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Sarah goes bad and takes her sister with her

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12 year old Sarah enters the world of porn and becomes obsessed and decides to try some things out on her little sister

It’s Christmas and Sarah (f12) and her sister emily (f10) are opening their Christmas presents.
Sarah: thanks mom and dad! This was the best Christmas ever!
She said smiling with her light blue eyes glimmering under her bleach blonde hair her cute freckles turning red from her rosy cheeks.
Mom: you have one more and it’s a big one!
She unwraps the present and it’s an iPhone.
Sarah: oh my god! Thank you so much! Ahhh!!!
She screams and jumps in excitement.
Dad: ok ok, calm down!
Emily: when will I get a phone?!
Dad: in a few years when you are old enough
Sarah runs upstairs and starts messaging all her friends. She spends the entire day on her new phone but once night time comes she gets curious and starts looking up naked pictures. Naked pictures turn into videos, videos of men and women, women and women, women with toys, women with dogs, women in bondage. She had already started masturbating last year but this was a game changer. She wanted to have sex so bad but none of the boys were interested in her not yet developed figure. A flat chest with tiny pink nipples, a skinny lanky frame, and a small perky but. She was jealous of her sister. At least she had red hair and she quickly noticed that had its own section in all the porn sites. She went deeper and started to find porn with girls her age and older men. Porn with girls her age and her sisters age having sex. Porn with siblings having sex. Knowing that this was something that might be obtainable for her she got even more excited and she laid in bed in her pool of juices touching herself. She had a devilish thought. By now it was 3 am and everyone was fast asleep. She quietly crept out of her bedroom in her now soaked panties and a tank top her nipples aggressively poking through with excitement and the cold air in the hallway. She slowly opened the door to little Emily’s room. She laid there clutching her teddy in one hand and her sheets sprawled across the bed wrapped around one leg. She thought maybe she could do stuff while she sleeps… but then if she woke up she might scream and wake everyone up. She thought maybe she could just try and undress her and touch herself looking at her but it was still too risky. She finally came up with a plan. She softly woke up her sister
Sarah: psst! Hey! Wake up!
She whispered softly in her sisters ear
Emily groggy slowly opened her eyes
Sarah: I want to show you something really cool on my phone!
Emily: can’t you show me later?
Sarah: no mom and dad can’t see it or we’ll get in trouble
Emily knew it had to be something good already. Sarah led her down into the basement all the way into the back room where dad had his man cave set up. He blasts his tv down there all the time and no one can hear it.
Emily: ok show me!
Sarah opens her phone to 2 sisters about their age naked the older one licking the younger ones pussy.
Emily: ew!!! Haha what are they doing?! That’s gross!
Sarah: it’s not gross! I want to try it!
Emily: ew no! That’s where pee comes from!
Sarah: it’ll feel good I promise!
Emily: no! I’m going back to bed you’re being weird!
Sarah being filled with adrenaline and a lack of sleep she grabbed her sisters arm.
Sarah: we’re doing it!
Emily: NO! Let me go!
She screamed and tried to pull Sarah’s hand off her. Sarah pulled down her little pink pajama pants to reveal little flower panties. Emily tried to pull them back up but Sarah was determined and stronger. She ripped them off and flung them across the room. She then started to pull on her sisters panties.
Emily: stop! You’re hurting me!
Sarah continued to pull getting her first glimpse at her sisters cute round little ass. She reached beneath and felt her soft smooth and tiny little pussy. Emily was particularly small for her age which made restraining her much easier. Sarah started rubbing it and emily began to cry with tears running down her face.
Emily: please stop ::sob:: please Sarah!
Emily eventually collapsed getting tired of fighting and Sarah pounced on top of her. She sat on her chest as she pulled off her panties her pussy now right infront of Emily’s face. Emily’s eyes went wide and the first sight of her older sisters wet pussy right infront of her.
Sarah: stick your tongue out
She ordered in a stern and frightening voice. Emily refused and shook her head her lips clenched tight. Sarah started grinding her wet pussy across her sisters pretty little face, her tiny clit flicking the tip of her nose. She began to grind harder as she held onto Emily’s red hair. Emily let out whimpers and groans still crying and disgusted by her sisters actions. The vibrations of her whining tickled Sarah’s clot even more and made her go faster and harder. Little Emily’s face was soon covered with her sisters pussy juice and it became hard to tell the difference between tears and vaginal saliva. She moaned between humps.
Sarah: stick out your tongue you dumb little slut!
Emily still refused so Sarah reached back to her pussy. Emily quickly clenched her legs tight. Sarah went around back and forced a finger into Emily’s tiny asshole. Sarah felt another rush of adrenaline experiencing being inside of someone for the first time. Emily of coarse screamed in displeasure this only excited Sarah more as the vibrations brought her closer. She fucked Emily’s little asshole faster now to try and get her to moan and scream more into her pussy. Emily final gave in.
Emily: fine!
She said mufffled beneath her sisters pussy and ass and stuck her tiny little tongue out.
Feeling her tiny little wet tongue on her pussy and hot breath was enough to send her over the edge immediately. She began to scream in extassy the way a little 12 year old would with high pitched screams and moans. Her body convulsing over her sisters tongue as she came for the first time. The thick cream running down her sisters tongue she immediately started to gag. Sarah collapsed to the side and emily turned over into the fetal position just wearing her tiny little pink shirt, still whimpering. She didn’t know Sarah wasn’t done yet…
Sarah pinned her on her stomach and sat on her back. She looked around quickly and saw dads remote.
Emily: please stop! I stuck my tongue out! Let’s go back to bed!
Sarah took the remote and started working it into Emily’s pussy. Emily continued to cry but Sarah couldn’t get it more than just the very blunt rounded tip. She repositioned herself and put her body weight into it, suddenly it gave and it thrust a good 5 inches into her. Emily was now trying to scream so hard in pain that no noise was coming out. Sarah thrusted the remote in and out of her sisters little pussy violently watching with great pleasure. She took out her phone to video tape it so she could watch it later and touch herself more. Little amounts of blood stuck to the remote but it did gradually get easier as emily did start to become lubricated herself. Emily let out a crying moan with every thrust.
Sarah: say your a slut emily
Emily: I am not! Stop!
Sarah: fucking say it emily!
Sarah spanked her tiny plump ass
Emily: I’m a slut!
Sarah: yeah and you’re my little slut! And you are gonna do whatever I want when I want! Got it!?
Emily: I don’t want to
She sobbed between painful thrusts. Sarah stuck a finger in Emily’s little ass again now getting a better view at the tiny hole.
Emily: whatever you want!!! Please stop!
Sarah could feel Emily’s body beginning to tense, a feeling Sarah was now becoming very familiar with. She went harder, faster, and deeper. Despite the pain emily was so broken and defeated at this point she couldn’t fight back anymore. She just sobbed as she felt this new sensation taking over. Emily’s tiny thighs began to quake and shiver and clench around Sarah’s hand and the remote and suddenly emily gushed.
Emily: you made me pee!!
Sarah leaned down and lapped it up from her sisters little pussy while also having a first taste of her sisters whole. Sarah got up and pulled her sister up. She took off her sisters shirt. Emily tried to cover herself and Sarah slapped her hands away. She pulled up her phone again and began taking pictures. She bent her over and took pictures of her little ass and pussy, she dropped her to her knees and took pictures of emily with Sarah’s pussy in her mouth. Every perverted pose she could think of
Sarah: now you aren’t going to tell anyone about this because if you do I am showing these pictures to everyone do you understand?
Emily beginning to wipe tears from her face nodded just happy it was finally over. Sarah through her sisters clothes at her and watched her get dressed. They went back to bed for a few hours before the sun rose and her parents got up.

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