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red haired girl

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Discovering about my own “Little Red Haired Girl”

I stormed out of the school office mad as hell .I had gotten kicked out of school for fighting, once again. I was more mad at myself than anything. Letting some punk goad me into it, and right in front of a teacher.
Oh well, I had a little pot and a 3 day vacation. My mood brightened thinking about that.
When I got to the door. a red-head freshman girl was standing by the door looking out. “Whatcha doin there? Shouldn’t you be in class by now? I said with a sly smile. ” and where are YOU going?” she said cockily back to me. ” I’ve got special permission to take the next 3 days off”, I said. She looked at me doubtingly , “yeah right, how did you do that?
I looked at her appraising her. Long curly red hair, white as snow skin pretty face and young body beginning to show womanly shapes and curves. She had tight jeans and a loose fitting top that showed a tempting bit of cleavage. A bit of a plan formed in my 16 year old mind.
Looking her in her sparkling green eyes, I said “Why don’t you come with me and I will tell you about it”
“I don’t know” she said pensively. “Aw come on,” I said’ “you know you don’t want to be here’ otherwise you would already be in class. Lets go and make a day of it. By the way I’m Jonny, and you are …..?” “Rachel” she said smiling. “But i don’t want to get in trouble” “Just tell them you went home sick when you come back.” I laughed and said ” just say you had a female issue and they will drop it. Lots of girls do that.” I looked in her eyes again’ took her slender hand gently but firmly and opened the door and out we went laughing in the warm sunshine of a wonderful day.
We walked for a bit talking about things, and I told her about my special permission to leave for 3 days, We got to a small clump of trees and stepped in.” Do you SMOKE ?” I asked her. “Yeah” she said. So I pulled out one of my joints and lit up. I took a deep toke and said “open” pressed my lips to hers a exhaled the smoke in her mouth. She coughed and Said “what the…” I said ” you don’t want to waste it. Makes it go farther” I said grinning at her. “it’s not kissing” Wanna try?’ handing her the joint. She took a tentative puff. and as soon as she took the joint from her lips i put mine on hers inhaling gently. she began to exhale slowly. We smoked half the joint like this and then I pinched it out put it into my pocket.
“I’ve never done that ” she said. I said ” Well was it fun, and did it make you feel good?” giggling she said yes. We walked for a bit, holding hands and talking. I then slid my arm around her waist pulling her closer to me. Not sure what else to do with her hand, after a couple steps she put her hand on my waist.
After we walked a bit we got to my house. I asked her if she wanted to get something to drink. “Is anybody home?” she asked. “No, everyone’s at work. It’s ok ” I said
We went in and i got a couple of sodas out of the fridge. When she got about half of hers down, she had to use the bathroom. When she came out and sat down, I lit the half joint up took a quick puff and handed it to her. “what about not wasting it?” she said. “Your right” i said with a smile, a leaned over to suck the smoke from her. This time, I let my tongue brush against hers. We passed the joint back and forth till it was done. She put her lips to mine only this time our tongues met and we began kissing. I put my arms around her and she put hers around me. as we got into it more I felt her run her hands over my back and shoulders. I worked out and played sports so i was built pretty good. I felt her shudder a bit as she squeezed the muscles in my shoulders So I began rubbing her back and shoulders. She felt like she would melt under my hands. She un buttoned the top buttons on my shirt and slipped her hands inside. The touch of her hands send electric shocks trough me. . I began to feel something come over me. I reached up and took her shirt off, undid her bra took it off and began to gently squeeze and rub her tits. They were perfectly round with a brite red cherry nipple that screamed to be sucked. I put one in my mouth. Rolling it around my tongue I felt it harden. I felt her breath in sharply the she shuddered. Next the she pulled off my shirt. Pulling at my belt I was pulling hers of till we were both naked. We both began exploring our bodies Kissing and tasting each other.
I was kissing her belling working my way to her beautiful red haired pussy. I nuzzled my nose and lips through it. She opened her legs to me. Her slit was glistening with desire and i had to taste it . When i did I heard her say Oh God over and overI then stuck my tongue in and began to lick it. When I got to her clit it was standing erect past her lips. I rolled my tongue and used it to go up and down it. I felt her pussy contracting rapidly. I jumped up between her legs. My cock had a homing device. I entered her pussy with one thrust. I only felt mild tightness part way . We began slamming against east other. By now she is howling like a banshee. She put her legs around me squeezing and pulling me inside. Then I felt her whole body stiffen, her eyes rolled back in her head and began to moan like nothing I’ve ever heard. Then her twat began pulsing and throbbing, milking me till I came so hard it felt like the life was pouring out of me.
I lay there spent, idly playing with her bright red twat hair matted with our juices. I heard what an old man told me once, “Son, there’s a reason that hair is red, there’s a fire burning under there.”


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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0c

    OMG! I miss those silky white smooth legs and those bright pink nipples protruding hard off her budding cone nubs hard as a rock. Looking down to a pile of protruding pink lips looking like a pack of pink salmon meat folded over topped with a clit looking like a horizontal flag pole with a button on top. Reach around getting two handfuls of each beach ball cheeks and I dive face and tongue first into the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. Her name was Autumn and the year was 1987 living in Las Vegas Nevada 6 months before I met Becky in Ohio.
    OMG I love redheads and YES the fire is below

  • Reply Orion ID:bk96lvpd2

    Yummy I want to hear more chapters lol

  • Reply A. ID:1evd94426oxa

    Breed her

  • Reply Al777n ID:174a3lfib

    Nice, & I’m a (M) red head, the fire burns ………

  • Reply A random Canadian ID:cxtp5nq49i

    Nice man! Maybe more of this…?