headed up and went to bed.

I finished my beer, picked up the pillow off the floor, threw it on the couch, laid down and I then went to sleep, dreading seeing her mother in the morning for yet another argument no doubt.

Carla is the best daughter I could ever ask for, she doesn’t argue with me, treat me like shit, or spend all my money on stupid stuff, she’s a very caring and loving child who loves her Daddy very much and knows how to make me feel better.

I wish I could divorce her mother and marry my daughter instead, I do it in a heartbeat if I could.

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  • Reply Mei f15 ID:1d56eawk5krs

    My step dad loves to fuck me still. he just comes into my room out of nowhere

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    Wish I could fuck u baby

  • Reply Mick ID:1dpvfev1xq7d

    Where from

  • Reply shyla ID:1eiuxphgelmw

    my dad started fucking me at 11. my first time was in a park bathroom and he fucked me from behind. he told me it was because he was really stressed and it wouldn’t happen again. it happened the next day in my parents bed, also from behind.

    • shyla ID:1cw0507ub6xr

      19. He stopped 2 years ago and I miss it sometimes

  • Reply HornyDad4play ID:60aeri741

    Had me so hard!!

  • Reply Jason ID:2qc8xfnfxov

    Divorce your wife and take your daughter to France. Not is incest between family members legal there, you can also marry your daughter.

    • Jason ID:2qc8xfnfxov

      Sorry. Stupid iPhone keyboard. Let me resubmit. Not only is incest legal in France, you can marry your daughter.

    • Ted ID:6stx4gz49j

      Incest is legal in Italy too and the age of consent is only 14. If incest is legal then I assume marriage is also ok. Could there be anything more erotic than watching your young daughter walk down the aisle dressed all in white on her 14th birthday ready to marry you? After the reception you take her to a hotel and make love to her. Then spend the next few weeks on a romantic honeymoon where you hopefully get her pregnant.

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