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Schools out pt 3

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10 year old Laura has Discovered the joy of orgasms and can’t get her little fill. Stephanie, her mom, a lawyer, as a business trip and will be gone

Early Friday morning I get a knock at the door, but I’m ready for this one. I’m dressed appropriately and answer the door with a big smile greeting Stephanie and her 10 yr old daughter, Laura. Stephanie could not thank me enough for watching her, she said even if she went with me, I wouldn’t be able to provide supervision and New York City is a scary place. She would have to stay at her dads and that’s not a good idea ever. I said not a problem. First time I actually met Stephanie, she was younger way younger than what I thought she’d be. I assume she’d be around 30. Being a lawyer and all, but she looked not a day over 25 Which means she got knocked up at age 15, but I could be wrong about the ages Like she had long black hair and beautiful green eyes, but unlike Laura oh my God, she had 36 DD breasts and a tight sexy ass. Stephanie asked me if my wife was OK with this and I said of course she is. Stephanie asked to meet her but I said she has not made it back yet but she should be back within the hour. . I didn’t say where she was or why she was gone nor did Stephanie ask. She just excepted at face value that she wasn’t there. Stephanie offered to pay me. I said please don’t insult a neighbor and a friend like that even though this was my first time actually meeting her. Stephanie turned with a very stern look to Laura and said you do what Mr. Bob says. Do you hear me? Whatever he tells you to do you do! do you understand me? I could see Laura trying to hide the biggest smile in the world as she Shook her head, yes.

Stephanie hug Laura and told her to be a good little girl and then she ran to her automobile as her flight left at 9:00 AM. I texted her to make sure she made it to the airport and that her flight was on time because I didn’t want any surprises I asked her to please call me when she lands in New York just so Laura would know that her mom made it safely and she agreed

I looked at Lauren and I said we have a very romantic and sexy weekend together I had booked us a room at the Marriott hotel I left a note on the kitchen table, telling my wife that I was at a band directors convention getaway in Little Rock, Arkansas Just in case she came home and noticed I was gone lol Little Laura was already hugging me, and caressing my hard cock through my pants I said, sweetheart, there’s plenty of time. You’re going to be so fucking sore that you’re gonna have a hard time walking and just giggled at me. She told me about her friend who lost her virginity when she was eight and she had been talking to her a little bit about possibly losing her virginity, but didn’t mention me Her friend said almost word for what I had just said. I had a few clothes already packed, and Laura already had her clothes packed for her little stay.

Laura and I got in the car and it was a perfect date. We had breakfast together in a corner booth, touching each other and giggling as we groped each each other like teenagers. People commented on what a wonderful beautiful grandchild I had. I so wanted to tell them that she was my lover. We left And then we got to the hotel room. I carried the bags and I had booked a room with a Jacuzzi.

I had purchased some orange juice and vodka, and I poured myself a screwdriver and I also picked up some grape flavored beer for Laura. No sense in trying to secretly drug her as she was open to all of this We got in the hot tub, and the Jets were on, and I lifted her little body up as if she was afloat on top of the water. Her eyes looking up at the ceiling and I placed her pussy in front of one of the jets and asked her to open her legs. She opened them very widely, and I made sure that the Jets hit her clit. I could hear her moaning and could feel her little body start humming and vibrating as she was going to experience an orgasm in a different way. It didn’t take long and her arms wrapped around my neck and she bit my neck and my ear and said oh fuck daddy yes! I held her in place as the first orgasm subsided, and she had a second one very quickly. I so wanted her to be a multi orgasmic After the second one rocked her body, her body just relaxed into my arms as we sat in the Jacuzzi together I poured her a beer and I sat there sipping my screwdriver in the hot tub together. Laura asked me if my wife had come back home and I said not yet. Laura said I hope she never comes back home and part of me had to agree with that. Laura said that she really enjoyed sucking my cock because it’s been a long time I said a long time? She said yes, she used to suck her daddy’s cock until their mommy caught them together and that’s why they divorced. I asked how old she was when she first sucked on her daddy’s cock and Laura said she was about five The Thought of that sweet little mouth sucking on her daddy’s cock got my cock raging hard very quickly Laura asked if I was going to fuck her now I said not yet. I want you to drink the rest of your beer and tell me how you feel. She guzzled it down and said horny She was ready and so was I

We got out of the jacuzzi and Laura got her a second beer. She leads me to the bed and I put a couple of pillows underneath her butt, and I also put a towel down over the pillows because I didn’t want to get things stained with her little blood I rubbed my cock Against her 10 yr old clit. She said daddy I’ve been fingering myself like you asked, and I’m ready for your cock I rubbed my cock up and down her little slit some more And she was so slippery wet. She moaned and purred and said oh daddy oh daddy, please take me make me yours I didn’t need any lubricant whatsoever. My head slipped in and encountered her hymen and with one hard push. I broke through and the momentum pushed me balls deep into the tight hottest sexiest pussy there ever was. She screamed and I remain still buried deep inside I was letting that initial shock wear off plus her pussy had a vice grip hold on me. God it felt so good. I was so hard, and there was no way in the world that this experience could get any better. I looked down and I see a little tears coming out of her eyes. I bent over and I kiss them away and then I kissed her like a lover I tell her how beautiful and how sexy she is and how good she feels on my cock. She said she wasn’t expecting it to hurt so bad but it’s better now so I began to slowly pump in and out of her Every movement elicited a response from her body and her vocal cords it was heaven I told her to reach down and rub her clit. She started rubbing her clit And her little hips were bucking, wanting more of my cock.

I turned into a raving beast, as an animalistic fever sat in. I was pumping her as hard as I could. I wanted to split her pussy into. I wanted to destroy her pussy marking it as mine! I lost track of her pleasure and focused on only mine With Every thrust I was bottoming out in her. She was in a lot of discomfort, but she too turned into an animal and started yelling. Fuck me, daddy fuck me hard. It was so fucking intense. She was rubbing her clit hard and fast, and I felt her pussy spasm, and I didn’t think it possible, but her pussy tightened even harder on my cock. I started coming and she could fill my hot seeds spray into her. I looked into her face. It was almost as if she was possessed, her eyes were rolled back into her head showing only the whites of her eyes and I’m sure I had the same look on my face, but I didn’t care. We were both at that moment nothing more than two animals lusting after the thrill of the best sex I have ever had.

That was the hardest I have ever come with anyone in my entire life Laura was very special to me I could feel my cock losing its erection, but I could also feel her pussy holding onto it for dear life. God, that was amazing. I cleaned up What blood there was. She was laying on the bed panting I leaned over and I said you’re a woman now and she smiled

I suggested we both take a little nap so we would have plenty of energy for the rest of the day. She agreed, we got back in the Jacuzzi and washed off. She sat on my lap, and my cock slid inside of her. Very very tight fit once she got it in her arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me and she said I missed you daddy. Never leave me. Please never leave me again. I held her and she whispered I love you, daddy. I said after our nap we will eat and have more fun. I had brought in a couple of suitcases that had nothing but toys in it. All of a sudden she was a 10 year old child when she heard the word toy and I said not exactly those kind of toys more like adult sex toys She became very, very excited I can’t wait to see her, wearing an anal plug or in some sexy lingerie or other toys that I bought her and the bondage toys that I was going to put her little pussy through making her come until she begs me to stop and then continuing for another hour or so After all her mom Told her to do whatever Bob said. Will put that to the test in the next installment But I think she’s going to like it.

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  • Reply Stella ID:3k40n6rp6i9

    I’m so hot after reading all the parts to your story so far! Will there be more?
    I also love reading everyone else’s comments, obviously I’m not the only one gets horny at reading this stuff. I’d love to chat
    [email protected]

    • Bob In Tulsa ID:qzzfdnwljqh

      Yes, I’ve already submitted part four but for whatever reason, they have not published it and it’s been like three days so I’m gonna have to rewrite it.

    • oh yes ID:yv8afmsq

      the stories and comments can go hand in hand in making one cum so fucking hard. I agree.

  • Reply Charlie ID:2px1ogp2gdh

    Great story I hope there is more to come I read all of them and jacked off twice to each story

  • Reply sexaddict ID:8pt2lwp8rj

    Love the part where he picks up the young girl in the hot tub and holds her clit up to the water jets. Such an amazing thing to envision, made me rock hard. Outside the box sexual actions with children, you know? I bet she loved it and that’s why he ended up fucking and cumming inside the kids preteen puss

    • Bob In Tulsa ID:qzzfdnwljqh

      In real life I have a hot tub and have done just that with adult girlfriends. Never ever fails

  • Reply Zoe ID:p8t65r209

    Omg you came inside her!! Is she going to be pregnant? What if her mum finds out?!

    • Bob In Tulsa ID:qzzfdnwljqh

      Too young right now and spoiler alert mom will enjoy my company in the future

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Next chapter please

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0k

    Best feeling in the world when a young girl after a huge orgasm looks you in the eyes and says she loves you. I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing that.