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Part two of teacher and me to help me pass

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This is part two of me fucking my teacher and blackmailing her

Part two
I went to school I was 15 at that time and had girlfriend who sat next to me, as the class time finished I told the teacher Mrs Bethney she is very busty.

I gave a note that said come to my house and we can do more work and she didn’t agree at first then I showed her pictures of my big dick in her mouth and small video deep throating her mouth as I fuckher deeper and deeper she asked me to delete it and kept on saying please I beg you, then I showed her bare tits as she laying on my bed.

She said I will do anything just please delete that video!
I said under two conditions she said what are the conditions? I said the conditions are that you bring your best friend(female) to my house, as you will see what will happen in my house.

She said ok ok we come in two hours later, I got my bdsm stuff ready for this busty teacher who I am going to turn her into my personal slut,cumulust whore and my bitch.

They arrived at my house I walk them un and I hugged her best friend molly and molly is so hot her figure is 40H cup waist 43 and ass 48 keep blouncing as she walks and I pressed her ass she softly moaned in front of Beth (my teacher),

I walk them in to my house guiding them to the couch and I kept looking at her(molly) boobs and while she talking my eyes fixed on her boobs and my dick was going crazy and growing she could see that trough my jeans was a big bump there sign of my dick hardening up.
Then I showed the picture again to my teacher Beth she was surprised I told her the instruction to follow me.
They both said what we have to do?
I said you have to keep calling me sir/master and don’t speak while I speak and then I will tell you to do something like put the glass in the kitchen molly and Beth I grabbed her neck choking her eyes watering and she liked it but expressing for more roughness and I said I will keeping you both to use how I like!

Molly was watching Beth undressing and showing off her big boobs and I told her to listen to what I say lay on the couch and take panties off! Now!

She said yes sir I will do it and she did took it off just her bra left now she I told molly to lick her pussy and she said yes master she does.
Show molly your screams and orgams and she licked and I told molly to make Beth squirt and make her cum multiple times.
I told molly to undress or else I rip down your clothes off roughly? She said do as you please master I want you to rip my clothes off roughly I slapped Beth face hard she squeaked molly playing with her boobs.

I took them both crawling as I pulled their hair and they moaning so much to say how much they are loving it.

I tied them up to the bed together fingering molly pussy to get her wetter then Beth pussy
They both begging me to fuck them and I slapped their faces and told them to say master please fuck me like we are your fuck toys please we beg you !!

I got my 9.4 inches dick out and I slide it Beth ass and she sai please master we will obey your big fat long cock they both kept saying to each other how big my cock is.

Molly was luck as I started fucking her ass and pussy her ass is virgin molly let out scream and I put my used boxers in her moth and slapped her face her eyes watered up and moans turned into muffle sound and I told Beth to suck her pussy. I started fucking roughly to molly and Beth and I didn’t care if they were on periods and I still fuck molly pussy and she gave me raspberry pie and Beth was more creamy pussy and I kept spanking her face boobs ass pissy and mouth,

If you want more of this part please let me know with your comments

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  • Reply Scott ID:4bn00en3fia

    Part 3….,part 1 and part 2 make me cum i really love your story

    • Master ID:l67wbyaqcdc

      Thank you and want more?

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      Thank you for comment

  • Reply Joey ID:1ctgvfns274v

    I like it but you need to work on your grammar its not that easy to read

    • Masrer ID:m5a9cnd66mt

      No problem I am working on my grammar as well