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Sarah and emily part 3 the baby sitter

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Sarah and emily seduce their baby sitter

Sarah and Emily’s parents were once again going out but they had started to notice something change in their daughters but they couldn’t quite put their finger on it. All they knew was that they had a mischievous way about them lately and they didn’t trust it. One of the neighbors had suggested a baby sitter for them. With a baby sitter they get more at ease to leave the house. They dropped the kids off at the baby sitters her name was Joanna and she was 18. Emily immediately fell in love. Joanna had dark hair but streaks of it were died green, she wore lots of black clothing and cool leather bracelets and bright colored bracelets. She looked so cool. Joanna was 18 going into college and although she looked edgy was very sweet, smart, and kind. She had a nice smile and a raspy yet innocent voice. She had lots of earrings and even had her tongue pierced. Despite her appearance she was getting ready to go to a very prestigious college next year and their parents were very impressed by this as they spoke outside the car. Sarah was more interested in her body though. Joanna had a tank top and a short skirt on with black boots. Sarah could see a little bit of cleavage of her small but perky breasts and the part she was most excited about was her wide hips and nice butt.
They all said their good byes and Joanna welcomed them into her home. Based on the way she dressed Sarah was fairly confident Joanna was at least bi sexual. She was getting very excited and horny already she started plotting.
Joanna: so girls! What do you want to do? Maybe we can watch a movie?
Emily: ok!
Joanna: which one?
Emily: I like mean girls
Joanna: are you sure you’re old enough for that?
Emily: yeah me and mommy watch it
Joanna: ok let me get some pop corn ready
Joanna sets up the movie and they all settle on the couch. Joanna sat at the corner with her legs curled up to her side on the couch. Sarah sat in the middle beside Joanna. Sarah had a hard time focusing on the movie she was much more focused on Joanna’s thick thighs and what they led to up her short skirt. She kept trying to peak up without making it too obvious. Sarah had an idea. She leaned onto Joanna in an innocent cuddling way. When she leaned it barely pushed up Joanna’s skirt. Now not only could Sarah get a better view of Joanna’s big ass but she was leant up against it. Her tiny hands now rest against her warm thick thighs as they watch the movie. Sarah’s heart was racing in anticipation not knowing what to do next. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Sarah would innocently caress Joanna’s smooth thighs with her hands taking note at how soft they were. She noticed how shiny they were. She just kept thinking about how she wanted to run her tongue across them. She looked up at Joanna and kept fantasizing about what her moans would sound like with Joanna’s unique and oddly sexy voice. Sarah pushed herself back a little bit carefully though so her skirt was still hiked up a little and got a view of her whole ass and a black thong underneath. Joanna quickly pulled it back down though. Sarah was frustrated but was very turned on to have seen a grown woman’s thong. Sarah was having a hard time keeping her cool. She kept thinking all she wanted to do was shove her hand down her pants and start pleasuring herself infront of Joanna but she knew that wouldn’t be the way to go. After the movie Joanna started to get them ready for bed.
Joanna: it’s shower time girls!
Emily: can I take a bath?
Joanna: you’re too big for a bath!
Sarah: I wanna take a bath too!
Joanna: no I really think you’re too old! You’re both young women now!
Emily: mommy lets me take baths!
Sarah: me too!
Joanna: fine I guess we can do a bath
Emily: can Sarah come too?
Joanna: absolutely not! You’re too old to be taking baths together! Isn’t that a little weird?
Sarah: I love my sister! And I help her wash herself
Joanna: I don’t know… I think you should take separate baths
Emily pouted and Sarah became more frustrated. Emily went first. Joanna set up the bath for her and as soon as she turned around she was met with a naked little 10 year old girl ready to go.
Joanna: haha you could’ve waited for me to leave to get in!
Emily: that’s ok! We’re both girls!
Joanna: yeah I guess that’s true. Ok the soap is over here and here is a wash cloth.
Emily: can you help me wash myself
Joanna: now I KNOW you are old enough to at least do that!
Emily: yeah but I don’t want too! Sometimes my mommy helps me or my sister.
Joanna: can you at least try to do it yourself?
Emily began to pout. Emily was still very cute and used this to her advantage. Joanna had a hard time saying no to the little girl as she pouted in her little tub full of bubbles.
Joanna: ok fine! You’re lucky you are so cute!
Joanna kneeled beside the tub and began to scrub the little girl. The door was not locked and Sarah snuck over to peek inside. Every time Joanna leaned forward to reach emily better she got another glimpse up Joanna’s skirt. She quietly watched this older woman touching her little sisters naked body periodically getting a glimpse at a thong that was now firmly wedged deep in her crack and that one tiny bit of cotton cloth being the one barrier between her and an adult sized pussy she wanted nothing more but to bury her face into. Without realizing it Sarah had already slipped her hand down her pants and was fingering herself while watching. Soon enough she just couldn’t take it anymore. Joanna had asked emily to stand up so she could clean her butt. Sarah snuck in behind her and slipped her hand under Joanna’s skirt, she slipped it under her panties and cupped the adults pussy with her small hand. It was about the size of her hand, warm and soft with a little bit of stubble. Joanna jumped up and almost fell into the tub and turned around.
Joanna: what are you doing sarah?!
When Joanna jumped back her big boots kicked Sarah’s shoulder. She was now holding it in pain.
Joanna: are you okay sarah? I’m sorry I kicked you but you really shouldn’t be touching people like that and especially without their permission!
Sarah: it hurts!
It was red and already starting to bruise.
Joanna: I’m sorry but you really should not be doing that!
Sarah now realized she had her in.
Sarah: get naked
Joanna: excuse me?!
Sarah: get naked or I will tell my parents you hurt me on purpose.
Joanna: no! I’m the adult! Why would they even believe you?
Emily: because I’ll tell them you hurt her too!
Joanna: what?! What is going on! You will do no such thing!
Sarah now with a stern look on her face stared Joanna right in the eyes with a confidence she had never seen on a 12 years olds face. “Yes I will”
Joanna: I really don’t want too and this isn’t something we should be doing. Is there something else you would like instead? Candy? Food? Staying up late? MAKEUP?
Sarah saw in her eyes she was starting to panic and knew she had her. Sarah reached forward and began to tug on her thong. Joanna secured it in place.
Joanna: please girls this isn’t nice. What did I do to you?
Emily reached forward to help her sister and Joanna accepted her fate. She let the little girls start to undress her. First the thong fell to her boots, then Sarah unclipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Sarah stopped for a moment to stare at her bounty. Her eyes traveled up thick thighs as they met to a freshly shaved mound. Emily tried to help Joanna pull off her shirt Joanna did the rest to reveal a pink and black lace bra. Sarah gave Joanna a look and Joanna begrudgingly unclipped it and it fell to the floor to reveal two perky pale tits bigger than either of their hands with piercings through the nipples. Sarah stared up at Joanna her eyes taking it all in, every curve and a belly button ring. Joanna tried to cover herself but being surrounded it didn’t do much.
Joanna: okay are we done here?
Sarah: no
Sarah stepped forward and moved Joanna’s hand away and stuck her tongue out.
Joanna: absolutely not! Where did you learn this! And you’re going to do this infront of your little sister?! What kind of example are you setting!? I knew this was a bad idea! I shouldn’t have let you make me do this!
She reached down to try and grab her clothes and Sarah put her foot ontop. Joanna yanked harder and Lisa fell back onto her butt.
Sarah: you hurt me again… I hope I don’t get a bruise on my butt
She said suggestively. Frustrated Joanna dropped the clothes knowing she had no way out.
Joanna: what do you want from me?
Sarah stood infront of her again and stuck her tongue out leaning in towards Joanna’s pussy. Before the tongue even met her cunt she felt tiny hands caressing and grabbing her ass. Jiggling it around and squeezing it. Joanna looked up with tears welling in her eyes. She suddenly felt the tiny tongue begin to massage her clit. Joanna’s fists clenched and her eyes pressed hard shut as she endured the strange sensation against her will. Joanna felt a level of guilt she had never felt mixed with anger. It was as if she were restrained without bondage. She hated it. Sarah began to suck on her clit and emily spread Joanna’s big cheeks to squeeze her little face between them and start licking her asshole. Sarah reached up to feel her first breast. It was soft, warm, squishy, and better than she ever imagined. Joanna looked down at the tiny hands having their way with her and continued to cry.
Joanna: are we done yet?
She wept to the little girl. Sarah without stopping shook her head no with a devilish grin still with her clit locked securely between her preteen lips. Sarahs other hand made its way to Joanna’s pussy. Her tiny fingers went inside easily. She figured out that she could fit her entire fist in. Joanna accepted the strange feeling of tiny fingers wiggling around inside her as she bit her lip in anguish. Joanna admits to herself under different circumstances this would be a dream come true. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine it were someone she would want doing this to her. She pictured her crush a girl she knew from high school. This made it more bearable for Joanna as she began to relax just enough to get through this. The girls continued to have their way with Joanna in the bathroom while she stood there stoically enduring what she still saw as a punishment for some unknown sin. Sarah started fucking her harder with her fist and Joanna couldn’t help but start to gasp. A few moans crept out which greatly excited Sarah and encouraged her to go harder and deeper. Sarah was amazed at how deep she could go into a grown woman’s pussy and just how wet she was now becoming. Joanna was starting to enjoy it and absolutely hated herself for it. Joanna looked down at this talented little devil doing what she could only describe as heavenly things to her pussy. Joanna clenched her pussy as she didn’t want to give the satisfaction or misunderstanding that she liked it as she felt herself close to climax. She tried to hold it in as hard as she could as she started to scrunch her face hard and let out louder moans involuntarily. Sarah would not be defeated. Joanna clenched as hard as she could until she felt her heart would give out. Suddenly a giant release. This was the hardest Joanna had ever came. It kept oozing and oozing out of her. The girls both gathered under her and let it plop down from Joanna’s pussy lips onto their innocent satisfied little faces. Sticking their tiny little tongues out the way they used to when it snowed. Joanna stood their out of breath, confused, hating herself, mind racing about how this would affect her future, how she could be so stupid to let this happen, worse that she knew she enjoyed it, why did that happen? Was something wrong with her? Is she broken now? What does any of this mean? She looked down at the girls who were now licking her cum off each others faces. She looked down at her own body as if it had betrayed her cum slowly dripping down the inside of her thigh. The girls suddenly stood up and ran away giggling. Joanna took a moment to slump down onto the floor still naked and feeling sorry for herself. Eventually she got herself dressed stood up and tried to push on like nothing had happened. She looked around the house calling out to the girls hearing them giggling in the distance. She found them in her room. Both girls stand side by side still naked, chests out like they were doing a Superman pose in the middle of her bedroom, her drawers were all emptied clothes all over the floor and then she noticed. Both girls were standing their naked and petite affixed with Joanna’s strap ons secured around their wastes.
Joanna: oh no! Please!
They both giggled to each other
Sarah: I still want to play!
Sarah grabbed Joanna by the hair and pulled her down to all fours. Joanna had never actually gotten to use them but fantasized about finding the right girl to use them with. This wasn’t what she had invisioned for herself. Sarah shoved the cock into Joanna’s mouth and emily slipped hers into Joanna’s pussy. Sarahs was bigger since she was the older sister they decided. The both pounded away at Joanna from both ends. Joanna continued whimpering throughout the entire process and once again felt betrayed by her own body as she gushed cum from her pussy. But even after Joanna came they kept going. They were having so much fun. Joanna’s pussy was so sensitive and tender the second time around she squirmed and cried out but they didn’t listen. Slamming into her pussy with all the playful energy little kids have. Joanna came again and again. They switched back and forth every so often. Sarahs had a dildo on the inside to which made it especially pleasuring to her although the dildo on the inside was much smaller it was still big enough to push her tiny pussy to its limit. Eventually the girls needed to stop to catch their breath. Laying down on the floor with big smiles on panting. Joanna still leaking cum layed their silently and defeated. Sarah decided to try something new. She positioned Joanna on her back and let emily sit on her face. Sarah told her to eat her pussy and to Sarah’s surprise Joanna didn’t even fight it anymore. Joanna’s tongue and tongue ring began to pleasure the little girls tiny pussy emily stared lovingly down at her new crushes face holding onto her tufts of green hair as she rode it to orgasm. Joanna tried to invision herself in another place far away and not beneath a little girls pussy with her tongue making love to it. Joanna did take note of how tiny her little hole was and thought how her tongue would probably be the equivalent to a penis of a boys the same age as her. She kept fighting these invasive thoughts out of her head though. Sarah with her big dildo decided to try and shove that into Joanna’s ass. Finally she got a reaction out of her again. She was almost starting to loose interest. Joanna cried out in pain beneath the little girl as she pounded away at Joanna’s well cushioned ass. Joanna endured the pain as this was her first time having anything in her ass let alone something this big, it was thicker than Sarah’s arm. Emily soon came onto Joanna’s tongue. Seeing how defeated she was Sarah thought maybe she could use a win… she put the strap on onto Joanna and told her to fuck her. Joanna didn’t respond, she didn’t look at her, she didn’t even have an emotion on her face. Sarah decided to jump on top of the strap on anyway and fuck it with Joanna beneath her attached. The dildo wiggled its way back and forth as Sarah struggled to fit even the tip of the giant dildo in her tiny whole. Joanna knew what was happening and let out a little laugh to herself and a smirk swept across her face. Sarah still determined tried to bare her weight down onto the dildo to get it in her. Her sister held the shaft to help keep it steady as she would try and slam it into herself with all her body weight. Joanna after struggling with these feelings for what felt like hours finally decided “fuck it, I’m in too deep now, and if that’s what these little brats want then I’m gonna give them something she won’t forget” Joanna looked down at these pathetic attempts grabbed Sarah by her tiny pertruding hip bones and violently thrusted up into her. Sarah’s jaw dropped as she gasped sharply for air, her eyes went wide and then quickly shut tight in pain, she grabbed onto Joanna’s arms and squeezed, her teeth clenched as a tear welled up into Sarah’s eyes. She could see her arms trembled while holding her. Joanna knew this would be her revenge. Joanna started sliding in and out. She estimated this dildo could easily make it into her flat chest if she went all the way. Obviously she knew that would be too much but she went as far as she could until she met enough resistance and kept going to that depth. Sarah started to wince at every thrust. That soon started to turn into pleading.
Sarah:” wait wait! Ah! It’s too much! Ah! It’s too big! AH!
Joanna didn’t care anymore as her powerful thighs punished the older sister for how she treated Joanna. Joanna fucked the little pussy harder and harder Sarah started to cry but Sarah being Sarah she began to embrace the pain. Sarah looked down into Joanna’s eyes as she started to force herself down onto the dildo taking it a full extra inch. Without words she knew this was a challenge. Joanna let loose on the little girl and fucked her with a vengeance. She fucked her little body so hard she struggled to stay on top like a mechanical bull ride. Joanna suddenly flipped her down onto the ground with her face against the carpeted floor Joanna forced herself back inside the little girl penetrating her deep as her sister watched in silence. Sarah didn’t give up as she continued to push her little ass back into Joanna. She felt the dildo becoming compressed and thicker inside her as it could not go any deeper, instead it stretched her tiny pussy walls to their limit. Joanna was impressed to notice that she was taking the whole thing. Ashamed to admit it this turned her on. Joanna holding onto Sarah’s hips slammed her hips into Sarah’s petite little ass, the tiniest jiggle rippled each time, Joanna felt herself getting close. She never felt this powerful before. This strong. She loved it. Joanna spun her around in the dildo and picked her up and started fucking her standing. Joanna’s arms wrapped behind Sarah’s back her hands hooked over her shoulders pulling her all the way into the dildo with every thrust. She looked into the little girls eyes light blue with a sparkle, her cute little pink lips, her little freckles and blonde hair a mess with odd strands messily covering her face. She kept fucking her now seeing the beauty that was this little girl. She stuck her tongue in her mouth and began to kiss her. Joanna’s tongue easily filled her whole mouth. Overcome with this new sensation Sarah came hard, her pussy clenched enough to shoot the dildo out of her and it flopped beneath her as they continued to kiss. Joanna moved a hand to behind her head and pressed her face into hers kissing her more passionately, her tiny frame pressed against hers, it was so easy to embrace her entire body. The thought of having a little fuck doll like her suddenly became appealing. She leaned her head down to flick her little pink nipples with her tongue. Emily now started to get jealous.
Emily: my turn my turn!!!
Joanna smiled and told her to lie down on the bed on her stomach. Still holding Sarah in her arms she slipped the still soaked dildo into Emily’s pussy. Forgetting how big it is emily cried out in pain and tried to squirm away. Joanna laughed grabbed her ankle and pulled her back.
Joanna: I’m sorry emily but you need to get what you deserve too
She thrust into the little girl about halfway and grabbed a fist full of hair and took her from behind pinned against the bed. Her tiny little ass was suddenly an appealing view for Joanna, once she knew emily wasn’t going anywhere she began to squeeze and play with it as she was fucking her and still kissing and holding Sarah. Giving her the occasional little spank. Emily came quickly. Joanna lifted Sarah over her shoulders to lick and care for Sarah’s now gaping pussy still red, tender and sore. They went like this for hours taking turns in every position, every combination and every whole they had. Before they knew it it was getting close to time for them to be picked up. Joanna got them dressed in their pajamas and had them pretend to be asleep when their parents arrived. The parents thanked Joanna and payed her. The girls went in their way. Joanna went back up to her room and laid on the cum stained floor still thinking and fantasizing about the night. Fantasizing about their little body’s and everything they did. Thinking about everything she would want to do next time. Joanna started to wonder if maybe she could convince her own little sister to join next time…

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