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Second hand toys 5

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Once again people start passing me around just like I am their sex toys

I was still annoyed with Katey I had not been back to her place for over a week. When she called, I told her I could not get away family event. I left it like that.
I had to go back to Shelley’s house to finish the school project we had been working on. The moment her 17-year-old brother Jake saw me he got on his phone and started talking to his friends.
My first reaction. Thank God I did not have to speak to him. The image of me sucking his cock was too fresh and I was not prepared to face him so soon after the event.
Later that night I was leaving Shelley’s room and Jake stopped me he got me in his room and introduced me to his friends Simon, Glenn and Peter. He introduced me as Tammy the girl who sucked his cock.
My face turned red, and I was lost for words. Jake laughed and said they saw the whole thing on their computers we were playing call of duty, and we were talking to each other and had live video feed from each of us. So, when you came into my room and sucked me off, they saw everything.
Peter said we know you’re not Jake’s girlfriend, but could you suck our cocks too.
I looked at them and said I am more into girl-on-girl stuff. But okay.
They lined up and dropped their pants Jake was first. After I started, he kept trying to use his hands to push my face hard on his cock I almost choked a few times before he unloaded in my mouth. Simon was hard and ready after watching me suck Jake’s cock. At a guess this guy was a virgin and was very excited he did not last long. Then came Glenn his cock was bigger than the first two and he lasted longer than Simon. Then Peter was next I admit I was getting better at giving head and the taste did not bother me. I finished Peter and Jake was standing there so I started sucking his cock. I was fairly certain I had already done Jake, but I kept going anyway. Simon was next he lasted longer this time followed by Glenn and then Peter. They had just delivered two loads each. They helped me up and I walked downstairs. Shelley’s mother noticed I was still there she asked me if everything was alright. She noticed I had cum on my face. She took me into the downstairs toilet and helped me wash my face as I told her about Jake and his friends.
At that point I thought about what just happened Jake had used me and then lent me to his friends like a secondhand sex toy. Was this my fate, was I going to end up married to some loser who rents me out for sex to pay the bills or some guy who works in an office to passes me around to work mates and clients. If you sing these papers, you can fuck my wife, she will even let you do her up the arse.
I got home and went to bed dreaming of being in a bedroom and being visited by both guys and women to be used for sex. Each guy their cocks got bigger and bigger as did the strap-on dildos. At one point my cunt was so big a guy stuck his head in there and called out and listened to the echo.

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