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Schools out part 2

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10 yr old Laura is home alone for the summer while mom works and she loves her neighbors dogs and also Bob who she now calls daddy.

The next morning 10 yr old Laura was up before her mom fixing her breakfast making coffee in an attempt to hurry her mom out the door. Laura learned yesterday how good an orgasm was and she wanted to learn more. Laura’s mom, Stephanie, thought this was sweet and didn’t think anything of it in an unusual way. So it was just another day for Stephanie who worked as a lawyer and off to court she went and Laura in her haste put on a sundress and flipflops and ran over to my house.

I’m a middle school and high school band director and I was out for the summer. The wife was gone to her daughters as she was angry with me but refused to tell me what I had done. I just love it when she plays stupid games. Anyway the doorbell started incessantly ringing intermixed with frantic knocking. The dogs alerted me to a visitor and I got up out of bed wearing just my boxers and went to the door. My cock hardened when I saw it was Laura. I opened the door and she bolted in hugging me and feeling my cock pressing in to her budding chest. “I missed you daddy”. I missed you too Laura. Just getting up I needed to brush my teeth and pee. She followed me into the bathroom and watched in fascination as she saw me pee. “Is that what you put in my tummy yesterday?” I said no baby. I put my soerm and cum Into your tummy yesterday. When I finished Laura said “let me clean you daddy”. Next thing I knew she was licking and sucking my cock and damn I got hard.

She giggled thinking to herself “I did that! I made a grown man happy”. She grabbed my cock and led me to the bedroom. I could not help but smile. Laura stripped off her sundress and kicked off her flip flops and jumped on the bed with her legs wide open and said “daddy eat me like yesterday”. I obliged. While her hymen was intact I was able to get one finger inside her. She gasped as she felt the penetration. I pulled it out and put it to her lips and she opened and sucked my finger clean. I returned to my mission, and i am eating the most delicious pussy in the universe, she wrapped her legs around my head Locking me in place as her orgasm overtakes her.

We lay in bed together, she’s rubbing her hands over my cock and my balls, and I smell her sweet hair. I say, Laura, I wanna fuck you. “Like the dogs?” She asked as she saw them fucking each other and thought they were fighting on her first time visit to my home. I said yes Laura said “ It looked like they were fighting, but did they like it?” I told her that sometimes sex can be so great that our inner beast comes out. Sort of like when you clamped your legs around my head just a little while ago. “Oh did I hurt you?” No. You didn’t and then I told her I would never hurt her But the first time can be painful at first, but it gets much better. I promised her that she would love it by the end of the summer and every day. She smiled at me and said “ Daddy, I want you come in my tummy every day and I want you to bring me to an orgasm every day if it makes you happy to put your cum in my pussy then I want that too”. “ I know the first time hurts. One of my school mates fuck her daddy. She loves it now, but she said that for a few times were very, very, very painful, but she also doesn’t regret it.” I told her I would make all the plans and arrangements and that we just needed a little bit of time because I didn’t wanna have to run her off. She said how much time? I said maybe a day or two I also told her that we could have some adult beverages that might help with the pain. She liked that idea.

We played a little bit more and I begin to lick her ass and she loves that I told her I would buy her a bunch of different toys for us to use on each other She was excited But she had to get back home because it was lunchtime and her mom would be back for lunch soon For At least 30 minutes, we kissed, bit and fondled each other, frenching each other deeply. Laura says I don’t want to go I tell her she has to for now She looks disappointed, but understands. I watch as she dresses and walks slowly out the door. The sun is catching her just try and I can see her beautiful legs a little ass and she walks across the street to her home.

She shows back up at 2 o’clock after her mom leaves to go back to the courtroom and she’s happy Laura said “my mom is going to NyC Friday And wanted to know if I wanted to go with her and I said no I don’t.” Laura then said My mom wanted to know who would watch me while she was gone. I suggested you, daddy.” What did your mom think about that idea? “ my mom knows you are a band Director and she knows that you’re out for the summer and that you’re married and she thought that would be a wonderful idea if I packed my bags and came over and spent the night with you Friday night Saturday night and Sunday night and maybe Monday night.” I told Laura we would get a nice hotel room for the two of us and this weekend and she would lose her virginity.

we celebrated again with mutual oral orgasms That little girl taste perfectly nice! I suggested that Laura Effinger herself between now and Friday night to get herself a little bit more ready for me and she said she would Stephanie‘s flight leaves at 9 o’clock in the morning and I will have the sweet young girl all to myself with mother‘s consent for a long weekend!

There will be a part three

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  • Reply Stella ID:3k40n6rp6i9

    Love the story but please go slower with the sex scenes, and more detail of everything.
    I wish I had a “daddy” growing up, I was always touching myself from very young age but nobody to teach me.
    [email protected]

  • Reply Zoe ID:p8t65r209

    I want to clean a grown man’s cock after he pees or cums and make him happy too! And then as a reward he will put some sperm in my tummy too

    • puss10212 ID:8pt2lwp8rj

      me and my 11yo daughter are in love and have lots of hot sex. Would love you to join us for a 3some. Would be hot as fuck, no?

  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Next part please

  • Reply JusttAPerv ID:72yt3emoi9

    Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

    • fuckyesss ID:7dpoebadv2

      im gonna cum so fucking hard as soon as he writes about popping that kids bald 10yo virgin puss. I hope he cums deep inside her kid-pussy

  • Reply N ID:1dgwcbx7xpup

    Can’t wait for part 3

  • Reply GrimCreeper540 ID:3eeyha56v9c

    This has been a great story so far!

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Can’t wait for part 3