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Puppy Love 3

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Debbie and Cindy figure out that to have puppies maybe they need a dog everything goes bad even worse when Dad bursts in

13 year old John was living the dream … he had two little 7 year old’s that enjoyed having his dick inside them. After seeing two dogs fucking John explained that the dogs were making puppies … both girls wanted puppies too. Convinced that if they did the same as the dogs they would get puppies John had both of them on their hand and knees while he fucked them “DOGGIE STYLE”

He had been with his sister Debbie several times … when ever their parents were away and Cindy would stop by to visit at least twice a week …. It had been going on for almost a month … Even as naive as the girls were they were beginning to suspect John was not telling them the whole truth…. But at this point they were enjoying what they were doing and didn’t bring it up with him …. Still they wanted puppies

In the corner of the playground at school they sat whispering with each other discussing the results or lack of results in getting puppies… That is when Cindy came up with a bright idea … maybe they weren’t having puppies because they needed to have a dog put the puppies in them…. Debbie couldn’t believe what her friend was suggesting … but it did make sense .. kinda ..

“But do you remember how big the dogs thing is?” Debbie asked her “Yes, it was bigger than John’s … maybe that’s the problem too… maybe we need a bigger thing a bigger .. dick” they both looked around to be sure no one heard her say the bad word “What about John.. do we tell him … I don’t want him to stop ..” again Cindy looked around… “fucking us” both girls giggled “Then we don’t tell him … we have another secret but just us this time”

“John has ball practice tonight… mom and dad wont be home until 6 .. come by right after school … maybe we can see what we can do without him…” Both young girls went straight to Debbie’s after school… they called Cindy’s mom so she wouldn’t worry then went to the back yard … looking around they realized the yard was not private .. then Debbie came up with the idea of using the garage … “it’s private .. no one can see inside” That decided they set up a blanket and a couple towels in the corner of the garage then went searching the neighborhood for the male dog then needed. With a couple biscuits he followed them right to the garage.

Once inside they closed the door … then they got very nervous. neither wanted to admit that they were afraid of what they were thinking about doing. “So how do we do this ..?” Cindy asked … “I suppose just like with John” she replied … “But his thing is already hard when we start … where is his?” Cindy indicated the dog who was just sitting looking between the girls waiting for another treat. He was going to get a treat alright just not the kind he’d ever had before… Both girls petted the dog and while still petting him they rolled him on his back …

“See that bump there?” Debbie indicated the bulge of his dick although still not visible “I thought it was bigger” “Maybe we need to do what we do to Johnny” “yeah right” both girls nodded to each other and looked at the source of the puppies they wanted … slowly they moved their petting to his stomach and slowly moved lower .. as they got closer to the dogs dick he became excited and his legs were kicking wildly and as he wiggled the girls saw his red pointed dick begin to poke out. They looked to each other excitedly Debbie was the first to touch it… “Ewww it’s all wet and slimy” but she didn’t move her hand away and lightly closed her hand around it …

When her hand closed the dog began humping … moving his hips … pushing his dick along her tiny hand … and it grew … longer .. and thicker … All the wiggling and the dog got away from the girls .. he ran around the room and sat away from the girls … He bent himself over until his tongue began licking his own dick. “I’ll bet John would like to be able to do that” Cindy chuckled …

“What now?” Debbie said absently as she studied the slim on her hand from the dog… she smelled it … felt how slimy it was … then she tasted it .. “DEBBIE!” “What? we lick Johns stuff … besides this tastes almost as good” she offered her friend a taste but she refused … “So .. what’s next?” Taking the lead now Debbie started to undress… “With John we have to be undressed … so I guess that’s next … let’s see if he” nodding to the dog “likes it as much as Johnny”

Debbie now stood nude in front of her friend and the animal … still nervous yet both girls were beginning to fell the excitement start between their legs… The dog cocked his head trying to understand what was going on … he’d never had a human touch him like that before and now one of them took off her covering … and stood there all pink and skinny … yet he could smell something odd about the girl… something curious .. his red penis still poked out as he crept closer … sniffing the aroma almost pulling him to the young thing …

Cindy and Debbie were distracted talking to each other about wither Cindy should also get naked … when Debbie felt something cold touch her butt right before the dogs tongue slipped along her asshole…. She jumped in surprise and scared the dog away … “Oh… I’m sorry boy … you scared me … come here boy..” Debbie knelt and coaxed the dog back he moved back and sniffed her hand … the same hand that she had held his dick with … the dog licked her hand … then licked her cheek. He again caught a whiff of her damp pussy and pushed his nose down between her legs … this time when he licked it was directly along her slit “Mmmmmmm .. I think he likes me … I know I like what he is doing..”

She moved slowly and sat on her butt …. spreading her slender legs the dog moved in quickly and lapped at her pussy … his rough tongue worked wonders on her .. as her butt wiggled she lay back and enjoyed his attention His strokes increased and included along her asshole again and Debbie saw stars each time he touched her ass …

“Debbie!” Cindy said excitedly … “His dick is getting bigger ” sure enough .. the dog had found something he liked about Debbie … something that was exciting him too …. “Get … get .. get him ..ugh .. ugh … get him wet ..ugh .. like with John..” “I don’t think we need to .. he is all wet and dripping on the floor ..” Debbie was getting excited .. almost to the point of climax … she tried to back away but the dog kept moving to keep licking his treat ..

Cindy held the dog long enough to let Debbie roll over to her knees and started to get up but before she could the dog broke loose from Cindy and jumped on Debbie back … pushing her down to her hands and knees … and he did what came naturally to him… he began to hump the little 7 year old … his hot slick dick searching for it’s home …

Debbie was scared, Cindy too … this is what they thought they wanted but now it was too fast … they lost control of the situation … Debbie tried to get away only to have the dog hold her tighter and give a low growl to frighten her into stillness…. Debbie kept moving her butt to keep the dog off … and he kept working to find his reward … he almost had it when he felt a warmth on the tip of his dick … Debbie screamed and moved what she could as she felt his dick at her ass … the problem was when she moved she lined up his dick with her tiny barley used pussy.

The slender red dick the girls had first seen had changed … Debbie knew when he found her pussy and he nudged into her … she knew that his dick was now thicker .. bigger than John’s … again he pushed and gained entry to the young girl pussy … to the dog it made no difference wither the pussy was another dog or the hot tight pussy of the young girl clasped beneath him … he worked hard to push in .. again and again he pushed deeper

Debbie was crying like the first time she had fucked … the dick inside her was larger and longer than she had ever had … she felt her self stretched more than ever before … and his dick was going deeper touching her in places never known … she could feel his dick like it was in her stomach … when his dick reach her cervix it didn’t stop him … with another shift in his grip her pushed again … and heard the girl scream as he went in past her cervix and into her womb…

“What the hell is going …” John burst through the door worried his sister was being hurt when he heard her scream … his practice ended early and he came home to find a surprise … He froze in place taking in all that was happening … his little sister … his 7 year old sister on her knees naked with the neighbors dog on top of her … his dick pushing in and out of her … in and out of his pussy….. something in his head clicked …. without turning or saying anything he backed up and closed the door .. twisting the lock without taking his eyes from his sister.

“John… do something … help her ..” he hadn’t even seen Cindy until she spoke … he looked at her then his sister .. “What’s going on..” as shocked as he was he could not believe how quickly his dick got hard … he stood watching the dog doing it’s best to breed her … “We thought if we got a dog to help us we could have puppies” “Oh” was his only response … he now stood rubbing his hard on thru his pants … and then pushed down his shorts and took his dick in his hand and began jacking off watching his sister fuck a dog … he was so focused he didn’t realize Cindy was next to him pulling on his arm…

“Help her .. he’s hurting her … help her” she cried Tears streaming down the faces of both girls …. His sister no longer screaming but crying and whimpering … more and more the dog fucked her … John still stroking his dick looked down at Cindy … still in her school cloths … her cute face begging him to help … “Kneel next to them” he told her … he too knelt and Cindy thought they were going to help her get free … that was until she felt John behind her grab and pull down her panties and flip her short skirt up ….

With no preliminaries … no licking no fingering he lined up his dick and pushed hard against the little girl and his dick forced it’s way into her almost dry pussy …. painful for both of them forcing his dick into her was rubbing both of them raw … yet he focused on watching the dog’s dick being pushed into his sister… He rapidly match the speed of the dog fucking into Cindy at a furious pace … even with the pain and crying her pussy did loosen and begin getting wet … from his precum and now hers too…

It was then the dog pushed as hard and deep as he could …. gripped the little girl and held her as he forced his knot into her … As his knot locked inside her tiny pussy she felt his dick swell and pump his cum into her … again and again he kept pumping cum into her filling her tiny womb … until it flowed out around his knot … Debbie screaming and shaking she to came as she was assaulted by the dog …

Seeing the dog filling his sister put John over the top and he too began to fill the young pussy wrapped around his dick … at this point his mind was so far out of it he didn’t care wither the girl came or not … this was about him… this was about him cumming when the dog was filling his sister. Almost viciously he pumped and pushed into her pressing harder and deeper than he had ever before … pressing against her cervix … too small to allow his dick pass she screamed again in the pain of his assault … yet she too had gotten lost in all that was happening … and as John filled her womb she too came … and for the first time in her young life her pussy squirted as she came … everyone fluids running down onto the floor …

With a final ear piercing scream Debbie screamed like she was dyeing when the dog jumped off and forcibly pull his knot from her … his cum poured out on the floor as the girl passed out. The dog licked his dick briefly then tenderly licked Debbie’s damaged pussy clean of thier fluids … John pulled out of Cindy and she collapsed next to her friend .. when she rolled on her side John could see her bloody knees where they had scraped on the concrete floor

The door flew open … “What the Hell IS GOING ON !” John and Debbie’s father stormed in as the dog ran out behind him…

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    God that made me cum so hard!!!

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    Good story, keep it going if u can

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    Fantastic it would be good to watch a seven-year-old be fucked by a dog

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    daddy needs to brutally rape them both

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      not allowed story line on this site

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      I know but dady shiw tear both of them up or let a bigger dog have cidy as punishment threw her cervix and beyond or worse