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Plucking a Finch

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The story of Jennie Finch’s first time.

Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction and satire. Any offensive behavior on the part of the characters is just that, the behavior of a fictional character that is, at best, loosely based on a real person.

It was a lovely spring night, but it was a little warm inside. Jennie Finch was having a great time dancing with her boyfriend Pete. Like Jennie, Pete was an athlete, a really rugged guy. And he looked really good in the suit he was wearing.

Jennie wore a long, silky, strapless green gown that showed just a little bit of her ample cleavage. She felt particularly elegant in that dress. Her blonde hair fell down her back.

Pete grabbed her by the hand and they rushed to the middle of the floor. It was a slow dance. Jennie moved in close to Pete, being sure to rub against him.

“Dip me,” she whispered, kissing him. Pete dipped her so low that she thought her boobs might pop out of her gown. She smiled. A little later, she thought.

The song ended. “I think it might be a good time to leave,” Jennie said. Pete nodded.

They hurried outside into the cool evening. Jennie was holding onto Pete tightly. She wrapped herself around him and kissed him.

In short order, their car arrived. Pete helped Jennie into the back and slid in next to her. She sat with her leg against his. Pete casually put his hand on Jennie’s thigh. She reached over and placed her hand on his crotch. He looked at her and smiled.

Now they turned the corner. “We’re here,” Pete said. They had arrived at a somewhat elegant hotel. They walked inside hand in hand. Pete signed them in. They headed to the elevator.

As soon as they got to the elevator, Pete backed Jennie into the corner and kissed her hard. She ran her tongue in Pete’s mouth while her hand again found his crotch. His hand went to her butt. Jennie was feeling very turned on.

The door opened and they walked hand in hand down the hall. Jennie was excited. She could barely feel the floor under her.

Pete swept her into the room. As the door closed, Jennie unzipped her dress and took it off. Her boyfriend couldn’t help but notice her sheer black bra and panties. They didn’t leave much to his imagination.

Jennie walked over to Pete. She loosened his tie. Off it came. He shed his jacket. Jennie unzipped his pants and unhooked his belt. Now they kissed again. Pete unhooked Jennie’s bra. She had a big smile as she took it off, revealing her 32C cups. Pete noticed how well-rounded they were.

Pete began to suck on Jennie’s nipples. Jennie fell to her knees. She kissed his left ball, then his right one, then his hard rod. Now she put it in her mouth and began to lick it. She sucked hard. Pete was getting harder and harder. Jennie slurped it in.

Pete took his shirt off. Now he picked Jennie up and took her over to the king-size bed. Jennie slipped off her panties. Pete’s fingers moved inside Jennie’s pussy while she yanked at his hard cock.

Jennie was already feeling aroused. She was beginning to orgasm. She had been waiting for this moment.

“I want you so much,” Jennie said. She spread her legs wide and she pulled Pete to her. He rolled over on top of her and she eagerly wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. His hard organ entered her. Pete began to pump her over and over.

Jennie happily lay on the bed, wriggling with glee. She was beginning to shiver, despite the warmish temperature. Pete continued pumping, a little faster and a little harder with each thrust. Jennie was exploding.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!”, Jennie screamed. “Ooooohhhhh Goooooood!” Pete smiled as he drove his hard cock deeper and deeper into sweet Jennie. She was shaking. Pete pushed even deeper into her.

“Haaaaa,” she said. “Haaaaaaa!” She could barely catch her breath.

“Oh. My. God!” Now Jennie pulsed and shivered. Shivers and thrills filled her entire body. She could no longer contain herself.

Now Pete began to jerk and pulsate. A stream poured from his organ.

Now he went limp. Jennie continued to shake. “Oh, God,” she said. “That was fun! Really good!” She rolled over and kissed Pete. She laid her head on his arm and dozed off with a big smile.

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