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Sarah’s first time

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10 year old Sarah gets introduced to a whole new side of her family she didn’t know about

Me and Emma (my wife) have been together since high school and had our first daughter (Sarah) when she was 19 and it’s been blessing.
When wife works night shift so it’s my responsibility to take care of Sarah (mainly get her to bed early). Emma is gorgeous she’s 5’3 dirty blonde hair perky tits, with a big ass. She’s all types of freaky and it’s been that way since the beginning of our relationship. As of earlier this year we got into role play. We started off with things like professor student , stripper and customer role play but quickly got into more taboo subjects like incest etc. pretty soon me and Emma were experimenting with daddy daughter role play. This one primarily was our favorite because we both enjoyed the hell out of it.
One time in particular she wore one of Sarah’s actual school uniform because Emma is small and petite just like Sarah. Sarah doesn’t know about these things and we know it was best to keep it like that however I asked Emma how she would feel if me and my Sarah did ever do something.
As I expected she said that it is all role play and we should keep it that way, however me and Sarah grew close and closer those months Emma was working night shift.
Me and Sarah would always watch movies or cartoons before she went to bed and after she was done with all her homework from school. Usually it would be just cartoons or Disney/dreamwork movies but Sarah would usually get pretty close to me when she felt scared or excited whatever the reason she would always be touchy with me. Sarah by the way is 4’6 85 lbs blonde as well as has a small but nicely shaped breasts and a cute little ass, again it’s small but it’s also fairly juicy and soft. She’s also pretty tan and her skin is incredibly soft. One of these nights we where watching movies and she feel asleep with her face on my lap. I was getting pretty tired as well but Sarah looked so cute sitting on my lap I just sat there and brushed her hair. Uncontrollable I started thinking about me and Emma’s role play. This pretty much automatically made my dick hard. The crease was really noticeable and aligning right next to her face. I knew it was wrong but since Sarah was asleep I figured I could rub my dick a little without her waking up. It got the point where I had to pull my dick out and start jerking it next to her face. Everything about her looked so cute and pretty, her face her hair her lips.. when I eventually was about the cum I did want to cum I’m her face because that would maybe wake her up, I really just froze and came on some of her cheek and hair. It was a biggg load.
About a week later I was constantly thinking about the whole day and I decided I wanted to push it a lil further, I don’t want to hide it from Sarah she would eventually find out so I wanted to slowly involve her into it. I was searching on the web that day and I found a French porno of a man and a women. It was almost a walk through video of kissing, tougne, making out, and slowly moved on to hand jobs and blow jobs it as all almost instructions on what to do. This day I don’t know what I was think but I decided to want and watch it with Sarah together. I told her when she got back from school that we were gonna play a game later that day.
“What type of game” Sarah said
I grinned, “ a educational game”
Later that night we sat together on the couches and talked about if knows how to kiss.
“Not really, but I seen you and mommy do it.” As she giggled and smirked.
“That’s right, it’s what people do when they love each other, and you love me right ?”
“Of course I love you daddy!”
“Well then we’re gonna learn how to be the best kisser.”
I played the video and she enjoyed it off the rip. I would pause in between the video and we would take lil kiss breaks. First it was normal front lip small kissed. The first 15 minutes was pretty much showing you how to kiss and do tougne and making out. Me and Sarah did all of that. When he got to the tank part me and Sarah started to kiss each other‘s lips, and I told her to slide her tongue into my mouth and lick my tongue. And then I grabbed your closer by your hair and told her to lay her head back. I told her to stick her tongue out and I licked it. I sucked on it for a little bit and then I spit in her mouth. I told her to swallow and she did. I then said do you want to spit in my mouth as well and she said OK I said spit however much she want in my mouth baby girl. It’s OK. She said she got on top of me. I opened up my mouth and she spit in it we just started to make out and kiss for about 20 minutes I was Grabbing up on her the whole time grabbing her ass her tits everywhere. We both really enjoyed it after a while. Sarah tired me out. She kept kissing me kissing my neck and tongue with me. I asked her how she feels and she says she feels warm inside. I asked her if I could see her down there and she said, of course she was wearing her school uniform so I looked under slid her panties apart, and she was soaking wet
“Oh Sarah you’re pussy is really wet”
“Is that good daddy”
“It’s amazing princess”
I paused the video before it got the handjob part and told her it was time for bed, it really was getting late. I told her we could continue this game tomorrow and finish it, obviously she was a little disappointed and mad about the stopping it there but she eventually agreed and went to sleep.
I could hardly sleep that night, that was my first time seeing Sarah’s pussy and it was the lost perfect pussy I had ever seen in my life. It was hairless and so tight u would tell it had never been penetrated before. I dreamed all night about finishing that video and cumming in her tiny mouth.
The next day it was a Friday and again me and Sarah had the house to ourselves. Sarah was wearing this tight Black Nike spandex with a tight compression long sleeve jacket and a tank top underneath. She looked so cute and sexy I just wanted Emma to leave for work already so me and Sarah could get to it. That whole day sarah kept calling me daddy and telling Emma how much she looks forward to her educational games with daddy. One part I forgot to mention is I made a promise with Sarah that she wouldn’t tell no one about the video and games we play so when she told Emma this my heart stopped, however Emma just thought I was actually trying to teach her shit now so she was proud of me.
Finally that night came around and we started off kissing before I even turned on the video. Sarah had her hair in tight cute braids this night and looked beautiful. Because it was a Friday Sarah didn’t really have a bed time but Emma also got off early on Fridays so we didn’t have all night, so I got straight to it. Sarah got so good at making it out it’s not even funny. Her soft tiny lips tasted so good and when she got on top of me my dick was throbbing hard. She felt the hardness of my dick through her tight spandex and strayed to grind on it.
“Good girl, that’s daddy’s cock you’re grinding on”
*mean while out of breathe moaning and panting*
“Daddy it feels so good right there “
I took her off me and put her hand on my budge.
“Is that big princess”
“Resllly big daddy”
The video then started playing the handjob clips and I told her if she wanted to try it.
Very excitingly she jumped and said
I grabbed her hand and opened up my shorts and told her to stick her hand in there if she really wanted it.
Like the obidient girl she is she put her hand in there and wrapped her hand around my hard dick.
“ how does that feel baby”
“It’s warm and girthy, I really like it daddy”
“I know you do, now do what the video is showing you ok honey”
Her hands felt so good they where still pretty cold and small sometimes she would have to put two hands on it cause her hands where so small compared to my dick.
“Give me you’re hands princess”
Sarah reached her hands out for me and I spit on them.
“Put that on daddies dick okay”
She started stroking my dick up and down again feeling even better then before.
While she was stocking my dick I was grabbing her tinny ass and reached underneath her spandex to squeeze both cheeks, I’m my hands moved there way up to her small breasts and squeezed them both together while I kissed her tiny body.
“Daddy can I take my clothes off”
“No , not today I want to save that for another day, today you’re learning a new skill.”
I reached down underneath her spandex and underwear and started to play with my daughter’s pussy.
Her pussy was extremely soft and tiny i was just rubbing her clit for then but she immediately was letting out tiny moans.
She got so distracted from her pussy getting played with she stopped stroking my dick.
“Keep strocking daddy’s dick I know I’m distracting you but you’re making me feel good too”
“Okayy daddy, I’m sorry “
As I stood there getting a hand job from my 10 year old daughter while playing with her clit I really took in how disturbing yet exciting this was, I was so turned on snd this was one of the best feelings ever.
“Do you wanna kiss daddy’s dick now?”
“Just like the video ?”
“Yes just like that, let’s keep playing with each other for a little bit more but I want you to taste daddy’s dick before mommy comes home.”
I sat down next to Sarah on the couch and fully took my shorts off. She continued to stroke my dick as we kissed for a little on the couch. Sarah made her way down to my dick and kissed the tip of it . There was a tad bit of pre cum on the tip of my dick so it got on her lips.
“Like the tip baby just like a lollipop”
She licked the rest of the pre cum right off my dick and swallowed it.
“Keep licking the tip princess, remember this is just practice.”
Sarah wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick and began to suck. He mouth was so watery and cold it was so refreshing for my dick.
“Remember not to use teeth babygirl’ you wouldn’t want to hurt daddy’s cock now”
She continued to suck not saying a word getting lower and lower every time she went down. I was gently pushing her head down every time she went down but not to much, just until she would gag so I could take it out and let her catch a breather.
“Try to get it sloppy too baby, spit on it if you have too”
Sarah proceeded to spit all over my dick and continue gaging on it
“ you really are a natrual baby, that’s my girl”
She looked up and smiled.
“It taste better then a lollipop daddy “
I got so hard when she said that and started pushing her head back and forth faster. I reached over to her ass that was sticking out while she was sucking my dick and grabbed it,
“You like getting touched while u suck daddy’s dick?”
“Mhmm” she muffled with a mouth full of dick
I grabbed her ass and spanked it a couple times before moving my hands over and touching her tiny tits.
At this point Sarah was drooling over daddy’s big dick and was leaving it sloppy for me.
“Alright princess now stroke like you were doing before as you suck it.”
Sarah went straight to work putting both hands tight on my dick as she sucked it.
My dick was ready to explode so I just let her keep going at it sucking on my dick.
“ you about to make daddy cum keep going.”
Sarah sped up sucking it as fast as she could with her hand stroking it.
I came all inside my baby’s mouth filling it up.
“Spit it out in my hands princess.”
She spit the cum out in my hands.
“ this is my cum, u just squeezed that out of me, it’s also what makes babies, it’s how I made you.”
“Wow daddy that’s a lot of cum”
“Mhmm because you did a good job princess, do you want to taste it.”
“Mhmm” Sarah said smiling.
“Ok tilt you’re head back”
I poured about half of the cum I had in my hands into her tiny mouth and she swallowed it.
“How’s it taste”
“It taste a little funny but I like it daddy”
I rubbed the rest of my cum on her stomach and ass like it was Lotion and kissed her one more time.
It was probably 1-2 hours later when Emma got back home from work exhausted and tired.
“I’ve had a long week can we just watch a movie or something” Emma said
“Yeah, sounds good” I turned on a movie and it was just use three on the couch watching a movie.
“Can one of get me some grapes from the refrigerator please and thank you”
Sarah got up right away
“I will mommy”
Sarah went and got the grapes from the kitchen but on her way back Emma stopped her after seeing something on her spandex.
“What is this honey?”
My heart sank seeing as that was some of the fun I had accidentally forgot to clean off from my baby.
“Umm I must’ve sat on something.” Sarah said
Nothing ever came out of that tho as Emma brushed off the fun and went back to watching the movie. That whole night I could hardly sleep without thinking of what happened earlier that day, Sarah had sucked my dick so good and got such a big load out of me, she made me so horny that day I remember how much I regretted not fucking her that night.
It wasn’t until the weekend had past until I did anything again with Sarah. That Monday I planned on doing the same thing as Friday and wait for Emma to leave until I do something with her.
That day was like any other regular Monday, I helped Sarah with homework, I made her dinner, then we went and brushed r teeth together.
“You know today’s gonna be a special day baby?”
“What am I learning today daddy?”
“I’m going to go inside you today baby girl”
“Daddy to you think you’ll fit?”
“Don’t worry princess I’m going to go really slow today, but no matter how slow I go you have a really tight pussy baby, it’s gonna feel uncomfortable at times but trust daddy okay?”
“I do daddy I know you’re gonna make me feel good inside”
That night Sarah was still wearing her school uniform and I told her to not take it off, and that we were gonna have our fun in it.
“Sarah was more excited then anyone else’ she wanted daddy’s dick so bad it was on her mind all throughout school.
That evening me and Sarah went straight to the couch once Emma left and started making out. I was flat on my back with Sarah on top of me flat as well kissing me all over. I had my hands on my little girls ass bc the skirt was very easy access. I was hard from the start and began doing tougne with my daughter. I moved her to her back and moved my way down to her panties.
“Daddy’s gonna play with you now”
I took her panties iff to reveal her perfectly tight tinny bald pussy. Her pussy was so tinny it fit in my mouth, I could eat her clit all the way down to her ass in one lick.
I began eating my daughter’s pussy out and licking her clit, her pussy was already wet but now it was soaked, I was spitting on her pussy getting it wetter and wetter. I picked her up by her thighs and then pinned her against the living room wall. I was suffocating in my daughter’s 10 year old pussy. I placed her back in the couch this time on the edge with her legs spread open and pushed back. I took my index finger snd put it inside her tight pussy, it was so tight that it gripped on to my finger alone. As I see Sarah’s pussy she continued to moan louder and louder
“ daddy you’re making me feel so good right now.”
I finger fucked her slowly until she creamed on my finger
I started to kiss around Sarah’s pussy all up in her thighs and inner thighs to tease her little pussy.
I then moved her around so that way she was on top of me in 69 position. I continued eating her pussy when I told her to lick my dick to get it ready to fuck.
“She went straight to drilling in my dick like she missed it a lot”
My dick slowly started to grow in her mouth and she moaned as she sucked by I was eating her pussy and she really enjoyed that.
“Daddy you’re making me so wet down there”
“I know princess where going to make you so happy tonight”
After about 5 minutes of 69 my dick was dripping with my daughter’s spit and her pussy was soaking. I layed her back down in the couch.
“Let’s play with each other real fast and then go onto the the real deal”
“I love playing with daddy “ Sarah said giggling
I took off her entire uniform and took off my clothes as well. For the next 3 minutes or so I played with her oussy fingering it and rubbing it and Sarah stocked my dick with her hands. I began sucking Sarah bare nipples and with the other hand I was playing with her pussy. We made out for a little bit before I put Sarah in missionary. Sarah was so wet by now she wanted it bad. I slapped my dick in her pussy and rubbed it back and forth between her pussy. The pussy juices started to flow out onto my dick and I pressed hard down on her pussy.
“Daddy can you record our first time, I don’t want to forget this moment”
“Of course princess we can’t lose this moment”
I went and grabbed my camera and started to film me on top of her. I continued teasing her rubbing my dick all on her clit
“DADDY I want you’re dick already”
“Ok but I’m just starting off with my tip or else it might hurt to much”
I slowly pressed my tip into her slit and immediately she let out a quick moan. I was ab half of my tip in when she she said she already felt it. I took my dick out and later it on top of her pussy, my dick went all the way up to her bellybutton. I put the tip back in and continued to go slowly in and out with the tip.
Sarah slowly moved her hips more forward to take more dick.
“U want more dick princess?”
“Yess I love it daddy”
I slowly began penetrating more until half my dick was in her and I began fucking her.
This was my dream and it was finally happening. I was inside my daughter getting her lust snd hornyness all out. Her oussy was making my dick all sorts of wet and I loved it,
I grabbed Sarah by her waist and pulled her in and out taking my dick.
Sarah grabbed onto my shoulders so I could pick her up and fucked her. I picked her up by her ass and began clapping my daughter’s pussy.
Sarah came all over my dick I could instantly tell.
“DADDY what just happened”
“You just came, just like daddy can cum you can too”
“Are you going to get pregnant?”
I laughed “no silly only my cum gets you pregnant, you can cum on daddy’s dick however much times as you like”
“Yayyy, keep pounding me daddy i want to cum so much for you”
I keeper pounding my little girls oussy stretching her out with every stroke.
I layer her on the edge of the couch again and pushed her legs back. I put my dick inside and started stroking harder.
“Daddy fuck me how you fuck mommy”
“You’re gonna get fucked like a slut princess, like a little fuck toy.”
“Do whatever you want daddy I want it “
I couldn’t believe me and my 10 year old daughter were talking dirty to each other. I took my dick out and stuck to fingers in her hole. I finger banged her until she was screaming.
Sarah erupted all over my fingers as she came for a second time. I put my dick back in her tiny pussy and started pounding.
I slowed down and asked if she wanted to ride me.
She could barely move after that fucking but she managed to get up and got on top of me. She put my dick inside her and started riding.
As soon as Sarah started to ride and get adjusted a door swung open.”, I looked over and it was Emma
Sarah immediately got off my dick and covered her self,
“Baby why are you home so early”
“I called off I wasn’t feeling to good, real question is why are you fucking OUR daughter.”
“Sarah needs dick in her life that’s why, no more role play we have a daughter for a reason so let’s make sure she knows what to do and how better to teach her then me”
“She’s 10, are you out of you’re damn mind”
“Baby she’s old enough to speak for herself and she enjoys what we do baby please trust me”
“I trust you babe I just don’t know “
“Then just sit back and watch I promise you that you’ll get into it”
Emma sat down on the sofa next to ours and watched in silence. I took the pillow away from Sarah and bag an eating her pussy
“Just look at that babe look how good her oussy looks and it taste even better”
“That’s our daughters pussy though”
“Ok? Come over her and share it with me”

Part 2?

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