Poker night becomes poke her night

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My wife loses a bet and has to be a hostess for our poker night.

Hi, I’m Paul 35 and my wife is betty, she’s 30. We have a nice life since I have a great job, Betty doesn’t need to work so she takes care of our home and our two kids. She’s amazing, 5ft 8, about 120 lbs, long blond hair and a smile that brightens up a room. She’s a very rare creature in that she is drop dead gorgeous but doesn’t think she’s very pretty. My friends all check her out every chance they get. I’m not sure how I got so lucky. Besides being my wife she’s my best friend and my partner in life. We have a great sex life and love to make up fantasies about sex as foreplay. Mostly the normal stuff like me watching her with another man, three-sums, ect. We actually tried once to live out a fantasy, we went to a nearby town and got a hotel room and she dressed up sexy. We went to local bar, a singles kind of place and she went in before me and I sat across the bar to watch guys try to pick her up, maybe she would dance with someone if she liked him. The plan was for her to pick up a guy and we would go back to the hotel and see what happens but she got nervous so we just went to the hotel alone. She did talk to a couple guys but she said one was really drunk and the other had a wedding ring. I said well so do you and she said that she’s not cheating since I’m there with her but she couldn’t do that to another wife. She was worked up by it and we had great sex that night. I have to give her credit for giving it a try, who knows, maybe next time.
My friends and I get together every other Friday and play poker. It’s not at all a high stakes games, it’s mostly an excuse to get together and socialize, have a few drinks and blow off a little steam. We take turns hosting the game and my turn is next Friday. Betty and I were watching a football game and it was her favorite team playing against mine so there was some banter, finally we agreed on a bet. If she won it was a night on the town, her favorite restaurant and then dancing. I’m not big on dancing and she loves it so that’s why she chose it. If I won the bet she had to be our party hostess for the poker game, she would wear something kind of sexy and serve us drinks, ect. That was our bet. Luckily my team won. She started right away saying she not wearing anything to sexy, the guys can’t get to wild, ect. I told sorry, that wasn’t part of the bet and besides I can’t help it if the guy get a little (a lot) crude sometimes when there drinking. I kept teasing her about wearing something really revealing , maybe I would bet her on a hand, what happens if I lose. It’s all bedroom talk and it got us both worked up. She of course she said after that I shouldn’t get my hopes up because it’s never going to happen. I suggested she wear a bikini I bought her for our vacation in the Caribbean. It’s slightly see thru and the bottoms are a g sting. but she said no way. We settled on a short skirt garters and black nylons with a seam in the back and a white sleeveless top tied so it showed her midsection and of course heels. She curled her hair and did her make up like when go out on the town.
Finally the big night was here. My friends started arriving. Betty was no where to be found. She was up stairs in the bedroom and she was very nervous. I reassured her everything would be fine and nothing is going to happen she doesn’t want to happen, if it does tell me and whoever did it is gone. It’s all just for fun and all she has to do is serve drinks. Finally she agreed. My friends had no idea about our bet so when she entered the room everyone went silent and just stared at her. That’s when I told the guys about our bet and she was going to be our hostess tonight. I told them all that if anybody offends her they will answer to me. This is supposed to be all in fun. They all agreed.
Every one started to sit down and the game was about to start. Betty was nervous but she went around and asked everyone what they wanted to drink. When she came to the last one, Dave my best friend, he said he wanted a beer and two shots of tequila with lime and salt. Dave and his wife Cathy have been our friends for a couple years and we all get along well. Betty brings everyone their drinks and when she gives Dave his beer and two shots she starts to walk away. Dave says come back please. Betty came back with a puzzled look on her face. Dave asks her you’re not going to make drink both of these by myself are you? Betty looks at me and I said there’s nothing in our bet that says you cant have fun too. I said you look nervous maybe this will help. Together they lick the back of their hands put the salt on it lick the salt and do the shot and bite the lime. All the guys start yelling ya and laughing. Betty looks confused and I tell her don’t worry they got louder after more drinks and everyone laughs. The first drink always goes down fast and Betty brings everyone another but only one shot. Dave says hey where’s yours. She’s try’s to turn it down but everyone givers her a hard time, party pooper, light weight, ect so she gives in and gets herself a shot. Dave waited for her to return before doing his and they do them together and again everyone yells. Ya it kind of silly but it’s all in fun, kind of a tradition I guess. Betty seems to be relaxing some, not so nervous anymore. Tequila has that effect on people. It takes everyone a little longer to drink the second round. Just fyi, my friends all drink a lot on poker night and most wind up getting an Uber for the ride home. Time for round three and Betty just brought her a shot without being asked. This time Dave took Betty’s hand liked it and put salt on it and put his hand for her to do the same. She seemed to hesitate for a second then just does it. Then Dave tells her this time no hands on the shot glass. So they lick the salt from each other and Betty watches to see how Dave drinks without his hands and he bends over and put his mouth over the glass and picks it up that way and slams it back. Betty does the same but doesn’t realize that when she bends over everyone can see down her blouse and all their eyes bulge out. Betty doesn’t notice. She’s starting to get a nice buzz now. When she comes back around for the next round and gets to Dave by now she’s given up and just drinks every round. She is a light weight drinker and my friends can drink most people under the table. She’s got a buzz and when she stand next to Dave to do her hands free shot (and give everyone a show) she starts to stumble and Dave puts his arm around her to keep her from falling. He keeps his hand around her waist while she does her shot and he grabs her ass for a second before she walks away.
We decide to take a short break so everyone can stretch and go to the bathroom. I check on Betty because she’s got a good buzz, I ask her if she’s okay and she’s got that happy drunk look, you know eyes are just glazed over slits and a shit eating grin and she’s having a great time. The game starts back up and this time when she goes around the room everyone puts their arm around her waist and when they talk to her they speak quietly to get her to bend down and give everyone a show again. She has no idea what they’re doing, or does she? At this point I’m not really sure. When she gets to Dave when he puts his arm around her he pulls her onto his lap and she just giggles. Dave’s hand is on her ass and he starts telling her he wishes she would host every game, how much fun she is, what a good sport she is. They both have a shot to do and since she’s in his lap he licks her neck real slow and puts the salt there. To my surprise she licks his neck the same and salts it. Everyone is watching, they take turns liking the salt from each other and still no hands shots. Betty spills a little down her chin and onto her chest and laughs. Dave takes advantage and licks it from her chest just above her boobs and up to her chin and then to just below her ears and nobles them a little. Hetakes his time which I happen to know drives her crazy, mean while he’s squeezing her ass and going from one cheek to the other without any resistance from Betty. Betty announces she has to go potty and jumps out of his lap and runs off. Everyone is looking at me and I want to tell everyone to back off, I really do but my cocks so hard it hurts and I think with the wrong head and just say it’s up to her. She’s gone for a while and says who wants another round? As she brings the drinks everyone puts their arm around her waist , the first one as he’s talking with her lets his hand slide down to her ass and fondles it while talking to her with no reaction. The next guy does the same but while she’s bent down next to his face he gives her a quick kiss and she giggles and calls him a bad boy. The next guy only puts his hands on her leg at the knee and while they talk he moves his hand under her skirt and she playfully slaps his hand away with a big grin on her face and moves on to Dave who again pulls her onto his lap this time straddling his legs facing away from him. I see him whispering into her ear and what ever he’s saying puts an embarrassing look on her face. He must be quit the smooth talker because I know he’s kissing the back of her neck and nibbling her ears and she’s got to be sitting on his hard cock . He starts running his hands across her bare stomach while nibbling on her neck, then he brushes his hand across her nipple and then both his hands are gently playing with her tits. Then one of his hands slips under the table and Betty lets out a little gasp. He uses both hands to untie the knot in her shirt. She turns her head and gives Dave a very hot kiss. The guy sitting next to Dave reaches over and opens her shirt and starts to play with her nipple so the guy on the other side does the same. Dave tells her to lean forward and she does and he slips her shirt off her shoulders. Dave is kissing her neck and has his hand between her legs and she’s moaning like crazy. The guys on each side are sucking on her tits. She has her arms one around the head of each guy sucking her tits. The other guy that’s just been watching gets up and actually crawls across the table and begging kissing her. There’s my wife, sitting on my best friends lap while playing with her pussy, two more feasting on her tits and another cramming his tong Down her throat. What a sight, I’m hard as a rock but I just watch. I said I wanted to watch her with another man, I never thought it would be four men. Dave picked he up and lays down on the table. He pulls her panties off and I can see there soaking wet. Now she is completely naked and completely at their mercy. Dave goes down on her and the others continue their efforts. She cums so hard it looks like she having convulsions Dave stands up and takes off his clothes. Everyone sees Dave and they all start to strip. While there doing that Betty crawls off the table and gets on her knees and starts sucking Dave’s cock. She’s gobbling it like she hasn’t had a meal in a month. Soon she has a hard cock in both hands and another guy eating her out. She eases off Dave and starts sucking one of the other guys then the other. Dave makes the guy going down on her get up and go up front where she sucks him to. Dave begins to rub the head of his cock on Betty’s opening to get it moist. Then he slowly begins putting it in, just the tip at first and then begins sliding in and out a little deeper each time. He starts to pick up speed and soon he’s really slamming it to her while she’s still sucking the other guys one at a time. Dave slows down and he pulls out before he cums because he wants it to last. He brings a chair and sits right in front of her. The other guys all get a turn fucking her and she cum som many times I lost count. Dave helps her get up since she’s a little wobbly after all pounding. He has her straddle him facing away and she slips his cock in. One of the other guys stands in front while she sucks him and she has a hand on the other two. The other three Keep trading places and all get sucked again. Dave Tell he to turn around and she stands up and climbs on his lap facing him. Two of the others stand at each side getting a hand job. The other one steps up behind my wife and spits on his finger and begins rubbing her asshole. She starts to protest but Dave tells her to just relax, he will go slow and be gentle. He begins to put his finger in her slowly while Dave is fucking her. He slows down so the other guy can do his thing and he slowly goes deeper in and almost all the way out and continues this until she relaxes a little. Then he starts with two finger and loosens her up enough. He eased up behind her beginning to push against her opening until finally the head slips in. He just holds it there until she’s comfortable and then begins pushing in little by little until he’s balls deep. He and Dave get into a rythem, as one pushes in the other slides out and they slowly pick up the pace. Betty really seems to be losing control now and cums over and over. Finally Dave cums and that gets the other guy to cum and they fill both her holes up. They stay inside her until they get so soft and fall out followed by gobs of cum. She’s on her knees and the three of them stand in front of her. She sucks and beats them off saying things like give me your cum, cover my face, ect. Eventually they do as there told when the first one starts to cum it sets off the other two. They fill her mouth and cover her face and hair and it’s dripping down her tits. And she looks at me and smiles. Then she gets up and runs upstairs. Everyone starts getting dressed and leaves quickly but before they get out the door I call all of them over and they suddenly start looking a little guilty. I let them stew for a minute and then I asked who’s next to host? Dave looks around and says he’s next. I said fantastic I’m sure Cathy will be a great hostess as well. He looked at me with a horrific look. I said look I don’t expect it to happen right away but everyone needs to attempt to convince their wife. You don’t need to tell them about tonight I don’t want your wife’s pissed at Betty but fair is fair right.

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