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Raping a girl in the forest

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Next to my house is a tennis court. Every day cute girls are playing tennis and I like to watch their tiny asses. One 10 year old girl was so extremely hot she drove me crazy.

A few times I followed her after tennis so I knew where she lives and what route she took. Luckily she had to cycle at least 20 minutes true the forest. There I would grab her.

It was almost dark when her lessons were finished and I was already waiting for her in the forest. I saw her coming in the distance.

When she almost passes me I pulled her off the bicycle. I took her and the bicycle away from the road. After 20 meters I let go of the bicycle. It wouldn’t be found there.

The girl cried and yelled and tried to resist me. But she didn’t stand a chance. I ripped off her underwear and threw her on the ground. I got my dick out and climbed on top of her. She begged me not to do it but it was too late.

I came inside of her and I was the best feeling ever. I filled her pussy with my semen. It was absolutely fantastic. When I was finished I staid on top of her for a while. I loved her crying next to my ear. When I climbed off her I grabbed her by her hair and immediately put my dick in hear mouth. I just came but my dick got very hard again. I throatfucked her for a while til I was ready to fuck again.

I putted her on her belly and opened her ass. A shock went true her tiny body when I came in. Because I just came I knew I could now fuck for a long time. I think I at least fucked her for 20 minutes before my dick exploded inside of her. When I got off her she kept shocking. I saw my semen coming out off her ass and pussy and my dick started coming very hard again. I had to do her one more time. I chose her ass because the crying, begging and screaming would be a bit harder than her hail less pussy.

This final fuck I gave her everything I got. I fucked her as hard as I could without any mercy. Because she was so incredibly tight I came very fast. After I was done I just walked away. She would find her way home.

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  • Reply lonewolf19145947@gmail ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    To short needs more details

  • Reply Max ID:8i4am34ct7y

    Even as a fantasy it is disgusting

  • Reply Davin ID:y1ahychk

    Beautifully written, such a sexy experience. I bet she years for you to return.

  • Reply Incestlover91 ID:1ekutwi5a3fn

    I came so hard to this.


  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You did great, man! Now for the next little cunt (yum yum!)

  • Reply Anonymous ID:xj5p95hl

    Did she called you a police or something?

  • Reply A. ID:1e798tv9t7aa

    Too short, need details