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Schools out

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My 10 year old neighbor, Laura, is out for summer vacation and finds life at home boring while her parents are at work. She craves companionship.

Laura is absolutely the hottest 10 yr old girl in all of Tulsa and she is my next door neighbor. When she was 6 she would always run and wrap her arms around my leg whenever she saw me outside. Her mom thought it was cute. Might have thought differently if she knew Laura had the power to make my 55 year old cock come to life. Laura was my ultimate fantasy for 4 years. She had long straight black hair down almost to her waist. Small budding breasts but not big enough for a trainer bra yet. She had green eyes and a wonderful smile.

June 5th of 2024 changed my life forever. Like usual her mom went to work. Now divorced her dad is living in NY and Laura is home alone. About 15 minutes after her mom left for work my doorbell rang. My wife is pissed at me again and refuses to tell me why. So she went to stay with her daughter for a while. I opened the door in my bathrobe as it was like 8 am. I looked down and saw Laura. I smiled and invited her in and asked what’s up? She said it’s boring at my house so I thought I would come over and play with your dogs. I said sure. I go back to bed as I trust Laura and my dogs. In about an hour she came running into my bedroom saying come quick they are fighting.

I got up quickly not putting on my robe. Just my underwear and ran into the living room. I said Laura they are not fighting they are mating. I could tell by her look that she had no idea what I was talking about. I said Laura it’s like this. They love each other very much and they’re trying to have baby puppies this she understood. We watched for a while and giggled. I said sex is fun to do. Then she asked me, is that the way people make babies too? I said yes and asked her if she knew anything about sex

She shook her head no. I asked, would you like to learn? The Biggest sweetest smile came across her face. By now, I am very hard and realizing it’s pretty evident that I’ve got a Boner as I only have my underwear on I said you’re kinda young so we might not want to tell your mom just yet I’ll teach you if you can agree to not tell. Laura said there’s a lot of things mommy doesn’t know and she’ll never know. It is my turn to smile.

I said before we have sex, we have to touch each other and I reached for her hand. I ran my fingers lightly up her arms kissing her fingers and then I ran my fingers through her hair for the first time and then touching her neck and shoulders. I could tell she relaxed as her eyes were halfway closed. I took her hand and I put it on my chest. She ran her hand through my hairy, chest feeling my peck muscles and noticed my nipple got hard. She giggled.

I said the next thing is to kiss each other, and she quickly moved closer and gave me a little peck on the lips. I said that’s nice but I said sometimes when people like each other, they kiss a little bit longer. I cupped the back of her head and I pulled her to me and I said close your eyes and she did and I kissed her. Our lips met and I pushed my tongue in her mouth. She opened, excepting my tongue and our tongues played. We did that for five seconds and then we broke the kiss she said wow that was amazing. I
said Remember not to kiss family members like that, just me. She giggled and said OK We kissed again this time I kissed down her neck to her little chest, and then I pulled her tank top off of her. She raised her arms and it came right off. I laid down on the bed and I said why don’t you lay on top of me and her chest and my chest touched each other and I suggest that she kisses my neck and she does and begins to lick it. I love it. She’s taking to this naturally and I love it. I keep Telling her that what she is doing feels so good and she keeps kissing me and licking me. She’s getting into it and I squeeze her little bottom pulling her closer to me and I hear a soft moan escape her lips.
We roll over, her hair is spilled all over my pillow. I look into her beautiful green eyes, and I tell her how beautiful and how sexy she is. I Kiss down her neck and I find her little nipples and I run my tongue over them and I suck them very gently,, Her hands are in my hair and I can tell that she’s breathing a little bit more rapidly and quickly I kiss down to her belly Where I kiss her belly button. I Kiss a little lower and I gently start taking off her elastic cotton red shorts. And her cute little white underwear She doesn’t put up a flight I pull them off of her and I throw them in the corner Then I kiss my way down to her pussy It is so wet and smells so good. I run my tongue into her little slit She automatically spread her legs for me, and I can hear her soft moans, of pleasure

She is a virgin and her hymen is intact. She has the absolute tiniest little clit I have ever seen in my life. But as I run my tongue over it, I could hear it was incredibly sensitive and providing lots of pleasure I was going to give his little girl her very first orgasm I centered my tongue on that beautiful little clit And I slowly started applying more and more pressure and I felt her hips push into my face, her butt raised off the bed and I heard her moaning loudly and I heard her saying yes yes yes yes more more more yes more After about 30 seconds her orgasm subsided. I came up and I kissed her running my fingers over her slit.

She asked me what was that? I told her that was an orgasm and I’d like to give her more if that was OK with her and she shook her head eagerly yes. Now it’s time for you to help me feel good and she said ok whatever you want she said. I pulled my underwear off and laura saw her first penis, there was pre-cum all over the head. She reached out to touch it and said oh it’s so slippery. I said taste it and She put her fingers to her mouth and she said oh my God that tastes good. Without any encouragement, she went down and started, licking the head of my cock, and she took the head of my cock into her small little mouth and sucked. She used her teeth. I had to educate her about that, but she got it. Oh my God she’s a good little cocksucker much much better than my wife, better than both of my wives for that matter.

She tried to take all of me into her mouth, but she could only get it a few inches in. I could feel my head hitting the back of her throat and she gagged a little bit. That sound is so sexy.

She pulled her head up and asked how was that? I said it was incredibly good, but I haven’t had my orgasm yet please keep sucking me until I do and when I do come in your mouth I need you to swallow everything that I give you as my cum is a gift of love to you. It would be rude to spit it out. Always swallow what I give you. She smiled and she said I’ll swallow everything you give me daddy. She hat came as a shock to me but it made me even harder.

As she was sucking my cock, I put her hand on my shaft and taught her how to stroke it. I told her how Good it felt. I wanted to enjoy this for a long time, but I knew her little mouth was getting tired. After about 12 minutes. I couldn’t help myself. I started coming deep into her mouth. She was shocked as I could see it in her eyes, and then she remembered to swallow and she started swallowing as fast as she could. I taught her how to use her little fists wrapped tightly abound the base of the shaft and applying pressures with her thumbs on the bottom side of my cock and her finger on the top side squeezing the remainder of my cum up the shaft and into her mouth She did great and wanted more.

She came up to kiss me and I could smell my cum on her breath oh my God that was so sexy, and we kissed tasting each others love juices as I still had the taste of her pussy in my mouth.

Laura asked me to Give her one more orgasm before she had to leave. I looked at the clock and I couldn’t believe we played in each other’s arms for a three hours kissing on each other touching and teasing. Her mom would be home for lunch soon and Laura had to be back home.

. Let me do it a differently this time. I started eating her perfect hairless virgin pussy, god it tasted sooo so good and then I licked her ass. I licked her ass over and over and over I told her to get on her knees with her ass in the air. I Grabbed my wife’s magic wand made by Hitachi and I turned it on, and I put it directly on her clit while I licked her ass and pussy over and over and then she started. Her entire body started to shake. She was having a full body orgasm and She squirted all over the bed. I loved it. This orgasm lasted at least twice as long as the first one. when it was over she collapsed forward onto the bed and I heard her whisper with her little lips say in a weak voice I love you daddy.

I had to get around and go to work. I didn’t really care if my wife came home or not but for the rest of that summer, we met every morning as soon as her mom pulled out the driveway. When my wife was home, I would meet her at her house and play in her mom’s bed and use her mom’s toys on her and my wife wasn’t home. She would come over to my bedroom.

Weekends were hard oh my God we were so horny on Monday and I was filled with cum and lust.
There will be a part 2

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  • Reply cute girl next door ID:3ywnlf2hl

    good story, i had a little girl from next door every time she saw me she would run to me and hug my leg and i would pick her up and get kisses and more hugs. this went on for a few years she would come over and chat for hours and get more kisses and hug she couldn’t get enough attention. i day she slipped in to the fish pond feeding them so in to the house she took her shorts and top off all on her own, dried her off and she wanted to run around naked. i think this great, next she sit by me and says will you get naked too i said only if she never tells anyone ever. she said yes so we started kissing and hugs again. she is laying on me now and i get hard she starts humping me and says that feels good. i said well i can show you something that feels better. i got her to lay on her back then opened her pussy lips and licked her clit till she was panting and going oh oh oh. she liked that then i said i will rub my dick on your pussy she said i know about sex stuff this girl is only ten years old. she says if you put it in me i will have a baby i said you are to young for that just yet. she said ok put it in me and we had sex her first time and she wants to do it more. i fucked her all summer till school started

  • Reply Zoe ID:p8t65r209

    Laura learnt so fast! I’m 14 and a lot older than her so i already know everything. Does cum taste good? I wish i could swallow or taste it

    • John ID:5unpw1e20i

      I mean if you really want too I’m free

  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Something to do when my school is out for summer

  • Reply Adam ID:1e8m40zyhzcu

    The rest of the summer has not happened yet lol
    In the story you said happen June 5 2024 😆😆 prove read them 😂😂

  • Reply Damuss ID:37gcz52wt0j

    Yeah that’s awesome. Just came all over the place thinking of that warm little mouth

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0i

    Nice story and most def loved it. Times like these are the most special times and you will never forget

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Can’t wait for part 2

  • Reply Sammy Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Can’t wait for part 2

  • Reply Big dick daddy ID:1dg5eudsxqay

    Great story can’t wait for part 2

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    Sweet story