Sales trip

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I was on the 7th Day of a 2-week sales trip. tired from a long day and with the next day off I decided to stop in at one of the local watering holes. I had stopped there many times over the years as it was right in the middle of my sales route. I ordered a drink sitting there thinking about the day when all of a sudden the Jukebox started up. I turned to look and was presented the most beautiful heart-shaped ass I have ever seen. I could tell from behind that this was a much more mature woman compared to the other females in the bar. As I continued to watch her she slowly began swinging her hips with the music as she leaned on the jukebox. I still hadn’t seen the front of her but by the way she was swinging her hips I could see that her breasts were swinging outside of her frame but were held tight in place by the vest she was wearing. When she turned around my fantasy of what she may look like was blown apart by how beautiful she actually was. I continued to watch her intently as she went and sat at a table by herself. I asked Sam the bartender who she was as I had not seen her in the past. He told me she’d been in town for about a year but didn’t often come in to the bar often. I sent her over a drink hoping for an introduction. she looked up and smiled and acknowledged mouthing thank you and return to whatever she was deep in thought about. Finishing my drink I thinked Sam for the conversation and headed out to go to my motel. Disappointed I wasn’t able to have a conversation with this beautiful woman although it was not uncommon in my travels. Back at my room i was getting ready to jump in the shower when there was a knock on the door. I answered the door in just my shorts thinking it was probably just someone from the hotel. To my surprise she was standing in front of my door holding two beers. She said she wanted to apologize for not acknowledging me buying her a drink at the bar and asked if she could come in. I invited her in and once I closed the door realized I was only standing there in my shorts. I apologized and said let me go put something on she responded please don’t bother. as she is there in front of me I can tell that she had opened several buttons on her vest to expose more of her breasts than were visible in the bar. She said she asked Sam about me after I left the bar and he explained that I was a Salesman that was through monthly usually only for a day. As our conversation concentrated on what I do for a living I couldn’t help but notice the erection that I was getting from her being so close. Again I suggested I should go put something on to that she asked me not to as she was enjoying watching the Bulge in my shorts grow. I said well it’s only going to get bigger so we might as well put it to use. She smiled as she stood up and walked over to me Softly kissing me. Step back and proceeded to do my very own personal strip tease right there. She was no Perfect 10 but it was so erotic watching her cup her breasts pull them to her chest as she pinched her nipples between her fingers causing them to elongate and become hard. She began taking off her pants only to bend over and stick that amazing heart-shaped ass in my face when I could do nothing but grab a hold of it. She stopped stepped slightly forward and said in time. She turned around and showed me her perfectly trimmed bush with a beautiful firm pink clit sitting directly below it. Watching her play with her clit and exposing her inner pussy to me was more than I can handle. I Leaned back slightly as I reached in to expose my hard cock to begin stroking it when she insisted that I stop. she stepped forward and began sucking on my dick as if it was on fire which caused me to let out a loud moan. She looked up at me and asked me if I was okay. I said no not unless you spin around here and put that pussy on my face so I can eat it while you’re sucking my cock. With her pussy firmly on my face I lose control she’s so wet so warm I began eating as fast as I could. I found myself spreading her ass cheeks and moving my tongue against her. I could tell she flinches slightly by the motion my cock. I went back to eating her pussy but slid my finger across her ass and slowly began caressing her. I slowly worked my finger tip into her ass she raised up explaining no one had ever been able to do that before. I told her I would stop she said just let me catch my breath. I rolled her over on the bed and put her on all fours I slowly worked my finger around her sphincter until she was relaxed again. Before I knew it I had three fingers inside of her working her ass. I think I can take it now please put your dick inside me. I raised up and slowly forced the head of my cock into her ass she let out a loud moan and asked me to go slow. I continue to work the head of my cock in and out until she was able to take my entire cock in her ass she was quivering with excitement. So much so that she orgasmed all over the bed shocking even her. I told her we can’t let that go to waste as I rotated her on my dick to her back and continued to fuck her ass. After a few Strokes she erupted again this time shooting her cum all over my face and chest. I pulled my dick out and proceeded to lick her pussy clean in preparations for shoving my hard cock into her. As I grabbed your waist and lifted her up to pull her on to my dick she cried out no I want to be on top I want to ride you. We switch positions and as she lowers herself on my dick her breasts and hard nipples wete inched from my face I explained I don’t know how long I can last. She said hold on as long as you can but whatever you do please fill my pussy with your cum. For what felt like an eternity I worked over her breasts and nipples until my dick finally erupted inside of her. She continued rideing me pulling every bit of cum from my soul into her. As I finished she collapsed on top of me as we laid there still coupled together as if her pussy would not release my limp cock. She slide off of me only to slide down to my cock and clean every inch of it and my balls with her tounge..

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