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Pretty Little Angels part 3

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Continued fictional story of the pretty little angels

“Oh fuck yeah!” Madison screamed, her 13 year old twin sister was tongue deep in her juicy lips. Fresh dog cum dripped from Madison’s pussy has she had just gotten taken on a date to fucktown by Julia’s dog, Harley. He had knotted in her and filled her with puppy seed. Julia drank the dog sperm that leaked from Madison young pussy.
“Oh my God, that feels so good”- Madison yelped.

Madison and I (Julia) had lost our virginities recently to our beloved animals. Madison let my dog Harley, fuck her, tearing her hymen in two as my dogs fat penis pounded her cunt for nearly two hours. I lost my virginity to my stallions 2 foot 15 pound pole. I loved being fucked by him and sucking his cock. His cum is so yummy. But now we go to Kayla’s story.

Hi, my name is Kayla, I’m a 12 year old girl. Petite, small and a virgin. But today I was off to change that. I walked in on mommy and daddy last night, right as daddy filled my mom’s pussy with cum. I hope he got her pregnant. But I want to feel that. My sisters loved each other and I knew they had sex with each other a lot. Often rubbing pussies together and eating each other out. My sister also loves sucking horse dick. It’s so hot. But my dad’s dick I longed for. I wanted to fuck him so bad. Mommy invited me to the room tonight to “talk”.
I walked in my moms and dads bedroom, my sisters and older brother were already up stairs. As soon as I walked in, mom closed the door behind me. My mom sat down and talked about having sex. And before I knew it, my pussy was really wet and warm. It felt like I had peed my panties. My mom was naked and so was my dad, and they told me to undress. My mom told me that they were going to use my body for their pleasure. I was eager. I slipped my shirt off and my shorts, and mom slowly slide my underwear down, licking my ass crack pausing to stick her tongue into both of my untouched holes, before going down. Dad’s dick was rock hard. I leaned over and took his 10 inch rock into my mouth, and mom shoved my head down. I wasn’t ready for it, I gagged hard on his penis. Mom held my head down as she went for my virgin pussy. Sticking her tongue in my cunt and licking. God it feels so good to be violated. I choked down dad’s dick for the next ten minutes. Sucking him off.
Then my mom called in our other family dog, princess. Princess is a German Shepard, she’s one. She came in and immediately began licking my pussy.
Oh my fuck! I yelled. Her tongue was wet and warm and fuck it felt so good on my clit. Her dog mouth was licking rough.

“Oh mom I’m cumming!” I squirted hard into my dogs mouth. Soaking her face. “ I want daddy’s dick so bad”
My mom pulled the dog back, daddy lined up his dick and slowly entered me. It was painful at first. He slid all the way in. I felt his dick poke my preteen tummy as he slowly began fucking me harder. And harder. Pretty soon I was screaming in delight, my daddy fucking me so hard. His penis pounding my xunt as my mom shoved my face in between her thighs. My mommy and daddy were treating my like the whore I always wanted to be. Mommy’s pussy tasted so good. Daddy’s dick fucking the shit out of my insides. My cum spewing out all over his cock.
Fuck me harder daddy, harder daddy! I yelled.
My sisters walked in after hearing all the commotion, but my daddy didn’t stop fucking me. He had dreamed of using his daughter for his pleasure and I am so glad he did. My sisters accidentally had let Harley in while they walked in, and Harley was all about my pussy. Has it’s the only one he hasn’t used. My daddy said, why don’t the dog fuck your cunt and I’ll use your asshole. I was like, really dad? We are going to have an orgy!?!
I was so excited. My dad forcefully exited my pussy as I yelled out in happiness as my juices dripped from my now used hole. I positioned my self cowgirl as my dad slowly stretched my butthole. Fuuuckkkk! I yelled. My butthole is so tight. He slowly began fucking me as our dog mounted me, his pink fuck stick hunting for my womb hole. A couple moments later, my dad was fucking my back door , my dog entered my preteen pussy and railed me. My mom was eating out Madison and Julia was fucking princess. It was so hot. I was peeing on my dogs dick when he knotted. My dad ended up shoving his dick in my cunt with my dogs dick. Daddy Cum in me Please I wanna feel it Impregnate your daughter Fuck. Cum in me. My dad shoved his dick balls deep, shooting his baby making load deep into my cunt. Shortly after, my dog shot his load into my cunt.

Fuck it’s so warm daddy! My sisters got up and began eating the cum from my pussy as I pushed it out. Both kissing and sharing the cum they just picked up and even bringing some sperm up to my mouth to share. I loved kissing their cum covered lips. I love being in a fuck family. Now to force my brother to have sex with me.

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