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RAPING my teen age daughter for the first time

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Catching my 14 years old daughter with the family dog

My daughter Sharon was about 5 feet 6 with long blonde hair, blue eyes, nice round c cup tits with pink nipples and a nice sexy ass.
Me and my wife usually didn’t get home from work until after 6 pm. On this day I got off work early and was home several hours earlier.
When I got inside I didn’t see my daughter and called out for her. Not getting a answer I went to her room, when I looked through the door I couldn’t believe what I saw. There laying on her bed naked from the waist down with a pair of headphones on was Sharon with the family dog licking away at her pussy..
She didn’t see me and I just stared for a bit before taking my phone out and filming it, after a couple of minutes and my 8 inch cock becoming rock hard l walked over to the side of the bed and she saw me. She pushed the dog away and tried to cover herself with her hands as I continued to film her.
Please don’t tell mom please daddy,she’ll ground me forever,and make me get rid of my dog,I’ll do anything you want .
Her dog was a female so I knew she wasn’t fucking her. I started taking my clothes off when she saw my cock sticking straight out her eyes widened.
Please not that daddy I’m still a virgin..
I don’t want to lose my virginity to my dad.
I crawled up between her legs as she held both her hands over her pussy.
I grabbed her hands and held them over her head with one hand and held my cock with the other and rubbing it back and
forth along her wet slit.
Stop daddy or I’ll tell mommy that you raped me and tried to blackmail me when you caught me with the dog.
I’m not going to tell your mother anything I’ll just tell your friends and show them the video of you and the dog.
With that Sharon stopped struggling and trying to get away from me.
A look of terror and resignation came across her face as she realized that I meant it .
I felt the head of my cock at the entrance of her vagina ,as I got the head of my cock in I could feel her hymen as I pushed myself forward.
She grimaced and said its too big daddy stop your hurting me.
After a couple of pushes and not getting into her I pulled back and rammed as hard as I could and felt her cherry break.
She gasped sucking in her breath, I was about half way in,I started pumping in and out of her getting a bit further each time. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.
Finally I was all the way inside her and started slowly pushing in and out only barely pulling out part way.
After a couple of minutes she stopped sniffling and crying and was moving her hips slowly in rhythm with my thrusts.
Her crying turned into uhhs and oohs finally she wrapped her legs around me and said I’m going to cum daddy.
Her legs started twitching and I couldn’t hold it anymore and plunged all the way inside her and shot several spurts in her collapsing on top of her. Both of us panting like we just ran a mile.
I raised up off her chest but kept my cock all the way in her as I kissed her passionately. After a couple of minutes it slipped out of her and I rolled over and watched my cum leaking out of her cunt with a red tinge to it.
I promise not to tell mommy if we can do it again daddy. And we did every chance we could after that.

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  • Reply lonewolf19145947@gmail ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Wow look at all the negative comments I believe it, I believe it not to be fake or bs just a good story.

    • Sweet_honey_pot ID:y17ezgtvhew

      I know light , my child hood pitbull loved licking my little honey pot and my uncles and daddy and even my grandpa all had their fingers , tounge’s and dicks in all my holes: fucking me like the cock slut I am

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    Only natural

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    Wow I love it

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  • Reply Skeptik ID:153jui0r49j

    Lol, such a bullshit story, jfc.

  • Reply A. ID:1evd94426oxa

    Did you breed her like a good daddy should

  • Reply yourwhore ID:gl9mgx7v2

    That little slut deserved it