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red haired girl part 2

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Discovering what little red haired girls are made of

So, previously I made a new friend when I got kicked out of school. She was a a hot little red haired freshman girl and I was a sophomore in HS. We spent my 3-day vacation together. She would leave her house like she was going to school, come over to my house and I would call her in sick. I pretended to be her older brother. We would spend the rest of the day running around naked exploring each other. After our first time we went to planned parenthood and each grabbed a handful of condoms. It didn’t take long to go through them, so she got started on the pill. Things were pretty liberal at the time, so it wasn’t too much of a problem. Then we really started to have fun. I never thought a girl so young [13] would be so constantly horny. I would come up behind her grab her shoulders and kiss her neck or nip her ear and she would shiver and get goosebumps. And her pussy would immediately be dripping wet. Sometimes she would sneak me into her house before her mom came home between her 2 jobs. It was fun fucking in her little princess canopy bed with all the stuffed toys and floofy coverlets. We would fuck at least 2-3 times a day. If we couldn’t she would want me to get her off.
One time we were on the Ferris wheel and while we were up in the air waiting for them to load people on, she unsnapped her jeans and grabbed my hand and shoved it in. My fingers knew what to do. I started playing with her pussy, just rubbing it real light. When it started spinning pretty fast I buried my finger deep inside till I hit her G-spot. I hit it really good right when the wheel was in downward motion so she started cumming right then HARD. She orgasmed for at least 2 revolutions her twat twitching and clamping onto my fingers while screaming like a banshee. I felt the wheel begin to slow to let people off. Thankfully we stopped with us at the top. This let me fasten her jeans back up. I don’t think she could of done it herself. Her eyes were glazed over and could barely respond to me. I had to help her get off the ride. The carny guy operating the ride looked at her then me and gave a Big grin to me.
I helped her over to the bench to sit down. She just dropped all loose limbed and closed her eyes. I was kind of worried and asked, “are you ok?” She then said ” Duhh yesss, and I’m going to get you for that” Then we started giggling and laughing. We sat there for a little bit then went on to see what else there was.
We walked for a bit, then she pulled me into a dark area behind some gaming booths. She jumped up threw her legs around me started kissing and nipping at me. Pulled up her T=shirt and said, “suck my titties HARD.” I did and nibbled on them with my teeth. Her nipples were like rock hard cherries. She was grinding on my crotch and feeling my erection riding up and down on it. I was already fully primed from the Ferris wheel, and this added to it.
Then she jumped off, pulled her shirt down, grabbed my hand and said “come on I want a funnel cake” So off we went. We got one with whipped cream on it. She then started teasing me about the cream all over it. Stuck her finger in it, flicked some cream on my face. “Oh- oh you just got a cream-pie” I stuck my finger in and was going to get her back, but she grabbed my hand and delicately licked the cream off of my fingertip, then sucked it. I got an immediate hard-on. I had to adjust myself. She saw it and said, ” Something wrong there?” For the next half hour or so, she led me around constantly teasing me, rubbing my crotch to make sure I stayed hard. Eventually we came to a picnic table away from everybody. It was dark and quiet. She sat on the table-top, and we started making out. She undid my jeans and grasped my cock in her hands. Slowly she started stroking it. then dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth. I almost lost it, but she stopped in time. She pushed me up on the table, kicked her sandals off, pulled her jeans off and climbed on top. MY cock slid in easily, but as it did I could feel her pussy starting to throb and twitch. Her juices were running down and soaking my balls. She was fucking me slow pausing now and then when she would get close. Then I felt a strong throbbing way deep in her. It felt like I was being milked. I reached up and pinched her nipples, which made her start cumming. I heard her start to growl then her pussy clamped down on my cock hard. I couldn’t hold back anymore and exploded into her. This made her clamp down harder and her body started twitching and trembling. She fell down on me and sank her teeth into my shoulder making growling mewing noises the whole time. We lay together for a while. When I got up to pull my pants on my crotch was red with blood. I was worried and showed it to her. She started telling me she had teeth in there. Then laughing at my naivety said, ” No I started my period. When I come hard It kicks it off.”

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    I just love young redheads

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    Now Leave Your Comment…That was fun omgg