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Rosalie gets an unwanted surprise as she makes Britney’s fantasy come true

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Big John and Dave and Rosalie make Britney’s fantasy come true but there is a big unwanted surprise for Rosalie from Dave .

(Rosalie Sucks Off My Cheating Boyfriend in Our Dorm House)
(PART 2)

My name is Britney, and my roommate is Rosalie and we both share a dorm house together. About two weeks ago she gave my boyfriend John a blowjob while I watched, and I got so horny from watching them. So finally, I had to do something about it. Rosalie had just left to go to get some groceries for dinner. So, I ran to my room and grabbed my vibrator and butt plug, I threw them on my bed, and I quickly stripped out of my spandex tights and black sports bra.

I looked into my mirror and massaged and squeezed my large 32-DD tits. I need to find a guy, I needed to be fucked and fucked hard like the whorish slut that I am. All that I could think about was John’s thick 8-inch cock and how good it will feel if he would take me from behind and ram my pussy, I thought to myself.

I picked up my vibrator and climbed onto my bed on my hands and knees and turned on my vibrator and slowly I teased my pussy, God it felt so good, but I was so horny that I would need to cum more than once. I let out a deep moan as I massaged my pussy with the toy, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!! I can feel my juices already seeping out.

I pulled my vibrator away and pressed it against my sexy tight puckered ass, Oh !! my god !! do I love ass play. It’s so naughty and erotic that gets me off so fucking hard. I continued to massage my puckered rosebud with my vibrator and as I relaxed. I can feel myself opening up, so I dropped my vibrator and picked up my new butt plug, It’s so cute looking, It has a heart shaped base with a pink crystal embedded in it.

I put my butt plug in my now hot wet pussy, it was cool against my hot wet pussy, and I slowly slid it inside me to warm it up. After a few times sliding it in and out, I pressed my face and chest into my bed and gripped my right ass cheek. Steadying myself I pushed my butt plug against my tight virgin sphincter, the pain of violating myself was heaven and within thirty seconds my plug was encased inside my tushy.

Moaning out from being filled inside my tushy, “Ohhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!! I picked up my vibrator and turned it on high. I let my imagination wander. I was thinking about John and Dave fucking me at the same time, I’ve been fantasizing about getting double penetrating for a year now and it always got me off.

I imagined John below me, slowly filling my pussy with his hot big, hard cock and Dave behind me, gripping my torn pantyhose covered ass cheeks and thrusting his long 7-inch manhood inside me.
I plunged my vibrator in and out of my pussy, I felt so naughty as I started moaning out John’s name,


In my mind I was riding Johnny’s cock as Dave drilled my ass, I moaned as my orgasm quickly approached. I can’t remember all the dirty things that I yelled out loud, all I cared about was cumming and it felt a big one coming on.

I finally toppled over the edge, my pussy and ass contracted on both my vibrator and butt plug. I squeezed my eyes shut and collapsed onto my bed. It was one of my best orgasms ever, It’s no wonder why I never heard Rosalie open my door to my room. She was looking down at me in shock and with a slight smile.

“What the fuck Britney !?? Why were you begging John to ram your pussy !?? And when did you start doing anal”!!?? Rosalie asked me as her arms are crossed and she’s tapping her high heel on my bedroom floor.

“Oh my god !! Rosalie !! I am so sorry ! It’s just that I’ve been so horny ! Ever since the other day when I watched you give John that blowjob !! and his sperm tasted so good !! so I had to get myself off”!!! I told Rosalie.

The next day she helped me devise a plan, Rosalie was going to help me fulfill my fantasy of getting double penetrated. Rosalie would convince John to set me up with one of his friends, someone that she will check-out before hand. If all went well, his friend would fuck my ass and John would get my pussy.

Rosalie even promised that if she thought I truly enjoyed it, she would consider letting John and his friend double penetrate her too but then she changed her mind because she’s late for her period and she’s fertile. It was super bowl Sunday, Rosalie and I got ready for the game. I put on my red lace panties then I put on my white lace brassier, and I finished off with my short white pleated dress with floral white stay-up stockings and my red turtleneck sweater. Then I slipped into my 5-inch stilettos, I checked myself in my mirror, and boy do I look sexy.

When I got downstairs, Rosalie was in the kitchen getting the snacks out. She was wearing a very short red skirt with black stockings and 5-inch red stilettos and a black button-down blouse, she looked really hot too.

John and Dave showed up at our house about an hour later, they brought a case of beer and a bottle of Tequila. When I saw Dave, I knew this was going to be a night that I would never forget. Dave was about 6’2, with short brown hair and very muscular.

John had on a pair of tight blue denim jeans and a black t-shirt with sneakers, Dave was wearing tan cargo pants and a dark green sweatshirt with hiking boots.

“Hi girls !! This is my best friend Dave from high school”!!!! John said.

“Hi Dave !! nice to meet you”!! I replied while I took the beer from John.

My 5-inch stilettos made that click-clack come fuck me sound as I walked in the kitchen where Rosalie was opening the last beer, I walked up behind her and put my hand on her shoulder and said,

“Thank-you Rosalie !!! I sure hope this goes as planned !! That guy Dave is so hot”!! I told her in a low voice.

Rosalie turned and handed me two beers and said, “You’re welcome ! and I hope so too ! and you better be right about this anal thing of yours !! Because if I decide to try it and it hurts ! You’re going to owe me big time”!!!!! Rosalie said in her sexy sarcastic voice of hers. We both smiled and headed to the living room.

John was sitting in the chair and Dave was on the sofa. Rosalie handed John his beer and climbed onto his lap. I walked over to Dave and handed him his beer and sat in the middle of the sofa, with John and Rosalie to my right and Dave to my left.

The guys were loudly arguing about the football game, when I quickly jumped in, “Dave ! Have you lost your mind ! There’s no way their winning ! Their playing against the best team in the league”!!

John and Dave looked at me shocked, and asked me, ” you know football Britney”? “I know a little”!! I said to them.

To make a long story short I had them hook line and sinker, so we made a bet. I told them if my team wins both of you guys have to go out in the backyard and run around naked, and if your team wins, I will let both of you have your way with me. I will blow you and fuck you and anything else you want to do to me.

When I said that, the guys were shocked. Dave’s mouth was hung open as he stared at me. John turned and looked at Rosalie, she just shrugged her shoulders. Then she leaned over and whispered in his ear, “It’s ok sweetie !! I don’t mind and I trust you and her completely”!!!

With seconds left in the game, the opposition team was making a last ditch effort to score. My sphincter was tightly clenched, then I saw the ball fall to the ground. I jumped in my 5-inch stilettos screaming YES at the top of my lungs. John was the first to catch my slip up. “What the fuck Britney !! Why are you so happy”!?? he asked me.

“Look guys I can appreciate a well deserved win !! I lost the bet and I’m willing to pay up”!! I told them.

Just then, Dave grabbed me and whispered in my ear, “Really Britney !! I don’t think you wanted to win ! You’re planning something for your own gain”!!! My head was spinning when he said that.

Dave knew as he pressed against me, I felt his big, hot, stiff cock pressing against my tummy.

“Just shut up and take me”!!!! I whispered back to him; he replied by biting my neck.

Dave grabbed my wrist and pulled me with him as I staggered in my stilettos trying to keep up with him. “Come on John ! To the victors go the spoils”!! Oh fuck !! I thought . Dave is taking control and there is no way I can stop this.

When we got to the top of the stairs, he pushed me in front of him. Then he growled at me, “GO”!!

And he gave my ass a hard slap as I shrieked out, “Owwww”!!!!!!!!!!!

As I led him to my bed, I could hear Rosalie and John talking as they came upstairs.

“Go ahead baby !! I wanna see you fuck Britney !! I can’t wait to see your thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy”!!!!!!! Rosalie happily said to John.

As soon as I got into my bedroom, Dave spun me around and with his left hand behind my head, then he pulled me in and gave me a passionate kiss, as his right hand grabbed my left tit roughly while I blindly searched for his belt. When I was finally able to find it. I quickly unfastened it, I practically ripped them open. I just dropped down on my floral white stocking covered knees and pulled his shorts down to the floor. My mouth and lips were already wet from our kiss, but when I saw the big outline of his cock bulging in his black briefs my saliva was leaking from both sides of my mouth.

I gripped the waistband of his briefs and yanked them down to his knees, his long fat cock smacked me in my face as I unleashed him. “OH MY GOD”!!!! I moaned. I gripped his large hot cock shaft and that’s when I noticed Rosalie and John.

John took his shirt off, and Rosalie had his jeans and briefs below his knees. Rosalie was stroking his 7-inch long fat cock and said, “John !! now you’re ready to fuck Britney’s pussy baby”!!!

Dave grabbed onto my brown ponytail with both of his hands and roughly pulled my mouth to his dick and said, “Time to pay up !! So !! get to sucking me good and hard !! you little fuck slut” I opened my mouth wide to accept his large fat cock.

As soon as I had half of Dave’s cock in my mouth he groaned, “Aaaaahh”!!!! and threw his head back. I started backing off him but when I got to the tip of his cockhead, he pulled me back towards him as I accepted his cock and swirled my tongue all around his cock.

Dave tightened his grip on my ponytail as I got half-way down his cock, so I started to pull back, but Dave was having none of that and he kept steady pressure and forced me to take his entire length of his fat 7-inch cock. I was gagging when the head of his cock hit the back of my throat as large amounts of my stringy and slimy saliva was dripping from both sides of my mouth and completely covering my chin.

“OH YEAH BABY !!! Your such a good little cocksucker Britney !! I love the sound when you’re gagging on my cock !! I’ll bet your pussy is soaked”!!!! Dave told me.

“Hey John !! It’s time for us to collect our debt from Britney”!!!!! Dave said, as he pulled his dripping cock out of my mouth. Dave then quickly pulled my red turtleneck sweater off and when I was able to see again, John was right behind me. He helped me to stand on my stilettos and turned me to face him.

Dave and John worked together, while Dave unhooked my brassier and tossing it somewhere. John had crouched down and ran his hands up underneath my pleated short dress and felt up my white, floral stocking encased thighs until he reached my red lace panties.

John pulled my red lace panties down and helped me to step out of them.

“Hey Dave !! You gotta see this !! Britney’s panties are soaking wet !!! and her white stockings are also wet from her pussy juices”!!!!!! John excitedly yelled out.

“Let me see those John”!?? Rosalie asked. So, he tossed them too her.

Dave gripped both of my tits and caressed and squeezed both of them as he sucked onto both of my nipples and I couldn’t help moaning out, “Ohhhhhh !!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh !!!!!!! Dave !!!!! As John hiked up my dress, he leaned in like a dog to give my wet pussy a long lick.

John and Dave were treating me just like in one of my fantasy’s, I was at the edge of an orgasm.

“OH FUCK !! That feels so good guys ! I’m going to cum !! OH GOD !!! Your tongue feels so good John”!!
I loudly moaned out .

“You taste so fucking sweet Britney”!!!!! “I can’t wait to fuck your hot wet pussy”!!!! John told me.

Dave finally let go of my big tits and turned me around on my stilettos as our tongues met once more.

When I felt John grip onto my soft and supple ass cheeks and pried them apart, I quickly gasped out,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Is he really going to do it. I broke my kiss with Dave as soon as John’s tongue flicked across my sphincter. He slid his thumb into my pussy and continued to lick my sexy tight asshole, as my body contracted while I gripped Dave’s shoulders as an orgasm streaked throughout my body.

“OH MY GOD !!! YES !!! YES” !!!! I cried out. Dave pulled me up close to him and held me up, while John released my ass cheeks and stood up and pressed his hot, hard cock against my ass and Dave’s cock was pressed tight against my tummy.

“Are you ready for more Britney”??? Rosalie asked me and all I could do was nod my head.

Dave took control from that point on. “Hey buddy !! Get on the bed on your back”!! He told John.

“Give John some of that sweet head that you just gave me babe ?? and I want some of your pussy to”!!
Dave told me.

As Dave and I parted, I turned and pushed John onto the bed. He fell back and got himself centered on my double bed, so I climbed up and crawled between his legs. His dick was sticking straight up into the air, I gripped him firmly at the base and guided his wide mushroom shaped cockhead into my mouth.

I felt the bed shift as Dave climbed up behind me, while I widened my white floral stocking encased legs, then he placed both of his palms on my soft and supple ass cheeks. Then he flipped up my dress to reveal myself to him.

Once he had my ass cheeks spread apart, I heard him make that disgusting sound that guys make just before they spit. John grabbed onto my head and pressed me all the way down onto his big, hard cock, when I felt Dave spit directly onto my asshole as I moaned through John’s dick, “Mmmmmphh”!!!
while he yelled out, “Fuck yeah !! Swallow that big dick all the way down Britney”!!!!!! John groaned out.

Suddenly Dave pulled away and gave my left ass cheek a hard slap as I yelped, “Ohhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!
Then he said, “It’s fucking time”!!!!

“Oh ya !! Make sure you two guys fuck the living daylights out her”!!!! Rosalie happily said.

I totally forgot all about Rosalie as I scooted forward and positioned myself over John’s large dick, as I saw her from the corner of my eye, she was naked, except for her black opaque stockings that she was wearing while she was slowly finger fucking her young, tight, fertile pussy.

John grabbed onto my hips and guided me to his cock. I was so fucking wet at this point. His big dick was like a heat seeking missile and my little tender pussy was its target. We easily got ourselves aligned. When I felt his fat cockhead split my wet pussy lips open, I pressed down taking almost half of him inside me.

“FUCK YES”!!!! I yelled as John dug his fingers into me and forcing me to take the rest of his dick. It had been about three weeks since I had a real hard throbbing cock inside my pussy, and it even felt better than I remembered. Dave quickly put his hand on the small of my back, then he told us to,
“Hold still”!!!!

“Oh my God Dave !!!! Plea…please go slow and please be gentle !! No one has ever stuck their cock

inside my virgin ass before”!!!! I nervously stuttered out. Then I felt a hand at the back of my head, grabbing my ponytail. It was Rosalie pulling my ponytail back and made me look her in the eye, she showed me a tube of K-Y JELLY that she pulled out of my night table and said, “Don’t worry slut !! I
have just the trick for that tight virgin ass of yours”!!!! Rosalie then French kissed me, sticking her tongue all the way into my mouth causing me to moan out, “Mmmmmphh !!!!! Mmmmmmmm”!!!!!!!

Rosalie broke away from me, and tossed the tube to Dave and while I heard him flip it open. I pumped my hips up and down riding John’s big throbbing dick.

When I suddenly felt the cool lube being squirted on my pink puckered sphincter bud, I suddenly froze.

Dave stuck his finger into my ass a dozen times while I was deeply moaning, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!
As I continued to moan from the sensation, I knew very soon that his large cock will be replacing them. Once I was used to it, I began thrusting back and forth on John’s cock and Dave’s fingers and yelled.

“OH MY GOD !!!! FUCK MY ASS DAVE !!!!!!!!!! I’ve wanted this for months !!! please fill my ass up with your big dick”!!!! I yelled out.

Dave pulled his finger out as I steadied myself. John grabbed onto both of my supple ass cheeks and spread them far apart as possible while Dave once again put his hand at the small of my back and pressed the head of his dick against my virgin asshole, It felt hot and wide and very slick.

As Dave slowly worked and pushed his dick forward the cockhead popped inside me.

“OH MY GOD THAT’S SO FUCKING HUGE”!!!!!!!!!! I shouted out.

Dave waited a few seconds while John sucked and squeezed my two tits together as my pussy gushed out fresh pussy juices all over his cock while my puckered ass sphincter relaxed on Dave’s dick. As soon as that happened, I felt Dave shove his dick deeper inside me. It hurt and felt so fucking good that I moaned out again. “Ohhh !!!!!! my Godd !!!! Ohhhh !!!!! I can’t believe your fucking my ass”!!!!

Dave pulled back and shoved his dick forward again, forcing my ass to take more of his cock.

“OH FUCK”!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled out again.

“You asked for this bitch !! This is your fantasy isn’t it !! Do you want the guys to stop”!! Rosalie asked.

“Oh God no !!!! please don’t make them stop”!!!!! I whimpered out to Rosalie.

Dave pulled his dick back a little and then he quickly shoved it forward, while I continued to whine and whimper out. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! Dave”!!!!!!!!!!

As Dave slowly fucked my ass, I felt so full. Then he tightly gripped onto my hips and started lifting and roughly pushing me. Then he pulled me of John’s cock and pushed his into me, then the two guys set the rhythm and pace while the two of them fucked me, I quickly got used to their rhythm while they fucked me as I moaned in pleasure, “Mmmmmm !!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh !!!!! Mmmmmmmm”!!!!!!!

“Oh John !!! Your cock feels so fucking good !!! Please Dave !! Take and fuck my ass and make me pay for my bet”!!!! I told the two of them.

That’s all it took and the both of them redoubled their efforts, making John thrust harder and deeper into my very wet pussy. Then I finally felt Dave’s hips slam hard against my soft and supple ass cheeks causing me to have the hardest and deepest orgasm of my life, as I squealed out,


Dave was grunting like an animal behind me with each ass thrusting fuck he gave me and said,

“Holy fuck !! Britney’s ass is flexing and milking my cock so good John”!!!!! Dave said.

“Pound Britney’s slutty ass and pussy guys !! Make her to beg you to stop”!!!!! Rosalie told them.

Suddenly I felt my ponytail being pulled back again by Rosalie, she shoved my soaked red lace panties into my mouth and said, “Your too fucking loud Britney !! They probably can hear you down at the beach”!!!! The only sound that came from me after Rosalie stuffed my mouth with my wet panties was, “Mmmmmmmmmmpph !!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmpphh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmpphhh”!!!!!!!!

Soon another orgasm crashed over my body. Between the taste of my pussy juice soaked lace panties stuffed inside my mouth and John biting and sucking both of my tits and Dave ramming his thick cock into my ass, and me bouncing up and down on Johnny’s big cock as my big tits are wildly jiggling up and down in front of me was way too much for me, when another orgasm came over me.

After that last orgasm hit me, I collapsed on top of John while my pussy squeezed and clamped down on his thick cock as he groaned, “Oh God !!! I’m cumming !! I’m cumming inside your pussy”!!!!

Dave also grunted out, “Oh God !! I’m cumming deep into your sexy ass Britney”!!!!

I felt their seed filling me up in both my ass and pussy, It felt really hot as both of their cocks exploded deep inside me. After that, all I could do was lay sandwiched in between the both of them as they emptied their balls into my body.

Dave slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and got up off my bed as his sperm leaked and spurted out of my now popped and puckered pink cherry bud. I felt really weird back there as his sperm leaked out of my ass and into my bed.

John’s cock was starting to soften up as I tried to get off of him when Rosalie stopped me and said,

“Oh my God Britney !!!! Look at your asshole !! It’s fucking widely gaped !! holy fuck Dave !! That was a huge load of sperm you shot into Britney’s ass” Rosalie said out loud. I just laid there tired and content on the outer side of my bed. When Dave quickly grabbed Rosalie and forced her on her back next to me and grabbed both of her very attractive black opaque stocking encased legs with her 5-inch stilettos still on, and pulled them up onto his shoulders while she screamed and struggled wildly with Dave. He plunged his thick big cock into her very tight, and fertile pussy and fucked and banged her so hard that my bed was creaking and banging loudly against my bedroom wall.

As I laid happily next to her. I watched Dave screw the fuck out of her, I saw Rosalies sexy, black nylon encased legs and red heels rock violently back and forth above Dave’s head. While she’s squealing and yelping out, “Ohhh god !!! Ohh my god !! Ohh god !!Please don’t cum in me !!!

“Please Dave I’m late for my period !! You’ll get me knocked up !! Oh god your dick feels so good”!!!

Suddenly Dave grunted out as he just kept on piledriving his large dick in and out of Rosalie’s pussy. She’s now whimpering and talking incoherently !! Then suddenly his dick explodes deep into her womb and collapses on top of her, with tears in her eyes she yells at Dave, “GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU JERK !!! I FUCKING TOLD YOU NOT TO CUM INSIDE ME”!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave pulled out of her and got up and went into the bathroom. While his sperm spurted and leaked out of her pussy,

Meanwhile John was all dressed and came over to me and Rosalie and gave both of us a long passionate kiss, then left to go home. Meanwhile Dave came out of the bathroom all dressed and came over and also gave me a long passionate kiss, but when he was about to kiss Rosalie, she quickly turned her head to the side and gave Dave the middle finger.

Finally the two of us are alone and she said , “Was your fantasy fulfilled”?? I said yes and hugged her and said, “Thank you so much Rosalie for making this day possible for me”!!!

Rosalie then said, I’m so happy for you Britney !! Because I just paid a very heavy price on what John’s friend Dave just did to me !! I wasn’t supposed to be fucked at all tonight !! Even my boyfriend John knew that I’m very fertile this week.

Rosalie and I just curled up together and hugged and kissed each other for hours, while both of my gaped pussy and ass kept on leaking Dave’s and John’s sperm, and Rosalie’s gaped pussy was leaking Dave’s sperm all night. The two of us ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.


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    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      The one of the parts of my story that got me hot was when you took control of me by grabbing my hair and pulling my head back !! then commanding the guys to do what they did to me !! how about we are sisters with daddy issues !!!! Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      The part that got me hot was me showing the middle finger. Yeah sure that sounds fun !!! So i’m supposing you’re hinting Dave ?

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Well he is 61 years old and will make the perfect daddy and he’s a gentile guy but Ill leave it up to you !! Yeah I thought you’ll get a kick out of that giving him the finger after taking you after he fucked my tushy half the night while big John was the gentleman !!! so let me know so I can think the story up !!! luv ya Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      idk what to say. what am i meant to say ?? ah yes, if he ever makes me suck it make sure i bite it off 👍 .
      It’s meant to be a joke 👀 well kinda.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Rosalie !!! maybe I should be your mom and see what happens to the both of us during the story or If you’re up to it !!! I can do a fantasy rape story with the two of us !! either with a black guy or white !!! you can pick !! my little sex kitten !! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Ok thats actually a great idea Britney !!! A fantasy rape story with Mommy Britney sounds amazingggg !!!! Black or white good question… I can’t decide… 😉 And when i can’t decided between two things I take both 😏. I know, I’m greedy. U can ask the guys who wants to be black. John, Dave which one of you would like to be black ???
      Meow~ 🤭

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh my god Rosalie !!! I just thought up one of my rape fantasy’s by some black guys and I think I can not only get us two in as college aged sisters but Courtney the other writer that I have used in my stories as our older sister and slim 56’s wife Christina as our mom !!! so Rosalie, Britney, Courtney are 3 sisters and Christina is our mom !! but I don’t know how yet to place Dave and John !! It might be a surprise ending !! does my fantasy sound hot !!! Britney

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:1fuvflep49c

    I think you’re feeling extra horny today baby doll. I bet your pussy was gushing when you wrote that story. It was one of the hottest you’ve written so far!!! I’ve just read it again and I shot another load!!! Johnny

  • Reply Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zrc

    Oh you naughty nurse what a filthy mind you’ve got!! I love the idea of and I have just cum jerking off thinking about it. I must say I feel better already. You really would make a great nurse baby doll!! Love ya Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      That I am sweetie !!! That I am !!! I hope Rosalie likes my story with her and she doesn’t get offended John !!! love you too !! Britt

  • Reply Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zrc

    Oh yes please nurse that would make my hangover disappear like magic!!! The thought of tonguing your pussy while you suck my cock is making me leak precum!! Once I’ve given you your first orgasm, I would replace my tongue with my cock and fuck your pussy until you squirted all over it!! You might have to replace you tights afterwards !! Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      How about you stand up and pick me up and turn me upside down so I can suck your cock ! while I’m upside down and you can suck and tongue fuck my pussy while my legs are up over your shoulders while your walking around the room holding me tight giving me a walking 69er fuck !!! britt

  • Reply Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zrc

    Hey baby doll, just woke up and feeling a little delicate as I partied hard last night for my birthday!! I could definitely do with some TLC from my horny Princess. That said, as soon as I started reading your story my cock muscle started stirring and the old love root was once more standing proud and eager to dip into one of your juicy holes. Your stories are so fucking hot, I’m certain they’d give a eunuch a hardon!! I’d better take a couple of tylenol with a strong coffee to relieve my aching head!! Love you Princess. Your ever hard and horny b/f Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Ohh !!! my poor baby !!! would you like nurse Britney to stroke and suck your cock as you tongue fuck my bare pink pussy through the hole in my white nursing tights !!!! love your horny nurse and princess !! Britney

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Loved the story Britney once again you had me rock hard the description of me Pounding that gorgeous ass of yours while John pounded that sweet pussy had me stroking my big cock and blowing a huge load.

    Rosalie let me introduce myself, I am a huge fan of Britney she writes some of the best stories on this site. I’m 6’2, 205lbs I am 61 years old am married to my soul mate Christina. I’m more of a father figure in some of Britney’s stories. Britney has wrote a couple of stories about me and my wife. One thing I do want to tell you about me is I am a gentleman, I’m not really into forcing like Britney is at times but I will fuck your brains out in a loving and gentle way. I will do my best to look out for you on here like Britney and John will. If you have any questions for me just ask.

    Britney I hope you don’t mind me introducing myself to Rosalie. I saw where she asked about me on your last story comments so I thought I would introduce myself. I hope you don’t mind.
    Your always horny friend Dave

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you slim and of course not !! But I do love making you out to be a sexual villain at times but you at least get a lead part in some of my stories and you also get to fuck me !!! love ya Britt

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      I know you like to use me as a villain sometimes. I just wanted Rosalie to know a little about me. A nice story about a father and his 2 daughters sound like a good idea for a story. Hint hints lol you are the greatest girl. love daddy Dave

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      But daddy this isn’t Leave it to beaver and I’m no June Cleaver !! I’m more of a naughty Betty Paige look alike getting all the guys hard up for me !!! If I was your daughter I would have caused you so much problems between dressing very naughty too being very sassy and the number of guys coming to our house looking for me ha ! ha ! !!! love you daddy !! Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Believe me Britney I have 2 daughters so I know what it’s like having 2 gorgeous daughters driving me crazy and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Your naughty daddy Dave

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh daddy !!! I would definitely corrupt your two gorgeous daughters !! starting by dressing them in my naughty lingerie and I would love to see you look at them when I fit them with my back seamed stockings !!! you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off their sexy legs !! love Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      It definitely wouldn’t take much to corrupt them for sure

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Slim/ Dave, does your soul mate Christina know that your here ?