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Second hand toys 6

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I am weak I went back to Katey after what she had done.

The dreams got worse and each night I was using my dildo more and more. One morning my mother came into my room and picked out my clothes to wear to school I had overslept, and she was trying to get me moving I was all too aware I was naked with my dildo still in my cunt.
I lay there hoping she would leave or at least look the other way long enough for me to remove the dildo.
I sat up and the blanket fell off of my chest. My mother looked at me and said Well your breasts are growing nicely they pretty much match each other. It is not a good look when you have uneven breasts one is bigger than the other.
I blushed and asked if I could have a moment. She told me not to go back to sleep. After she had gone, I hid my dildo. Then got dressed and went to school.
During my lunch break Jake and his friends found me. They knew where an open storeroom was and took me into it. They then had me suck them all off again.
I knew this was going to happen again unless I hid during my lunch break. As I swallowed the first load, I asked myself do I want to hide, or do I like sucking cocks?
After that I went to the toilets and washed my face. Several girls I know and some I don’t know. They were commenting on the fact I had cum on my face.
Before I could wash it off one of the older girls came over and licked my face. She turned to the others and said yes that is cum.
The following weekend I went back to Katey’s place I itched to tell her what I had done and ask for her advice. I waited for the right moment it never came. We kissed she undressed me and went down on me. She then had Rocky fuck me. She went down on me and ate dog cum from my pussy. She then put me on my back and fucked me with her strap-on dildo.
I started to believe she missed me just because I missed one weekend together.
She Then put the larger strap-on dildo on my and started riding it. stopping only long enough to have me suck on her breasts from time to time. I admit I love sucking on her tits. I would rather be doing that than suck on some cocks. Hey now that have tried both I know what I am talking about.
In the end she lay beside me kissing and hugging me until I had to get up shower and go home.
Monday I could hear people whisper and they were pointing at me. Then at lunch break Jake and his friends were waiting for me only this time there was six of them. Two more guys had joined them. So, for lunch I had a liquid diet I swallowed six loads of cum.
In my pocket I had some wipes and tried to wipe all the cum off of my face before I left the storeroom. I got most of it.
I had been worried what people would say if they knew I was lesbian. Now everybody knows me as a cock sucker.
After school I went to Jake’s to ask him to stop having his friends taking me into the storeroom at school. We went to his room, and he started kissing me. It is hard to talk when you have another person’s tongue in your mouth. His hands were all over me and he pulled my underwear down. Next thing I am sitting on the edge of his bed my legs are around him and his cock is going into my cunt. I saw his mother open and close the door she saw what was happening and just left us there fucking on his bed.
I had a sudden idea “Okay you fucked me. Now I am your girlfriend stop making me suck off of your friends.
A few days later I started to believe it was over when Jake’s friends cornered me and took me to the storeroom without Jake. there was seven of them and they removed my panties and bent me over. While one of them fucked my face another fucked my cunt.
I walked away with cum on my face and cum running down my legs. I was the school slut now.

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