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Peters Fuck Toy

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Peters Fuck Toy 1

My story began when I was in my early 30s I had just got married to my man Peter . We lived two streets away from from my parents ……9 months after we were married my parents marriage was on shaky ground…and to my horror my father had been unfaithful who with my mother would not say ….After many questions and no answers I finally got some answers but not what I expected…My mother caught my father having sex with their neighbors Janice and Ted,s… 12 year daughter Emma Lee and according to Mom dad had sex with this little slut quite a few times I was so angry I wanted to confront my father ..but Mom said dont ..she will deal with it herself and she did …Nothing was said about this for about 6 months …..until I was asks to take care of Emma Lee..for 2 days Peter was out of town for his job and I was asks to sit for Emma Lees parents while they celebrated their Wedding Anniversary with my parents on a two day cruise around the local Islands ..I agreed But I wasn’t happy about it ..But Mom convinced me it would wonderful break for Janice and Ted … from the kid from hell… The day came and Emma Lee was dropped off by my mom and I set about getting Emma and I dinner and getting the guest room ready for Emma.
After Dinner rather late and we went to bed …later in the evening Emma came to my room and said she was frighten to sleep in the our guest room ..I looked at her and told her I knew about ..her and my father and that I was totally fucken annoyed with her and called her a slut grabbed Emma slapped her across the face She stumble back on to my bed…I felt annoyed that I had to look after this little bitch…and that my mother was totally mad for asking me
I put her in our bed and made her sleep on the other side of my king size bed …In middle of the night I got up to use the toilet ..when I returned to my room ,Emma was lying with her legs wide open and I could see her hairless pussie ..I pulled the bedcover over her ..My hand brushed her sex and it felt really nice. After I got back into bed I couldn’t stop thinking about how soft her pussie was So I reached down between her legs gently felt her sex .I felt turned on and before I knew it I was pushing my finger into her sex , when I felt her raise her hips to met my thrusting finger ..I pull Emma to me and kissed her face and her mouth I pushed my tongue into mouth and she sucked on my tongue , I ripped the T shirt off her and ate her tits nipples and started to head my way down to her beautiful cunt lips Gosh I wanted to fuck I was horny as hell and I was going to cum with little slut ….here I cummmm
I bite her hard on her large pussies lips and I heard her moan ..oh yes that’s so good ..then she grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth ..screaming tongue fuck me bitch ..YES stick you tongue in my cunt …I sucked her cunt into my mouth then lifted Emma off the bed and pulled her legs over my shoulders and ate her cunt and then I found her arsehole and literally took great big mouthfuls of her cunt and arsehole .. I could feel her cunt juices running down my chin as Emma squirted into my mouth ..I licked her clean ..when I threw back on the bed… rolled her on to her side …positioning her head between my legs and I rammed her mouth on to my clit I felt her mouth latch on to the little head of my pussie and I fucked her mouth hard as I could until I felt myself cumming into her mouth…as I hissed at her suck my cunt good…You little cunt sucker ….I have more to come …..When I had shot my load into her mouth I dragged her up beside me and forced my tit into her mouth I held her head as I rammed my tit into her open mouth…..she was trying to breathe but squeezed her nose and watch as she gasped for breathe….I could see the tears in her eyes…but….did I care No I didn’t. I licked sucked and fucked this little slut all night
The next day Peter return home 2 days earlier then expected..He was more surprised that Emma was staying with us…I told him it was a miner problem and if he behaved he could fuck her very tight cunt…After he unpacked Emma and I lay with Peter on our King-size bed….I pulled Emma on to Peters side of the bed and made her pull his dick out of his pants and told her to show my man what a great cock sucker she was..when she pulled his cock she was stunned at the size …..of his big his cock….She could not get the head of his cock into her mouth until I told her to open her mouth wider……to suck his cock…..As I look at Peters face his eyes were closed as he guided Emma mouth onto to the head of his cock…I watched as he began to fuck her mouth …..I whispered ..to Peter you love her mouth don’t you
Peter moaned loud ..yes I want more babe..Emma looked up at Peter and began sucking his cock like a whore ..licking sucking his cock and balls into her mouth no one would believe that Emma was only 12…..I pull her pants and knickers off and pull her around so Peter could see me finger fucking this little bitch and I told him that I had sucked and fucked her cunt all night ….And I show him how I ate Emma cunt…..Peter yell I am cumming in her mouth….Emma sucked the head of his cock as he came …his cum dribble out of her mouth as Emma came in my mouth I moved to Peters mouth and shared Emma cums in Peters mouth …he went totally crazy and dragged Emma to my tits and pushed my nipple into her mouth ..and said sucked my darlings nipples Emma….as he turn Emma around and we both began eating her pussie…my gosh we took turns at tongue fucking Emma…. when it was my turn to eat her cunt I would make Peter watch me as I sucked Emma Cunt lips into my mouth.
Peter kissed my face whispering make her cunt wet for me babe ..so I spat and ate her cunt …..making Emma,s cunt so wet that her cum covered my whole face …..My gosh I could n,t stop eating her cunt…..until Peter turned Emma around and position himself between Emma,s legs I heard him say open your legs wide sweetheart Daddy going to fuck your tight little cunt. ..while Mummy watches me Emma spread her legs and I held her ankles in the air …Peter pushed his big cock into Emma,s cunt little by little until he had half his cock inside Emma,..and with one thrush Peter was inside of Emma, cunt …..Peter said you been fucked …but not like this and he slammed his big cock into Emma cunt slow at first and then I beg him to fuck her really hard I want her full of your cum so I can suck your cum out of her cunt ……I told Peter,he began fucking Emma as hard as he could ….. she was screaming as he fucked her….he held his hand over her mouth …I let go of her ankles and started to pulled and stretched her nipples… she wrapped her legs around Peter and began fucking him thrusting her tight cunt up to meet Peters huge throbbing cock
They continued to fuck like this for about a hour when Peter cum inside of Emma,s cunt..When Peter rolled off Emma her pull Emma to him and spread he cunt wide open so I could see his cum inside her Cunt.. he whispered come here my wife ….push your tongue deep inside this Little sluts fuck hole…..As he held Emma,s cunt open for me …he said to Emma you are our fuck toy …stick your tongue inside her cunt my darling wife and suck my cum out of her and spit it down her throat …Oh My Gosh Emma cunt was full of Peters cum.. I ate that little whores cunt until she started to squirt into my mouth….Oh my Gosh I moved up beside Emma and Spat and fed her own and Peters cum into her mouth ..She sucked on my tongue like a hungry whore Whilst Peter was hard again and I felt him pushing against my arse hole, one quick thrust he was inside my arse…fucking my while I ate cunt i pulled away from Emma, as Peter was flogging my arse with his big cock Oh My Gosh It hurt then he push Emma mouth down on my clit …Suck her cunt ..Suck he yelled at Emma and suck she did

we three fucked all night …..until I reminded Peter and Emma that her and my parents were due back later the next day…we slept until lunch then went to met our parents…on the way to the Ferry Terminal Emma Peter to fuck her again.We found a quiet place in the nearest park by the Ferry Terminal ,the windows of the SUV are completely tinted. Peter got in the back seat of our SUV..he pull up her mini skirt then pulled the crotch of her knickers aside and began licking her cunt..I sat in the front seat watching as Peter and wanting to join him…..But he came up for air,hr had his cock ,he sat beside Emma and pulled her on to his cock..and he bounce Emma up and down on his big hard cock
He held his hand over her mouth as he fucked her hard …..he started to cum inside of telling her that she was now his fuck toy and she is not allow to fuck any else but him If he found out that she had he will punish..like this and he slammed her down on his cock …Emma was crying as Peter came inside …He lifted her off his cock and he cradled for a while then kissed her and finger fucked Emma cunt and fed the cum from her cunt into my mouth…I wanted more so I crawled into the back seat and went down on Emma ,s cunt tasting both Emma and Peters juices as I sucked and licked that sweet girls cunt …..When we heard the Ferry coming in we quickly got dressed and went to meet our parents

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    My future daughter will also be a fucking toy for me and my best friend who has a 22 centimeter penis, he will fuck her like a second husband! She will be fucked by many men, mostly BBC!

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    Top story, need to find an Emma or two to keep busy in Aus.

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      More please

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    Great story