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Rosalie sucks off my cheating boyfriend in our dorm house

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I caught my cheating boyfriend John getting his dick sucked off by my dorm sister Rosalie .

My name is Britney and I’m 18 years old and I stand at 5’2 inches tall and weighing 118 pounds with 32-dd tits, and my long hair is dark brown that I wear in a ponytail. I’m in my freshman year at college. I share a dorm room with Rosalie, she stands at 5’7 inches tall and weighing around 123 pounds with 32-cc tits and she has beautiful long blond hair that she usually wears in a ponytail.

I just came into our dorm room when I saw Rosalie drop her math book on the desk, she was wearing a white t-shirt with light blue work-out spandex tights, that were so tight there was no doubt she wasn’t wearing panties.

I dressed similar to her. I was wearing a white t-shirt with extremely tight black Under Armour work-out tights. Being active and working out together had cemented our friendship. So, we made plans to find and share a house off campus, the following year.

“So ! Rosalie what time is John coming over to study with you”?? I asked Rosalie.

“He sent me a text about 20 minutes ago and said he’s on his way”!! Rosalie replied to me.

“OK then ! I’ll leave you two alone ! Oh !! my boyfriend is also named John to”!! I told Rosalie.

“Oh really Britney”!! Rosalie responded surprised to me.

“Well ! I’m gonna work on my math upstairs and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”!! I said with a smirk.

Rosalie couldn’t help but smiled as I went upstairs, she liked John and knew he was dating me, but she didn’t tell me, He was 6’5 with dark brown hair and muscular with big broad shoulders, and very good looking.

Twenty minutes later Rosalie answered the door and John walked in, Rosalie couldn’t help noticing his manly scent or the huge bulge in his pants.

“Hi Rosalie !! sorry I’m a little late”!! John told her.

“Oh John !! You are so sweet ! Would you like a beer honey”?? Rosalie replied in her sexy voice as she turned her back to him and walked to the kitchen, while John couldn’t take his eyes off her sexy, tight, blue spandex covered ass, as she went into the kitchen.

“Sure ! I would love one ! and how was your day”!! he said. As Rosalie purposely bent over to get the beer from the fridge.

As Rosalie gave John his beer, she sat at the table and couldn’t help noticing the bulge in John’s pants had gotten bigger. “Maybe he’s a little shy, that’s OK I’m going to bring him out of his shell”. She thought.

As the two of them talked about their college classes, they paused in their conversation while Rosalie teased John by picking up her beer and putting the bottle to her luscious red lips for a sip and then started licking around the rim.

After about 10 minutes Rosalie made her move, she accidentally knocked her pen off the table and then kicked it underneath the table. Rosalie then got down and crawled under the table to get it, John bent over and looking to see Rosalie on her hands and knees.

Rosalie’s blue spandex encased ass was high in the air, with her knees spread far enough that he could see her spandex tights pulled up tight. The shape of Rosalie’s pussy was clearly defined through her spandex tights.

John’s cock throbbed and he was harder than he had ever been in his whole life, as Rosalie started to turn, he wasn’t quick enough and Rosalie caught him looking at her as he sat up.

When Rosalie saw his huge bulge in his pants she crawled over to him, she put her hands on his knees and pushed them wider apart. John looked down and saw Rosalie’s smiling face a couple of inches from his dick.

“Oh John honey ! You look extremely uncomfortable ! I just caught you looking at my ass a second ago and your pants look awfully tight ! so let me help you out by sucking your cock !! It’ll be the best blowjob you ever get”!!! Rosalie told John in her sexy girlish voice.

John could only nod his head as Rosalie quickly got up from under the table and grabbed his hand and led him over in front of the sofa while keeping her seductive eyes on his, she gripped his pants at the waistband and slowly lowered them, just as her spandex covered knees hit the floor. Rosalie saw John’s big, uncut, 8-inch thick, purplish dick for the first time.

Rosalie loudly gasped out, “OH MY GODD !!! OH FUCK !!! IT’S SO FUCKING BIG AND UGLY”!!!!!!

John was packing a huge dick, it was just a little over 8-inches and thicker than she had ever seen, and his balls were the size of golf balls.

“Hey Britney ! You need to come down here and see this”!! Rosalie shouted out as she wrapped her hand around John’s cock shaft. She slowly stroked his cock up and down and saw a drop of his pre-cum leak from the tip of his cockhead.

Rosalie quickly licked it up with her tongue, Britney got up from her desk after hearing Rosalie call out and headed downstairs. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she saw her boyfriend John with his pants around his ankles with his eyes closed with Rosalie kneeling in front of him, she could tell Rosalie was stroking his cock.

“John !!!! What the fuck are you doing !! letting my friend Rosalie give you a fucking blowjob”!!!

Being startled, John opened up his eyes and said, “Oh Britney baby !! I’m so sorry !! Please forgive me baby”!! John cried out and begged me as Rosalie just stared at the biggest cock she has ever seen and kept on licking and stroking Johnny’s massive hunk of meat.

So, Britney says, “Well John ! Your gonna have to take the two of us on”!! Britney then stood at the side of the sofa. Then Rosalie said to Johnny, “Are you ready for the best blowjob of your life ! you cheating big, bad boy”!???

“Oh God”!!! John groaned as Rosalie hopped up on the sofa next to him and took his cock into her mouth for the first time, Rosalie slowly swirled her tongue around his 8-inch cock shaft and moaned out, “Mmmmmmm !!!! Mmmmmphh”!!!!!!!!!!! As she tasted his salty pre-cum.

As Rosalie took more of his large cock inside her mouth and her head was bobbing up and down at a quick pace. John opened his eyes and saw his Britney standing there with her arms crossed and staring at him as Rosalie’s head was bobbing up and down faster on his cock while stroking it.

John then turned to Rosalie going down on him and couldn’t help but notice her tight ass encased in her tight blue spandex, “God damn Rosalie !! Your mouth feels so fucking good !! And your tight little ass looks fucking spectacular like that in spandex tights”!!!! John growled out.

“It sure does !! So ! Johnny your a ass guy”!?? Britney said as she turned around and wiggled her tight black spandex encased ass in John’s face as he groaned again, “Aaaaahhh god”!!!!!! watching as Britney ran her hands from her spandex encased hips and all the way over her ass cheeks and thighs then back again.

John could only nod as Rosalie finally wrapped her luscious red lips tightly around the base of his huge uncut cock and sucked it hard.

Rosalie slowly pulled her mouth away from his dick and wrapped her hand back around his dick and jerked him of at a steady pace. Then she moved her mouth lower to his big ball sack, while gathering more saliva as she licked his balls with her hot wet tongue.

Britney was so fucking turned on that she gripped the waist band of her spandex tights and slowly lowered them down till the tops of her firm ass cheeks were visible, “What about my ass John ! Do you like my ass”!?? She desperately asked John.

John turned and looked at his girlfriend Britney and said, “Hell yea baby !! Your ass looks great too !! Holy fuck !! you girls are fucking killing me !! I’m gonna blow my load soon !! OH FUCK !! OH MY GOD !!! FUCK YES”!!!!

John loudly growled out as Rosalie took the entire thick uncut 8-inch cock deep inside her warm mouth once more and quickly started bobbing up and down while John laid his hands on top of her head.

Rosalie can feel his balls tighten up and she knew he will blow his sperm load soon, and she didn’t want to waste any of his salty tasting sperm. Britney could also tell John was close as well to cumming and said,

“Yea Rosalie sweetie !! Suck all of his baby making sauce out of his balls !! and make that huge dick shoot off”!!!!

As Britney continued to rub and show off her sexy tight spandex encased ass, John couldn’t take his eyes off Britney as he moaned out filthy swear words to her. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer as he blurted out, “Ahhrgh !!!! ohh !! god”!!!! I can’t hold back anymore by Rosalie’s talented mouth. She pulled back a little cupping one hand under his balls and jerking his shaft that wasn’t in her mouth.

The first spurt was so powerful, that it shot out and ricocheted off the roof of Rosalie’s mouth causing her eyes to open wide. The second and third shots filled her mouth up, and when she felt his cock flex the fourth time, Rosalie couldn’t hold anymore in her mouth as some sperm trickled out of both sides of her mouth.

Rosalie pulled off of John’s big cock while keeping her lips tightly closed as she jerked the final squirts of his sperm and making sure he was completely empty.

Then she looked up and saw the contented look on John’s face as she turned to Britney, Britney was smiling down at Rosalie with a wide smile.

Rosalie got a very wicked thought and stood up and stepped up to Britney and wrapped her arms around her and leaned in pressing her lips against Britney’s.

Britney knew what Rosalie had in mind, as she opened her lips and stuck her tongue deep into Rosalie’s mouth. they both kissed passionately as some of Johnny’s sperm oozed out onto their chins.

Then they pushed John’s sperm back and forth in their mouths, as Britney moaned out not only from Rosalie’s kiss but the naughtiness and the salty taste of Johnny’s sperm, “Mmmmmmpphh !!!!! Mmmmmphh !!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!

When the two of them finally broke away from their very naughty deep French kiss, they each swallowed John’s mouthful of sperm and smiled at each other.

Britney reached up with her finger and scooped up a large drip of sperm from Rosalie’s cheek, then she quickly sucked it off her finger.

Johnny just sat there speechless and watching Rosalie and I sharing his seed as an appetizer !!


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  • Reply sl4y3r ID:5jn7an38zb9

    That was so hot made my thick cock throb reading that

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:xblp958k

    My cock head is leaking pre-cum at the thought of nurse Britney tending to me in her 10 strap garter belt and stockings with her luscious 32 DD bursting out of her uniform blouse!! I know you will make this story as raunchy as fuck and it will make me cum and cum. Can’t wait baby doll. Your online lover Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oopsy !! I forgot you wanted me in a garter belt and stockings !! I’m sorry baby but I’m wearing white nursing pantyhose !!! love Britt

    • Big Bad John ID:1fuvflep49c

      Not to worry Brit. You make me horny in whatever you’re wearing!! Love John

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:xblp958k

    Hiya baby doll. Just read your latest story about us and my cock is hard as fuck!! Loved the idea of having you and Rosalie servicing my big thick cock and then sharing my creamy spunk. I think you need to do a follow up where I thank you by givingyou both a hard fucking while you lick out each other’s pussies!! Now that would really make me shoot my wad!!! Love you lots Princess. Your every horny b/f Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thanks sweetie ! I’m trying to expand my female characters in my stories !! And I was getting wet when I wrote this story for Rosalie thinking about you getting your dick sucked by her ! while the both of us girls are wearing our very tight spandex tights !! I love when you tell me that you blew your load for me !! oh John I’m working on our nurse story baby !! I love you honey !! your princess Britney

  • Reply Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

    Omg hiiiiiiii Britney !!!! I feel so honored to be in your story Britney !! But ngl this is kinda embarrassing too as the same time haha. I really love your description of me, thank you lol. I find the plot of the story very interesting. And this is just better than other stories, probly cause it includes me, it made me wet hehe.
    Thank you Britney for writing this story !!!!! I love it !!!!!!!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh my god !! Rosalie !! I’m so happy you liked it !! maybe with your continued permission I’ll put you in more of my stories !! and I can dress you up very !! very !! sexy !! Please just let me know one of your fantasies and I can work my magic and use you either as my sister or best friend !! please say yes Rosalie !! it gives me more to work in my stories when I have a real person to write in !!! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh Rosalie !!!! I also want to use you with me and my big John and slim 56 together and separately at times in my future stories !! please say yes babygirl !!! Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      I’m glad that you’re happy that i liked your story Britney ! Yes you have my permission but just a little question. Why me ? Is it because the other females (idk if i should say women or girl or ladies) declined your offer ?
      Yes Mommy Britney ?
      Rosalie //°^°// <— ifykyk

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      but Britney is it possible to just simply contact you somewhere as a friend ???? not sexually ? Just tell your bf i have some serious mental issues and im talking to you as mental support or smthing ? cos i know it sounds wierd but i really need to tell u smthing

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      or i can give u a gmail account of mine with password so yk, we can talk ? plsssssssss

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Because there is hardly any females here that want to get involved in another writer’s story except for Courtney ! plus I love your name Rosalie and your very quick to respond to my comments and you don’t make me wait all day !! so babygirl are you with me and I’ll make you famous here !! and by the way don’t feel embarrassed here !! so in some of my future stories you’ll be my daughter ! then my sister and my bestie, but I have to warn you I use rape in some of my stories and if you don’t want to be in my rape stories !! please tell me ahead of time !! I also use BBC in my stories also !! I guarantee your pussy will be cumming with my stories and thank you again sweetie !! and stay tuned to all my stories even if you’re not in them !!! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Rosalie !! please type on the search bar (TRICK OR TREAT FOR BRITNEY) That’s where you can tell me what you need to tell !! the only people that go there are the ones that I tell and allow, so I’ll check it out in a couple of hours !! and I want to see your comment question !! please honey I’ll be looking forward to reading it !! Britney

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Awesome Britney the way you shared John with your best friend. After all what are friends for. And then sharing his baby cream, it had me Cummings again. You are still the queen in my book. Your always horny friend Dave

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you so much slim !! I try to write a variety of stories for all the people here and not with the same thing all the time !! your sexy girl !! Britney