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Sarah and emily part 2

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New Year’s Eve and Sarah’s got that feeling again

It’s been almost 5 days and emily is mostly heeled. Sarah has been acting completely normal as if nothing happened but emily still try’s to keep her distance from her. Tonight emily learned that Sarah is babysitting. Emily nearly collapsed in fear but thinking quickly she asked if she can have her friend over. Mom agreed as long as Sarah did not mind, Sarah thought about it and then with a cheery smile said of coarse! Emily felt releved as surely she wouldn’t try anything with someone else there. Emily’s friend Maria was also 10 about the same size with curly brown hair and olive skin. Maria showed up and their mom and dad kissed them good bye and reminded Sarah to have everyone in bed by 1230 and no later! Sarah agreed and everyone kissed goodbye. Emily quickly rushed Maria to her room and slammed the door. Emily was relieved as they began to talk about school and such. Suddenly the door swung open. Sarah walked in and emily quickly went pale. Sarah pushed Emily’s desk infront of her door. Maria laughed nervously.
Maria: um what are you doing?
Sarah didn’t say a word as she began to strip down.
Maria: oh my god! Haha! What are you doing?! You’re so weird! Ew! Emily make your sister stop! Haha!
She continued to laugh and tried to avert her eyes while still taking the occasional peak. Sarah walked to the other side of the bed where emily was hiding.
Sarah: don’t you remember our agreement?
Emily: please stop! No more!
Maria: what’s going on?
Maria now starting to get noticeably concerned
Sarah: everything I did to you I want to watch you do to your little friend.
Emily: no! Please! Just do it to me again! Or don’t do it at all! I’ll do your chores! Please! I’m your sister!
Sarah slapped emily across the face. Emily and Maria went quiet as tears welled up in Emily’s eyes. With her head down emily walked up to Maria
Emily: I’m sorry Maria… can you please take your clothes off?
Maria: ok this is a joke and I want to leave
Emily: please just do it
Maria: no! You’re both weird! Let me out!
Sarah walked over to her and grabbed her by her hair
Maria:ow ow ow!!
Sarah: do it! I’ll hold her
Emily with a frown on her face started pulling down Maria’s leggings. She tried to push her away but Sarah restrained her arms behind her. Maria decided to flail her legs and scream but emily managed to slip them off. Suddenly Maria regretted asking her mom for big girl sexy underwear. They were pink lace panties. Emily pulled them down to reveal her bald pussy. Sarah pinned Maria down onto the floor and motioned for emily to come over. Emily pulled down her pants and underwear to reveal her tiny still sore pink pussy. Maria screamed and struggled and now began to cry. Emily began to cry with regret as she said over and over “ im so sorry” she lowered her little pussy onto her friends innocent little face. She squirmed and tried to scream as emily reluctantly rocked her hips back and forth over her friends face. Sarah sat on Maria’s belly to help hold her hands and legs down. Although emily was humping her friends face it did nothing for her. She was just sadly humping her face dry and it was uncomfortable. Sarah comanded Maria stick her tongue out. She refused so Sarah went to her tried and true method of fingering her ass. Maria’s tongue shot out immediately and parted Emily’s little pussy lips. Suddenly emily felt something she hadn’t felt yet in all of this. Although still feeling guilty and empathetic towards her friend she couldn’t deny that this time was different. Sarah noticed Emily’s thrusts became more animated and purposeful. More rhythmic. Sarah leaned forward and began to kiss her sisters neck. Emily began to relax a little. Sarah began to caress emily under her shirt. Eventually she pulled it off. Playing with her sisters little nipples excited her. Maria could feel her stomach getting wet from Sarah’s pussy and began to notice that emily was starting to taste different. Little emily started to let out tiny little moans as she leaned back into her sister while riding her friend. Suddenly it was all starting to fade away as she began to think “maybe I am a slut” the thought excited her. She started thinking of how her sister forcefully fucked her, now thinking back it almost seemed passionate. She grinded into Maria’s tongue harder and faster. She couldn’t get over how amazing this felt not just having sex but with 2 people at the same time. Emily began to get wet and in her mind she began to reaffirm “ I am a slut, I’m a dumb slut” this thought turned her on more and more. Soon she noticed she was saying it out loud. Sarah was finally able to make out what she was saying under her breath and felt her heart start to race with excitement. She looked down and her sisters hips and saw them rocking back and forth faster and harder against Maria’s face who was screaming into her pussy but neither of them had even noticed they just drowned it out in their own heads. Emilys legs started quivering again as she moaned quick little high pitched shrieks. Once again she squirted this time soaking Maria’s face and hair. She fell back into her sisters arms and they kissed passionately for the first time. Emily cherished her sisters embrace as she lay there recovering from the most intense orgasm she’s ever felt.
Emily: I am your little slut Sarah. I’ll do what ever you say.
She said with a tiny grin. Sarah smiled back.
Sarah: good then let’s keep going
Sarah looked around Emily’s room, she found a hair brush with an abnormally thick handle the thickness of a cucumber. She handed it to her sister. “Here use this”
Emily looked down at Maria now with a deviant smile. Maria was crying and humiliated. Sarah switched places with her as emily started working the handle into her friends tight little pussy. Maria’s moaned echoed inside Sarah and this thrilled her. Emily fucked Maria with the same vigor as she was fucked by Sarah. Marias tight ass clenched as she endured the pain of her virginity being broken. Sarah instructed Maria to stick her tongue out and she did without hesitation this time. Emily was a natural. She knew how she actually wanted it when Sarah did it and tried to fuck her like she would’ve wanted. Not just with force but also passion. She also made sure to lick Maria’s clit while she did it. Maria’s screams turned into a mix of pain, horror, and orgasm. Maria came quickly and coated the handle of the brush. She came a lot. Her hips bucked as she did violently. Emily had a hard time keeping her tongue to Maria’s clit. Sarah wasn’t done as she continued fucking her face until she also came into her sisters friends mouth. Sarah instructed emily to sit on her friend while she went to go get something. She moved the desk and went downstairs. She came back with the remote and a cucumber. Sarah moved the desk back and held Maria down with her ass towards her face. She shoved the remote into Maria’s pussy and the cucumber up her tiny little ass. The cucumber took a while to work in and the remote had kept slipping out but eventually she was able to force both about halfway inside her. Maria let out her loudest screams yet. Sarah instructed emily to insert the other half into herself and fuck them both in and out of Maria using her pussy and asshole. Emily scooched her butt across the floor and managed to force them both inside herself. Sarah moved behind emily and held her hands back so they could both get a good view of emily fucking her friend Maria. Maria pleaded with her. “Please you don’t have to do this”
Emily: but I want to… I’m a dirty slut, a whore, I’ll fuck anyone, anytime, whether they want it or not
Maria cried and spat at her friend. Emily was surprised to learn that this only turned her on more. She wiped the spit off her face licked it and then began to rub her tiny little clit as she rocked back and forth. Sarah couldn’t be more proud. Emily’s tiny little painted nails quickly became a blur as she furiously rubbed herself not breaking eye contact with Maria who stared back in pain as if pleading for her to stop. Emily went deeper and harder and faster, the remote was visibly wet sliding in and out of her. Sarah reached down to make sure it was going equally back and forth between the 2 of them. Maria was so tight still it was tightly gripped around the remote. Sarah loved watching this and was struggling not to finger herself until she realized there were 2 hands that weren’t being used for anything. She took one of Maria’s hands and tried to shove her fingers up her pussy. Maria clenched them in a fist. Sarah gave her one stern look and Maria quickly relaxed her fingers again. She slipped Maria’s tiny fingers into her, 1 barely felt like much, 2 still wasn’t enough, 4 was the magic number, they were so small she could almost fit her entire hand… she decided to go for it and fit her entire hand just barely into her pussy and began to fist herself with Maria’s hand. She fucked it hard while watching her sister.
Sarah: I wanna fuck you so bad emily
Emily: I want you to fuck me sarah, I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to make me feel like the dirty little slut that I am!
They both fucked themselves harder using Maria like the little fuck toy she was for them.
Sarah: I’m going to get the neighbors dog and let it fuck you over and over
(Their neighbors dog was a giant Great Dane)
Emily moaned thinking about it
Sarah: I want it to cum inside you and fill you with dog cum
Emily: yes I want that! I want anything you’ll do to me sister!
Sarah: I want it to fuck your little whore mouth!
Emily: I’ll drink it’s cum for you sister!
Maria: what the fuck is wrong with you two?!?!
Emily reached forward and slapped Maria across the face. Maria went back to crying in silence.
Sarah: I want him to fuck your tiny little ass hole
Emily: I want you to watch him tear my ass apart
Sarah: I want to tie you up and eat your pussy till you can’t cum anymore and then I’m going to keep going anyway
Emily: you make my pussy so horny.
Emily starts squirting all over Maria and Sarah. It sprays across the room.
Maria: what the fuck?!?!
Emily keeps going she doesent want to stop she squirts again. Sarah cums all over Maria’s hand cums hard. She jams Maria’s hand in deep. Emily now cums for the first time, the cum leaking all over the the remote making it white and sticky.
Sarah: clean the remote with your tongue.
Emily drops on all fours and does so immediately her tiny little but in the air. Sarah whispers in Maria’s ear.” Do you want revenge on her?” Maria shakes her head “please just let me go” Sarah sharply tugs her hair and more firmly says “I said do you want to get revenge on her?” Maria nervously nods her head. Sarah guides Maria behind emily. She takes Maria’s cum soaked fist and starts sliding it into Emily’s asshole. Emily jumps forward at first before she embraces it and pushes back.
Emily: I love feeling your cum inside me sister. It feels so good
Sarah: tell me why that is
Emily: because I am your dirty little slut and I’ll do whatever you want!
Maria was already disappointed that she was enjoying it so much. Suddenly filled with anger Maria started aggressively fisting her friends little ass trying to go deep as if she were punching her friends stomach from the inside. Emily let out loud moans as she reached back and began fingering herself
Emily: fuck me maria! Fuck me hard!
Maria continued to try and go hard enough to fuck her, before she knew it she was almost elbow deep in her friends ass. Sarah began spit all over Maria’s forearm to try and help it go deep and tried to guide it deeper. Emily moaned and found soon enough her pussy was dripping cum without even touching her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she was pounded. Sarah watched and took turns kissing and caressing each of the girls. Maria grew tired and collapsed helplessly to the ground frustrated and tired trying not to brush back her hair with the hand that was just in her friends ass. While Maria wasn’t paying attention Sarah shoved Maria’s face into her pussy while she stood infront of her and started fucking her face. Emily quickly took the opertunity to spread Sarah’s tiny cheeks and lick her sisters asshole. Sarah moaned and quivered at all the stimulation. She started pushing her ass back into her sisters tongue trying to work it inside herself. Emily caught on immediately and made her tongue stiff and shoved her face between her sisters tiny cheeks. She looked down at Maria’s pathetic innocent little face now covered in squirt and cum, her hair a mess pressed against her wet face her eyes red from crying. Sarah came a final time over the little girls face being sure to smear it around her face with her pussy. Sarah moved the desk instructed her to clean herself up and then go home and if she told anyone she’d do it again and worse. Maria reluctantly agreed got dressed and was on her way. She went back to Emily’s room to find her laying on the floor in extassy. They cuddles and layed on the floor fantasizing of all the things that could now do with each other. All the other girls in the neighborhood they could fuck. Girls younger than emily would be even easier and cuter she exclaimed! They fantasized about the girls in their classes and embraced as they rang in the new year

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