Schools out pt 4

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My next-door neighbor, 10-yr old daughter, Laura is with me for the weekend and she is experiencing the joys of sex and transitioning into a fuck toy

10 year old Laura and I are spending the weekend at a Marriott hotel with a nice Jacuzzi while her young looking mom is in NYC on a business trip and little Laura has just lost her virginity. I’m not sure, whose orgasm was harder, hers or mine as I watched her eyes rolled back into her head, and I could feel her legs beginning to tremble and shake uncontrollably We both turned into raging animals filled with lust. I knew her pussy was going to be sore for a while because I became lost in my urges and was pounding her hard with the intent of inflicting pain. But I had planned for other fun for us. I also planned on making this a wonderful welcome to the world or sex and orgasms for Laura.

We have both fallen asleep in each other’s arms, and I think I’d become her adopted daddy in her Mind or at least a replacement for her daddy. I had brought some toys and little outfits that I thought she could model for me over the weekend, letting her have a little bit of time to heal. I had some body lotion and as she was laying in bed asleep I woke her up gently as I began rubbing her feet with lotion, massaging it in and working slowly up those sexy preteen legs. she woke up and her first words were I love you, daddy. I said I Love you too Laura. She tried to get up and I told her to stay put and enjoy this. I massaged her thighs and her quads and I could hear soft little moans coming from her lips telling me that she really liked it Massage down the sides of her hips back to her feet and I asked her to roll I spent a lot of time on those beautiful calves, and I started kissing gently hamstrings before I applied the lotion and slowly work, my thumbs up slowly on the backside of her legs to her buttocks. Before applying lotion there I begin to kiss her cheeks working my way to her ass. She didn’t try to push me away. She spread her legs, and I opened her ass cheeks, and I began to kiss and lick her little asshole. The soft cooing moans she was emitting told me all I needed to know. She loved having her ass licked and played it. I tried to work my tongue inside of her little ass at first she clenched, and then she relaxed and let me do what I could with my tongue Never had this before I like this very much daddy. I had a small vibrator that bit over my finger for her clip. I slipped it on, and I ran it over to her as I continued to lick and kiss her ass. It didn’t take her long for her orgasm to hit. Her Body tightened as her orgasm overtook her. I continue to kiss that beautiful ass for the next 20 or 30 minutes and then I’m carried on the massage upper back, caressing over that sexy white prepubescent skin I moved your hair to the side and I kissed her neck. I teased her with my cock, but I knew she was too sore for me to put it in so I refrained. Multiple times today, and I knew that she was going to also I had her rollover and I finished massaging her arms and her chest and her belly. She said daddy I gotta go pee. I said let’s go. For the toilet paper she finished and I said no, let me. She spread her for me and Her clean. She said that feels good. I said that’s what sex is supposed to be supposed to be two each other happy. She said daddy I wanna make you happy every day of my life I could not help but smile. I said it’s time for dinner So I dressed her in a little cheerleader outfit and we walked hand-in-hand to the restaurant and we enjoyed a nice dinner. I made sure she didn’t wear any underwear, and she sat by me in a booth, and my hand was on that hot, wet pussy quite a bit I would take my thumb and my finger, and I would squeeze the skin around her clit, clumping it together with her clit in the middle and I would gently massage her clit indirectly. I didn’t know she was gonna be able to come like that or not, but she got so wet I think she would’ve cum but our meal came first and I had to quit. As we were eating, it was my cock through my pants and she did a good job at doing that I was really hard even though I’m 60 years old it’s been a while since I’ve have been so excited that my precum stained my pants after soaking thru my underwear she managed to get my slacks Wei with my own precum. She whispered, I wish I could drink it all up I said later, sweetheart, later

After dinner, we went back to our room, and I had brought my computer with some porn of young girls and older guys, and I thought that we could watch it together Laura really enjoyed watching porn It was the first time she’s ever seen it The old men were fat and she giggled about that and said I’m glad you’re in shape, daddy. Laura’s eyes got big as she watched this one girl not just suck this man’s dick but was deep throating it. Laura looked at me and said daddy how does she do that? I said you know it probably takes a little practice About 15 minutes later, another girl was doing the same thing, but this time she was making that gurgling gagging noise that really turns me on. Laura asked, is she going to throw up? I said if she does, I’m sure he’s OK with it That sound she is making is awesome. I said it really excites me. Laura said I would like to try to take all of you, daddy in my mouth Does it go down my throat, daddy? I said yes, and we will practice and practice and practice until you get it Will that make you happy daddy? I said that would make me very happy She said I wanna make you happy that’s all I ever want to do. This was the longest I’ve ever ever watched porn without actually cumming, and I was fucking horny!

I turn off the computer and I said would you like to try now and she said yes daddy I’d love to try now. The next thing I know she is devouring my cock and gagging and making all kinds of sexy sounds, and then my phone rings Both Laura and I look at each other. We know that it could be my wife or it could be her mom or potential spam. I answer the phone and it was Laura’s mom. She was telling us that the plane had made it and she was at her hotel and she was very tired and she wanted to check on Laura and say good night. I handed the phone to Laura and she said hi mommy, love you and then immediately went back to sucking my cock and pumping my shaft with her hand while holding the phone with her hand to her ear Listening to her mom. Laura said, with my cock in her mouth, to her mom uh huh to something Stephanie asked her. Laura eventually had to take my cock out mouth and when she did she made a little popping sound as my cock came out of her mouth and said don’t worry, mom, Bob and I are having a lot of fun I could hear Stephanie reiterate to her that she needs to be a good girl for me and do everything that I ask her to do or she would be in big trouble when her mom got home Laura said I’m being a good girl, I’m going to do everything that Bob asks me to do Then Laura said something that really scared the hell out of me She said mommy, you know he’s cute right? Stephanie didn’t say anything right away and then she said he is handsome isn’t he? Laura said I think we should have him over for dinner Stephanie said well that would be him and his wife Oh yes, I forgot about her I took the phone and I said it’s almost bedtime here. Thank you for calling. I’m glad your flight got in safely. Feel free to call and check in on us anytime you want She asked if my wife made it back yet and I said oh hours ago and then Stephanie asked to talk to her. I said she’s already gone to bed. I’m sorry we’re headed that way too. Stephanie said OK I guess next time I hang up the phone before I said word to Laura her mouth was back on my cock, sucking it hard and the look in her eyes was so delightfully evil! God she’s a sweet girl.

I said come up here Laura and she reluctantly stop sucking my cock and said what daddy? I said do you know what 69 is? She shook her head no. I said let’s find out what it is together I lay on my back, and I told her to put her knees on either side of my head and lower her pussy on my face which she does immediately and then I tell her to lay down on my stomach, my cock and start sucking it. I have free access to both her ass and her pussy with my mouth, and I begin to lick her little butt, and then I began to probe the inside of her pussy with my tongue. She taste so good! She has the smallest clit in the world But I put my lips around it, and I begin to suck on it and run my tongue over and over and over it. Slide into and I find her spot and I apply pressure. I can tell she’s really getting close and so am I She frantically begins to suck harder on my cock, jacking me off with her hands with her mouth firmly clamped around my head I can tell she’s coming because her taste changes slightly I love the taste of a woman when she orgasms It’s not long before I am pumping my cum into her 10 yr old mouth. She takes her hands and she makes my shaft pushing what will come might still be in there up and out into her mouth and she swallows it all. She turns around and we’re facing each other. She’s still lying on my stomach. My hands have gone to her sweet little ass in the back of her head and she kisses me our tongues meet. I can taste my cum in her mouth, and I know she can taste her own juices on my lips. Oh Daddy, I don’t want this to ever end.

I told her it’s late and we needed to get to bed because in the morning, which is Saturday morning, I’m going to introduce her to more pleasures. I ask her if she’s ever heard about anal sex and she says no daddy I haven’t I said we will Watch some porn. And we can begin to practice I did tell her it was going to be painful She let it slip that her little friend and her daddy have been having anal sex and she said I know my friend said it hurt really bad This friend has been having sex with her daddy since age 8. I said, text her and see if she is still up Laura gets her phone and sends a text message to her and sure enough her friend is still up and they have a 20 minute conversation about anal sex Her friend told her it really really hurts bad but her dad really loved it and after about two or three weeks, she got used to it and now loves it almost as much as regular sex Laura, seemed happy about this. Laura put her phone away and asked me to lick her ass one more time before we go to bed I can’t say no to my little girl I was gentle, loving, lick it over and over and over and then played with her little ass I had a different vibrator this time and I put it on her clit. It was a little stronger than the last vibrator. As I was probing her asshole with my tongue, I felt her beginning to orgasm. I could tell this is very intense orgasm as her body starts to shake and quiver again that’s one thing I love about Laura Orgasms are so strong it takes over her entire body and she loses control, I wrapped my arms around her waist, pushing my face deeper into her ass and pressing harder on her clit with the vibrator. It must’ve lasted a full minute. Laura collapses Her little body, trembling and sweating. She says good night, daddy, I love you, thank you for making me feel so good I always wanna make you feel good .

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    What were the outfits that you’d got for her to wear?

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    Hallo Bob du hast davon gesprochen das Laura dich gefragt hat ob das Mädchen im Film sich beim Deep Throten übergeben hat oh ja lass sie sich über den Schanz übergeben

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    I love this nothing wrong with it we all make mistake some time writing none of us are perfect.

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    Need to involve her friend too

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    I would like to apologize, there are parts in here that I thought I had proofread, but apparently I didn’t. My voice to text will always default to the word clip when I originally said clit. Voice to text also left out several words and I’m sorry that you guys had to try to figure that out I am educated, but sometimes I’m writing a story as I’m driving and even though I think I proofed it, I find out that my proofreading skills are lacking I will do better