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Raping my girlfriends daughter

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I confessed to my girl friend that i am a sex offender and she helped me rape her daughter

Two days ago i 38/m admitted to my girlfriend Rosilynn 32/f that i am a sex offender. I was commited to intitution for 2 years for pedofillia. I had sex with an 11 year old girl and she got pregnant. Her parents pressed charges and I went away for 2 years. After i confessed my girlfriend stopped talking to me for two days. I assumed the worst since she has a 10 year old little girl.

At about 2 AM i get a text from Rosilynn. It just says come over we need to talk. I texted back that i understood if she doesnt want to see me anymore. I just wanted to be honest with her.

She texted again come over so we can talk.

So i got myself together and went over there right away. I got there about 2:30. She was wearing her normal robe that she always wore at night. She didnt look mad or upset or anything so i thought that might be a good sign.

When i got inside she told me to follow her so i followed her into the bedroom. When i walked in i saw a young girl sleeping on the bed. It was Rosilynn’s daughter Aria. She was completely naked and sexy as hell. I froze when i got into the room but my cock got hard quick. I have a 7 inch dick so it was already pressing on the front of my pants and bulging out. Rosilynn walked over to the bed and laid down next to Aria. She didnt move.

I must have looked frightened and confused because Rosilynn patted the bed for me to join her.

She is drugged asleep she said. Why? I asked. Because i want you to fuck her. What? She told me she thought about it and me being a pedifile was sexy and perfect because it turned her on so much. She told me to get my cock out and put it in her waiting pussy. Then she opened Aria’s legs and rubbed her pussy lips up and down with her fingers. Come on. Fuck her!

So i did as she asked. I pulled out my cock and lined it up with her little cunt and i started fucking her. It was so sexy and hot and her young pussy was tight and wet as hell. I knew i was going to cum fast so i told Rosilynn and she said when you are ready pull out and spray all over her. So i yanked my cock out and spuirted 3 blasts of cum on her stomach and then Rosilynn grabbed my cock and sucked the rest of my cum out.

How often do i get to fuck her?

Well this wont be the only one for sure. That was sexy!

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    Little girls feel the absolute best!

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      I agree. They are so much more sexy than a woman.

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  • Reply Cumminginsideher ID:58g24fw8i

    I never used to give a 2nd thought if a woman I wanted to date/bang, had kids or not
    One woman had two young daughters and after a month of her and I going at it hard in bed and everywhere else, she told me she wanted me to get her pregnant so she could maybe have a boy to “play with”.

    She liked to play with her daughters and had since shortly after they were born, but she wanted to have a little boy to play with and for her daughters to play with too. They got to all have fun when they were babysitting someone’s baby or infant, but she wanted one they could all play with at home any time they wanted.

    During our “negotiations” for me to impregnate her, she offered up her two “virgin” (to a guy at least), daughters and told me I could get them pregnant too. One was 13 and the other was almost 11. What a perk that was to the deal. She also said I could fuck whoever I wanted besides them she just didn’t want any diseases coming back to them.
    This came up when I mentioned I had sex with most of my sisters, aunts, several cousins, mother, and grandmother from time to time.

    Man, did we have some fun for a few years, off and on.
    I still bang one of the daughters to this day even though she is married with 5 kids that look more like me than their “father” lol.

    Since that time, I was lucky enough to find 3 women to “date” who allowed me to have sex with their daughters. One of the women was even married but their marriage was on the rocks because she tried to get her husband to have sex with their daughter and the fool wouldn’t.
    He got upset when she mentioned it and she covered it by saying it was drunken joking sex talk.

    “Dating” Mom’s with young daughters is awesome.

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      Fucking incredible I love infants

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      My daddy got a new girlfriend with a daughter who is around 8 and sometimes I wonder if he fucks her and get jealous thinking about it because I wish he fucked me too. My pussy is so wet and swollen and needs some daddy dick so bad it’s not fair.

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      Wonderful. I’m sure I could never find someone like that here in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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    hmm…would love to meet a mom turned on by pedos

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    Story lacks details could be much better

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    What a great girlfriend you have

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    Very sweet!

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      Wonderfully said, totally agree. x

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    Greatest girlfriend ever!!!

    Better wife her!!!

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    Rosilynn is a really good mum. I hope when i grow up i have a daughter because if i do i’ll give her to guys so they can fuck her!

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      Oh I wish you were in Australia. LOL

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      You’ll make a great mum for me like me.

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      Please marry me

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    Definitely good to have a girlfriend like that