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Sarah and emily part 4 Emily’s birthday present

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Sarah and her baby sitter Joanna have planned a special surprise for emily on her birthday.

Sarah and emily have been exploring each other and Joanna has been a special treat on weekends. Life was good for the girls but little emily had a birthday on the way in a few months. Sarah and Joanna talked a lot now that Sarah had a cell phone and they would often send each other naughty pictures and videos but emily didn’t know that they also have been planning out a special weekend for emily. Although Emily’s birthday wasn’t for another 2 months it was a plan that was equally exciting for everyone that they could not wait to do it and decided to move it up. Emily knew nothing except Sarah hinting that the up coming weekend was going to be especially fun. Little emily had a hard time imagining what that could possibly mean. She thought maybe there would be some new sexy toys, things she didn’t even know existed? But regardless she knew it was going to be good. Their parents dropped them off at Joanna’s and kissed them good bye as they left for the weekend to a private resort. A whole weekend of fun with Joanna. They even get to sleep over! Emily was so excited she stripped down the second the door closed. She hopped and skipped while trying to take her pants off before her shoes. Her little butt hanging out as she hopped on one leg struggling to get free. Joanna and Sarah laughed.
Joanna: hold your horses! Haha
Emily: but my pussy is horny!!!
Sarah: yeah but you have to wait!
Emily: for what!?
Joanna: we actually have to hurry!
Sarah: ok
Sarah and Joanna both took emily by the hand and led her up into Joanna’s room. Sarah got into Joanna’s closet and motioned quietly for emily to come inside. Confused emily stood next to her sister in the closet.
Joanna: ok now both of you be completely quiet until I come back to get you. NOT A SOUND.
Sarah smiling nodded her head and confused emily nodded hers as well
Emily: what’s going on?!
She whispered but Sarah put her finger to her lips.
Joanna went back downstairs and they heard the door open. Emily heard a new voice. She heard the voices get closer and 2 sets of foot steps coming up the stairs. Emily’s little heart was beating out of her chest in anticipation. Joanna came back into the room and sat on her bed. Joanna was wearing her typical outfit of a short plaid skirt, black leather combat boots, and a black band t shirt and a leather choker. She sat on the edge of her bed with her legs crossed seductively as she gave a come hither motion towards the doorway. In the room walked another girl. Her name was cat. Cat was someone Joanna knew from high school, she was a few grades below her only 16 but Joanna had heard she had a crush on Joanna and she also heard she had a bit of a reputation for being a bit slutty. Emily looked her up and down. She had wavy blonde hair and green eyes, and a very pretty face. She was wearing a tight green t shirt with a band on it and tight bell bottom jeans.
Cat: oh! I see you already have tonight planned out for us!
Emily really liked her voice, it was soft and sultry. But she had a very lax way of moving. She would in her later years learn that cat was a big stoner. Smoked everyday and listened to sublime. The one thing that really caught Emily’s eye was that cat had very large breasts. The biggest she’s ever seen she thought. They were big enough that they distorted the graphic on her very tight shirt. They seemed like they were forced into the shirt and bra underneath just waiting to be let out. At least that’s what emily told herself. Cat sat on the bed beside Joanna and they grabbed each others face and began kissing. Joanna’s legs uncrossed and spread wide inviting cats hand to land between them. Cat went for it although there was a noticeable tremble in her hand as it made its way onto Joanna’s thigh. Joanna moved in such a way that her hand wound up going further up her thigh. Joanna let out a little smile while they continued to kiss which made cat let out a nervous laugh. Joanna pushed cat onto her back on the bed.
Joanna: are you ready?
Cat: yeah man, I’ll try anything once
Joanna reached across the bed and grabbed a blindfold. Emily didn’t notice until now but there was a ton of different things on Joanna’s bed she had never seen before. Things she had no idea what they were for. Joanna secured the blindfold around cats eyes softly yet securely. Making sure she couldn’t see a thing. It was a thick and wide bannered cloth.
Joanna: can you see anything?
Cat: not a damn thing haha
Joanna: promise?
Cat: you’re making me nervous dude
Joanna: haha maybe you should be!
Cat: oh boy! Haha
Joanna: ok wait right here!
Cat: where are you going?!
Joanna: just to my closet to get something
Emily’s heart jumped and started pumping hard again, she looked to her sister who had a giant smile of anticipation. She let the girls out and they walked quietly towards cat. Emily was about to reach out to touch her but Sarah grabbed her hand and shook her head and mouthed silently “not yet”. Emily pouted. Joanna came back to cat and crawled on top of her on the bed. Joanna took off her own shirt and bra. Taking that as an invitation Sarah began to undress and emily jumped at the opertunity but Sarah once again put her finger to her lips towards emily. They did so slowly and quietly. Joanna looked back and smiled and at the eager little girls pulling down their little flower panties. Joanna instructed cat to put her hands up and she pulled cats shirt off. Out bounced her two milky white melons still being held by her large dark green lace bra. Emily and Sarah both had their jaws drop and tongues hang out like a cartoon dog panting. Joanna did what she could not to laugh at the cuteness of the antics of the little girls. Joanna moved down to cats jeans as she unbuttoned them and shimmied them down to unveil some matching satin green panties. Once past cats hips the pants slid off entirely. Joanna instructed cat to sit up straight and she did so. Joanna reached behind cat and unclipped her bra, cats tits dropped from their captors revealing a light beige ring, the color of her nipples only just barely differed from the color of her pale skin, they were much larger than anyone else’s there but they were beautiful, they were glorious, emily was infatuated with them and couldn’t take her eyes off them. Emily’s hand went right down to her pussy to start rubbing. Sarah moved Emily’s hand out from between her legs. She went behind her sister with her head resting on her shoulder and started to rub it for her. They both watched eagerly as Joanna began pulling down cats panties. Emily never stopped staring at cats tits though watching them jiggle and shift with every movement on the bed. Joanna grabbed some more items from the bed. They were leather straps Joanna affixed to the bed posts she took cats hands one by one and restrained her. Next she did cats ankles. Last she placed a strap with a red ball over her head like a necklace and it hung beneath her chin. Joanna started kissing up and down cat all over. She sucked on one of cats nipples pulling it taught with her suction while making eyes at emily. Emily really liked the way that looked and wished her sister would start rubbing her faster. Emily’s little hips were trying to thrust into her sisters hand faster but Sarah wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. Joanna whispered in cats ear are you ready. Cat replied “yeah baby make me cum” Joanna slipped the ball gag into cats mouth and took off the blind fold. Cat smiled up at Joanna as she took in the woman she fantasized about for years. As her eyes traveled down her naked frame the corner of her eyes caught the girls. She jerked in shock and started yelling into the ball gag. She continued jerking trying to get free trying to yell as loud as she could. Joanna shushed her as she motioned for the girls to come up. Emily ran and bounced onto the bed beside cat and immediately put her head down onto the large soft breasts, they were like warm soft water balloons she thought. She kissed and licked and sucked on them while she fingered herself. Cats eyes went wide in shock and horror while trying to still break free and scream and get away. This only made her tits jiggle more which emily loved. Joanna took out a vibrator and pressed it to cats pussy. She continued to scream now trying to move herself away from emily and Joanna. She tried to close her thighs but nothing was working. Sarah moved opposite of her sister on the bed and began needing and playing with cats other tit.
Joanna: so girls this is cat, cat this is emily and Sarah. Say hi girls!
They both gave a sweet smile to cat and said hi in unison, cat wasn’t sure if she was having a nightmare or if this was actually happening. Cat kept struggling but as always seems to happen with these encounters she eventually gave up hope and began to weep. The girls knew by now she would come around eventually. They both had gained a level of confidence that no one could resist them forever. Sarah in an attempt to move this process along moved her hand down to cats pussy and slipped it inside. Through enough practice she had gotten the hang of really pleasuring a girls g spot with Joanna. She trained her well. Cats whimpering began being peppered with moans. Soon it was hard to tell how she was feeling. Cat had a furrowed brow but so did Joanna sometimes when it felt really good so Sarah kept going. Emily’s little pussy was already leaking all over the bed and creating a little puddle on her side of the bed as she orgasmed over and over. Emily was always a tits kinda girl and although Joanna’s tits were nice they were so perky they barely bounced at all. Cats tits moved when she just took a breath, with everything that’s been going on watching them bounce up and down and back and forth and getting to play with them was enough stimulation to send little emily over the edge over and over. Emily decided to squat over cats face and grind across it and the ball gag. The ball gag was nice and smooth and felt kinda nice especially when cat tried to scream. From this angle she had a nice view of cats tits and could play with both at the same time.
Joanna: do you think she likes her present?
Sarah: uh yeah! Look at how wet cats face and neck is already! She’s dripping all over the place! I didn’t know she could get that wet!
Emily: wait, what’s this a present for?
Sarah: your birthday you silly little slut!
Emily: my birthday isn’t yet
Joanna: well we wanted to give it to you early!
Emily jumped forward and gave Joanna and her sister a big naked hug kissing them both on the cheek over and over. In any other circumstance most people would find this moment very sweet. Instead cat was still trying to break free and erase the memory of a wet little girls pussy gliding all over her face.
Joanna: ok girls, ready to have some real fun?
Joanna broke out the strap ons and she had some new dildos to put on them. Some of them were shaped weird emily noticed and asked what they were.
Joanna: well this one is shaped like a horses dick. That’s why it’s so big, this one is shaped like a dogs, and this one is just a giant one. I think it would probably kill you guys if we tried that haha but our friend here might be able to take it!
Little emily wanted to try the horse one as she did like pony’s and Sarah took the dog dick. Joanna took the magnum.
Sarah went first as emily wasn’t done playing with cats boobs. Cat still wasn’t very wet but Sarah didn’t care and forced it in. Cat was reinvigorated with fight and struggled and tried to fight it. This led to cats tits jiggling a lot. Emily positioned herself standing with her legs spread over cats face fingering herself under the strap on. Joanna thought this was a fun idea and stood behind her. Both standing over cats face watching from above while little Sarah fucked her forcefully. Sarah eventually made it all the way in to the knot.
Joanna: you almost got it just push a bit more!
With a final rough thrust it popped right in. Cat let out a howl. Sarah fucked like Joanna had taught her. Slower firm pumps building into fast hard fucking. Putting all her weight into each thrust. Emily squirted and came multiple times spraying and dripping from the strap ons harness and down onto cats face neck and tits. Her entire top half was shimmering. Cat was living a nightmare looking up at a tiny little girls crotch and looking down at a tiny little girl who wasn’t even old enough to have tits fucking away at her pussy and she was powerless. She felt the oddly shaped dick sliding in and out of her. The knot put a lot of pressure on her g spot. Cat had no way of holding back the fluid building up inside her. Soon she gushed all over sarah. This sent Joanna over the edge as she squirted all over cats face and Emily’s back side. Emily liked feeling Joanna’s hot juices spray all over her. Cat was already looking exhausted as emily got ready to go next. The long slender horse cock went in fairly easily until about 3/4 up. Her sister got behind her to help using her own hips to thrust. Just then emily had an idea as she reached back and popped the wet dog dildo Sarah still had attached into her own ass. Now creating a chain of Sarah fucking Emily’s ass and emily raping cat with her big horse cock. Emily managed to jam it all up inside the young girls pussy. Although cat hated it she didn’t want to hurt the young girls and faught less. Seeing cats demeanor start to change Joanna took a chance and lowered cats ball gag. Cat immediately let out a scream for help. Joanna quickly and swiftly slapped cat across the face and pinched her cheeks together to shush her.
Cat: ok ok! But what the fuck Joanna?!
Joanna: what? Obviously you wouldn’t agree to this on your own and Emily’s birthday is coming up. Plus you got to see me naked! And don’t worry. I’m going to fuck you too haha. So everyone wins!
Cat still wincing from being fucked surprisingly hard with the massive dildo
Cat: please make them stop, I won’t tell anyone just please let me go.
Joanna: well this is for me too and I haven’t even gotten a real chance to play with you yet!
Joanna playfully slapped her magnum cock against cats cheek.
Cat: there’s no way that’s fitting inside of me.
Joanna: once again I knew you wouldn’t agree to it on your own!
Cat: well yea-
Before cat could finish her thought Joanna had shoved the massive cock into cats mouth. Defeated cat stopped trying to talk and was instead struggling to keep her mouth open wide enough to even fit the thing. Joanna grabbed the back of her head as she fucked it. Cat barely even got the tip into her mouth and couldn’t hold back the gagging noises. The girls got a nice view of their baby sitters wide ass jiggling as it thrusted into cats mouth and cats tits bouncing from being fucked as hard as they were. Emily was still entranced by them. Joanna popped the cock out from cats mouth and re affirmed her previous command of no screaming. Cat didn’t exactly nod in agreement but from the way she didn’t make eye contact Joanna knew there was an understanding. Cat moaned and bit her lip to do all she could from screaming out while being pounded by the 2 little girls now getting sweaty but still were just as into it as when they begun. Joanna sat behind Sarah and with the magnum cock below both of their asses slide it under them and towards cats ass crack. Cat pleaded
Cat: “please no! I’ve never done that before! I won’t like it! Please! You can do whatever just not that
Joanna ignored her and slowly worked the cock into her ass. It took a while and the whole process was not pleasant for cat especially while trying to hold in screams.
Joanna: ok!
Cat: is it finally in?
Joanna: well kind of
Cat: what do you mean?
Joanna: that’s just the tip
Joanna thrust forward forcing the girls hard into cat and the cock a good several inches into cats ass. Cat saw stars and yet couldn’t even make a sound, she felt like she couldn’t move for a moment as all her muscles had tensed. Joanna and the girls all fucked cat together. Now cat would never admit this now of all times but to be gang banged by a bunch of girls with dildos was always a fantasy of hers but not like this.
Cats holes felt filled completely. There was no room for anything. Her wholes stung as they have already been stretched and possibly slightly torn in places as it stung. But that’s not to say there wasn’t some enjoyment from all of it. Emily embracing her anal experienced leaned forward which put her closer to cats tits. She grabbed at them and played with them. Cat looked down at the innocent little girl kneeling her breasts like a kitten would a blanket.
Cat: you know you don’t have to do this right?
Emily: yeah but I love it! Your tits are so nice! And I love when people shove things inside me. I’m a slut
Cat: Jesus!
Emily: it’s ok! I like being a slut! And now you’re a slut too! It’s nice being a slut! Helping other people feel good and it makes you feel good too!
Cat pondered for a second at the innocent yet semi valid point. The girls clearly weren’t being forced and wanted to be doing what they were doing. Hell it was a present for her! The issue was that she never wanted to do this with little girls. She examined the little girls faces. She admits they are cute and if they were older she probably would be attracted to them. The lack of breasts and small asses didn’t exactly do it for her but there was a certain appeal of their innocence. But the innocence only came through in brief flashes as it’s hard to see someone as innocent as they ram a dildo into you. Cats ass has almost become numb at this point to the giant dildo slipping in and out of her now gaping asshole. The pressure does however make the horse cock a bit more enjoyable and less jarring. Once again accepting her fate she laid back and took it staring down at the show. Cat un willingly came and squirted a few more times. Once cats pussy was nice and tender and she would shutter if someone even touched it the girls moved back up her body. Now taking turns riding her face. Cat was unwilling of coarse but Joanna managed to persuade her by shoving the giant dildo into her pussy next. She didn’t think she was feeling pain anymore until that happened. Cat ate their pussys as if it were Joanna’s hopping the faster she got these kids to cum the faster the torture would end. The little girls squirted and came into cats mouth and all over her face. Cat was a soaked mess by the end of all of it. The girls were spent after that and they laid beside cat cuddling. Joanna joined them and they all spooned against cat who was still tied up. As the adrenaline faded cat began to full on start sobbing. Joanna now felt bad and tried to hush and console her.
Cat: why me?! I really liked you Joanna!
Joanna: I know. I’m sorry. This I a lot you’re right. But if only I could get you to understand why I do this… it’s tough… I don’t know what to say.
Joanna held her restrained former friend
They laid there and as Joanna held her she couldn’t help but start to run her hands along her smooth skin. Joanna did find cat very attractive. She just never thought to make a move since she was younger… that obviously didn’t matter anymore. Joanna looked up at cat and cat down at her. Joanna pulled herself up to cats lips and kissed her passionately. Cat although somewhat hesitant at first did eventually kiss back. The kissing became more passionate and they moaned and started breathing heavy. Joanna kissed her way down cats body and started eating her pussy. Cat winced as it was still very sensitive. Joanna went gently. The girls watched as the two girls made love to each other. This was much different from what they were used too. It wasn’t animalistic, it wasn’t rabid and forceful. It was gentle and loving. Cat let out beautiful moans now. Not moans of pain. Joanna gently pinched at her nipples which put half a smile on cats face. Soon cats eyes rolled back as thick white cum came oozing out of her pussy. Joanna lapped it up.
Joanna: I like you a lot too cat. And your age doesent matter to me. I just wish their age didn’t matter to you either
Cat: looked down at the girls. They’re cute… but they’re animals!
Emily: well I never tried to do it like that before… but I’d like to try! I don’t want to be a rabid animal all the time. It’s fun sometimes but I wanna do that too.
Sarah nodded with a half frown
Joanna: would you be willing to let them try again?
Cat: idk Joanna this is all still very weird
Joanna: just give them a chance. Look at those little faces! How could you say no?
Cat: I guess if they want? I can’t really do much about it right now anyway.
Joanna gave them a nod. The girls at first caught over who would go first. Joanna suggested they both try together. Their little tongues went to work on cats pussy. Cat instructed them to go softer, faster, slower, etc… building this kind of trust did make cat feel better about it and she started to see the appeal of tiny little tongues dancing around on her clit. Cat came again.
The girls lapped it up and all sighed with satisfaction as the cuddle the still chained up cat.
Cat: ok I guess that was kinda nice. I still don’t appreciate being tricked though
Joanna: yeah but still do you think we would’ve gotten here if I hadn’t?
Cat: yeah but you didn’t have to tear me a new asshole…
Joanna: yeah, I’m sorry about that… it was kinda hot though right?
Cat: shut up! Haha
This was the first time they heard her laugh from when it all began. The girls agreed to untie her and to their surprise she didn’t run away. Instead they all embraced in a hug. The hug once again turned passionate and they all made love to each other. Legs up in the air and tongues all over. Cum and squirting and the sweetest moans echoed through the night. Emily at one point decided to hump cats erect nipples which everyone thought was weird but cute until it made her squirt the most out of anyone for the entire night. They all laughed. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship Joanna thought as she stared lovingly into cats eyes. They all fell asleep in each others arms.
Joanna: wait until you see what I have planned for tommorow emily

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