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School field trip

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Driving for a field trip of 5th graders I get a very pleasant surprise and gift when two 11 year old’s are sent to the bus for bad behavior

I gotta give a big thanks to the 5th grade teacher that asked me to drive the bus for her field trip. Not to mention her sending a couple misbehaving girls to wait in the bus… I usually don’t just wait in the bus but this event didn’t interest me so when she asked I figured sure why not …. they could sit in the back quietly…

What she didn’t tell me was why the two 11 year old’s got sent to the bus…. but they didn’t mind telling me … after a few minutes on the bus they both moved to the front and started talking to me…. “So Mr Dave … did they tell you why we’re here?” “Just that you misbehaved …. aren’t you suppose to sit in the back?” “I guess… but the view is better up here … isn’t it?” Looking up in my mirror I see both girls had opened their shirts …. not much to see … only small bumps that might grow into tits someday … both shirts pulled back to almost show their nipples … but when they saw me look they both flashed their nipples … tiny red nips poking our from quarter sized aerolas…

“(cough..cough )Hey .. it’s not that hot in here … you ah .. you should cover up those and button up” The taller of the two Janet, leaned forward and whispered hotly in my ear … “If you join us in the back we’ll tell you … and maybe even show you why we’re in trouble” .. she squeezed my shoulder and both girls headed to the back … watching them in my mirror I could see just how small and tight their skirts were and how they hugged their small heart shaped butts. I cant denie seeing their nips and tight asses had an effect on me and I could feel my dick chub up … not full on boner but enough to make me adjust my dick in my pants. As soon as I did it I heard laughing from the girlsl.. looking up both were watching me …. “You need help with that Dave?” “Come back here … we’re good at helping with a lot of things” then laughing again.

I new it was a mistake and I had no intentions towards them but I went back to talk to them about how they were acting and didn’t want to holler …. they looked at each other and scooted back in opposite seats laughing… “Here he comes…. looks like we may have our fun after all” teased Janet … “Oh goody … I’m about to bust” “Ladies… you seem to be playing a dangerous game here … ” I told them… “is this what happened inside?” … Sue answered .. “Nope … we got caught doing BJs in the boys bathroom” I was shocked but not suprised based on their behavior “How old are you girls 10 11?” “11” they both answered …. “Dad said that we’re both women now” “Because your 11?” “No silly because we both did it with him”

“Whoa … Whoa … Whoa … your father? … This is too much for you to be telling anyone .. especially me .. you know I would be required to report this?” “Well yeah, I did” said Sue “But we hoped if we did something for you that you wouldn’t” looking at them both they raised their skirts showing me two lovely almost bald pussies “and from what I see you might be interested” they both were looking at my bulge “Come on Dave…. daddy left town two weeks ago … we’re both really needing what you got” “Janet! … I’m sorry about what you see but it just isn’t gonna happen” “Come on Dave .. you haven’t really showed us anything yet… come on .. show us .. please … just a peek..” “Yeah” added Sue “Just a peek”

I looked out the bus windows … no one around … check the time .. still an hour until we leave …. “Oh shit, I’m gonna burn in hell for this” I began to unzip my pants … and both girls started clapping … as soon as I unzipped and opened my pants both preteens were on their knees reaching for the bulge in my boxers. Janet wanted to pull my dick out thru my boxers but Sue had other ideas … she grabbed my boxers and pulled them and my pants to my ankles “Oh yeah … that’s what I need” “Shit Sue he’s bigger than your dad!” Janet had her small hand wrapped around my shaft … “yesssss…. and I need it” she joined Sue in holding my dick and began stroking me to full firmness …. Sue then leaned in and placed her lips around my crown…. her lips stretched to take me in … I could feel her tongue swirl around me as she took my shaft into her mouth … meanwhile Janet’s hand continued to stroke my shaft and hefted my balls.

“Yes … suck my dick you little slut ..” I began stroking my shaft deeper into her and felt it touch her throat … surprised at the lack of gag reflex she pushed me into her throat deeper until I saw her throat swell … then pulling back her saliva dribbled down her chin as she let me fuck her face … Janet moved behind me and didn’t hesitate to kiss my ass cheeks then spread them and run her tongue along my star … then push her tongue into my ass … “God your dirty little things” I didn’t know which way to move … into the preteen mouth or back onto the slim tongue pushing into my ass….

“I’m gonna cum … soon ” I held Sue’s head and fucked her face harder … while Janet switched her tongue for her fingers and searched for my prostate … fucking my ass quickly … and finding my prostate … no sooner did she touch it then I felt my balls draw up … my dick swelled in Sue’s throat and I began shooting cum straight into her her stomach … then pulled back and filled her mouth … still cumming while it dripped from her mouth …. I pulled Janet around front and finished shooting my cum on both of their faces

I stood over both of these little girls with my cum on their faces… the taste of my ass and cum in their mouths… I reached down and stroked both of their heads and cheeks … catching my breath .. I again glanced outside …. “Oh Hell! … they are coming back early” I stepped back from the girls and pulled up my pants … “You’ve got to be quick… clean up … open the windows …” “But Dave we didn’t … ” “Sorry, maybe we can try again later… now hurry…” I made my way to the front got some paper towels and wiped my face and cleaned off any cum stains I could find …. Glancing in my mirror I saw the girls licking my cum from each others face … I know I shouldn’t but decided right then that given the chance I would , no will fuck them both…

Seeing the other kids and teacher approaching the bus I started it up and kicked my AC and fans on high right as the teacher knocked on the door … I opened it and again glanced to the back … both girls were sitting calmly in their seats smiling…. When we got to the school everyone got off except Sue and Janet and their teacher … “Ladies, go straight to the principals office when you get inside … but first you both owe Mr Dave an apologize and a thank you for watching you while the rest of us had a good time” she then turned and proceeded them off … Both young girls looked to see the teacher was not watching then leaned … and loud enough for the teacher to hear apologized and shook my hand … but when I looked in my hand I had two tiny pairs of panties … I closed my hand to hide them and looking to the girls both had big grins … “I’ll hold you to your promise to finish this .. soon!” whispered Sue and then turned and left.

A couple days later I heard that both girls had been suspended from school for two weeks for their incident in the museum field trip ….. and nothing came from my misdeeds on my bus … so I dodged a bullet there and swore that I would never to anything like that again …. or so I thought… After my morning route I usually go home and do various chores …. until I go back 6 hours later … Imagine my surprise when shortly after getting home I get a guest at my door …. When I opened the door there stood 11 year old Sue … my heart stopped beating and I looked around outside to be sure no one else was watching , parents or cops … “Ugh .. hi Sue … what can I do for you.”

“Well to start you could let me in before anybody sees me here” and she pushed past me into my house … again I scanned the outside and saw no one. I closed the door and turned around … “I ugh… I heard you got suspended…” I said because she was wearing her school uniform …. “Yeah, I tried to bargain with the principal but that just got me a day with the school physicist and a second week off …. my mom doesn’t know so I get dressed everyday and head out to Janet’s house after her folks leave for work” “They didn’t notify you folks?” “they tried but I deleted the message … and it’s only mom … I guess dad is gone now, moved out of state … mom threw him out when Janet and I got caught with him”

“How did you find my place?” “computers can give you any information you want if you know how to look” “And ah…. just what do you want” I asked already knowing the answer as she began opening her blouse … “Hey look Sue what happened ..” “Yeah I know … It was wrong … your too old … I’m too young … you could go to jail .. what ever … you owe me … and as long as you don’t tell anyone then none of the other stuff matters … and I intend to spend the next week and a half here” her blouse hit the floor followed by her skirt … she stood before me in matching bra and panties … I broke out in a cold sweat … before me was a dream… a small little thing with developing breasts … small enough they really didn’t need a bra except to cover her dark nipples and aerolas that would show thru her white blouse … a slight curve in her hips, flat stomach a rise in her mons her pussy hidden behind her panties … slim tapering legs …

“Well .. come on .. take me to your bedroom ” she turned and looked down the hall …. In shock I just pointed “Ah… third door on the left” she took my hand and pulled me along…. once in the room I still had my doubts .. “Sue, really … I don’t know ..” “I do .. after last Friday I gotta try your big thing …. come on get naked”

She didn’t wait for me … she reached out and began taking my pants off … no sooner had she opened them and the zipper then she pulled out my hardening dick …. “Well maybe you don’t know … but your dick does” Sue dropped to her knees pulling my pants and underwear down and off along with my shoes … I finally gave in and took off my shirt …. “If I’m gonna be naked we need you too!” I picked her up and stood her on the side of the bed … her breast were at eye level … I leaned in and kissed her chest as my hand went around and looked for the hook … “How long has it been that you did this ..” she chuckled “They fasten in the front” she started to unhook her bra but I stopped her … “No … let me” I unhooked her tiny lace bra and peeled it back to expose her breasts…. small but perfectly formed round and firm … her aerolas and nipples dark compared to her pale skin … I brushed her straps off her shoulders and with a shrug it fell behind her …. I watched it fall … leaned in and kissed each nipple … and took her nipple between my lips and flicked them with my tongue …. “Mmmmm, nice..”

then pulling back I looked down … and my eyes stayed looking at the matching lace panties she wore. I looked up to her eyes … with a smile on her face she nodded … and my hands moved to her hips and hooked into her panties and slowly pulled them down … moving to my knees as I did so … from the other days tease… I knew she had a light dusting of hair more of a dusting of light colored hair thin and wispy. I leaned in and lightly blew on her wispy muff … then kissed it .. moving down I kissed and licked each side of her tiny lips past her slit I worked down to her ass … pulled her cheeks apart and ran my tongue along her little star . As soon as my tongue touched her butthole she collasped down onto her back spreading her legs wide …

“Eat me Dave … eat my pussy ..” so I did … licking my way up I ran it along her lips … swollen and slightly extended it gave her the look of an older girl. probably from her father fucking her I thought. I pushed her legs up and back and ran my tongue between her lips … tasting her sweet sweet pussy … when I touched her clit “OH YES… there .. right there ..” she rocked her ass up to my face pushing into me … I buried my tongue as deep between her lips as I could and my nose brushed her clit bringing more moans from the young girl …”Mmmmmm … soooo good” my tongue lapped at the nectar coming from her little pussy and I eased a finger into her …. warm .. wet .. and tight … again and again I fucked my finger into her while licking all I could from her dripping slit … her little body was moving around in my hands … trying to hold her still I could hear her breath coming in gasps

louder she gasped and moaned … her tiny pussy pushing to me begging for attention … “ALMOST …. ALMOST .. there!” Her hands grasped my head holding me to her … and she screamed as her thighs clamped around my head .. and she came … flowing from her slit it coated my face and chin … ran down the crack of her ass … she pushed and pulled me to her …. finally she let go of my head and I pulled back to get my breath … her eyes were glazed almost not seeing living in her climax … then her hands grabbed me again and this time pulled me up over her young body until our lips met …. she held my face to hers and kissed me like a much older lover … her tongue seeking out and teasing mine drawing mine into her mouth she sucked it then pushed her tongue back into my mouth and I returned the oral caress of her tongue. My body laying over hers… dwarfed under my size and weight …

Still holding her I rolled to my side as she came down from her excitment … her kisses becoming softer … genteler … until she just buried her head on my shoulder … I kissed the top of her head holding her softly her voice muffled in my shoulder … “never .. never have I … not even Gail … soooo good .. so nice” I could feel her brushing her body against me … her warm body brushing my dick… hard and dripping onto her …

She pushed away from me “Oops, your turn now ..” her little body slithered down along mine … her hands reaching for my dick and guiding her …. I felt her soft kisses around my dick and a warm tongue lick my balls…. right before I felt her lips wrap around my crown … she lightly sucked my dick head while her tongue gathered my precum… and I could feel her throat muscels as she swallowed what she found…. “Mmmmmm … I can never get enough of this stuff … I want more ..” and she pushed my dick deeper into her mouth …. quickly her spit and drool was coating my shaft and running down her chin as it went in and out … deeper each time until I felt her pause at the back of her mouth … she took a breath and pushed me deeper into her young throat. her muscles worked my dick caressing me each time she swallowed … then pulling out she got a breath only to repeat the process again and again until I could hold off no longer … I grasped her head … holding her tight my cum shot down her throat … at which point she pulled back until I was filling her mouth with my load … she swallowed all that I gave her and continued to suck and lap all she could from my shaft

When she found nothing more she moved back up and kissed me again … sharing our mixed flavors … then again cuddling into my chest she rolled over with her little ass spooned to me and we both fell asleep … When I awoke a while later at first I was confused as to where I was and who was this with her ass pressed to my hardening dick … then my fog cleared and I realized it was Sue the 11 year old that had made her way to my house and bed.

She still slept as I moved my pelvis and dick against her butt cheeks … until I had moved my dick low enough to slip between her thigh …. my hardened dick was again leaking and coating her slim thighs allowing me to slide smoothly between them …. but I was after more and moved again until my dick was caressing her pussy lips… still asleep she moaned and moved tighter to me until I felt my dick at her entrance …. slowly I worked my shaft between her lips and into a warm heaven…. I didn’t know how much her father had abused her but her pussy was still virgin tight… as she started to wake she wasn’t startled … she lay still and let me fuck her … I pushed against her shoulder and lay her on her stomach as I moved over her … holding my weight off her I fucked her prone body beneath me … feeling her butt cheeks move each time I pushed against her … her butt pushed back to take more of my dick .. her hips lifting from the bed until she lay curled on her knees with her butt still against my thighs….

I could feel her little body tremble as we fucked … her moans getting louder and longer … and I too was moaning again as I could feel my balls preparing another load to deposit into this young … hot … tight… pussy. I shifted to my knees and grasped her hips … holding her tight I used her ….. lifting her up and down on my dick fucking her like my personal flesh-light. Until I felt my cum surge up my shaft and I pushed her down prone on the bed and covered her with my body as I pushed hard into her young pussy … filling her with my cum … filling her fertile womb with my potent sperm. Something I had not even considered until that very moment.

I lay over her panting both us us trembling … my dick still in her tight pussy. When I rolled off this time I sat up on the side of the bed…. “I’m going to shower … care to join me?” She slipped around and sat facing me on my lap … I slid my hands down and held her butt as I stood and carried her to the shower … cum dripping from her pussy.

Once in the shower she gave me quick peck and slid down we soaped each other running our hands over each others bodies … the feel of her soft and subtle skin enticed me to begin to stiffin … Sue turned her back to me and leaned to the shower wall … she pressed her ass to my dick .. the soap and water allowing me to slip between her cheeks and she moved up and down … caressing me with her butt … “You can use my butt … if you want ..”

“Oh, Sue … I would if I could … but just because you don’t have to go to school for two weeks … I still have to go back and drive my bus…” “Ah….. but I’m not done ..” “I think we may be able to continue another day … if you want” I responded “I do, I do … ahem…. I know that on the bus Janet was with us too …. unless you say other wise I’m not going to tell her …. I don’t want to share for a while anyway”

We both got dried off and dressed and I sent her on her way with a promise to visit again soon…. It turned out that Sue never did tell Janet…. After her parents found out what she was doing at school they pulled her out of school and moved to another school district. Even after Sue returned to school we continued our fun for several years until she left for college ….. She still visits sometimes when home from school.

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